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    More Reasons Why I’m Loving Our RES Community, Blog-Buddies

    Another leap forward for this RES community
    Another leap forward for this RES community

    Today a new post leapt onto our list of the blog’s “15 Most Popular Posts.”

    It’s Post-New-Age Perspective: Will Psychic Development Make an Empath Stronger? This went live almost exactly one month ago.

    As usual with these articles, the big liveliness is in the COMMENTS.

    As often happens, this post began on one theme and morphed into something quite different. In this case, the conversation changed because of a powerful teaching moment set in motion by a brave reader, EMILYH in her Comment #16.

    And that’s Reason #1 why I’m loving our journey together into “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

    Commenting, you’all say what you mean. CONTINUE READING

    Is Ignorance an Illusion? How about STUFF in Auras?

    There are so many ways to stretch as youre waking up.
    There are so many ways to stretch as you’re waking up.

    Let’s play a game of “Twister” with our minds today — those of us who are in the mood for some Enlightenment coaching.

    Today, at his blog “Observations on the Way Home,” our Blog-Buddy David Buckland published a short but pithy post about “Ignorance.”

    You can read this in all its glory by clicking on that link just provided. My version goes, “From a spiritual perspective, ignorance does not exist. Hunting it down will not help. Just bring in the light.”

    Enlightenment Through Understanding Truths of Consciousness

    I got such a kick out of DAVID B.’s article because it highlights for me the difference between a consciousness perspective for those seeking Enlightenment and the human-based perspective of this Enlightenment coach. CONTINUE READING

    Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Leonardo DiCaprio

    Leo DiCaprio submitted to the equivalent of torture of this role. Read the impact on him in today's sobering aura reading
    Leo DiCaprio submitted to the equivalent of torture for this role. Read the impact on him in today’s sobering aura reading

    Ready for some fun? How about some weird fun?

    Because today I’m responding to nominations for researching Best Actor Favorite Leonardo DiCaprio. (Note: You still have time to weigh in on which other performers I research this year in advance of the Oscars. Just go to our Contest for This Year’s Aura Reading Movie Reviews and do nominations and supporting nominations to your heart’s content.)

    So why do I say “weird” fun? Because Leo DiCaprio’s role involved what I consider physical torture

    When he endured the gruelling conditions for making this film, I’m actually curious if he give his usual, chakra databank changing super-duper performance. Or maybe it was all he could do to say his lines plausibly, take direction, and survive the physical comfort.

    What if all I learn about his performance this time turns out to be variations on “I’m so darned cold!”?

    Well, put on your coat, if it helps you, Blog-Buddies. Now let’s begin today’s aura reading trek into the energetic wilderness.

    Warning: My joyful mood when I undertook today’s post could not prevent me from noticing quite a mess. Frankly you might not wish to read today’s article.

    Personally I was deeply saddened by what I found, a terrible impact on the actor himself that couldn’t be denied since I was using the skills of energetic literacy.


    How RES Changed My Life, A Guest Post by HOWARD

    Howard, moving forward joyfully now along his path
    Howard, moving forward joyfully now along his path

    The purpose of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) is to help people. When asked about my work, I say this:

    “I help people to grow with energy READING skills and energy HEALING skills that are especially effective for living now.”

    But that still can sound abstract. Even theoretical.

    In today’s courageous guest post, HOWARD shares his very not-theoretical story.

    A Very Hard Path, to Start

    RES has changed my life in so many ways that I am amazed to think about how my life was before. When I had my first session of RES, I was an alcoholic in an unhappy marriage, in spiritual addiction, smoking pot, I had severe depression, and was addicted to painkillers.

    I hated my job, where I lived, my life, and was in a rut so deep I didn’t know how I could ever get out.  I had tried everything.  It was not uncommon for me to daydream about suicide.  I knew I would never go through with it, but it gave me a strange relief to think about it. CONTINUE READING

    How is Energetic Literacy Different from Psychic Readings?

    Why aura readings do not have to be psychic readings
    Why aura readings do not have to be psychic readings

    Thanks to recent comments here at the blog, ta da! We have another teachable moment. It’s on a recurring theme: What makes energetic literacy different from psychic readings?

    Blog-Buddies, this is such an important topic because, for centuries, people have sought answers to life’s mysterious questions through psychic readings or intuitive development.

