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    Counter-culture perspectives from Rosetree Energy Spirituality, Top 10

    Rose Rosetree, giving some practical advice, person-to-person
    Rose Rosetree, shocking you (and sometimes herself) with some of the words that flow at this blog.

    For a person with pretty in-angled ears, I sure have landed in a controversial line of work. Darn! It’s just not normal, being a post-New-Age teacher and writer.

    Luckily you can think for yourself, Blog-Buddies. That can come in handy when reading counter-culture ideas like those in this Top 10 List. Keep reading this blog and there’s a fairly good chance that you’ll find some illusions rip right away. Followed, of course, by PUT IN of ideas better suited to this new Age of Energy. In my opinion. (No more, no less.)

    1. How the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth
    2. “You disgust me.” But blessings to you, of course.
    3. Do You Wish to Live From Your Deepest Self?
    4. What is a Life Contract?
    5. Get over yourself, a version that works for spiritual development
    6. Every photo is an aura photo
    7. When bad things happen FROM good people. (Seven ways that good people can make us feel bad energetically.)
    8. Oops, your aura is showing. 10 ways.
    9. Self-authority vs. skills, the tricky part
    10. Hypnosis OR Meditation. Know the difference.
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    Why this blog has no DONATE button

    Mitch and Rose in our DONATE-free zone
    Mitch and Rose in our DONATE-free zone

    My client GLADYS proposed the idea to me today, January 30, 2015. It literally had never occurred to me before.

    She said, “Rose, I’ve noticed you don’t have a DONATE button at your blog. Why not?”

    Since September 8, 2007, I have been building community here. How much time do I spend per week on this labor of love? Easily 15 hours. Probably more.

    Here’s how I have thought of this blog so far: Community is needed. Community of this post-New Age kind that I host here at the blog.

    Plus I have really loved the idea of offering something to folks that doesn’t include a fee. CONTINUE READING

    Aura reading Teal Swan. A contest prize for ISABELLE.



    Isabelle, winner of our Contest about Deeper Perception
    Isabelle, winner of our Contest about Deeper Perception

    ISABELLE was one of the winners of our last contest in 2014, “What did you learn about deeper perception in 2014?”

    Her choice was to have me read the aura of Teal Swan. Here is the gist of what ISABELLE wrote me when claiming her prize:

    I choose Teal Swan for aura reading. Teal Swan is to me a fascinating person.

    She seems like from a another dimension and has a true wisdom to share (for me) – it’s a never ending flood.

    I am especially curious to read about her Root Chakra and her Third Eye Chakra.

    Teal Swan has stated before that she finds it hard to be grounded, which I very much understand.

    Also I am curious about spiritual addiction. Can a person who channels so much ‘naturally’ really be suffering from a spiritual addiction?

    Oh, and I would appreciate it if you would use your Spiritual Snapshot selection of chakra databanks. CONTINUE READING

    Where to buy eBooks and the Happiness CD by Rose Rosetree

    Rose Rosetree in her role as "Publishing Executive" at Women's Intuition Worldwide
    Rose Rosetree in her fancy role as “Publishing Executive” at Women’s Intuition Worldwide

    Here we go, Blog-Buddies, title by title. This is the most current list so far for where to buy eBooks by Rose Rosetree.

    Of course, please contact me if you find new legitimate sources for my eBooks or if any of these links don’t work. I will be updating this post as new eBook titles and vendors become available.

    365 Ways to a Stronger You

    365smallercover (Copy)

    Kindle eBook






    What I have learned about dementia from facilitating past-life regression

    A new perspective on dementia through past-life regression
    A new perspective on dementia through past-life regression

    Life expectancy today shines like a gold coin. It’s amazing really, how you might live to be 80 years old or more.

    We are so fortunate, living at a time when sheer length of life makes enormous spiritual evolution possible. Today’s 60 is the new 40, for instance. In case you’re curious, here is a link for calculating your life expectancy right now.

    Long lives help to make it possible for us to experience Virtual Reincarnation, a thrilling possibility which is not at all rare among today’s spiritual seekers. Many of you Blog-Buddies have been through this, and I have too.

    Today’s long life expectancy contributes to the vision I have for this Age of Energy. Because I do believe that millions of people living today have the chance to move into Enlightenment, and do it as householders.

    Unfortunately, that shiny coin of long life expectancy does have another side: Alzheimer’s and dementia and other terrifying illnesses that are linked to old age. You know and love people who have died that way, right? I sure do.

    Recently a Blog-Buddy asked, “Can dementia and Alzheimer’s be healed?” My answer was no, at least in terms of the work that I do. Sadly, I can’t offer help for these problems. That’s more the job of my colleagues in mind-body-spirit who work in energy medicine. And those hardworking physicians and other professionals who work in allopathic medicine.

    By contrast, Rosetree Energy Spirituality addresses emotional and spiritual growth, improving behavior. Skills for this type of aura healing do not include reversing senility or other cognitive problems. Yet I hope today’s article will ease your heart, because I can offer you … CONTINUE READING

    Finally published! “The Empowered Empath” and “The Master Empath”

    Quick at Amazon

    Calling all empaths: Today’s article is part announcement, part resource, and part guest post.

