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    An Energetically Balanced Life, Top 10 List Begins

    Being a good person? Complicated.
    As you grow faster in human-based spirituality, which blog posts have helped you most?

    Blog-Buddies, each of us can live in balance energetically. Yet that’s easier said than done. And the perennial challenge is made more intense because of the Shift into this new Age of Energy that began 12/21/12.

    To help, I am developing a Top 10 List on this topic.

    Today I’m asking for YOUR help, too. The related topics are many:

    Which articles have been especially meaningful to you?

    And here’s another way to approach recommendations

    What if you were inviting a friend to start reading “Deeper Perception Made Practical”? (An article about an energetically balanced life might be a great place to start.)

    What if you feared your best friend was getting seriously spaced out, or was going overboard for techniques for energy healing?

    Which articles from this blog would you recommend or share on Facebook or other online groups?


    Self-authority, a guest post by Sandy

    May self-authority light your way.
    May self-authority light your way.

    What does spiritual self-authority mean? Self-authority is one of the jewels in the crown of YOU. Because self-authority is how you know what matters to you, what is true for you.

    Self-authority means your own heart and mind, your gut feelings and the rest of your emotional reactions as well.

    Also included in self-authority are what physical sensations int the body tell you, plus common sense and worldly wisdom.

    Many a new client has come to me with the popular New Age idea or religious ideal that, supposedly, there is an authentic self, a true self, a more Christ-like version of self, etc. And, supposedly, this must be consulted at all times.

    What is your human self, garbage? Please, be a smart New Age consumer.

    Intuitive insights and answers to prayers still count. You can include them in self-authority, as part of a balanced life. Just not all day long, or to the exclusion of the rest of your street smarts.

    Self-authority lights your path to Enlightenment. If it isn’t strong yet, start paying attention. Occasionally. Just by trusting yourself.


    Consciousness Lifestyle #4. Aura reading of Maryam Mirzakhani in Enlightenment

    Genius can unfold like a huge beach umbrella
    Genius can unfold like a huge beach umbrella

    Consciousness Lifestyles — let’s conclude our series with some inspiration.

    No mere abstraction, Consciousness Lifestyle creates big consequences for how we live, how rapidly we evolve, the friends we make… even the version of reality that we live in.

    Consciousness Lifestyle #4 is Enlightenment, a state of consciousness we often explore here at the blog, including my personal Enlightenment Life List.

    Maryam Mirzakhani may already be familiar to you Blog-Buddies, thanks to previous articles Face Reading Mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani, Part One and Face Reading Fiesta with Mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani, Concluded.

    While doing the research for these articles, I paused to do an aura reading technique and hooray! I received that delightful surprise of encountering someone who was living in a clearer reality than passes for normal, currently, here on Earth School.

    Perhaps, in our lifetimes, Enlightenment will become the new “normal.” Meanwhile, it is a delight to research this new member of my Enlightenment Life List. CONTINUE READING

    Aura reading explores the weirdest kind of photo I’ve encountered yet

    Duck pics are cute. But not quite the topic of today's blog post.
    Duck pics are cute. But not quite the topic of today’s blog post.

    Dick pics, they’re called.



    Yesterday my client GLADYS mentioned dick pics in passing. “What’s that?” I asked.

    Sure, I’d heard of sexting. Was aware of the Anthony Weiner scandal. I’d learned (and laughed) about that bizarre post-post modern photo specialty, posing with tigers for Tinder.

    Okay, trying to pry potential dates from home may be hard these days. But enticing potential lovers with a photographic peek at “the merchandise”?

    Turns out, dick pics have been in the news for years. Like these articles:


    Personal Development Top 10 List

    Rose Rosetree, giving some practical advice, person-to-person
    Rose Rosetree, sharing ideas and experiences about personal development.

    Sometimes we self-actualizers run TOWARDS. Other times we run AWAY.

    Regardless, growth is growth.

    Personal development must be important to you. Otherwise you wouldn’t have opened this article.

    Smart you! The following articles share some of my favorite resources at the blog. From time to time, this blog will feature new articles about personal development. In the background of every article, personal development is always Rose Rosetree’s big agenda (both professionally and personally).

    1. Surprising Ways that Integrity Shows
    2. Living in the Now
    3. The God Game
    4. When bad things happen FROM good people, concluded
    5. When you can’t let go
    6. Self-authority vs. skills, the tricky part
    7. 10 Ideas to Inspire You on this Father’s Day
    8. Publication Day for “Your Happiness Project” — My first hypnosis CD
    9. Get over yourself, a version that works for spiritual development
    10. Purpose Redefined, a guest post by SARAH


    Purpose Redefined, a guest post by SARAH

    Finding purpose in life. Sweet!
    Finding purpose in life. Sweet!

