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    Spotting Empaths

    Spotting Empaths
    Spotting Empaths — does that seem obvious to you? Because maybe all us empaths are bleeding hearts, so emotional and fragile?

    Spotting Empaths? Well, yes. Aren’t you curious? Wouldn’t you like to be able to tell right away who’s an empath and who isn’t?

    Maybe just by looking at that person’s face. Hasn’t anyone given you a tip about that yet?

    If you have a favorite way of spotting empaths… Then today’s blog post from a professional Empath Coach might surprise you.

    Regardless, if you’re curious at all about how to spot an empath, today’s post is for you. CONTINUE READING

    Tyler Joseph Face Reading

    Tyler Joseph Face Reading
    Tyler Joseph Face Reading. Note: The “Pilot” featured here is not from Tyler Joseph’s famous group.

    Tyler Joseph Face Reading — woo-hoo! What can physiognomist Rose tell you about the lead singer of the wildly popular group Twenty One Pilots? Whom you can sample at the preceding link. Whereas here…

    One more chance for you Blog-Buddies to discover The Power of Face Reading. And also get to stare at the cute face of a young performer. CONTINUE READING

    Pathways Expo News

    Pathways Expo News
    Pathways Expo News — ISABELLA CATES, an RES Practitioner and Instructor, will deliver a workshop. And she’s got a new website!

    Pathways Expo News, for sure. Because something new is happening. With RES at the Pathways Expo! Happening exactly one week from today.

    Calling all of you who have wondered. What happened on December 21, 2012? How does this impact you today?

    Hint: Most people on earth aren’t adjusting well. Which gives rise to a load of problems. From brain fog to job troubles.

    That’s why the RES Booth at the Whole Life Expo has an unusual name. CONTINUE READING

    Healing Physical Pain. Can RES Help?


    Healing Physical Pain
    Healing Physical Pain. Why Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® is an exception to the rule.

    Healing Physical Pain  — Can this ever happen through Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)? Let’s explore.

    Recently I shared a rare example of a miracle: Long-term physical pain ending. After a two-hour session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® (SEAH). At this post, Pain Miracle with SEAH, KYLIE wrote:

    Even without physical healing, the results of SEAH sessions can seem miraculous. They have really helped me a lot to transform old patterns.

    But it is exciting to know that sometimes SEAH sessions can transform your physical health too.


    Awesome Jim Vance. Aura Reading.

    Awesome Jim Vance
    Awesome Jim Vance. He had a heart of gold.

    Awesome Jim Vance. Reading his aura is my way to pay tribute to Washington D.C.’s longest serving news anchor.

    So beloved! To get an idea, read his obituary in The Washington Post. Or pull out your tissue box another time and read yesterday’s article about Jim Vance’s memorial service at the National Cathedral.

    Do you think just anybody rates a memorial service at the National Cathedral?  CONTINUE READING

    Trevor Noah Face Reading

    Trevor Noah Face Reading
    Trevor Noah Face Reading. Warning: You may very well start staring at people’s (magnificent) ears.

    Trevor Noah Face Reading? Definitely! He’s a winner.  (Along with SANDRA HAERING.) Winning our latest contest. The Face Reading Parade. To be technical, this is the first of three prizes. In each case, that prize is a face reading.

    In Trevor’s case, think EAR, folks! Such ear talents that man has!

    You see, I’ll be reading some fascinating ear characteristics on the popular TV talk show host and author of the memoir “Born a Crime.”

    My advice? Watch any interview of his you can find. Charm and talent, wisdom and irreverence pour out of him. CONTINUE READING

    Energy Talk? Avoid It

    Energy Talk
    Energy Talk? Why? You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to successfully speak HUMAN talk.

    Energy Talk. It’s here, there, and everywhere. Except, surprise! Energy talk can be bad for you. Find out why, and how you can stoppit.

    If you think about it, soon you’ll realize what has crept in. Crept into everyday conversation. Maybe seeming cute. Or trendy.

    But potentially dangerous to your peace of mind. Unless you do something about it.

    This blog post will introduce you to a solution. Not just a problem. CONTINUE READING

    Pain Miracle with SEAH

    Pain Miracle
    Pain Miracle. Here’s just one example of results from Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

    Pain Miracle — Read here how Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® (SEAH — pronounced one letter at a time), helped a client heal a long-term problem in exactly two hours.

    Today my article on my client’s discovery was published in Pathways Magazine. This true tale of past-life regression begins on Page 30 of the Fall 2017 issue. You can read it here.

    But maybe you’d rather read it here at this blog. (Adapted slightly.) Because here it’s easier to see paragraphs at a good length for easy reading. You see, the style of Pathways is to prefer really long, long paragraphs. Personally, I prefer reading about miracles in paras that are simpler and shorter. Maybe you will, too.

    Pain Miracle: When Deeper Perception Heals


    Ecstatic Cecilia Bartoli. Skilled Empath Merge

    Ecstatic Cecilia Bartoli
    Ecstatic Cecilia Bartoli. Read about her and you can find inspiration aplenty from today’s Skilled Empath Merge.

    Ecstatic Cecilia Bartoli makes faces when she sings. Super-intense body language, too. Which might seem a bit off-putting. Because if you’re an opera fan, as I am, have you noticed?

    All the other famous Bel Canto singers look relative cool. Opposite to Cecilia. The other big stars deliver sleek and polished performers.

    So what’s with her? Could the unique power and beauty of her singing be involved? What’s going on with her, inwardly?

    Curious to learn more, I’ve done a Comparison Skilled Empath Merge. CONTINUE READING

    Human Beings Count

    Human Beings Count
    Human Beings Count. Do you believe that enough to raise your hand and say “Yes”?

    Human Beings Count. Do you believe that? Really?

    How much? Maybe you believe more in Tinkerbell. Or angels.

    Or “God, Whose Job Is To Be My Rescuer.”

    Beliefs have consequences, right? Will you dare to explore some today? Because being human can mean… Being willing to change your habits.

    As a result, you might start moving forward more rapidly on your personal path. CONTINUE READING

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