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    How to make wiser choices with energetic literacy

    What seems like one big choice can sometimes be met with multiple, smaller choices.
    What seems like one big choice can sometimes be met with multiple, smaller choices.

    Today’s post was inspired by an apparent contradiction at Let’s talk about your name. A counter-culture conversation!

    In Comment 11, Blog-Buddy JULIE shared how inspired she was by an interview with the Irish dancer Michael Flatley. He talked about how much resistance other people had to his choice of career. People wanted him to give up dancing, and his father wanted him to go into the construction business. At one point in the interview he said “Everybody’s got an opinion on what you should do. It’s what’s inside yourself that counts.”

    By contrast, in Comment 16, Blog-Buddy RACHEL wrote, “I can’t help thinking that for every 100 people who want to be dancers, who feel it deep in their soul, only 1 of them is going to make it. The rest probably WOULD be better off going into construction (or some other alternative).” And she added another great comment that you can read for yourself as Comment #28. (I recommend you read that whole thread, either before or after today’s article. So many heartfelt depth comments! Really, comments from you Blog-Buddies are such a lively, wise source of information here at the blog.)

    Both JULIE and RACHEL are right. Today’s article aims to add more perspective on making wise choices by adding the perspective of — what else — deeper perception.

    Common Sense First, Please

    Pay attention to objective reality, little things like how many people you know who make a living at dance compared to how many take dance classes, major in dance instruction in college, etc. RACHEL’s example of 1 in 100 was a try in the right direction. I’d guess 1 in 10,000. Do any of you Blog-Buddies know, realistically, the odds of earning a living as a professional dancer? CONTINUE READING

    Just a few days left to enter our latest contest

    Who fascinates you?
    Who fascinates you?

    Given our latest topic about name changing, you might wish to nominate some public figure who has undergone a big name change.

    Also contest-worthy

    Folks in the news and those not in the news — when you wish they would be. Yowza, so much of the news today is really horrible. Disgusting or not, there are still heroes. That includes everyday heroes, public figures whom you and I admire a lot. Don’t you wish to know what makes them tick? When you nominate, be sure to let me know which you prefer to win, an aura reading or a face reading?

    Athough I was originally aiming for three contest winners, it’s possible I might add one or two extras. Because so far those nominations have been absolutely fascinating.


    Let’s talk about your name. A counter-culture conversation!

    "A rose by any other name" blah-blah. Hey, there's so much more to human names.
    “A rose by any other name” blah-blah. Hey, there’s so much more to HUMAN names.

    “Noooooooooooooooooooooo” I wanted to scream into my newspaper this morning.

    I was reading the advice column by Carolyn Hax. Usually her columns is one of my favorite parts of The Washington Post. But today? Ouch!

    Let’s play advice columnist today, Blog-Buddies. I’ll add my bit and then you can add your responses in the form of comments. Even if Carolyn doesn’t read any of them. (Sure, I will send her a link, but Carolyn Hax must receive about a zillion emails per day.)

    Here was the original question from “Name Change”

    “I’m in my 40s and heading to graduate school for a completely different career. I’ve always hated my first name — it sounds great for a child but does not transfer very well as a professional name. I’d like to change it as I embark on my new direction but I feel silly being my age and sounding like I’m having an identity crisis. Thoughts?” CONTINUE READING

    10 Reasons to Take the Empath Empowerment Workshop 2015


    Rose Rosetree, teaching (and learning)
    Rose Rosetree, teaching (and learning)

    If you were born as an empath, you were born with talent but not with skills. Unfortunately until you get skills, there will be suffering.

    Happily the system of Empath Empowerment(R) is a highly effective system to help you stop suffering… and start living more fully. Probably living with a far better quality of life than any unskilled empath can imagine right now!

    Here are 10 reasons to consider taking my Level 1 Empath Empowerment Workshop, which will be held April 25-26, 2015.

    Workshop Reason #1: A Complete System to Help Empaths

    Empath Empowerment(R) is the only trademarked system in America dedicated to helping empaths. Not a set of coping tips for cleaning up energies. Not psychologically-oriented advice about boundaries.

    Ironically, psychological boundary work helps non-empaths, not empaths. CONTINUE READING

    With narcissists, why fling when you could fix? Part 7 of 7 in our series on protecting yourself.

    Learn about better ways to protect yourself from narcissists than name calling
    Learn about better ways to protect yourself from narcissists than name calling

    Phew! Today’s article finally concludes our series on protecting yourself from difficult people, a.k.a. narcissists, draining people, toxic personalities, energy vampires, psychic vampires, or just plain “somebody difficult.” The series began here, and includes seven posts from me plus a guest post.

    Previously I gave you a small experiment, and there’s still time to do it before moving into today’s post. If you missed that Narcissist Quiz, why not take the three minutes? Go straight to Protect Yourself Energetically from Narcissists, Part 6 of 7. Take that short experimental quiz, and then let’s get going.

    That quiz emphasized the effects on YOU, labeling somebody as a narcissist.

