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    Self-Healing with Rosetree Energy Spirituality, Top 10 Posts and Resources

    Rose Rosetree, giving some practical advice, person-to-person
    Rose Rosetree, telling you about reliable, powerful resources for self-healing

    Energy healing goes by many names, including aura healing and mind-body-spirit healing.

    Self-healing, however, means one basic thing. You do it yourself.

    Blog-Buddies, you can do so much on your own, if you just take a bit of time to get reliable skills.

    Have you have been worrying about energies, like so-called “psychic attack.” Stop. Empower yourself, and learn that there are many kinds of astral debris. Psychic attack is a convenient way that people try to make sense out of the mess.

    Thousands of session hours with clients have convinced me that psychic attack is way over-rated. It rarely occurs in everyday life. Instead there are very real energy problems… types of STUFF… and very real ways to protect yourself.

    The following articles will give you a quick education in forms of self-healing. CONTINUE READING

    Concerned about Energetic Ponzi Schemes? What you can do for self-healing

    The easiest way to learn to cut cords of attachment
    The easiest way to learn to cut cords of attachment

    Phew, we have had quite a lot of blog discussion lately about Energetic Ponzi Schemes. Today let’s add something even more practical.

    Yesterday I posted My Perspective, as an Enlightenment Coach, on Energetic Ponzi Schemes, which went straight to the top of my Top Ten List related to these Astral-Level Ponzi Schemes.

    Basically, an Energetic Ponzi Scheme is a kind of astral-level virus that pushes people into spiritual addiction. It is passed along through cords of attachment that you have to people already involved in an Energetic Ponzi Scheme, particularly the human leader.

    If you do have a cord of attachment to the leader of an Energetic Ponzi Scheme, there will ongoing energetic involvement, with astral entities having some access to your aura.

    Energetic Ponzi Schemes are not great… unless you make the lifestyle and spiritual choice to be enthusiastically involved in the New Age movement.

    In which case you will fit right in. CONTINUE READING

    My Perspective, as an Enlightenment Coach, on Energetic Ponzi Schemes

    Rose Rosetree, Enlightenment Coach, invites you not to worry about Energetic Ponzi Schemes
    Rose Rosetree, Enlightenment Coach, invites you not to worry about Energetic Ponzi Schemes

    Emphasizing your self-authority is what I do, more than anything else, as an Enlightenment Coach.

    Also, I bring the perspective of energetic literacy, inviting you to research people’s auras on your own. So that you can become a smarter consumer, deciding which teachers and healers are best to follow on your cherished path of personal development.

    For a different kind of giant step forward along your path, I offer you the techniques of Rosetree Energy Spirituality for self-healing.

    Well, within the last 24 hours, there has been a lot of conversation with some of my clients about big-name New Age celebrities. This led to the generation of many comments at our most popular post at the blog, all concerning Energetic Ponzi Schemes. (Most of these comments have been awaiting moderation for most of my day, as I spent a typical Sunday: 6 1/2 hours helping my clients.)

    Yes, more and more, New Age celebrities are becoming involved.

    Well, I don’t want to worry anyone about this but, rather, I am bring perspective. Here’s a point of view if you are interested in moving most rapidly towards Enlightenment. So let’s take a deep breath and get practical.

    You have good choices. Not terrible ones. And nobody is going to hell (or the equivalent) on account of Energetic Ponzi Schemes. The purpose of today’s article is to bring a realistic perspective. CONTINUE READING

    Face Reading Fiesta with Mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani, Concluded

    Face reading an extraordinary mathematician, Maryam Mirzakhani
    Face reading an extraordinary mathematician, Maryam Mirzakhani

    What makes a brilliant mathematician tick? Let’s continue our face reading of Maryam Mirzakhani.

    Check in the mirror to see if you have any of these attributes. Sure you might have some face reading data in common.

    You see, the spiritual alphabet of Face Reading Secrets(R) works the same way for any face reading data you share with her. Any one of these characteristics on your face will mean the very same thing.

    Except for how you deal with the “potential challenge.” CONTINUE READING

    Enlightenment Coaching for Householders, Top 10 Posts

    Rose Rosetree, giving some practical advice, person-to-person
    Rose Rosetree, explaining how she can serve you as an Enlightenment Coach

    Are you curious about spiritual Enlightenment? Do you wonder how this differs from experiences of awakening?

    How can you progress as rapidly as possible on your personal path to Enlightenment? CONTINUE READING

    Face Reading Mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani, Part One

    town crier

    Hear ye, hear ye! (What, that idea of bell ringing to celebrate winning a big prize? That has got to be one of the funnier anachronisms for a weblog.)

    Announcing the First Prize Winner of our Contest to Admire, mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani. Not just any highly ranked female mathematician, either. Maryam Mirzakhani has won The Fields Medal, a.k.a. “The Nobel Prize for Mathematics.”

    Maryam Mirzakhani, ready for her face reading
    Maryam Mirzakhani, ready for her face reading

    Iranian by birth, she is now working in the U.S. as a professor at Stanford University. In the world of professional mathematics — and beyond — it’s a very big deal indeed that Professor Mirzakhani is the first woman ever to win this, the highest recognition within the field of mathematics.