    By  contrast, energetic literacy — particularly full, Stage Three Energetic Literacy is pretty new in the world.

    This is a very Age of Awakening kind of energy reading with skill. It’s more like word literacy. The methods that I teach include Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® and (for Skilled Empath Merges) Empath Empowerment®.

    Even experienced aura readers can sometimes fall into a bit of turmoil about what to expect, given how much we have heard all our lives about psychic readings. Certain expectations can confuse us. CONTINUE READING

    President Obama’s Letter to Me. A Guest Post by GRACE W.

    When a letter comes in on butterfly wings... or even better
    When a letter comes in on butterfly wings… or even better

    Surprisingly quickly, several of you Blog-Buddies commented after I posted a comparison aura reading of President Obama. (Thanks, one and all.)

    Among the responses, there was some discussion of a letter GRACE W received from Obama. Such a rare honor! Yet it is said that, each day, President Obama reads 10 letters sent to him. So members of the president’s staff must have found GRACE’s letter pretty special. But had he signed that letter personally?

    Back at yesterday’s post, President Obama — How His Aura Has Changed, as part of the discussion I explained how GRACE could use a technique of energetic literacy to research. Yes, she could definitely use her aura reading skills to research whether or not the signature on her letter was personally written by the POTUS himself.

    Yet one more practical use of aura reading! I sure never thought of it before. But then I’m always learning from my students and clients.


    President Obama — How His Aura Has Changed

    Aura readings can tell you a powerful truth.
    Aura readings can tell you a powerful truth.

    Have you seen this shocking pair of photos? It compares President Obama’s face at his first State of the Union address to how he has looked this January. Thanks to Blog-Buddy ISABELLA C. for flagging this in her Comments 8 and 9 at this blog post.

    Why did I wait so long to respond? Because I opted to write a magazine article on the face reading changes. After my Energetic Literacy column is published in the Spring Issue of Pathways Magazine, I will make that comparison face reading available here at my blog.

    But guess what? Now that I’ve filed that face reading comparison, I’m raring to go. Are you curious about that other component of a comparison reading? How deeply has our President changed, all the way to his chakra databanks? Let’s find out.

    Please, before reading further, note your quick reaction to the comparison photos. If you’re bold, place that reaction into a comment below before reading. CONTINUE READING

    Our Blog Has Reached 28,000 Comments


    Gratitude abounds to all of you Blog-Buddies who comment here.

    Today we have reached 28,000 comments at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” When I tell people about this blog, I say, “Be sure to read the comments, not just the posts. Those comments are at least as good as the articles.”

    Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) helps people grow with energy READING skills and energy HEALING skills that are especially effective for living now. And you Blog-Buddies help to carry those sparks of inspiration into this world. This teacher thanks you.

    [Slashdot] [Digg] [Reddit] [] [Facebook] [Technorati] [Google] [StumbleUpon]

    Thrill Your Soul, Snow or No Snow

    Finding your path, even when it seems narrow
    Finding your path, even when it seems narrow

    Blog-Buddies, are you ready for a treat? I’ve been saving something special, and this dig-out-from-blizzard Day Three seems like just the time.

    You might remember A Contest to Celebrate 27,000+ Comments at the Blog. You might remember,too, that I announced a contest winner, LORI RUBENSTEIN.

    Well, LORI and I did a two-part session of Thrill Your Soul Aura Research.

    You can listen on demand at this Soul Thrill Research link.

    Why Listen to Someone Else’s Aura Reading?


    Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Idris Elba. A Guest Post by ISABELLA CATES

    Idris Elba, ready for his aura reading.
    Idris Elba, ready for his aura reading.

    RES practitioner ISABELLA CATES has given us our second Aura Reading Movie Review for this Academy Awards season. She selected Idris Elba, who was nominated in our ongoing contest.

    In case you’re interested, she has been trained to offer phone sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality and, in addition, is apprenticing now at the form of past-life regression called “Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.” To discuss an appointment, call her at 330-687-2633 or email to :-)

    ISABELLA has been using skills of energetic literacy for years. You can even find some on display from long ago, when her name JORDAN (before some Name Alignment Soul Thrill Aura Research). Just type JORDAN in our blog’s search box and you’ll find some great guest posts.

    But you might want to read the following article first. It’s fascinating. CONTINUE READING

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