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    Paying the Price of Beauty. A Guest Post by LYNETTE

    Even natural beauty, without vanity, comes at a price
    Even natural beauty, without vanity, comes at a price

    I turned 30 recently and for my birthday, I got myself a face reading with Rose. I got more than I bargained for.

    A face reading isn’t really about faces, it’s about living. I got some confirming and surprising information about my life and how I’ve chosen to live it.  But I also got some unexpected feedback about my face itself: that I am beautiful, symmetrical, bright eyed, great skin, you name it.

    I’ve gotten powerful reactions from people my entire life and because of that, it took someone else to tell me that these reactions are odd: CONTINUE READING

    How Aura Reading Can Help You with the SOCIAL Aspect of Personal Presence

    Having a strong presence in your human life can be about more than energy
    Having a strong presence in your human life can be about more than energy

    Our conversation is coming along so productively. Thanks to all who have been commenting at our first article in this series about personal presence. Today let’s start to distinguish two separate things that are often confused when we yearn for a stronger, better presence:

    • The energy aspect
    • And the social aspect

    Because man oh man, are they different! Yet it’s so human that, in our pain, in our longings, these two disparate aspects are often confused. Leading to problems. Sometimes big problems. CONTINUE READING

    The Powerful Presence of an Aura Reader

    What kind of energy presence do you radiate?
    What kind of energy presence do you radiate?

    Did you ever long to have a big energy presence, one that would cause others to stop in their tracks? (Or, at least, respect you.)

    Here I think of my former friend, sweet Gladys, who became a staunch Born-Again Christian. In her zeal she emailed me. I must paraphrase, because I received this message over 20 years ago. The gist of it burned into my brain, though:

    “Now I’m truly alive. I live for the light of Christ. I want to have a presence that makes everyone who meets me lights up in that exact same way, with the sacred flame burning brighter and brighter within them until they must believe.”


    Paying the Price for My College Degree. A Guest Post by EMILY T.

    EMILY may look as though life has incessantly handed her goodies. Well, read what she writes here about paying the price!
    EMILY may look as though life has always handed her goodies. Well, read  here about the price she has paid for college!

    Hooray! Our first Blog-Buddy has taken me up on my invitation to guest post about paying the price for what we get.

    Even things that sound so easy… to others. Acknowledging this helps keep a person to live in human-based spirituality, growing as fast as ever a person can.

    By all means, Blog-Buddies, check out many ideas for guest posts summarized in Are You Willing to Pay the Price Spiritually? Perspective from RES. Possible ideas include whatever YOU might think of, plus additional ideas you will find there in some of the comments after the main article.

    Once again, EMILY T. from our RES Community Enlightenment Life List shows her leadership. CONTINUE READING

    Cutting an Abortion Cord of Attachment. Informative, as Always

    May today's blog post bring peace to those who have struggled over abortion, adoption, or miscarriages
    May today’s blog post bring peace to those who have struggled over abortion, adoption, or miscarriages

    Caution: Read no further if you are staunchly anti-abortion. Because I won’t hide my equally strong, and different, values on this highly-charged issue.

    I won’t even call anti-abortionists by their chosen label “Pro Life.” Because I believe that, if you really care about life, the life of a human woman must come first. Being alive, and having free will, she has the right to make decisions after the start of a pregnancy.

    The term “Pro Life” is a mockery to me, since it disrespects the life (and free will) of a woman who happens to get pregnant.

    That said, Blog-Buddies, if you are willing to read further, I think you’ll be educated and inspired. CONTINUE READING

    What to Do If You Use VPN, Which Prevents Posting Comments Here

    Hi, Blog-Buddies:

    One of you has contacted me about problems with posting comments. Gladys uses Hotspot Shield. This is a way to bypass security and firewalls.

    If any of you use a VPN service like this, there can be problems with commenting here.

    I’ve checked with my Tech Guy, and it’s really not safe for my blog to use services like these.

    However, it is possible for you to turn off your VPN just for when you comment. If you’re willing, this would be great!

    Otherwise, if you are having problems with comments, how about this? Just email your comments to me along with the url that goes with your post. I’ll do what I can to cut-and-paste your comments onto this blog. 🙂

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    The World’s First Workshop All About Skilled Empath Merge. A Guest Post by ISABELLA CATES

    Skilled Empaths Isabella Cates, US, and Erik Melo, Mexico
    Skilled Empaths Isabella Cates, US, and Erik Melo, Mexico

    Everybody in that first super-advanced workshops for empaths was successful. The guest post below began as a modest chunk of comment, a thank you that was attached to a blog post where I had described doing a Skilled Empath Merge with a crystal.

    I’m elevating it to the status of guest post. Partly because this brand new workshop seemed to this (empath coach) like a historic event in the story of Empath Empowerment®. And partly to encourage some of the nine other course participants to share their experiences during and after.

    Okay, your turn, ISABELLA.

    There’s Skilled Empath Merge and then There’s Skilled Empath Merge

    The workshop this past weekend was absolutely incredible. If you think you have learned how to do Skilled Empath Merge, so you know how to do Skilled Empath Merge, and that’s that…. think again! CONTINUE READING

    Spiritually, Why Your Life Is So Very Important


    JULIE BLAKE EDISON, right behind me every step of the way

    Today’s blog post is dedicated to JULIE BLAKE EDISON, who wrote this Comment #11 at Finding Your New Direction for Success, Health, and More. Newsletter Announcement.

    Quoting Rose’s newsletter “…have you ever felt downright tormented because you needed to find your way and it seemed as though that vital information was cruelly being withheld from you?”

    Then from JULIE, “Yes, and in my case sadness. Sadness that God had given other people important things to do, and left me hanging. As in ‘You do whatever.’”

    Oh, Amazing JULIE!


    Cutting a Cord of Attachment to a Lawyer. Paying the Hidden Price.

    Trying to GET money through help from a lawyer. Will there be a price, even if you do win?
    Trying to GET money through help from a lawyer. Will you pay a price, even if you do win?

    Have you ever sued someone?

    Had to file an insurance claim after a serious car crash or other big-deal problem that could be covered by insurance?

    How about being so mad that you’re tempted to file a lawsuit, and going for an initial conversation with an attorney?

    Of course sometimes that can be a smart move. (Except for when it isn’t such a smart move.) But what about paying a price for that lawsuit, or even that initial conversation to file an insurance claim?

    Think that happens? Three words might serve as a hint: Cord of Attachment. CONTINUE READING

    Added to the Enlightenment Life List, JESSICA GATES, RES Practitioner

    Newly accepted onto my Enlightenment Life List, RES Practitioner Jessica Gates
    Newly accepted onto my Enlightenment Life List, RES Practitioner Jessica Gates

    Yes, we’re all evolving, Blog-Buddies. And sometimes we even cross the threshold into Enlightenment.

    That has happened to RES Practioner JESSICA GATES.

    She’s here with me and nine other Skilled Empaths, pioneering the newly redesigned Empath Empowerment Level 2 Workshop.

    Nothing makes this Enlightenment Coach happier than to make such a discovery. 🙂

    When I have a good, current photo of her (and her aura), I’ll put THAT at the top of today’s blog post.

    And her name will go onto two different blog posts, the regular Enlightenment Life List and also the post about “Moving into Enlightenment, Helped by RES

    Meanwhile, big congratulations to JESSICA GATES.

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