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    Aura Reading Brazilian Supermodel Gisele Bündchen. What Makes Her Tick?

    Aura reading supermodel Gisele Bündchen
    Aura reading supermodel Gisele Bündchen

    Wow, that Gisele Bündchen! In nominating her for our contest,  What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick?, Blog-Buddy JULIE wrote this:

    She’s one of the top earning models of all time. In 2001 she was reported to have made $7,000 an hour. She’s announced her retirement from the runaway in April of this year. She had a very long career for a model.

    “She’s reportedly been very shrewd with the management of her career and financial empire. She came to mind in the original context of this contest as someone who baffles me. Probably she is a very different kind of person than myself.”

    Me too, JULIE! Finding a photo to use for this aura reading was really hard, since Gisele was usually posing pretty close to naked. What would that be like, posing for the public again and again in a semi-nude state?

    And then I read at that link JULIE supplied that Ms. Bündchen has earned $386 million throughout her career…

    As if it weren’t enough to be married to football celebrity Tom Brady, now of Deflategate fame.

    What can this possibly, possibly, possibly be like? What makes Gisele Bündchen tick? CONTINUE READING

    Why Self-Healing with RES Energy SKILLS Matters More than Ever

    Releasing yourself from energetic bondage could be just as helpful as releasement from the sexual kind
    Releasing yourself from energetic bondage could be just as helpful as releasement from the sexual kind

    Boldly we have been discussing today’s craze for bondage: 50 Destructive Shades of Gray. A Cord of Attachment about BDSM.

    One theory, proposed by Blog-Buddy DAVID B. (in Comment 11), was that  “gradually everything is coming into the mainstream as a process of becoming conscious. ”

    I think David’s idea here is close, but not quite precise energetically, and the difference is important. An important difference that affects YOU.

    Even if you have no special interest in exploring BDSM. (Phew! I’m relieved about that part 😉 ) CONTINUE READING

    50 Destructive Shades of Gray. A Cord of Attachment about BDSM.

    Sex with cruelty can add drama to life. But is the cost worth it?
    Sex with cruelty can add drama to life. But is the cost worth it?

    In RES we have a motto: STUFF can always, always, always be healed. Yet it’s also true that three kinds of STUFF are the hardest to heal. These extra-toxic varieties of stored energies and emotions at the astral level result from enjoyable experiences of:

    • Black magic, e.g., voodoo
    • Killing or torturing for pleasure
    • Sex that involves violence, sadism, masochism, bondage, submission. Or to use the clever, trendy acronym for today, BDSM.

    Even TV shows that feature these topics can become addictive to some extent. To participate in real life is a big mistake: Ultimately educational but, really, something to avoid if ever you can, because the person involved is likely to crave more and more.

    And every time, STUFF is deposited. Many of the 15 kinds of STUFF that are addressed in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

    Back when I studied with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, I was told that there are 111 ways to transcend but only 108 of them are holy. Since working with clients in RES, I have come to wonder if these are the three dangerous ways to experience bliss. CONTINUE READING

    Can You Read Auras of Dead People?

    A deep question about aura reading
    A deep question about aura reading

    Blog-Buddy RACHEL asked today, “Do you ever research people posthumously?” She was submitting a nominee for the Enlightenment Life List.

    Golly, I guess that the topic never came up clearly before. So let’s get right to it.

    Dead people do not have auras any more. But…

    Can You Read Auras of Dead People? Of Course.

    From photographs, you sure can.

    I don’t recommend hanging out with a corpse and using an in-person technique for reading auras.

    And cancel that are research trip to the nearest morgue, folks. 😉 CONTINUE READING

    “365 Ways to a Stronger You” Reviewed by “Midwest Book Review”

    An eBook to help you succeed in life in very  human ways
    An eBook to help you succeed at life in very human ways

    Once again, I am so delighted that, once again, the Midwest Book Review has acknowledged one of my titles with a wonderful review. This is such an honor.

    365 Ways to a Stronger You” is the eBook edition of the paperback “Let Today Be a Holiday: 365 Ways to Co-Create with God.”

