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    “The New Strong” Is Reviewed by Midwest Book Review

    EMILY with ROSE while signing first licensing agreement for "The New Strong"
    EMILY with ROSE while signing first licensing agreement for “The New Strong”

    Midwest Book Review is THE independent resource in the U.S. for quality book reviews. I’m so honored they have just gave a rave review to “The New Strong.”

    For the first time ever, Midwest Book Review has selected this how-to book as “Reader’s Choice” for Small Press Bookwatch, August 2016, The Metaphysical Studies Shelf.

    Click here to read this review of “The New Strong” online. Or just keep reading. 🙂

    Midwest Book Review Selects “The New Strong” for Reader’s Choice

    The New Strong: Stop Fixing Yourself — And Actually Accelerate Your Personal Growth!” by Rose Rosetree is essentially a how-to book that can help men and women to live a much better life in this new Age of Awakening. CONTINUE READING

    Asperger’s Aura Reading of SHANE

    Meet Shane, the star of today's Asperger's aura reading
    Meet Shane, the star of today’s Asperger’s aura reading

    Yo, space cowboys! We’re going for a ride. Today it’s an aura reading of SHANE. He has Asperger’s. SHANE is 37. Asperger’s, of course, is for life.

    And we’ll be celebrating that life today.

    Does it uplift you too? When we do energetic literacy profiles of people with different kinds of consciousness, it’s not just an aura reading of somebody with Asperger’s. It’s an exploration of an individual. CONTINUE READING

    10 True Signs of Spiritual Awakening

    Every spiritual awakening bursts a bubble of illusion
    Every spiritual awakening bursts a bubble of illusion

    Spiritual Awakening is available to all who seek it now. Yet there’s so much vibrational confusion around us. So most of the “signs of spiritual awakening” you’ll read about are ridiculously untrue. Not helpful.  And a part of the problem for anybody who seeks spiritual Enlightenment. Today’s article will give you straight talk about true signs of Spiritual Awakening.

    These signs of spiritual awakening come from an Enlightenment Coach. One of many in the world today. I wish that more of us would  write about true signs of spiritual awakening, because so many popular articles on this topic are written by bloggers who are probably lovely people. But…. CONTINUE READING

    5 False Signs of Awakening

    False signs of spiritual awakening? They won't take you where you want to go.
    False signs of spiritual awakening? They won’t take you where you want to go.

    False signs of spiritual awakening! That’s the opinion of this Enlightenment coach. But this post invites YOUR opinions. Come and share.

    Before you read this and get mad — for one reason or another — here’s why I’m presenting this controversial post.

    True Signs of The Age of Awakening was the start of a thread that I think could help you a lot. Seems to me, all spiritual seekers would be wise to tell true from false. So many false promises, so many wishey-hope signs of awakening!

    And in this Age of Awakening, we really need Post-New-Age Consumer Smarts. CONTINUE READING

    Aura Reading Legendary Gymnastics Coach Marta Karolyi. Newsletter Announcement!

    There are many pots of gold at the ends of rainbows fpr Olympic Coach Marta Karolyi
    There are many pots of gold at the end(s) of rainbows for Olympic Coach Marta Karolyi

    What makes Marta Karolyi tick? Are you curious? Then get ready for an exceptional aura reading in the upcoming issue of my newsletter.

    Whether you’re a gymnastics fan, a sports fan, or simply a fan of getting results, you might wish to know about this legendary coach.

    She is such an extraordinary person; this energetic literacy research has stunned me and inspired me.

    And it will be available when my newsletter is released this Friday. CONTINUE READING

    True Signs of The Age of Awakening

    Show me a sign, a true sign....
    Show me a sign, a true sign….

    Not optional: You Live in The Age of Awakening. Are you looking for true, reliable signs of that? Do you wish to see signs, tangible signs, that something really did happen with the Shift into The Age of Awakening?

    Or maybe you are seeking signs of personal awakening, spiritual growth. That’s beautiful, too.