    What our Narcissist Quiz comments showed


    Skilled Empath Merge with James Corden, new host of The Late Late Show

    James Corden reminds me of a happy bunny.
    James Corden reminds me of a happy bunny.

    Everyone into late night TV is talking about James Corden, who made his debut last night as the host of the “Late Late Show.” The CBS show host is perfect for what I’m in the mood for today — something lighthearted. After all, we have been so darned practical lately. I’ll be glad when that series is over.

    You know what I mean by “that series,” right?

    Practical and helpful, I hope. But I was made for joy more than anything, and maybe you were too. Let’s enjoy today’s Skilled Empath Merge of the gorgeous-voiced singer. You might have seen and heard him in “Into the Woods.” I haven’t, any more than I watched his show last night.

    However I did hear a little clip of James Corden singing. You can hear one at this link, if you’re curious. Or just ready for a treat.

    Skilled Empath Merge can be the biggest fun


    As our conversation about narcissists heats up… a guest post by ZELDA

    When a narcissist is in your life, what's the best way to respond?
    When a narcissist is in your life, what’s the best way to respond?

    To join in this thread, may I recommend that you read the previous post: Protect Yourself Energetically from Narcissists, Part 6 of 7

    And now, here come words of experience and wisdom from Blog-Buddy ZELDA.

    Not crazy about discussing narcissism

    Rose, I’m curious to see what the next post on narcissists will be. I admit that this kind of post isn’t my favorite, for a variety of reasons.

    It brings to mind the awful experiences I’ve had dealing with the narcissists in my family, not something I relish. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of being related to a few. I’m not in contact with them now — out of a sense of self-preservation.

    It was quite challenging for me to deal with these particular people.

    In these kinds of conversations about psychological labels and how useful they are, I don’t find it terribly helpful when people go to that place of some version of, “Well, everyone is narcissistic…we’re all like this.”

    Yet the label “Narcissist” can be helpful, when warranted


    Protect Yourself Energetically from Narcissists, Part 6 of 7

    Choose your Narcissist Candidate and  prepare for surprises
    Choose your Narcissist Candidate and
    prepare for surprises

    Narcissists — have they been a problem for you in the past? Are they a problem for you now? The quiz in today’s blog post can help. And then tomorrow’s post… which will be based on how you do with today’s assignment.

    You see, we are close to completing our series on protecting yourself from difficult people, a.k.a. narcissists, draining people, toxic personalities, energy vampires, psychic vampires, or just plain “somebody difficult.”

    This series began here. It was designed to include six posts. All from the perspective of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, a perspective that’s counter-culture in New Age; also quite distinct from the sort of help you might gain from psychotherapy.

    Boldly moving forward, an experiment would be useful in advance of what I was planning to write on this topic. So let’s go for a series of seven posts, rather than six.

    If you do the following experiment it may help you get a lot more out of my next post, which WILL conclude this series. And it WILL be about ways to protect yourself from narcissists — protect yourself energetically and in other ways as well.

    Blog-Buddies, are you game for some empowerment?

    Here’s the empowering experiment

    The steps are simple. CONTINUE READING

    Aura Reading Tom Hanks for Inspiration

    Tom Hanks, ready for his aura reading
    Tom Hanks, ready for his aura reading

    Well I, for one, am so glad to be nearing completion of our 6-part series about how to deal with difficult people, with insight from reading people deeper. That series began here.

    Important and practical? Sure. Yet the topic isn’t exactly pure joy.

    And hey, today is our first day of spring (in this hemisphere) (that didn’t begin with an eclipse).

    I could stand some inspiration, and maybe you can too. Besides, who doesn’t really, really like Tom Hanks? Beloved as the A-lister is, maybe he hasn’t always felt that comfortable being Tom. Not so comfortable as he clearly is now. Let’s find out. CONTINUE READING

    Protect Yourself Energetically from Draining People, Part 5

    Worried about a draining personality?
    Worried about a draining personality?

    Today we continue our series on protecting yourself from difficult people, a.k.a. draining people, toxic personalities, energy vampires, psychic vampires, narcissists, or just plain “somebody difficult.”

    Why do new fears emerge now about contamination by somebody else’s energies? When you live has a lot to do with it. We’re still getting used to the new Age of Aquarius, whose defining characteristic is this: All humans can notice energy more easily.

    You may not go to the extreme of fearing a “draining person” or scaring yourself with similar names that grew popular in the decades leading up to this Age of Aquarius.  Yet you still may feel uncomfortable around certain people’s energies.

    What can you do about that? How can you best protect yourself?

    In today’s Part 5 of a 6-part series that began here, we’re going to take a especially practical approach, by way of a teaching tale.

    GLADYS is a sweet client who has had many sessions with me off and on over the past several years. She’s spunky, smart, and a survivor who is committed to personal growth. Besides that, she’s caring, with beautiful integrity and deep Christian values. It doesn’t hurt that she’s very pretty, too.

    Yet she has made choices that recently resulted in big drama with a “Draining Person.” CONTINUE READING

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