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    Announcing a unique community for empaths on Facebook

    Announcing the new Facebook group  "Empath Empowerment Skills with Rose Rosetree"
    Announcing the new Facebook group “Empath Empowerment Skills with Rose Rosetree”

    Surprising and fresh as spring, look at a new perennial leaping up from Internet soil. Is it a golden daffodil? Some bold red tulip? A sappy, happy, sugar-sweet lilac blossom?

    Even better, it’s an new group on Facebook,Empath Empowerment Skills with Rose Rosetree.

    Although we will continue to have many articles by and for empaths here at this blog, the new Empath Empowerment group on Facebook will bring a community just specializing in empaths, those Highly Sensitive Persons who also have empathic talent, people who know that being an empath is actually different from feeling empathy, being a psychic, having an interest in science fiction, etc.

    Oboy, woweee, how can you sign up?

    Is there some blood test? A loyalty oath?

    Nah. Just click here and apply for membership. You can be sure you’ll be accepted. CONTINUE READING

    Why cut my cord of attachment? I love him

    Rose Rosetree demonstrates cutting a cord of attachment for Evgenia.
    Rose Rosetree demonstrates cutting a cord of attachment for Evgenia.

    Cutting cords of attachment can really help you as a person, strengthening all your relationships.

    Yes, it may seem counter-intuitive that cutting a cord of attachment might actually improve a relationship. But it sure does. And here’s why.

    A cord of attachment is not your sole energetic connection to another person

    This holds true for anyone who interests you. Say PAT, your partner.

    Just because you’re human, you have: CONTINUE READING

    Enlightenment and Ascension in this Age of Aquarius

    Aura reading research by Rose Rosetree for all you movie fans
    You are more than your aura. That human body matters.

    How do you know that one person’s use of the word “ascension” doesn’t line up with another’s use of the word “enlightenment”?

    That smart question was asked yesterday by SARAH, at our conversation around Longing for Ascension? Ascension is a highly charged word in this new Age of Aquarius. It is associated with having a higher state of consciousness. Yesterday’s post was all about “What is ascension?”

    Let’s not confuse that with Enlightenment. Spiritual Enlightenment is a state of human self-actualization. You are functioning with your full potential as a human being. Not that you have learned everything. Instead there is an integrated awareness to your mind-body-spirit system. Not a mood and not a wish but a natural and efforless state of consciousness.

    You can learn a lot about Enlightenment here at the blog. Most popular is our Enlightenment Life List. My personal fave is the list of people from this community who have moved into Enlightenment. And this Top 10 Post on Enlightenment can give you a quick education that can protect you.

    Yes, protect you. CONTINUE READING

    Longing for Ascension? Ouch!

    Longing for ascension?
    Longing for ascension?

    Ascension is a charged word in New Age spirituality. Having worked professionally in mind-body-spirit since 1970, I heard the ascension idea long before it became mainstream. How long ago did you first hear that highly-charged word, ascension?

    Today I would like to share a perspective fresh from now, living in this new Age of Aquarius. What is “ascension”? And how does energetic literacy bring a perspective that could spare you a lot of unnecessary anguish?

    What does ascension mean?

    Of course, ascension has a sacred meaning in Christian theology. As in, “Jesus Christ rose on the third day.”

    Many who believe in The Rapture are waiting to receive a contemporary type of ascension. As in, “The righteous will stay with God for eternity. As for the rest of you, well, there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. And you’d better practice now… how to hold your nose.” CONTINUE READING

    Greetings from RoseTWEET Energy Spirituality

    Follow me on Twitter. Let's be Twansported.
    Follow me on Twitter. Let’s be Twansported.

    Aura reading as a form of energetic literacy just hit Twitter.

    Empath skills and Skilled Empath Merges, too.

    Face reading has landed, flying with the blue bird.

    All the skills for aura healing and aura reading research – Twanslated into fast-talk and tweeting now.

    RoseTweet Energy Spirituality. Enlightenment Coaching. Oooh, the possibilities are endless. Even though never longer than 140 characters, of course.

    Because finally I have a Twitter account. Starting today, all my blog posts will go live there, one quick link away anyhow. Each tweet is meant to contain all that you might need to open up to this Tweasure, this Tweat of a blog community of inTwelligent, caring, Twoughtful people at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

    Please tell your friends. ReTweet after me:

    Let me call you Tweet-Heart.

    Hahaha, that’s not it. The address? (Is that what we’re supposed to call it?) is

    Aw, how Tweet of you to notice!

    [Slashdot] [Digg] [Reddit] [] [Facebook] [Technorati] [Google] [StumbleUpon]

    How to protect yourself from the Age of Aquarius epidemic of spiritual addiction

    Growth happens faster with down-to-earth living
    Growth happens faster with down-to-earth living

    Ground rules are the same, whether you wish to avoid regular spiritual addiction or the extreme spiritual addiction that involves virus-ey cords of attachment.

    We all have free will. Well, use it. Choose the consciousness lifestyle of human-based spirituality.

