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    Aura Reading Leonard Nimoy. A Guest Post by IRENE

    Aura reading the late Leonard Nimoy
    Aura reading the late Leonard Nimoy

    More and more of you Blog-Buddies are developing Stage Three Energetic Literacy. Curiosity can turn to wonder and then to joy. Because  you’re finding you can easily do aura reading in person or from a regular photo. Today IRENE joins the our list of guest posters here who have used that version of word literacy about reading energy.

    A few months ago, I learned Aura Reading by personal mentoring with Rose. Such a delightful treat! Finally a way to put my talent for energy sensitivity to good use, when otherwise it just peskily gets in the way of me living my human life.

    Of course, that sensitivity is not always a handicap. Now that I have a way to use it appropriately though, it is easier to stay at human vibrational frequencies during my day (except for Technique Time). CONTINUE READING

    Your Thoughts Are Just Thoughts. Not Things. Good to Know in The Age of Awakening.

    A truck is a thing, a material object. A thought? That is not a thing.
    A truck is a thing, a material object. A thought? That is not a thing.

    In the Age of Awakening, it’s especially important to understand this about your thoughts: Your thoughts are just thoughts. Not things.

    Our thoughts are prayers.” This concept isn’t just from New Age churches, like Unity.

    In the years leading up to The Age of Awakening, many belief systems made a quite racket proclaiming beliefs like this.

    Have you ever worked with Abraham-Hicks or “The Secret”? To that extent, you tied your worldly aspirations to the belief that your thoughts are like things. Powerful things.

    Supposedly the power of your thoughts alone… forms the basis for manifesting success.

    Honestly, have you ever sung those words as a hymn in a Unity church? Our thoughts are prayers.” Back in the day, I sung it often.

    Golly, I was such a true believer. In my memory, that hymn went, “Our thoughts are things.” CONTINUE READING

    Quiz Your Age of Awakening Power of NO

    Say YES to this quiz on Your Age of Awakening Power of NO.
    Say YES to this quiz on Your Age of Awakening Power of NO.

    Sometimes saying NO isn’t “Being negative” but using your power. So important in The Age of Awakening! Take this quiz and see.

    Why I Developed this Quiz on Your Age of Awakening Power of NO

    Life today is even more complicated than before The Shift, and not just because you’re in the first generation that is learning how to live in The Age of Awakening.

    Remember the thrill, when you were two years old, and discovered the magic of saying NO?

    Life is way more complicated now. Personal growth since toddlerhood… requires that sometimes you decide to say YES.

    Deciding YES or NO, then acting upon it, matters a lot for using your personal power. Especially now, in The Age of Awakening.

    Lately we’ve had some great comments here at the blog about using your power to say NO.


    Virtual Reincarnation in The Age of Awakening

    Sometimes in The Age of Awakening, enough is enough. Time to say "No"
    Sometimes in The Age of Awakening, enough is enough. Time to say NO.

    If you want to evolve spiritually in The Age of Awakening, including Virtual Reincarnation (and maybe even Enlightenment), use discernment. Some relationships require a NO. Not “I’ll keep trying harder.

    What does “Virtual Reincarnation” mean? That you’re growing so fast, it’s like you’ve begun to explore a new lifetime within this incarnation. Sound new, like you’re not familiar with the term? You might want to research it: Virtual reincarnation — look it up here, for starters.

    Virtual Reincarnation began happening during the New Age Years, 1980-12/21/12. Remember those years of big growth of energy awareness? During the escalating transition into our Age of Awakening, many of us began to use words like “Energy sensitive” and “Empath.”

    In The Age of Awakening, You Can Move into Virtual Reincarnation


    Surprised by THE NEW STRONG Workshop. A Guest Post by LEO

    Can you spot Leo in this photo of some of those who took THE NEW STRONG Workshop?
    Can you spot LEO in this photo of some students at took THE NEW STRONG Workshop?

    When I published “THE NEW STRONG” last month, my intent was to build it like a workshop on vibrational positioning — what the book calls “A Program for Easy Vibrational Balance.”

    However, I knew that I also wanted to give people a depth immersion, a workshop experience, with lots of personal coaching to explore vibrational positioning. That’s the kind of workshop I aimed to deliver.

    Apparently that happened. For instance, I was pleasantly surprised when, within a week, one of the workshop participants had moved into Enlightenment.

    Leave it to LEO, though, to describe what it was like for him as a student rather than the teacher. A student and, uh-oh, even a skeptic!

    Skeptical about THE NEW STRONG. But Curious

    This may sound bad, but I went into taking THE NEW STRONG Workshop with tempered expectations. Although Rose had talked often about this new skill set, and it sounded great, I was definitely skeptical. CONTINUE READING

    Cut a Cord of Attachment. Then Done.

