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    Patrick Lives THE NEW STRONG. A Guest Post

    You can find a clickable, readable back cover of The New Strong at my website or
    Living THE NEW STRONG brings fun, human-type fun.

    PATRICK has surprised me with an email. That email made my day.

    He had just finished reading “The New Strong.” This inspired him to send  me a report on his personal progress… not just vibrationally. In life. 

    PATRICK had been doing sessions of aura healing and aura research with an RES Professional (not me). Reading that book really helped him to consolidate his understanding of what has happened, results in his life that (I’d say) unfolded simply because of better vibrational positioning, less STUFF, and a stronger sense of self.

    Which human-type results, exactly?

    And what does it mean, in human terms, to get results from those “Rules & Tools” in “The New Strong” — its Program for Easy Vibrational Balance?

    You’ll see. With permission I’m quoting his email below.

    Inspired by PATRICK’s appreciative words, today begins an occasional series of guest posts where some of you volunteer (like PATRICK) to report.

    Which results you have had from reading “The New Strong” — or from sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) — or both. Big thanks, PATRICK!

    Yes, Patrick Has Started to Live THE NEW STRONG


    What Does Ayahuasca Do for Spiritual Development? Welcome to a New Kind of Group Contest.

    Curious about ayahuasca? Could this pop you into Enlightenment?
    Curious about ayahuasca? Could this pop you into Enlightenment?

    Lately many of you Blog-Buddies have been writing here about ayahuasca, a wonder-drug of choice these days for spiritual seekers.

    Because you know about energetic literacy, many of you find this troubling. There’s a very big gap between experiences of spiritual awakening versus the stabilized state of consciousness known as “Enlightenment.”

    Your concern has surfaced in comments like this one, #48, by IRENE at In The Age of Awakening, Spiritual Shutdown Can’t Quite Keep Energy Awareness Away. A Guest Post by IRENE:

    “There just isn’t even an indication out there that there could be big negative spiritual consequences to drug use, which does make it difficult to make an informed choice about it.” CONTINUE READING

    ANSWERS to First Quiz about THE NEW STRONG

    Quiz ANSWERS today, to help you wake up THE NEW STRONG
    Quiz ANSWERS today, to help you wake up THE NEW STRONG

    It’s amazing how many problems can be solved with better vibrational positioning. Even more problems can be avoided.

    That is one way of summarizing the value of my new Program for Easy Vibrational Balance, which you’ll learn from “THE NEW STRONG.”

    More clues come in the subtitle: Stop Fixing Yourself—And Actually Accelerate Your Personal Growth!

    And the sub-subtitle: (Rules & Tools for Thriving in the “Age of Awakening”)

    Still, I’ve got a lot of ‘splainin’ to do, in order to communicate what this book can do for you.

    Answers to the following quiz can help you put into perspective this very new approach to personal growth. You see, the very enterprise of seeking personal growth has changed now. CONTINUE READING

    Quantum Entanglement. A Guest Post by AMANDA FLOOD

    Quantum entanglement? Whaaaaaa?
    Quantum entanglement? Whaaaaaa?

    One of the chapters in “THE NEW STRONG” provides a vibrational background on what we’re taught as children in order to play the game of Earth School. Objects are solid. Physical reality matters. We get a very consistent, thorough programming that helps shape an adult world view.

    Blog-Buddy AMANDA understands the physics of “physical reality” at a more sophisticated level than I do, and made a small reference in a blog comment to quantum mechanics.

    “Please explain,” I emailed her. Graciously,she has done just that,  helpful for all of us with any appetite whatsoever for theoretical physics.

    Thanks, AMANDA.

    Quantum What?

    Quantum entanglement is what Einstein famously called “spooky action at a distance.” CONTINUE READING

    A Bit of Brexit Aura Reading on YouTube

    Here's a bit of aura reading to explore some of the Brexit voters
    Here’s a bit of aura reading to explore some of the Brexit voters

    “The sun never sets on the British Empire.”

    Well, that’s how it was, not so terribly long ago.

    Now there’s Brexit, where the United Kingdom is taking a stand towards a different kind of sovereignty.

    Yesterday a YouTube was made with aura reading of some jubilant Brexit voters from a photograph in The Washington Post. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the original photograph to show you here, but I can tell you that every person in this front page photo from Saturday was NOT the typical demographic for those thought to have voted to exit the EU. CONTINUE READING

    In The Age of Awakening, Spiritual Shutdown Can’t Quite Keep Energy Awareness Away. A Guest Post by IRENE

    Just because you push something away doesn't mean it's gone.
    Just because you push something away doesn’t mean it’s gone.

    Some of you Blog-Buddies have read my estimate of consciousness lifestyle-type adjustment problems in The Age of Awakening.

    In America, I’ve said, about 45% of people are in spiritual shutdown while 45% are in spiritual addiction. This applies to my own countryfolk only.

