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    How I Can, and Can’t, Help You Gain Enlightenment

    Anita in Householder Enlightenment
    Anita in Householder Enlightenment

    A comment today from JNANA included a sentence that really moved me. Two of the candidates she proposed had been successful at making it onto my Enlightenment Life List. From her beautiful mystic’s heart JNANA wrote:

    Delighted to learn that Kathryn Stockett is enlightened. That was some book she wrote! And glad to have Swami Sri Gnanananda Giri grace the list of the enlightened as well.

    The bliss of true knowledge [Enlightenment] it is, and Deeper Perception gives that to us too.”

    JNANA didn’t just move me. She made me think, inspiring today’s inquiry that I’ll be sharing with you.

    Does deeper perception bring us true knowledge?

    Yes, it can. It is true knowledge about a person energetically. CONTINUE READING

    Face Reading of Bette Midler


    Bette Midler, ready for her face reading
    Bette Midler, ready for her face reading

    Bette Midler is one of the winners of our most recent contest, What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick?

    Or should I name ZELDA as the winner? Since it’s her contest entry being given star treatment today. In Comment #36 Zelda wrote:

    I’d enjoy learning what makes Bette Midler tick. I’ve always loved her spunk, sass, humor, and enormous talent. She’s an amazing entertainer and is out on tour for the first time in 10 years.

    Here’s her website.

    Here’s the website for the New York Restoration Project, which she founded. The organization has worked to bring more parks and trees to NY City.

    If you have heard or seen this magnificent performer, you know there is nobody else like Bette Midler. But what makes her tick? Bring on the power of face reading! CONTINUE READING

    Buh-Bye, Fears about Psychic Coercion. Let’s Get Skills.

    You don't need superpowers to vanquish psychic coercion
    You don’t need Spiderman superpowers to vanquish psychic coercion

    Energy healing skills — you’ve come to the right place for that today! Because this seven-part series about psychic coercion concludes here. It has been all about helping you to gain important skills for self-healing.

    Understandably, many of you Blog-Buddies have been sidetracked in the past. You didn’t understand what psychic coercion really is.

    Learning my healing technique for psychic coercion is simple. It’s available to you so easily from the paperback or eBook about Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.” Really, really easy to learn.

    Yet this blog can give you something I didn’t have time to do in a book. (Which is already jam-packed with healing techniques, dedicated skill sets.) Here you can learn more about the practical bits. That’s essential for developing skills, knowing when to use which healing technique, when to stop worrying unnecessarily, etc.

    Because, really, do any of you think that worrying is a skill? ;-) CONTINUE READING

    Let Today Be a Holiday from Lurking to POSTING

    Masking your identity at the FB group for Empath Empowerment Skills
    Masking your identity at the FB group for Empath Empowerment Skills

    RACHEL H, SARAH, and DAVID have inspired me with your smart comments at Rules of Engagement at this Blog.

    Let today be a holiday, when lurking on Facebook turns into POSTING!

    How can you comment at the Empath Empowerment Group on Facebook, yet still maintain your privacy?

    Just for an experiment, just for today, write a comment below. Say in the first line what you would like to be called at the Empath Empowerment Skills Group.

    • Either create an independent comment. Or quote the first sentence of one of the threads already going strong at this lively new group for empaths. I’ll insert appropriately.
    • Write a sentence. Write an essay.
    • Go wild and free.


    For Best Results in a Session of Energy Spirituality, be the HUMAN Client

    Avoiding a tug of war with your healer over cutting cords of attachment
    Avoiding a tug of war with your healer over cutting cords of attachment

    There’s a survey I take whenever I can. Blog-Buddies, I ask this question whenever I have a client or student who is a psychotherapist or counselor or psychiatrist. I’ll ask that mental health professional:

    What if you have a client/patient who decides to supplement therapy with you by doing “Analyze myself”-type sessions on his own? Do you think it is a good idea for people to attempt to be their own psychotherapist?

    The answer has been “No.” Every single time. “No, no, no, are you kidding?”

    • One reason is that a session of psychotherapy requires a professional psychotherapist, not just one extra-smart client.
    • Another reason is that even the brightest client who is not trained as a psychotherapist… is NOT a psychotherapist.
    • And even professional psychotherapists don’t do sessions on themselves. They respect the work enough to go to another psychotherapist.
    • What’s the most popular reason for “No”? The client may start analyzing his life, rather than living it.

    This survey came to mind yesterday when a comment was asked here under Why NOT ask for a “Cord cutting session” when you want help from Rosetree Energy Spirituality. SHELLY asked (at Comments #513 and 514):

    “I have had one heck of a bad love relationship that went on for a few years before my husband…. He is no longer in my life, but I would LOVE to have a cord cutting session for that past relationship. However I’ve been told not to ask for a cord cutting session. So how do I appropriately go about asking to have that done?”


    Rules of Engagement at this Blog

    Celebrating this smart, kind, courageous, respectful community.
    Celebrating this smart, kind, courageous, respectful community.

    Blog-Buddies, I love creating community with you here at this blog. Likewise with you Brave Empaths who are hanging out with me at the Empath Empowerment Group on Facebook.  (Just a bit more than three weeks old and, already, we have over 100 members. Three cheers for you early adopters!)

