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    How sexy is it to be a pothead? Aura reading research probes into one couple’s relationship.

    July 23rd, 2014 by Rose Rosetree
    Just how sexy is a pothead? Aura reading brings a perspective that may shock you.

    Just how sexy is a pothead? Aura reading brings a perspective that may shock you.

    Having sex when your spouse has a long-term habit with marijuana? Not necessarily enticing.

    The details in today’s audio interview aren’t necessary juicy. But they do shed light on weed-related subconscious patterns. And the consequences of being married to a pothead who does not seek recovery.

    Graciously, Blog-Buddy DAISY allowed me to pull out an energetic hologram from an incident that perplexed her. (“DAISY” is not her real name, nor is her husband really named “JOE.”) Of course, I used the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R) to read her chakra databanks. And his.

    This special recording is a two-part aura reading, done especially for this blog.

    Big thanks to courageous DAISY.

    Start listening here:

    Share your reactions and questions with the COMMENTS boxes below.

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    Enlightenment Entrainment, a perspective

    July 21st, 2014 by Rose Rosetree
    Julie, a Blog-Buddy who has benefitted from Enlightenment Coaching

    Julie, a Blog-Buddy who has benefitted from Enlightenment Coaching

    Many Enlightenment Coaches believe in Enlightenment Entrainment, the idea that being in the presence of someone Enlightened will wake others up spiritually. Like a sort of contagion, Enlightenment being passed around a room like a cosmic yawn, only spiritually healing.

    Among Enlightenment Entrainment fans is JEFFREY CHAPPELL, author of Answers from Silence. Blog-Buddies, you may have heard him make a case for it during Part Two of our recent interview on Enlightenment.

    JEFFREY’s approach is to advocate Enlightenment Entrainment, describing life from the perspective of Enlightenment, and then inviting his students/readers to seek answers from the Divine. This last part brings a special spark to his wonderful book — including instructions towards the end for receiving answers from silence.

    Or consider another influential Enlightenment Coach, who goes by “DAVID” here and “DAVIDYA” at his blog,

    As I understand it — and I know he’ll sweetly correct me if I’m wrong, just as JEFFREY will if I have misinterpreted his magnificent teachings — DAVID believes in waking up spiritually as something that happens in groups; and the bigger that group happens to be, the better. In addition, this Enlightenment Coach advocates knowledge and discernment, learning, meditation, healing, and making wise choices to move forward on one’s spiritual path. A LOT of ways to move forward on one’s spiritual path can work synergistically, according to DAVID. Read More »

    Exploring Enlightenment Interview, Part 2, Jeffrey Chappell and Rose Rosetree

    July 20th, 2014 by Rose Rosetree
    A close-up view of Amy in Enlightenment

    Emily,  a Blog-Buddy from the E.U. who has benefitted from Enlightenment Coaching

    Yes, Blog-Buddies, our conversation about Enlightenment continues, as two Enlightenment Coaches interview each other.

    Today, here is the wrap-up of a two-part recording, where Jeffrey and Rose interview each other:

    Sure, today’s post concludes a two-part series. But this hardly ends the ongoing, unfolding conversation at this blog about Householder Enlightenment.

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    Energetic Literacy supplements today’s news… about smartphones

    July 19th, 2014 by Rose Rosetree
    Energetically, what is wrong with this picture?

    Energetically, what is wrong with this picture?

    Here’s our first official blogpost of this type, everyone. News items often make me think of discoveries made with Energetic Literacy. Here’s a quick reference and a comment, so you can think about this news item, too. What is happening energetically, related to today’s news?

    Today  Caitlin Dewey reported in The Washington Post about social problems associated with smartphone use.

    She wrote: “In the past couple years, a mountain of studies have demonstrated that cellphone use makes us more selfish, more easily distracted and more stressed. A survey last March suggested that nearly 9 in 10 people feel that their loved ones neglect them in favor of technology on a weekly basis. A smaller-scale observational study suggested that, when parents and young children dine together, parents frequently pay the most attention to their phones.”

    Dewey also wrote, “’Even without active use, the presence of mobile technologies has the potential to divert individuals from face-to-face exchanges, thereby undermining the character and depth of these connections,’” reads a disturbing new study from researchers at Virginia Tech. ‘Individuals are more likely to miss subtle cues, facial expressions, and changes in the tone of their conversation partner’s voice, and have less eye contact” — just because a cell phone is physically present.’”

    So, what’s the add-on with energetic literacy?

    Read More »

    Crone Power. An aura reading of Elaine Stritch

    July 18th, 2014 by Rose Rosetree


    Elaine Stritch, ready for her aura reading

    Elaine Stritch, ready for her aura reading

    All of this was lived by Elaine Stritch by the time she made her transition yesterday, at age 89:

    The photo I will use for this aura reading research comes from her obituary in the New York Times, a photograph taken last fall. By contrast, the photo at the top of today’s article was taken in 2009.

    Click here for this aura photo of Elaine Stritch. (To an aura reader with fluent energetic literacy, every photo is an aura photo.) Or choose this enduring copy of Elaine Stritch’s aura photo, appropriate for a woman of such an enduring celebrity in a business that takes pretty young things, uses them up, and spits them out.