    Recently we have had quite a bit of discussion about co-creating with the Divine. Well, either edition of this daybook — paperback or eBook — is full of practical ways to co-create with God. And also live more productively as a human being.

    • Click here to check out the hundreds of techniques in this page-a-day book.
    • Find ordering information is at the end of this article.
    • Here is the new review of the eBook, published in the August 2015 issue of the online book review magazine “Reviewer’s Bookwatch.” My thanks to reviewer Emma James. CONTINUE READING

    Being a Seer — Does That Make a Person Holy?


    A seer! Hey, does that mean, "Hold up your hands and worship?"
    A seer! Hey, does that mean, “Hold up your hands and worship?”

    A seer is somebody who has visions. Perhaps someone who sees the future. Or somebody who sees the truth.

    If you want to grab another person’s attention, just say, “I had a vision.”

    Just one problem, Blog-Buddies.

    Being a seer, or a clairvoyant, is sooooo out of date, language-wise. As in “Being able to see energies is a rare and special talent.” Hello!

    In this Age of Awakening, Everyone Is Energy Sensitive


    Abraham Lincoln. Aura Reading, What Made Him Tick?

    Aura reading of a politician
    Aura reading of a politician

    Can you believe that America’s Civil War is, officially, over? Can you believe that the Confederate flag was part of the losing side? And that the Confederates actually lost?

    Yes, it’s a fact. 150 years ago, actually, is when the Confederates lost.

    Look, I love my country, and I love our First Amendment freedom of speech, but really. This is beyond ridiculous. Only now are certain state capitals removing their Confederate flags? Only now saying buh-bye to vanity license plates with Confederate flags?

    Gee, reading today’s headlines about Confederate flag lovers in Mississippi, a certain phrase comes to mind: Civil War Sore Losers! CONTINUE READING

    Celebrity Readings — Aura Readings, Face Readings, Skilled Empath Merges

    Energetic literacy skills make celebrity watching more fun than ever.
    Energetic literacy skills make celebrity watching more fun than ever.

    Enjoy this alphabetical list of celebrities who have been profiled by me or some of my students, using skills of energetic literacy.

    (Note: The cataloging is in early stages yet. Many more to add. I’ll let you know when I’ve caught up, Blog-Buddies. Meanwhile inconsistencies in formatting and incompletion for this list are simply related to the time I have had available so far for this labor of love.)

    Abraham Lincoln, President (Comparison Aura Reading)

    Amal Alamuddin (Compatibility Face Reading with George Clooney)

    Anne Hathaway (Aura Reading Movie Review)

    Anthony J. Atala, M.D. (Aura Reading)

    Art Wolfe (Aura Reading for a Spiritual Snapshot, Part 1)

    Art Wolfe (Aura Reading for a Spiritual Snapshot, Part 2)

    Audra McDonald (Skilled Empath Merge)

    Becky Hammon (Skilled Empath Merge)

    Benedict XVI, Pope (Comparison Aura Reading)

    Benedict Cumberbatch (Aura Reading Movie Review) CONTINUE READING

    Consumer Smarts for Selecting an Energy Healer in the Age of Awakening

    Jesus might help in a session in very different ways.
    In a healing session, Jesus might help you in how many different ways? Read on….

    “When my energy healer works with me, she asks Jesus to help. Does that mean she is doing RES?”

    This great question from a new client has prompted today’s consumer article:

    • Check out five practical questions you might want to ask before receiving mind-body-spirit healing from anyone.
    • And have you ever thought about this? Read today’s list of 10 different things it could mean when a healer “Asks Jesus to help.”


    Do You Have Trouble Staying Positive?

    Just how important is it to smile, smile, smile?
    How important is it really to smile, smile, smile?

    Just between you and me, do you sometimes have trouble staying positive?

    Thank God.

    Maybe you have been told it’s wrong to have a negative thought or feeling about someone.

    Well here comes a Post-New-Age perspective. For starters:

    Inner grumbles are only human. A simple “Dislike” versus a “Like” — why not?

    Preferring One Thing over Another Is Human, Not Wrong

    This planet of polarities requires up and down, hot and cold, day and night. Among all those contrasts, you’re always going to have your personal taste. CONTINUE READING

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