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    Dropping the pounds through Aura Reading Research. A guest post by KYLIE

    Kylie, making joyful discoveries
    Kylie, making joyful discoveries

    Eight months ago I did Aura Reading Research with Rose on foods, seeking to discover if I might have any food intolerances.

    I’d always worried that I might be allergic to dairy, because a lot of nutritional information I had read suggested that eating dairy made seasonal allergies worse, and I have year-long seasonal allergies.

    I didn’t have high expectations from my session—I was mostly just curious. I thought I already ate a healthy diet.

    I had no idea how much that session would change my life. CONTINUE READING

    Rosetree Energy Spirituality WORKSHOPS for 2015, inside information

    For me, teaching a workshop is always a sacred activity
    For me, teaching a workshop is always a sacred activity

    Announcing my in-person workshops for 2015, I’m so glad to be offering these transformational experiences that take place real life, a close encounter of the human kind.

    Each workshop will bring you knowledge from one of my trademarked systems. (The exception is the Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Workshop. Although this skill set is unique, I have not trademarked it at this time.)

    Smart New Age Consumers, consider:

    How hard is it to find a workshop on tapping or Reiki or angels or clairvoyance?

    Not very. Compare that to any of these workshops , the like of which you won’t find elsewhere.

    Each weekend of group learning can move you forward by six months, or more. Imagine how one weekend can help you to rapidly make progress at becoming really GOOD at that skill set! That’s true whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student of the skill set being taught. CONTINUE READING

    Your Name of Power. And how to awaken your life with Name Alignment Aura Reading Research.

    Rose Rosetree and Evegnia, demonstrating Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research
    Rose Rosetree and Evegnia, demonstrating Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research

    Don’t save this for your Bucket List. Put it on your list of things to do in the new year. At least if you’re interested in having a much, much better life.

    Does the name you have now really help you express your true self? To fulfill your potential?

    You can find out. If the news isn’t good, you can do something about it.

    The best way to find out whether your current name helps or hinders

    Ask your aura. Use Stage Three Energetic Literacy to research in detail the impact on major chakra databanks. CONTINUE READING

    Graduate from “Whimming” Through Life, a Guest Article by STEPHANIE THOMAS

    Stephanie Thomas, featured in "Reading Life Deeper"
    Stephanie Thomas, featured in “Reading Life Deeper”

    Yes, the December newsletter is being prepared for Monday release. It will contain a fabulous article by molecular empath STEPHANIE THOMAS. (Here is a link to her website, Stone and Mist.)

    Also you’ll learn about surprises concerning my first-ever book catalog.

    If you haven’t signed up yet, scamper over to signup at The Official Rose Rosetree Website. See why the newsletter is called “Reading Life Deeper.”

    You’ll never get spam. Just something tasty to read.

    Comment below after you have had the chance to see the surprises in my last newsletter for 2014.

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    10 Ways My Life Changed After Name Alignment. A guest post by GEORGIA.

    Name alignment can be the start of many a bright idea.
    Name alignment can be the start of many a bright idea.

    Deeper perception can bring you many benefits. Among the best is what happens if you are bold enough to do Name Alignment Aura Reading Research, then follow through.

    GEORGIA has offered to share her story of the benefits she has noticed in three months of extraordinarily big growth. What jump-started her faster evolution on her personal path to Enlightenment? You guessed it.

    Big thanks to GEORGIA.

     1.       Anxiety Drop-off

    It’s been only three months now that I’ve changed my name and already my anxiety in new situations with new people just went away. It’s not completely gone but it’s been only three months. Plus I still have some healing to do after which I am sure it will get better.

    2.       More Open Communication

    I am naturally a very social person. I love being around people but with my previous name it was completely different. I just wanted to be left alone. I didn’t want to be seen or put in the spotlight in any way. I was the kid who would always sit in the back in class and just really quiet.

    I couldn’t understand where this was coming from because deep down inside I wanted to be out there, but something was just blocking me.

    Just the other day, I realized that I am sitting in the first row in every class now, and I am lot more engaged with the teachers and people in general.

    It’s like something in me opened. I feel like it is safe to let people in. I am more open to meeting new people and making new friends. CONTINUE READING

    Skilled Empath Merge with Joni Mitchell

    Joni Mitchell, ready for her Skilled Empath Merge
    Joni Mitchell, ready for her Skilled Empath Merge

    Joni Mitchell, “a painter who writes songs,” has just released a boxed set with four discs of her music, Love Has Many Faces. She also gave a two-part interview to “Morning Edition” on National Public Radio.

    In the first interview she revealed the story behind her magnificent, sad Christmas song, “River.”

