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    Pathways Expo April 2, 2017. 5 Fun Reasons to Come.

    Pathways Expo Rose Rosetree
    Pathways Expo fun with Rose Rosetree and a brand new workshop.

    The Pathways Expo, metro D.C.’s semi-annual extravaganza of personal growth — come join us for so many reasons.

    Next weekend. April 2, 2017 is the date. You’ll find my Booth #78 is ridiculously easy to find.

    Here are five fabulous reasons to attend the premier New Age (and, in my case, Post-New-Age) Expo.

    Pathways Expo Fun #1. A Brand New Talk

    Post-Truth? Find Truth!


    Spiritual Awakening Plus Confusion. Thrive in The Age of Awakening

    Spiritual Awakening PLUS Confusion
    Spiritual Awakening PLUS Confusion — let’s untangle the two of them now.

    Spiritual awakening plus confusion — that combo went mainstream during the New Age Years. Yet you can untangle the confusions and thrive now, in The Age of Awakening.

    Here’s the final article in a slightly shocking pair of posts that began with Post-New-Age Tips. For Steadier Personal Growth in The Age of Awakening. Living now, you are learning how to have a great life in this post-New-Age era. When so much has changed, yet gone un-reported.

    • Why haven’t you seen the changes described in your local newspaper?
    • Maybe because local newspapers are struggling for their survival: Sometimes they merely write stories about paint drying; other times they break news that local drinking water has become unsafe.
    • As for those bigger newspapers which thankfully, also, still report facts… these are crazy times. Survival no longer seems like a given.

    Yet spiritually we can be growing. And growing fast. CONTINUE READING

    Post-New-Age Tips. For Steadier Personal Growth in The Age of Awakening

    Post-New-Age Tips
    Post-New-Age tips for Beth. And others who are still living New Age.

    Post-New-Age tips in this article can help you. Might I suggest? For personal growth, you can do better than New Age concepts and practices. Because now we’re living in The Age of Awakening. When you keep up with the times, that can make you a leader!

    Blog-Buddy BETH started me thinking about Post-New-Age versus NOW. Thanks to her heartfelt and generously-detailed contest entry. I’ll be quoting from this throughout this multi-part post, which she inspired. BETH has agreed, via email, to receive this article for assistance on her personal path. Rather than be considered for the three contest prizes.

    Why offer this alternative? Because I thought it would help her more. Actually, it may help a lot of you Blog-Buddies! And perhaps you may also think of some friends who would find today’s article helpful. In which case, please share today’s post.

    Do you know any seekers of personal growth who are feeling stuck?

    Maybe they’re frustrated, spinning their wheels when they could move forward at the speed they deserve. CONTINUE READING

    Fragile Empaths? How You Can Help Them

    Empaths are NOT fragile, like glass that's easily broken.
    Fragile empaths? Real empaths are decidedly NOT fragile, like glass that’s easily broken. Unless…

    Fragile Empaths? This is one of three awful stories that I’ve noticed gaining traction since the last time I offered the Empath Empowerment® Workshop. Since this annual workshop begins exactly one week from today, let’s set the record straight.

    Including news crawl that would be showing the latest developments.

    Latest development for fragile empaths if you were watching “Empath TV.”

    If there really were such a thing as “fragile empaths.”

    Also if, in the first place, there were an “Empath TV” show to watch.

    Even Without Being Fragile, Empaths Are Now

    — To Some Degree — At Risk


    Bold! Asking & Answering One Blunt Question

    be bold
    A bold question. Followed by a bold answer. All in the upcoming issue of “Reading Life Deeper.”

    Be bold, you! The times call for it.

    For the March issue of “Reading Life Deeper,” I’m going to apply some unprecedented boldness.

    Boldness concerning “The New Strong” Which some of you have already developed.  This week, one Blog-Buddy told me that she keeps the paperback on her nightstand. Gladys told me, “I’ve already read it. Keeping it around reminds me of what I learned. Seeing that book helps me feel better.”

    Many others though, don’t yet appreciate this new part of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). To them it’s just another book. Who cares?

    Whether or not you’re into “The New Strong,” I’d recommend that you read the lead article in this month’s newsletter. Answering a certain question. A question that previously I’ve been too polite to ask (or answer) in public. But now it’s time.

    So Here’s the Bold Question


    Traditional Enlightenment for CHRISTINE. A Guest Post

    Traditional Enlightenment Christine Coaching
    Traditional Enlightenment is the soul choice, and new spiritual attainment, for Blog-Buddy CHRISTINE

    Traditional Enlightenment or Age of Awakening Enlightenment? It’s the soul’s decision. I’ve seen a bit of evidence for this by now. Mysteriously, magnificently, the soul will choose one or the other. Fascinating!

    Many of you Blog-Buddies will remember the story of DORIS’s shift into Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

    Some of you may read this blog just for the Enlightenment Coaching! Rather than the three other specialties of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES):

    Energy READING Skills, Energy HEALING Skills, and Empath Empowerment® Coaching.

    Which Will It Be for You, Age of Awakening Enlightenment

    Or Traditional Enlightenment?


    More Inspiration from Dr. Masaru Emoto

    Masaru Emoto san
    Through Masaru Emoto san, amazing messages about consciousness came to humanity during the New Age years.

    Masaru Emoto was such a great man. If you don’t know about his great contribution to life on earth, today’s post can introduce you.

    I wasn’t planning to do a blog post today. Except that, in session, I mentioned “The Hidden Messages in Water” to a client.

    Since she hadn’t heard of this. (Have you?)

    Consequently I offered to send her a link to this amazing kind of inspiration. Lucky me, that I followed through on this commitment, which re-inspired me all over again. Not only session inspiration but then Dr. Emoto-style inspiration! CONTINUE READING

    Inspiration Imperative. 5 Ways to Shine Up.

    Inspiration Imperative RES
    Inspiration imperative! Here come FIVE ways to shine up.

    Inspiration Imperative! Finding inspiration is no luxury in these chaotic times. If you’re awake inside, you crave it.

    Yet where are you to turn? (Besides this blog.)

    I mean really, where will you seek inspiration, your newspaper? (Haha. But not followed by any joyful roll on the floor, laughing.)

    What can help? Here come five solutions. CONTINUE READING

    Age of Awakening Enlightenment, India! It Has Begun

    Age Awakening Enlightenment, India! Story
    Age of Awakening Enlightenment, India! Come read this inspiring, historic story.

    Awakening Enlightenment, India! To my knowledge, as the Founder of RES, Age of Awakening Enlightenment has “officially” begun in India on Monday, February 27, 2017.

    Not just America, Canada, and England! Among members of the loosely knit community around this blog and Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) — now, for the first time, an addition to my Enlightenment Life List from India!

    Another disclaimer: I’m not announcing that all Enlightenment has just begun. Actually, Traditional Enlightenment has dominated conversations about the entire topic of Self-Realization. And much of that conversation has taken place in Asia. Especially India.

    At my personal Enlightenment Life List, I have acknowledged many magnificent people who have attained Traditional Enlightenment through study in India. Sometimes under the influence of gurus from that part of the world.

    Regarding Age of Awakening Enlightenment, though, hooray! My very first sighting in India has happened. Thanks to my long-time client D.G.

    Early into our latest session, I facilitated a Skilled Empath Merge. That’s when this Enlightenment Coach noticed the shift to his state of consciousness.


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