    For instance, when I went to Canada to receive training as a Certified Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists, researching away in the streets of Toronto, it seemed to me then (years ago) that many, many people were in spiritual shutdown. While not so many were in spiritual addiction.

    The sample of the population I researched was nothing like how many Japanese auras I read, during my 13 tour-style trips to Japan. (Which was the basis for my estimate that, unlike elsewhere on earth, if you’re born and raised inJapanese, your likelihood of being an empath is 1 in 5. In contrast to elsewhere on earth, with just 1 in 20 people usually born as empaths.

    One  of the reasons why this guest post by IRENE fascinates me so is that she has had far more experience with reading auras of Canadians. And that’s just when the perceptiveness gets started. Thank you so much for what follows, IRENE.

    Since The Age of Awakening, Lots of Spiritual Shutdown in Canada


    How Historic Are Ideas in “THE NEW STRONG”? Here’s Perspective on the Term “Age of Awakening”

    About that term I prefer to use for life after The Shift, "The Age of Awakening."
    About that term I prefer to use for life after The Shift, “The Age of Awakening.”

    Today a Blog-Buddy apologized for a stream of comments about the Brexit vote in England. That gave me a chance to clarify what I think this blog is for — ’bout time, right?

    • It is an educational blog, with leading-edge discoveries about Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).
    • This blog is also a historical record of growth of consciousness: spiritual empowerment for each individual, and what it has been like for the first pioneers in the various skill sets of RES.
    • Historically, we’re living in the early years of The Age of Awakening. “Deeper Perception Made Practical” began five years before The Shift. Now we’re here, and adjusting in our very human ways.
    • How can we live productively now? I’m calling that pursuit “living THE NEW STRONG.”

    Of course there is plenty of anguish so far into this age; massive confusion while we’re adjusting to the different ways that life works vibrationally; many people are stuck in either spiritual shutdown or spiritual addiction or extreme spiritual addiction.

    Will we ever have stories to tell later generations! Even as it’s a strange curiosity to tell digital natives how older Baby Boomers ever survived, back in the day using manual typewriters and vinyl records.

    This week I had a real shocker, wowser moment about the historic nature of my just-published how-to book for adapting well (and quickly) in this Age of Awakening.

    Ready to read something wild? Let me first give you context that so you can know where I’m coming through when I share with you… quite a shocker.


    Steady as You Go… Adjustment Years in The Age of Awakening

    Steady as you go, steering past storms in this new Age of Awakening
    Steady as you go, steering past storms in this new Age of Awakening

    “I keep beating myself up over whatever I say and do.”

    When Joe told me that in a session, it helped me to understand what I had noticed in his aura.

    Joe’s intention for our session had been “To like myself more.” During the Skilled Empath Merge that followed, I discovered that Joe was quite spaced out. As I put it, “You’re flirting with spiritual addiction.” Which was so uncharacteristic for this long-term client. Joe hadn ‘t suffered that problem for years.

    By the end of our time together that day, Joe’s aura was beautifully back to normal… and then some. His soul was being expressed more clearly. And what happened wasn’t just due to his Healing Centerpiece for that session of aura healing (a skill set for removal of many hundreds of frozen blocks that had been energetically triggering his distress).

    Was there learning too? Definitely. A lot of our success together was related to my realizing what I’m going to share with you today. Today I’m giving you a longish post; if you persevere, I think you’ll find it to be time well spent.

    First, let me ask you this question. CONTINUE READING

    Confusion about The Age of Awakening. We Can Overcome.

    YES! We can sort through the energetic mess of adapting to The Age of Awakening
    YES! We can sort through the energetic mess of adapting to The Age of Awakening

    Emerging from confusion, from great big mess — yes all of humanity can do that.

    And you don’t have to wait for anyone else to live in a way where you are well adapted to life in The Age of Awakening.

    Yesterday’s article went into some detail about the mess and confusion running rampant in this new Age of Awakening.

    Now it’s Giggle Time. I’m going to share an example of… CONTINUE READING

    Let’s Get Un-Messy. More Clarity about The Age of Awakening

    Many are struggling to adapt to the Age of Awakening. I'm here to help.
    Many are struggling to adapt to the Age of Awakening. I’m here to help.

    Aren’t teenagers great? One reason I love them is how they notice everything people say and do — directly present to human life. There’s no fooling these smart kids!

    By contrast, we adults can develop overlays of belief and expectation. We use them to tidy up everyday reality, sorting as we go. Although useful in some ways, those preconceptions can muffle our hearing, dim our sight.

    And that’s really clobbering many of us now. In the early years of this Age of Awakening, this adult-type “sophistication” can cause the equivalent of intermittent deafness and blindness, like that picture at the top of today’s post.

    Why are so many good people today struggling to face reality? So many of our expectations come from living before the Age of Awakening, preceding today’s messy problems of adjustment.

    Vibrational frequencies work differently now.

    Not just energy, but vibrational types of energy and how we notice them — that’s what The Age of Awakening is all about. CONTINUE READING

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