    In the second interview, Joni Mitchell recounted how she fought back against polio after being told she that would never walk again.

    Remarkably, I heard both segments. (Usually I’m making breakfast at a different time of day).

    Remarkably, but not surprisingly, Joni Mitchell’s interview spoke straight to my heart. Much as I remember hearing a peace song  she sang on the “Ed Sullivan Show.” The words, even the name? That didn’t stay with me. But, like so many in the audience, I registered her screaming prayer for peace. And like so many in my generation, listening intently, I joined with her to send out our spiritual light, our collective demand to bring peace.

    Back in the day I heard the Beatles sing live, heard and saw many performances. Yet hers was the singular song I will never forget. Because, once again, Joni Mitchell’s artistry had gone straight to my heart.

    Her paintings touch me still, but her music? Even better.

    What is like to be Joni Mitchell these days?

    Today I would like to explore this great artist through a Skilled Empath Merge. Won’t you join me? CONTINUE READING

    The Shift into this new Age of Energy, Top 10

    Rose Rosetree, giving some practical advice, person-to-person
    Rose Rosetree, giving some practical advice for success, living in this new Age of Energy

    The “New Age” is here and now. It’s called “The Age of  Energy” or “The Age of Aquarius” or “Life After The Shift.”

    Yes, something important really was set in motion nearly two years ago, 12-21-12. Rules have changed for living and evolving spiritually. The following articles can add to your practical education. From time to time, this blog will feature new articles on this topic. CONTINUE READING

    The Wonderful Counselor. My Christmas Poem for 2014

    The Wonderful Counselor


    As holiday sparkles swirl in the air, the joy of the season finds me.
    For once, I don’t have to… do.
    All that I need do… is to be.

    Christmas joy is seeking me. It was all along.
    In the game of hide and seek with God,
    how comical!  I was playing it inside out
    because I was the one who hid.

    All the while I was seeking and hunting and longing
    a Divine birth was in me, right now and right here.
    Chiming in the silence.
    Evergreen in the forest.
    Standing me under the mistletoe.
    Loving me no matter what.

    What did I wish most fiercely to find?
    The Wonderful Counselor, who would be my guide.
    I would hear friends say things like, “Archangel Mikey just found me a parking space.”
    Or “Jesus has saved me forever. I know that is true.”
    Or “Eternity walks in my shoes, in all shoes, everywhere.”
    All this only made me feel empty, even lonelier than ever.
    Because my Wonderful Counselor was not any of that.

    Comically, now, I have found my Wonderful Counselor
    who was there with me all along.
    Neither the parking space nor the certainty nor an enormously fancy version.
    Just My Big-and-Small Divine Love.

    Every love story is different. Is private.
    Yours is happening for you in a perfect way right now.
    And I do mean “right.” And I do mean “now.”
    Which is the part that I can share with you?
    How very comfortable you can feel right now
    With your own Wonderful Counselor
    The True Friend of Your Heart
    The One Who Knows You and always, always, will find you.

    With Holiday Wishes from Rose Rosetree in 2014

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    The relevance of Rosetree Energy Spirituality at a time of civil unrest. A guest post by STEPHANIE THOMAS

    Stephanie Thomas, committed to more social justice and more spiritual evolution
    Stephanie Thomas, committed to more social justice and also more spiritual evolution

    To everyone reading, I am the “GLADYS” referenced in ROSE’s recent article here, What can you and I do at a time of racial injustice in America? I feel it is vitally important to speak about the relevance of Rosetree Energy Spirituality during this time of civil unrest.

    Huge kudos, Rose, for addressing current events with such clarity, grace. Thanks for demonstrating what effective human-based spirituality looks like in real-world ways. I appreciate your adding perspective on these recent events of civil unrest in America.

    Pejoratives about the way people look, which gender they seem to be, who they choose to be in relationship with, and which religious practices they do or do not espouse…

    This accounts for so much violence and self-destruction throughout human history.

    All of that is, ultimately, cased by each prejudiced person’s STUFF.

    In Rosetree Energy Spirituality, we have this motto:  STUFF can always, always, always be healed.

    With STUFF permanently healed and a stronger soul expression, our actions and behaviors improve. This can move us forward as a culture in positive directions so that the militarization of our municipal police forces does not wreak dire consequences for us all.

    In this Age of Energy we are presented with special opportunities to apply intelligence and well-being to improve objective reality. We can do this in ways that celebrate the supreme power and perfect love of The Divine. But first, we have to experience that power and love in ourselves. Afterwards we can act on it. CONTINUE READING

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