    What does it mean to cut a cord of attachment? Now hear this!
    What does it mean to cut a cord of attachment? Now hear this!

    “I know you cut a cord of attachment to my ex-wife, but would you check to see if I have one now?”

    Thus spake Joe. In that session, I reminded him that the RES skill set for cutting a cord of attachment produces permanent results. Every time. Afterwards you will never, ever have a cord  of attachment to that person. Which is why I’ve even described that when you cut a major cord of attachment, it’s like a kind of energetic life insurance.

    You see, you only get one cord of attachment per person, per lifetime. Consequently, if the person who cuts that cord of attachment really has skills? That’s that.

    No more cord of attachment to that person. In a week. Nor a year. Not ever. Cut means cut!

    Answering Joe’s question today was fun. Because I had a recent story to tell him. This one. So… CONTINUE READING

    Aura Reading Steve Pavlina on a Raw, Vegan Diet

    When eating kale also means eating raw
    When eating kale also means eating raw

    Famously — and that’s a word one naturally associates with Steve Pavlina — the blogger has touted the benefits he has enjoyed on his raw, vegan diet. I’m going to research just what that does for him in terms of personal growth in general, reading his aura in particular.

    Given his rep. as one of America’s kings of personal development, wouldn’t it be ironic if his aura showed that the raw, vegan diet might not be as great for him as he proclaims?

    You Blog-Buddies may know, I’ve been offering an occasional service with free aura readings… to explore just how great a vegan diet is for public figures who endorse it. MEL is the latest to submit a candidate for the type of aura reading described at that blog post: To put today’s aura reading in context, please read this article first. 

    There you’ll find MEL’s inquiry about Steve Pavlina in Comment #177.

    So Now I Will Research ONE Way That

    Steve Pavlina Has Sought Personal Growth. Wow!

    Not everybody has developed energetic literacy skills yet. Not yet, anyway!

    Though if you can read these words, you’ve got word literacy. Thus, you are equally capable of developing the energetic kind of literacy. So useful for being a smart consumer! Because the way you eat isn’t just about your energy level. It can be part of your personal development, speeding you up or slowing you down.

    Lo and behold, here’s Steve Pavlina, as pictured in this photo. He’s proud to have broken his “addiction” to cooked food, proud to have gone from vegan to raw. This is one article he’s written about eating raw, plus you’ll find plenty of extra links at the end of that post. Concluding, he advises readers to find ” like-minded people who — for whatever reason — feel naturally motivated to live like aliens.”

    Surfing through the tidal wave of Steve Pavlina’s persuasiveness, I couldn’t help but wonder. Is social inconvenience the only problem with eating raw?

    Of course, Steve Pavlina is highly persuasive. That’s one secret to his exceptional success as an authority on personal development, earning him a huge following.

    However, when Steve Pavlina touts the benefits that he has noticed through his food lifestyle  — he isn’t bringing perspective as an expert at the type of personal growth called Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). Not blogging as somebody with energetic literacy. Which is where this much lesser-known blogger can shed some light today.

    Okay, take out your kale and let’s get started! (I AM going to have some as part of my lunch. Cooked kale and collards, though, plus some other vittles. Then I’ll be back for this aura reading.)

    Aura Reading Root Chakra Databank for Making Contact with Objective Reality

    Out to the moon. Overfunctioning.

    Who’s “Steve” now? Kind of a merry throng. Yes, it does seem to this aura reader that Mr. Pavlina is now living in extreme spiritual addiction. To my perception, many beings are involved in running his life. It’s a different sort of game to be playing while human.

    I don’t recommend this way of life, but it’s being done by plenty of famous people (and some not so famous). All I’m sharing at this  blog is my energetic literacy perspective. Anyway, continuing…

    Objective reality is dimly noted as astral beings look out through his eyes.

    Evidently one enticing part of sharing life with Steve… is the opportunity to influence so many people to take the advice that issues forth from his lips.

    So far? Aura reading Steve Pavlina does not suggest a ringing endorsement of his raw, vegan diet.

    Aura Reading Root Chakra Databank for Physical Health

    5 feet. Underfunctioning.

    Steve Pavlina is very, very proud of his body. This is an area of his human personality where the man still identifies stongly, large and in charge.

    No wonder it would be important for him to tell people about his wondrous diet, eating raw.

    Aura Reading Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Problem Solving

    Out to the moon. By the time of the photo, perhaps Steve may not have been in his current consciousness lifestyle for long. I note this because I find still-vivid traces of his can-do attitude and exceptional talent for solving problems.

    By this time in his life, however, he’s also got a way of “giving over to the sacred energies.” And this predominiates.

