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    Healer, Cheated. Concluding a Demo of Spiritual Path Consults™

    Healer, Cheated
    Healer, Cheated. Lean what happened energetically to an open-hearted healer, deceived.

    Healer, Cheated — for shame! Today’s post may reveal the worst part of the deception we’ve been exploring. An initiation and an attunement, both under false pretences.

    Might I suggest? Check out these two articles before continuing here:  Initiation, Mislabeled and Liar, Liar Attunements. Spiritual Path Consults™, Part 2 of 3 .

    These showed you two different ways that Gladys was deceived by her teachers. Could be, our third in this series… Is the biggest shocker of all. And yet…

    Healer, Cheated. Doesn’t Mean Healer, Defeated.

    Simply put, Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) includes skills of Energy Healing. Always with the emphasis on emotional and spiritual growth.

    Consequently, the call to action can be quite simple. If you’re feeling not-quite-right, book a session of RES Energy Healing. Bring an intention like “A stronger sense of self.”

    Then receive help. Maybe I’ll add a tiny bit of optional homework. Following that, for best results, do your small share of follow-through.

    Afterwards, let the wonderful cycle continue. Resulting in ever-more wholeness for you.

    Never Give Up. Cheated Doesn’t Have to Last

    Today I just cringed when I read this new comment. (Coming from a well-meaning, self-actualizing Blog-Buddy.)

    “I really doubt that, being the person I am, and what I do, that my [reliance upon] psychic guidance will shut down.”

    You see, folks, if you allow some regular RES sessions to help you, what’s true?

    Surprisingly or not, you just might discover a far more enjoyable version of “who I am.”

    Cheated by Psychotherapy

    Although psychotherapy can be tremendously helpful, uh-oh. Eventually a client can reach a point of diminishing returns. And then?

    “Being the kind of person you are” often is offered as a consolation prize. Supposedly that bittersweet, suffering-laced, and pathetically-limited expression of self… That’s supposed to be as good as it gets. Accepting that, settling for that, is recommended?

    As if all the STUFF, stuck in the client’s aura and subconscious mind… is a lifelong doom.

    Whereas, in truth, the kind of person you really are? Try using words like magnificent!

    Especially, I’d recommend avoiding words like the little phrase that follows.

    “And That’s Okay”

    Way too often, in my opinion, that little phrase becomes something to work on. In some psychological circles, you will get big congratulations, for repeating it often.

    Haven’t you heard stuck people offer that up? Saying these dishonest words way too often.

    Sometimes “and that’s okay” is even uttered sanctimoniously. Practically catechism.

    Let’s think about this for a moment, please.

    Imagine that a person has come to a therapist for help. Joe feels so stuck. And so he is advised to do what?

    To accept limitations? To analyze past suffering. To wind up with a highly distorted, puny version of self and then how’s it summed up?

    “That’s just who I am. And that’s okay.”

    As if saying “that’s okay” makes a person wise. Self-accepting. Mature. Psychologically whole.

    My response? Grrrrrrrrr. People can do so much better.

    Cheated. Humanly Cheated.

    Granted, this way of being cheated by a psychological healer doesn’t involve astral interference of the kind evident in today’s sound recording.

    But here I’m aiming to point out that many of us have suffered. Or outright been failed or cheated. By a trusted helper or teacher or healer.

    It’s not just that cheating happens only from certain mind-body-spirit helpers. Or that the outrageous, disgusting — and ultimately healable — example given here is typical. Typical of terrible cheating done every day. Cheating inflicted on trusting seekers of truth and wholeness. They just don’t know better. But you can.

    So remember, please, these following two points:

    First, Energetic Literacy Can Protect You from Cheaters

    How can good aura reading skills protect you from helpers who spread their confusion? Their astral involvement. Their ignorance, etc.

    Because the consequences of doing not-so-good work will show in that person’s aura.

    Learning full Stage Three Energetic literacy? You can definitely do this. Just like my students this weekend. Every one of them learned to complete their learning of everyday energetic literacy. They mastered how to read auras from photos, regular photographs. And do it easily!!!

    What if Gladys had read the auras of her teachers and the big initiator for the group, ha!

    Wouldn’t she have known better than to willingly receive initiation and attunements?

    In The Age of Awakening, it’s easy to protect yourself by learning good skills for aura reading.

    Second, Don’t Give Up After Being Deceived Or Cheated

    Whatever your loss. Whatever the STUFF that gets stuck in your aura, as a result of your good-faith effort to grow.

    And whatever creepy, nasty things have been added to your aura. Ironically, in Gladys’s case. Just because she volunteered to help others to heal…

    Like Gladys, you can insist on a good life, a great life. Don’t allow your story to end in defeat. Write a new chapter.

    How? Seek out healing from somebody competent to clean up the mess, emotionally and spiritually. Then you’ll wake up a stronger soul expression than ever. As in:

    That joyful, resourceful, effective person I am.

    Incidentally, thse words could describe Gladys after her session. Listen here to the final sound recording of the series. (And thanks, again, to Gladys. It was a generous choice to allow me to share this example of Spiritual Path Consults™.)


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    Liar, Liar Attunements. Spiritual Path Consults™, Part 2 of 3

    Liar, Liar Attunements
    Liar, Liar Attunements. As in “Liar, liar, pants on fire.”