    In the process of seeking those true signs, have you noticed? There’s so much confusion, even crazy talk. Let me help you sort out the sign seeking with today’s article.

    Vibrational Confusion Is Not Spiritual Awakening

    Whatever your belief system, it can help to recognize this: Vibrationally, life on earth has changed.

    How can people find true signs about spiritual Awakening when they don’t know the difference between “energy” and “vibrational frequency”? Sadly, they can’t.

    Astral is not Divine, but both are noticed as energy. Still, they’re not just alike because of being noticed as energy. Astral and Divine are completely different vibrational frequencies. CONTINUE READING

    Aura Reading an Autistic Child. In Honor of PRIMMIE.

    Aura reading one adorable autistic child
    Aura reading one adorable autistic child, Robbie.

    An aura reading of not just any autistic child, but PRIMMIE’s son ROBBIE! That’s our treat for today.

    This blog is such a flow! Sure, it’s a blog built for learning, related to all the skill sets of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES): Energy READING Skills, Energy HEALING Skills, Empath Empowerment and Enlightenment Coaching. Mostly, though, it’s an interactive blog that makes all those skills come alive!

    Enthusiastically, I monitor this blog just about every day of my life, fascinated to read what you’ all have to say. Here’s one recent example of how your comments bring it alive. CONTINUE READING

    Clarity, Skilled Empath-Style. A Guest Post by IRENE

    What happens when a skilled empath sees her world crystal clear?
    What happens when a skilled empath sees her world crystal clear?

    Objective-Subjective Clarity is the context for today’s guest post on gaining new clarity, skilled empath-style.

    Empath Empowerment® does make it far easier for empaths to tell the difference between objective reality and subective reality.

    IRENE’S guest post today makes this Empath Coach proud. Because IRENE connects some very important dots between clarity, being a skilled empath, being empathic, and more.

    Go, IRENE!

    Loving My New Clarity as a Skilled Empath

    In the past, I certainly confused objective reality with subjective reality. Before, I’ve thought I understood what something was like. Really I didn’t.

    Because, as an unskilled empath, I hadn’t actually experienced much that was happening in objective reality. CONTINUE READING

    Objective-Subjective Clarity

    Objective-subjective clarity is an alternative to living in your head
    Objective-subjective clarity is an alternative to living in your head

    Objective-subjective clarity requires being able to tell two things apart:

    1. What happens in objective reality?
    2. By contrast, what happens in subjective reality?

    Can you stand with one foot on a mountain top while the other foot plunges into the depths of an ocean?

    Not me, though I’ve tried. As it were.

    How about you?

    Being human does come with certain limitations, unfortunately. Certain either-or’s. 

    Including the need to distinguish what happens in objective reality compared to what is real enough… except only in your head…. CONTINUE READING

    Olympic Empath Contest Will Award Prizes in Gold, Silver, and Bronze

    Will you nominate a soccer player for our Olympic Empath Contest?
    Will you nominate a soccer player for our Olympic Empath Contest?

    Three prizes will be awarded for our latest contest. Skilled Empath Merges, all! I’m calling it an “Olympic Empath Contest” because the athletes you nominate might just be competing in Rio Olympics 2016.

    Maybe yes, maybe no. Nonetheless, our contest prizes will be awarded Olympic-style: Gold, silver, and bronze.

    Yes, I’ll choose three winners. And for each one, I’ll be posting a Skilled Empath Merge of that athlete.

    • Must your contest nominee be an empath? Nope. Skilled empath is where I’ll come in. (You wouldn’t want me for your athlete, that’s for sure.)
    • Must your contest nominee be an Olympic athlete. Nope. Any superb athlete will do.
    • Must the athlete you nominate be an official winner? Ha! You just need to describe, in your nomination, why you think that particular athlete is a winner, superb.

    Your nominee might not even have made it to the Olympics. That’s okay. Nominate any athlete of your choice for this Olympic Empath Contest. Just tell us all why. CONTINUE READING

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