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    Receiving Prayer

    Receiving Prayer
    Receiving Prayer. Yes, let’s honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., by launching a series on prayer to bring results.

    Let’s celebrate this holiday — and prayer itself — with a new term: “Receiving prayer.”

    Receiving prayer means that you pray in order to receive what you desire. It’s that simple. (At least the definition is simple, anyway.)

    Practically speaking, what is “Receiving Prayer”? How can we pray effectively, for human results and also for spiritual awakening?

    Let Today Be a Holiday that Includes a Receiving Prayer

    When you have a dream, how can you do a Receiving Prayer? CONTINUE READING

    Joyful Name Alignment for KYLER ANNE FORD. A Guest Post

    Joyful Name Alignment
    Joyful Name Alignment lights up this photo of KYLER ANNE FORD

    “Joyful Name Alignment.” That’s what I could call it, rather than simply “Name Alignment.” Calling yourself by a really appropriate name — which aligns with your soul — that’s the single easiest way to accelerate your personal growth. Even your spiritual evolution.

    Is it POSSIBLE to find a name that aligns better with your soul?

    A resounding “Yes!” Easily done, in sessions of Name Alignment.

    Does it really help you, the name you’ve been carrying?

    Quite a “No!” Possibly with sobbing included. Based on research that I’ve done for clients, it’s pretty unusual for your name to do much more for you than provide a handle. And honor tradition.

    Meaning no disrespect to the folks who named you, most of us can do better. CONTINUE READING

    Finding Purpose in The Age of Awakening

    finding purpose
    Finding purpose in The Age of Awakening can point you in the right direction.

    Finding purpose matters now, in The Age of Awakening. Finding purpose and then following up! Doing this will get us through, I believe. And help generations to come.

    This post began in response to the lovely comments that greeted your Blog Host this morning, from ZOFIA, SOPHIE, PERSONA,  and then KATHLEEN’S Howl. (Comments 20-22). Thanks, everybody.

    I Share These Personal Thoughts to Help You with

    Finding Purpose

    In extreme spiritual addiction, people wind up sharing their auras — their consciousness — their lives — with astral beings. And especially with Extra-Terrestrial entities (ETs).

    KATHLEEN beautifully expressed her outrage that people would allow this to happen. CONTINUE READING

    Gain Strength Post-New-Age. A Quiz.

    strength post-new-age
    To gain personal strength Post-New-Age, is love enough?

    How do I aim to help you to gain strength Post-New-Age? By inviting you to think intelligently about widely accepted ideas like “Choose love over fear.” Is that a valid way to solve your problems?

    Only you can decide for yourself. Here’s where I come from: Certain New Age beliefs have become totally mainstream. However, the stream of life is flowing now in an altogether different direction.  Appealing though certain ideas may be, the sooner we relinquish those old pretties, the better. CONTINUE READING

    Grief Howl! Mourning New Age

    grief howl, mourning
    Daring to shout out a grief howl for New Age hopes and promises

    What’s a grief howl? Mourning on a social level. Lamenting the loss of a group. Acknowledging when something has gone terribly wrong with many, many cherished individuals.

    Today I’ll come clean and acknowledge my personal sense of loss. Truth is, New Age doesn’t work any more. Probably I used to invest as much in New Age as any of you who are reading this.

    Today’s grief howl expresses a terrible degree of sorrow. Living post-New-Age, I’ll express my personal sense of loss that New Age doesn’t work any more.

    Before you can fully thrive in the Age of Awakening, what’s stuck for you? Might you also benefit from grieving a little. So it’s possible that the little two-part series I first envisaged… will turn out to be a bit longer. CONTINUE READING

    New Age Versus NOW Age, The Age of Awakening. Part One.

    new age v ersus now age
    New Age Versus NOW Age — quite different approaches to protecting yourself.

    New Age Versus NOW Age? Well, yes.

    Last day, first week, of 2017, this educational blog is moving forth boldly. I’m tackling differences between New Age versus NOW Age with a little Think-About-It Series. Ooh, controversy alert!

    New Age Versus NOW Age?

    Seems to me, in many respects, some great-sounding New Age ideas, no longer work so great. Definitely, they worked just fine back in the day. Now these same sweet ideas might get us into trouble.

    If you’re into protecting yourself energetically, or simply having a better life, take a look at what follows. What doesn’t work in this NOW Age, The Age of Awakening? CONTINUE READING

    Huge Spiritual Endowment, Autistic Or Otherwise

    Huge Spiritual Endowment autistic
    This aura reading of Ben, who lives with autism, explores how a huge spiritual endowment impacts his human life.

    As 2017 begins, what will you expect? That matters because what you expect grows stronger in your life. Well, today’s post aims to remind you of something you can put your faith in this year and every year. Celebrate your huge spiritual endowment!

    Today I’ll take an unusual route to remind you how lucky — and powerful — you are. I’ll read the aura of a young man with autism. And not the high-functioning sort but the opposite.

    Thank you, BEN, and his mother TRACY, for providing the photo above. I’ll use it for an aura reading of BEN and his huge spiritual endowment.

    In human ways, autism means trouble. But the place I call “Earth School” is two planets in one. Besides all that makes sense in terms of human vibrational frequencies, what else is happening? This planet is a genius place, packed with miracles of spiritual awakening. CONTINUE READING

    The WHO Prayer Question

    WHO prayer question
    This series on prayer begins with the WHO prayer question

    Prayer is as negotiable as it is personal. With the WHO Prayer Question, I’ll begin a series of blog posts designed to help you pray to your heart’s content.

    After today’s focus on the WHO aspect of prayer, what’s to follow? Some thoughts on the what, where, when, and how of prayer.

    Admittedly, I don’t consider myself an expert on prayer. So you might prefer to consult people who make religion their life work, such as clergy. CONTINUE READING

    ONEderful Reasons To Celebrate 2017. Our New Month And Year

    Celebrate 2017
    Come celebrate 2017 — ONEderful 2017 — with me. Starting with this January.

    When you celebrate 2017 —  ONEderful 2017 — what does that mean to you?

    You’re cordially invited to share something you’re looking forward to this month. This year.

    A personal election in which you can vote every single, blessed day. CONTINUE READING

    Face Reading Fireworks… Complete our YouTube Party in 2016

    Face Reading Fireworks! Let's complete our face reading party.
    Face Reading Fireworks! Let’s complete our face reading party.

    Let the face reading fireworks help to complete 2016, our year of huge spiritual awakening.

    Because personal growth happened, you know, along with all the chaos.

    In 2016, some of us even began to live The New Strong!

    Face Reading Fireworks, Just The Right Kind of Explosion

    You know how fireworks end with a whole bunch of Boom-Boom-Boom-Twinkle-Twinkles? CONTINUE READING

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