    Liar, Liar Attunements. Did you know they were happening, along with deceptive initiations and energetic transmissions? Learn more to protect yourself.

    Initiation, Mislabeled described the energetic impact of what? “A little ceremony” that was, in fact, an initiation.

    You were given TWO recordings from a series of Spiritual Path Consults™. I facilitated these for Gladys. She agreed to share them with our Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) community.

    What can you expect to learn from the second article in this series? The deception sometimes grows worse after initiation. CONTINUE READING

    Initiation, Mislabeled. Spiritual Path Consults™, a Teaching Tale

    Initiation, Mislabeled
    Initiation, Mislabeled. You may be shocked to hear today’s sound recording.

    Initiation, Mislabeled? Well, yes.

    Sadly, today it is common for spiritual teachers and healers to offer an initiation that is mislabeled. “A little ceremony” that starts to rewire the spiritual seeker’s aura. And in a way that person would not have agreed to, if presented with the truth.

    So today’s article aims to help you to protect yourself.

    Fact is, consumer smarts in The Age of Awakening begin with good energetic literacy. Aura reading skills show you what’s what.


    Rainbow Gratitude

    Rainbow Gratitude
    Rainbow Gratitude. My fresh story may prompt you to answer a sweet little question.

    Rainbow Gratitude. That’s a name for what you probably feel… in the presence of a rainbow. But what will you do with that gratitude? Maybe not so obvious.

    So let me tell you a story from last night. A story of rainbow and gratitude.

    Unpredictable Always, Rainbow Gratitude


    Zou Youguang. Aura Reading a Language Hero

    Zou Youguang
    These mouths represent some of the 1 BILLION people helped by Zou Youguang

    Zou Youguang’s aura! Will it help us to understand his amazing accomplishments? He developed Pinyin, a Romanized writing system. This has helped more than 1 billion Chinese to learn Mandarin.  Also countless foreigners.

    In so doing, he helped to modernize his entire nation. And, oh yes, Pinyin gave rise to a Chinese form of Braille.  Did you ever think how impossible it would have been? Creating the language for the blind in Chinese. Back when it was only written in characters….

    Altogether, his language achievements astound me.

    On top of that, he was quite a character. 😉

    Living to a ripe age of 110, and mentally clear to the end. Brings hope to all of us over 30! CONTINUE READING

    Indian-Spiced New Strong. My Latest Book Published by JAICO.

    Indian-Spiced New Strong
    Indian-Spiced New Strong — victory to JAICO’s publication of my book about The Age of Awakening

    Indian-Spiced New Strong — that’s how I think of my latest book, an authorized Indian edition of “The New Strong” just published by JAICO. Just look at the pungent cover design. You can almost taste the cayenne blended into a very delicious garam masala.

    Indian-Spiced New Strong’s Yummy

    Back Cover

    Blog-Buddies, it was a puzzle. Back when I published the first edition of The New Strong, what to put on the back cover? I thought long and hard, and had help from an expert and finding good language. CONTINUE READING

    Initiations, Attunements, and Transmissions. Inappropriate Now?

    Initiations? Since we live in The Age of Awakening, are initiations still necessary?

    Initiations, Attunements, Transmissions — all of these were sacred in the Age of Faith. By now… Have they become obsolete? Inappropriate? Even, to some degree, dangerous?

    Because now we’re living in The Age of Awakening. Based on different rules. Humankind has been given a new vibrational freedom. Resulting in unprecedented ways to evolve.

    In this article, let’s explore how to safeguard your personal growth and spiritual awakening. Controversy alert: I’ll be sharing some stories that may shock you. CONTINUE READING

    Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS for Better Energy Healing.

    Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS
    Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS for better energy healing. .

    Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS for energy healing: You CAN learn to do it. Moreover, as a consumer it’s indispensible to understand how energy healing is sourced.

    Thanks to all who took Co-Create Healing. A QUIZ. If you haven’t done that yet, hey! Might I suggest you go back and take that quiz first. You’ll get more from the answers.

    Trust me there! For instance, JNANA took the time to share some beautiful comments in response to that quiz. And her Comment #4 in particular is inspiring its own article. Just not today, because QUIZ ANSWERS first!


    Co-Create Healing. A Quiz.

    Co-Create Healing
    Co-Create Healing. This quiz may surpise you. May HELP you.

    Co-Create Healing Quiz! Why take it? Because there’s no good reason to be fuzzy. Either you know what it means to co-create with the Divine. Or you don’t.

    Tricky business! Until you get clarity. CONTINUE READING

    No Cocaine Allowed. Part 2.

    No Cocaine Allowed
    No Cocaine Allowed? Free will can help, and so can RES sessions.

    No Cocaine Allowed. As in “Saying no to cocaine.” Sure it’s possible.

    Please forward this article to anyone you know who has stopped taking drugs but doesn’t feel inwardly free yet.

    I’m hoping this two-part series of articles will inspire any of you readers who seek support for recovery. You’d like freedom from recreational substances like weed, ecstasy, Ayahuasca, or cocaine. Or maybe you’d just prefer a lifestyle post-drugs. Imagine moving forward with more wholeness and joy.

    Sure that’s possible. CONTINUE READING

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