    For today’s use of energetic literacy, I’ll use the “Plug in with a Photo” technique from Read People Deeper. Just for fun, I’ll choose from The Charm Collection of Chakra Databanks. Read More »

    It’s official. A trademark for Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(R)

    July 17th, 2014 by Rose Rosetree
    Rose Rosetree, introducing you to Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(R) (Now trademarked)

    Rose Rosetree, introducing you to Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(R) (Now trademarked)

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has officially granted a trademark for the form of past-life regression called Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(R).

    What is Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis?  It is a uniquely effective method of past-life regression that removes frozen blocks of energy and awakens a stronger soul expression.

    This joins the five other trademarks you can find listed at the end of today’s post.

    It’s a big deal to obtain a legal trademark. You might wonder, why go to so much trouble and expense? Read More »

    Exploring Enlightenment, Jeffrey Chappell and Rose Rosetree Interview Each Other, Part 1

    July 16th, 2014 by Rose Rosetree
    Josefa Perea, Professional in Rosetree Energy Spirituality, offering sessions in Spanish as well as English

    Josefa Perea, a professional at Rosetree Energy Spirituality who has benefitted from Enlightenment Coaching

    What happens when two Enlightenment Coaches interview each other?

    Find out, Blog-Buddies. Here’s Part One of our two-part interview, about 20 minutes:

    About these two Enlightenment Coaches

    Jeffrey Chappell dedicates an entire website to his work as an Enlightenment Coach, and has published “Answers from Silence.”

    I offer Enlightenment Coaching more informally.

    If you have questions about this interview, ask away, Blog-Buddies. Big thanks to Jeffrey for doing these experimental interviews with me.

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    Energetic Ponzi Schemes, Update

    July 14th, 2014 by Rose Rosetree
    Protect yourself from Energetic Ponzi Schemes

    Protect yourself from Energetic Ponzi Schemes

    Do I want to continue with our latest series about Enlightenment Coaching? You bet. Plus I’m drooling with anticipatory delight over doing more aura readings, face readings, and Skilled Empath Merges.

    However, some questions and comments have been coming up lately about the various forms of Energetic Ponzi Schemes. These troubling energetic patterns that turn a regular cord of attachment into a kind of tunnel between a person, the cordee, and the astral beings with whom the cordee is strongly affiliated.

    Let’s use today’s post for an update, going further than the 10 most helpful articles on this topic so far. Are you are new to learning about  protecting yourself from these Astral-Level Ponzi Schemes, you might read these articles first. It’s quite a sequence. Then on to the latest update.

    1. Colonizing Energetic Ponzi Schemes after The Shift: For your protection and understanding
    2. A brief, evolving, history of Energetic Ponzi Schemes, Part Two in the series to help you protect yourself
    3. Protect yourself from Energetic Ponzi Schemes, Part Three
    4. More evidence of Advanced Energetic Ponzi Scheme through Kryon
    5. Dark soul healing, how it turned into an Energetic Ponzi Scheme
    6. Colonizing Energetic Ponzi Schemes
    7. Cord of attachment from a Colonizing Energetic Ponzi Scheme
    8. Removing an Ex-Pothead’s… Cord of Attachment that had an Energetic Ponzi Scheme
    9. Beware Energetic Ponzi Schemes
    10. A new development in Energetic Ponzi Schemes from Kryon and Lee Carroll

    Why have such good people become involved in something so icky?

    Read More »

    Hardworking empaths, ease up

    July 13th, 2014 by Rose Rosetree
    Empath Empowerment(R) is effortless, no heavy lifting required

    Empath Empowerment(R) is effortless, no heavy lifting required

    During a session yesterday, my client GLADYS let it slip how hard she was working towards Empath Empowerment.

    “I do as much as I can every day,” she told me.

    “After I did the 30-day program in Become The Most Important Person in the Room, I have done as many of the exercises as I can each day. Like Soul Day and Intellect Day.”

    Headslapper moment for ROSE! And educational moment to follow for GLADYS. :-)

    In case you have been working hard, too hard as an empath

    The 30-Day Program in that how-to book for empaths is not meant to work like the game “I packed my suitcase.” For each of the 30 days, ideally, you read one short chapter. You do the homework, if any. For that day. For no more than 10 minutes that day.

    By contrast, what about the “I packed my suitcase” idea? In case you remember, that’s a game of repeating and adding to a long, long sentence. As in:

    “I packed my suitcase, and in it I put a marble, a beachball, a golf ball, a silk rose, a scarf, a toothbrush, and a teddy bear.” Read More »

    Conflict resolution in Enlightenment

    July 11th, 2014 by Rose Rosetree
    STEPHANIE THOMAS, one of our Blog-Buddies who has benefitted from Enlightenment Coaching

    STEPHANIE THOMAS, one of our Blog-Buddies who has benefitted from Enlightenment Coaching

    The conflict was small, Blog-Buddies. I wrote about this in Some gentle controversy around Enlightenment Coaching

    Well, that conflict is fully resolved now.

    To this Enlightenment Coach, it’s a teachable moment. Why lose the opportunity when we can use the opportunity? Today’s post may be of special interest to anyone who has wondered, once you’re Enlightened can you tell when others have moved into Enlightenment?

    The minor conflict consisted of what?

    In a recent post at his (fabulous) blog, Answers from Silence, JEFFREY CHAPPELL wrote some gentle advice to his readers through the example of one Rose Rosetree: Read More »

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