    What kind of community, though?

    Within 24 hours, we had these two comments.

    At this blog, from smart, couragerous JOANIE, as part of a self-healing series on psychic coercion:

    “I live with a family member who is constantly nagging me. Whenever I see the person I know that what he is going to say to me is – nagging….  So what you would recommend, Rose, is….”

    Meanwhile, at the Empath Empowerment Group, came this post from our brainy new group member, JANET:

    “Is it okay for me to ask for tips on how to deal with a drama king of a partner?” CONTINUE READING

    Tehya Ross is officially my first Canadian apprentice.

    Tehya Ross is in this photograph xxx
    Tehya Ross is in this photograph, top row, left.

    Wonderful news for you Canadians! And for me, too, the proud teacher.

    Talented TEHYA ROSS is now officially available for sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality and Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

    Curious about how to pronounce that first name? It’s pronounced TAY-ya.

    TEHYA ROSS is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    Contact her at


    [Slashdot] [Digg] [Reddit] [] [Facebook] [Technorati] [Google] [StumbleUpon]

    Aura reading outed as Post-New Age

    Developing skills is way easier than learning to play violin. And- you're all invited to play, really play.
    Developing skills at energetic literacy is way easier than learning to play violin. And you’re all invited to play, really play.

    Blog-Buddies, I’m passionate about actually getting skills. Compared to what? Randomly playing with energy, feeling good, being “nonjudmental.” That style and preference is part of my controversial message in Dawn Henkel’s Teleseminar.

    What is an aura, and what does it mean to read it?

    Also, how can you find a good teacher?

    Learn about this and more…

    So much was discussed during my conversation with Dawn Henkel about energetic literacy, aura reading, and Skilled Empath Merge.

    Today my part of her multi-day teleseminar goes live

    This link to the energetic literacy interview  can be heard and downloaded today. Or tomorrow. Or the next day.

    That’s it. The link will be good just through May 24, however. So listen while you can.

    Also available for a limited time


    David Letterman, How He Evolved. Skilled Empath Merges Tell the Inside Story.

    David Letterman, ready for his Skilled Empath Merge
    David Letterman, ready for his Skilled Empath Merge

    Today’s tribute to David Letterman comes from an unabashed fan. Once this year I even made a one-day pilgrimage to “The City” (as we native New Yorkers call Manhattan) just to be in the audience.

    Yes, my husband and I traveled up from Virginia, where we joyfully waited in various lines, met other tourists who had traveled even more ridiculous distances than us. Altogether I felt like an oohey-gooey fan. Just to be part of “The Late Show with David Letterman.” Worth every dollar and every minute!

    At the top of today’s post is a public domain photo of David Letterman from 2004, taken while he entertained coalition forces in Baghdad, Iraq, during Operation Iraqi Freedom. David Letterman, a hero of mine for so many reasons: His wit, irreverence, intelligence, humanity.

    I have prized David Letterman’s ability to interview in a way that generates human interest (unlike the fawning style of celebrity self-involvement that has become far more prevalent on similar late-night talk shows). Even his “Stupid Pet Tricks” provided human interest, at least to this fan.

    Still, I’ll put all that aside as I research the who-you-be of David Letterman from these two contrasting periods in his life.

    I’m so curious how he has survived prolonged fame. Has he personally grown from the heart surgery, his one big scandal, fatherhood late in life? All of those very, very human details are public knowledge. Not so, the inner impact. If you’re curious too, keep reading this inside story as only Skilled Empath Merge can tell it.


    Can Other People’s Cults Hurt You? More about Psychic Coercion.

    Sleepwalking in a cult -- when somebody does that, can it hurt YOU energetically?
    Sleepwalking in a cult — when somebody does that, can it hurt YOU energetically?

    Cult mind control is such an ugly topic. And often a taboo topic. Have you noticed?

    Many of the people you know may be cult sleepwalkers. Ironically these neighbors, family members, work associates would be shocked, shocked! at the very idea that they might be considered cult followers. Yet Fundamentalists and evangelicals are often in cults. Spiritual seekers, idealists of all kinds, can move into cults.

    I have helped clients to fully exit meditation cults, New Age cults, Christian cults, Buddhist cults, Tapping cults, other cults associated with healing, and more.

    This complements work done in Energy Spirituality to help clients move out of spiritual addiction (and to avoid the virusey problems some are having with “extreme spiritual addiction”).

    Since we have been considering psychic coercion, it only seems fair to address this concern of cult activity possibly hurting other people energetically. Address this concern in plain English. Not whispering or hinting about it.

    What if you just stumbled upon today’s blog post and don’t know what on earth I mean by “Psychic coercion”?  If you’re not sure sure, or you wish to learn more about this series of articles, just skip down to the end of today’s article. You might want to take the Psychic Coercion Quiz before reading further in today’s blog post.

    Today, at the end of the post, I’ll also include a section with more information about exiting cults from the perspective of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

    Now let’s continue responses to our recent Psychic Coercion Quiz.

    Psychic Coercion Quiz Question 9. When Cult Members Try to Control You


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