    Definitely, you can protect yourselves with a lifestyle where you do 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. Where you use energy hygiene.

    Also, it’s down-to-earth common sense to choose wisely as a New Age Consumer:

    • Before you study with a healer who promises you the moon.
    • Before go on an expert’s extreme diet.
    • Before experimenting with any techniques that you can learn on YouTube.
    • Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it is good.

    Aura reading can protect you… only if you use it

    It’s ridiculously easy — and accurate — to use skills of energetic literacy. CONTINUE READING

    Aura Reading of Lena Dunham, Answering More of Your Questions

    Lena Dunham, proudly displaying her full-fake smile
    Lena Dunham. At the level of aura reading, is the celeb as authentic as she appears?

    Today I’ll continue aura reading research on Lena Dunham, which was begun here: Answering 10 great questions about Lena Dunham with aura reading. (Answering the First Questions)

    Again I caution you Blog-Buddies to avoid reading Lena Dunham’s aura. Why? Because of the extreme spiritual addiction from which she is suffering currently and for the forseeable future. I’ll be reading the photo of her that she sent out to promote exercising, as described in yesterday’s post.

    Actually, the older photo, at the top of this page, shows Lena Dunham before moving into the extreme spiritual addiction. However, this really isn’t relevant any longer.

    Now, without further ado, on to reading Lena Dunham’s aura as it is now.

    3. Root Chakra Databank for Awareness of Other People in the Room

    All of us have this chakra databank. It’s one of the 50 you have right now, all you Blog-Buddies, in your Root Chakra Databanks.

    Unlike you or me, however, that “room” is very large for a famous person like Lena Dunham. CONTINUE READING

    Answering 10 great questions about Lena Dunham with aura reading. (Answering the First Questions)

    Lena Dunham, proudly displaying her full-fake smile
    Lena Dunham, proudly displaying her aura

    Who won Second Prize? Our most recent contest was What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick? And thanks to Blog-Buddy BRANDI — and Comments at #2-3, 15-16, 18-29 — we’ll explore…

    Who is Lena Dunham to share her life so thoroughly, uninhibitedly, and profitably?

    Unless you’ve been living in a media cave you know lots about Lena already. Well, hasn’t there already been TMI about her?

    Still, you may be motivated to learn more thanks to what follows (an excerpt from a scathing review of her memoir Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned”  in New Republic):

    Lena Dunham is “everybody’s favorite fun feminist and generational spokesmodel—a commercial proposition, to be sure, but normally not the sort of jewel of the Nile that would justify the reported $3.7 million advance usually reserved for first ladies and retired CEOs.”

    Wow, right?

    Awakening compassion about Lena Dunham

    Or you might be motivated to learn more about Lena Dunham through compassion. CONTINUE READING

    Would you like to help create community at a Rose Rosetree Facebook page?

    When a rainbow can come down to earth, maybe there's hope for my Facebook page, too
    When a rainbow can come down to earth, maybe there’s hope for my Facebook page, too

    This morning, Blog-Buddy Cathy commented about effective resources for empaths:

    And mentioning fb pages that host these topics, yes, I briefly joined one a couple of weeks ago, I believe the same one you just mentioned. Wanting to meet up with more like-minded people. Thank goodness you have given me the skills of being forewarned :P It was actually kind of…uncomfortable. The couple of times, in conversation threads, I mentioned getting skills as an empath, I felt like I was spouting a type of hypocrisy. They all seemed very intent on their astral entities, and angel threads and and and…I left the group. However Rose: you DO happen to have a fb page ;) and I’m sure many of us blog buddies would be more than happy to help out getting it into a thriving source of information. If you need help, you can appoint a few trusted members as admins on posts and such to keep things on the up-and-up. Just a thought :) I love this blog, and come here often, btw. It feels like home.

    This idea encouraged me immensely. Would any of you like to volunteer to enliven that Rose Rosetree Facebook Page?


    Unskilled Empath Problems? Quiz ANSWERS

    Juggling Rose is finally completing our Empath Quiz about Solving Problems.
    Juggling Rose is finally completing our Empath Quiz about Solving Problems.

    Juggling Rose, your friendly Empath Coach, occasionally leaves one of our balls of instruction hovering in the air. Well, today I remembered one that has been hovering since April 3. Some BONUS questions for empaths were answered, but not the main ones. Yowza! Let’s fix that now.

    Today is a terrific day to conclude our recent thread, Unskilled Empath Problems? A Quiz. Because my annual Empath Empowerment Workshop will be one week from tomorrow, and there are just a few spaces left if you are interested taking a workshop that will help you to move forward by six months with your empath skills. Dates for this workshop, here in metro Washington, D.C., are April 25-26.

    Back at that 2015 Quiz about problems if you were born with an empath’s aura, here come some answers.

    For each of the following questions, is the cause that you’re an empath? Or could there be some other explanation?

    Empath Quiz Question #1.

    I don’t get along with my mother. The power balance in our relationship is off.


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