    Rose, thank you so much for this post on life purpose! It is very special to me on a personal level because of how much my relationship to this topic has changed since I found your work.

    It reminds me of why I was attracted to your blog and your work in the first place–I was desperately seeking a deeper purpose for my life! (hah) And the first time that I heard you offer this perspective on purpose, I was very uncomfortable, to put it gently.

    (Internal tantrums, temporary “rage quit” from reading the blog for a day or so, eventual acceptance that I could disagree wholeheartedly with you on this topic and still enjoy your work…)

    But I must confess –- secretly I love this kind of discomfort.

    You made me think, you made me question the beliefs that I held firmly, but I never felt that I had to give them up to benefit from your healing and your wisdom. And I had no intention of changing my mind with respect to finding my purpose. CONTINUE READING

    Ready to Explore? Then check out my upcoming newsletter.

    Help for you Brave Explorers.
    Help for you Brave Explorers.

    Blog-Buddies, let’s experiment. How might it wake up your life if you explore something new today?

    Exploring doesn’t have to begin with hiring a sailing ship. Experimentation need not require that you employ The Scientific Method. Here I mean experimenting in life. Which is your birthright… awakened through a simple use of free will.

    Why bother? The passage of time might inspire you. How many weeks does 2014 have left in it, anyway, seven? And how many days, or weeks, in this year were (understandably) spent just reacting, regrouping, recovering. By contrast, experimentation that you initiate? Now that’s LIVING.

    This is your time-sensitive invitation, to receive my November 2014 newsletter. Sign up today! We aim to send out this newsletter issue this Monday. CONTINUE READING

    Would you like to add an image to your comments here at the blog?

    It's the Rose Rosetree blog avatar, woo-hoo!
    It’s the new Rose Rosetree blog avatar, woo-hoo!

    Guess what? I just added an avatar for commenting at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” It’s pretty easy.

    If you have five minutes you can do it too, can set up an avatar, or image, that links to your email address. That way whenever you comment here, a little visual thumbprint will accompany your words.

    In the future, you ever want to upgrade, that’s easy too. (Like upgrading an outdated facade body, once you know that skill set of Spiritual Cleansing and Protection. Like that but different.)

    Have you ever noticed avatars here at this blog?

    Not me. Not until I received a typically helpful email from Blog-Buddy DAVID. He told me how to get going and, hooray, today I’ve done it.

    Now that I have an avatar, I’m starting to notice them with some of our comments. Like ALI’s Comment #12 today at Aura reading, how Renée Zellweger changed.

    If that sounds like fun to you, too….

    Here is how to get your own avatar


    What Is My Purpose?

    Seeking direction, seeking life purpose
    Seeking direction, seeking life purpose

    There are so many reasons to seek a purpose in life, especially if you are a Spiritual Seeker. (Which is exactly what I’m going to call you today, Spiritual Seeker.)

    Energetic literacy can bring a fresh perspective to your quest. Let’s take the search for purpose one question at a time.

    What does life purpose mean?

    It’s a thrilling concept, really. Supposedly there is one big and beautiful spiritual purpose for your life. Once you find that, your life has meaning.

    Life purpose, the real purpose of my life, my true purpose, my Divine purpose, my sacred purpose, finding my purpose. “Purpose” just might be the sexiest word in the English language.

    Daily experiences may not always be perfect. Yet you’re less likely to sweat the small stuff once you know about your big, glorious purpose. With that spiritual clarity you can trust your path in life.

    Finding that purposeful life is so appealing. Spiritual Seeker that you are, I suspect you’re not content to have your life just be about the size of your paycheck or your number of friends on Facebook. It’s so important to connect up with something bigger than yourself. Really, could you go even one day without having your life be meaningful? I don’t think I could.

    Look around and you will find so many different ways that people pursue the quest for purpose. CONTINUE READING

    Aura reading, how Renée Zellweger changed

    Renee Zellweger in 2010, with still more fascinating face reading data
    Renee Zellweger in 2010, ready for her aura reading

    What is the most important discovery, potentially, when you explore comparison face readings of the same person over time? It opens your heart of compassion. Maybe that is what you found, following our recent trio of face reading articles about Renée Zellweger:

    This woman, Renée Zellweger, has sure been through a lot! Even if you don’t generally follow celebrity doings and you have no clue what on earth a “Bridget Jones movie” might be, the pressures of fame are a perennial mystery worth exploring.

    It’s only human to want more and more, to reach more people, to wield greater influence, to be admired. Who doesn’t wish to be considered a beautiful person?

    When someone gets all that, bigtime, and then changes so drastically… even on a physical level… how much greater must be the aura-level changes. Just what I will explore in today’s article. Once again we will star Renée Zellweger.  CONTINUE READING

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