    Of course, the astral entities sharing Steve’s life are not Divine Beings but astral ones. In the Age of Awakening, Divine Beings don’t do channeling or that extreme sort of spiritual addiction. (You can read a bit more about this in “THE NEW STRONG.”)

    Aura Reading Third Eye Chakra Databank for Reading Energies

    Out to the moon. Over-functioning.

    Humming, vibrating strongly with astral allure.

    Steve Pavlina’s influence has probably increased a great deal after he went through “a longer, more severe detox period” while settling into the raw lifestyle. Astral glow can really add to charisma that some people may find extra-impressive, a way that Steve now seems really special in his personal presence.

    Aura Reading Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Growth

    1/8 inch. Shut down.

    Curiosity and interest about the Divine are differently satisfied now. Exploring  what I call the “Romance of the Astral” is much more appealing.

    In Conclusion

    Each to his own, right? Spiritual addiction does appear to be a pretty consistent finding, when I use energetic literacy skills to research the auras of people who have been eating raw for some time, and some long-term vegans as well.

    If you’re looking for a diet that is right for you, one option is Thrill Your Soul Aura Research with an RES Expert. Otherwise?  I’d think twice before following advice from anybody who speaks in terms like “addiction to cooked food.”

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    Deeper Perception for Self-Healing from Marijuana, Ayahuasca, Other Drugs — Top 10 Articles

    Top 10 and top ten

    After the high wears off, what do drugs really do to a person? And how can Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) help you graduate from drug use — if you’re interested in that.

    The following articles will give you a quick education. From time to time, this blog will feature new articles on self-healing with RES, and the impact of sessions of aura healing with RES experts, and also… a deeper perception perspective that you probably won’t find elsewhere. Because the aura-level impact of non-prescription drugs can be quite shocking!

    When everybody has good skills of energetic literacy, and it’s as common as word literacy, all this will be common knowledge. Before then? We’ve got this blog. 🙂


    For THE NEW STRONG, Less Technique Time. A Guest Post by IRENE

    How a timer can help make your life more delightful
    Why measure Technique Time to gain THE NEW STRONG?

    Limiting Daily Technique Time to 20 Minutes, Tops — How counter-culture is that? And yet I do recommend it if you’re interested in today’s new consciousness lifestyle, THE NEW STRONG.

    Three people I know personally, each in an exquisite state of Simplicity Enlightenment, have no trouble whatsoever with doing more than 20 minutes of Technique Time. As for the rest of us? Hundreds of my clients have tried this experiment, and it has not worked well. (Even before I published a how-to book this June about gaining THE NEW STRONG.)

    Facilitating sessions, reading people’s auras, hearing their stories, oh yes. I know plenty of folks aiming for Householder Enlightenment who have experimented with more than 20, just a bit more… and wound up in pretty bad spiritual addiction. Instead of moving forward faster on that path to Enlightenment, they’re sloooooooooowed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down.

    So ironic! Yet true!!!

    Limiting Technique Time Helps with THE NEW STRONG

    Look, Blog-Buddies. What you do with your life and your consciousness will always be up to you! Still, I’m here to give advice that can help you to make wise choices. So far, here’s what I’ve provided: CONTINUE READING

    A New Strong Workshop Graduate Moves into Enlightenment

    RES Professionals and Apprentices at THE NEW STRONG Workshop
    RES Professionals and Apprentices at THE NEW STRONG Workshop

    In the back of my mind I was hoping for this Blog-Buddies. When writing “THE NEW STRONG” and working to edit, edit, edit… I was hoping. When preparing my first-ever workshop  about THE NEW STRONG, the hope tickled the back of my mind and my heart. Enlightenment acceleration for participants?

    And could reading THE NEW STRONG really speed attaining Enlightenment? Because if the workshop could, then the book would as well (though Enlightenment would be accelerated a bit less rapidly).

    Well, whatever. Rose Rosetree has plenty of hopes and dreams. I just keep on doing my work. But today that hope came true.

    What Was I Hoping about THE NEW STRONG?

    Most of all, I’ve been hoping that, for people who are quite close to Enlightenment, the alignment that results from this knowledge — the “Rules & Tools for the Age of Awakening” — could click a person into Enlightenment.

    So here came my session today with KRISTINE, fresh from That New Strong Workshop, which was first-time offered last weekend.

    KRISTINE is one of those clients I’ve had my eye on for some time. Having read her aura in sessions, I’ve thought, “Here’s somebody who is probably going to be moving into Enlightenment, and soon.”

    Many of you Blog-Buddies have read here, “The Age of Awakening is a time when millions of people are going to be able to move into Enlightenment, and do it as Householders.” CONTINUE READING

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