    As noted by Blog-Buddy ZOFIA in her contest winning entry (Comment 15):

    “Pure maths is a very male-dominated world and is very competitive.

    “However, she looks like a calm, chilled out person. It’ll be interesting to see how she relates to abstract thought in her aura.”

    First prize in this Contest to Admire means that in today’s article I will do a face reading of Maryam Mirzakhani. Then a Part Two. As a follow-up, I will create an aura reading of this remarkable woman. And, yes, I will be emphasizing themes of calmness versus competitiveness, plus Maryam Mirzakhani’s way of relating to abstract thought. CONTINUE READING

    Your requests for updates to this blog? Done.

    Smiling with heart

    Yes, Blog-Buddies, the rest of the changes you’all requested were made by the end of the day.

    Comments are now grouped by 50. You can move forward or backward within those sets of comments, as well.

    The search box is more sophisticated now. I hope you find that it works better for you.

    (Of course, for different results, you can go to a favorite search engine and type in “X + the name of the blog,” e.g., “Empath + Deeper Perception Made Practical.” Fun!)

    And you can also go back and forth from a post.

    Big thanks to talented Julian Hockings for his help with this latest post.


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    Improvements at this blog. Plus first editions of empath books available for a short time only.

    Ooh, inside information for empaths and others who care about deeper perception
    Ooh, inside information for empaths and others who care about deeper perception

    You asked, Blog-Buddies. (Remember Celebrating 20,000 comments at this blog with a Surprising Survey?)

    Well, I am responding. With help from my tech guy, who can make changes to this blog that actually work.

    Some changes were relatively fast to do and have begun:

    • A new Hot Topics category has been added to the ribbon at the top of this page. Click here to get started on different topics of interest, with a Top 10 Post. This can be useful to blog newbies and casual lurkers. Also (differently) useful to some of you very dedicated long-term blog readers.
    • The list of Popular Posts on the right column has been expanded. Comments are a very important part of this blog. Check out the educational dialogue. Celebrate this informal online community, intelligent and caring and courageous!

    Other changes at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” will take a bit longer. Evidently this blog’s “custom theme” was created a few years ago, while WordPress has continued to be updated with new features. So that custom theme will have to be custom tweaked! I’ll let you know when we have these two new features:

    • Grouping comments by wads of 50.
    • Installing a back-and-forth button.

    Blog-Buddies, thanks so much for co-creating this blog along with me, including the respectfully made suggestions at our “Celebrating” post. And now, in your honor…

    Here’s a head’s up about an odd kind of ebook bargain available “While supplies last”


    What it feels like, when you naturally ooze charm. A guest post by SYLVIA


    One way to deal with charm? An unusual way to pull the wool over other people's eyes.
    One way to deal with charm? An unusual way to pull the wool over other people’s eyes.

    Once again, our Charm Wiki continues. Recently we were having a conversation over at Aura Reading Emma Stone for Charm. Blog-Buddy made a string of comments that I will quote here. See if they make you as curious as they made me!

    “So nice to have read this post, Rose. I reminds of so many pressures I have experienced. Like Kylie described, there’s something about having a kind of wow factor that makes people take note.

    “I had to smile when I read that Emma Stone can expect cars to stop even crash when she walks down the street. When I figure skate, sometimes there are kids on the ice. Some will stand by the sidelines and stare at me. Other times, young boys skating past will turn their head to look at what I’m doing, which then makes them lose their balance and literally fall at my feet!

    “I also remember when I worked at a major university as a researcher. When I walked toward a door or elevator, strangers would rush past me — sometimes even breaking into a run — in the corridor in order to hold open the door for me.

    “Along with little boys falling at my feet on the ice, these gestures were very strange things to get used to, but over time, I have.”

    What is it like to have that degree of charm? Don’t you wonder, too?

    I wondered. I wondered in a comment where I requested that SYLVIA consider giving us a blog post about what it is like, living that way.

    You know, Blog-Buddies, it’s one thing to research people through aura reading and other techniques for energetic literacy. Even doing Skilled Empath Merge, the ultimate in exploring otherness, won’t tell you how a person thinks about being hot-wired for charm.

    Because no form of deeper perception invades the sanctuary of another person’s mind.

    Instead, Skilled Empath Merge helps you to experience what it is like to be another person. Okay, experience vividly. But not to have that person’s thought process.

    Well, SYLVIA graciously took the time to write the following guest post. Enjoy the reference to face reading as well as the references (in my headings) to auric modeling. Those headings and minor edits come from me. No way could I have imagined the experiences that brave SYLVIA shares here.

    What is it like to have people bow down before you?


    Aura Reading and Energetic Literacy, Top 10 Posts

    Rose Rosetree, giving some practical advice, person-to-person
    Rose Rosetree, promising that you can definitely learn aura reading, Stage Three Energetic Literacy

    Are you curious about reading auras? Have you tried with limited success? Or are you stuck at your present level of skill with energetic literacy?

    Well, aura reading is one of the most practical skills you can learn. Witness over 100 techniques in the beginner’s how-to,  Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.

    Don’t expect a blog article — anyone’s blog article — to give you a quick tutorial. The skill is comparable to learning how to drive an automobile. Aura reading is hardly beyond your powers. CONTINUE READING

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