    You’ll see.

    Buy It Here

    Below is the most up-to-date info so far for each of my new books for empaths. What is so very exciting?

    • All three of my new books for empaths are now available in paperback.
    • Two of these books for empaths are already available with very reasonable shipping outside America, in Europe and Australia, courtesy of Something entirely new for U.S. editions of books by Rose Rosetree!
    • Something else new: You can request that any of these three new books be special ordered at just about any bookstore. Just say these magic words (to booksellers): Please order through Ingram.
    • And in the U.S., if you would like to do a special favor to the author and publisher, purchase my POD paperbacks through CreateSpace. The author receives a larger share of the proceeds, plus you can order multiple items at once, as at any other online bookstore.
    • With print-on-demand being used this time, these three new books will NOT be available at the toll-free number for my other books, 800-345-6665. However…
    • Finally, hello! It is possible to order my self-hypnosis CD, “Your Happiness Project” from as well as CreateSpace. Took me until recently to understand that it could be sold at Amazon.
    • Hey, I’m still learning…. including how to have a decent copy of ANY of the new book covers in a size that will work on this blog. Oboy! Still, let today be a holiday of publishing. :-)


    Why any Pathways Magazine reader is probably an Empath. (Same for a regular reader of this blog.)

    Pathways Magazine, home of the Energetic Literacy column
    Pathways Magazine, home to the quarterly Energetic Literacy column

    Born an Empath?

    To some, that’s a mysterious question. But not so much when Energetic Literacy is available.

    Let’s start figuring out that answer in a magazine article to be published soon.

    Today I’m filing that article with my editors.


    Rose Rosetree, one of the regular columnists for Pathways Magazine
    Rose Rosetree, one of the regular columnists for Pathways Magazine


    Leadership in the post-New-Age healing of Rosetree Energy Spirituality

    In the Age of Faith, many of us obeyed like sheep. In this Age of Energy, we are called to be leaders.
    In the Age of Faith, many of us obeyed like sheep. In this Age of Energy, we are called to be leaders instead.

    JEM’s thoughtful guest post from yesterday got me thinking. I love two parts of her post especially. First, her acknowledgment of this Energy Spirituality community (at the end of her article). JEM concluded:

    “[Thanks] also to all you Blog-Buddies at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” Thank you for cleaning the joint up, for all that you do. I know how precious you are.”

    Praise like this is very much on my mind since, last night, my Apprentice JESSICA GATES completed her final requirement and graduated from the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality. The program is rigorous, demanding a lot of the self-selected group of true leaders who feel called to participate.

    You will find JESSICA noted as a full professional in this field at this blog’s resource page for aura healers trained in Rosetree Energy Spirituality. In weeks to come, you can look forward to a guest post by her to supplement my simple announcement here today.

    JESSICA brings compassion, kindness, insightful intelligence and great healing power to her skills for helping clients. Her graduation reminds me, and maybe can remind you, that we make changes together.

    Together we are doing nothing less than this: Bringing these post-New-Age skills into collective consciousness and popular conversation. Eventually we may even find this understanding to be prevalent, a new “Of course” that folks find when they search the internet under terms like “Empath” and “Aura” and “Cut Cords of Attachment.”


    An empath’s evolution with Rosetree Energy Spirituality. A guest post by JEM.

    When Empath Empowerment feels like a gift.
    When Empath Empowerment feels like a gift.

    Hi everyone. My name’s Jem and I’m a recovering spirit-holic ;)

    I’d just like to comment what amazing, fabulous, intricate times we live in.

    Especially challenging times for an empath

    Like many of you guys reading this blog, I was born an empath. Plus I had additional psychic dials, to the tune of multiple clairs, turned right up.

    Unskilled as I was, you can imagine my “reality” *Pause to vomit heartily here.*

    At 17, I turned to the New Age world for help. Those teachers for empaths, like us, were naturals. But ultimately unskilled.

    Those teachers did their best, fumbling along in the dark like we all were; but in hindsight it was the blind leading the blind.

    They gave me “tools” — here I use that word loosely — that severely exacerbated my ridiculous condition. CONTINUE READING

    Celebrating a certain kind of shyness

    When was the last time you thought about the mystical implications of lace?
    When was the last time you thought about the mystical implications of lace?

    Shyness? What, in this age, when we’re all so connected?

    Shyness, Blog-Buddies, in the society where you live?

    Sure, it still happens. And when that shyness concerns one’s relationship with Spiritual Source, it’s especially beautiful.

    Shyness is one of the innumerable lovely ways to be in that relationship.

    This morning I responded to gorgeous Comment 13 by AMANDA at a post dedicated to her, Ananda for AMANDA, newest member of our Enlightenment Life List. A few little comments splashed onto my computer screen.

    Afterwards, somehow I found my self going back and forth between the kitchen and my office. Having some bites of breakfast. Then “Gotta, gotta” go upstairs to the pink office to pop in a comment. Back down the stairs, smiling, for more food.

    In your honor, AMANDA, and in honor of all of us who have experienced at least a bit of shyness…. CONTINUE READING

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