Naughty Flying

What better day to celebrate flying than today? I’m about to spend 14 hours United airlining, sandwiched between low-lying heavens, en route to Japan.

Besides the amazing convenience that so many frequent flyers take for granted, this form of travel is also a way to enjoy sacred time. Prayer is my favorite activity during liftoff, also during landing. In between, I love the sensation of traveling through sky and clouds.


That sensation intensified for me around 1980, after I studied the TM-Sidhi program in Iowa. There I made my first clumsy ventures into yogic flying, where a particular technique causes your body to lift several inches or feet off the ground before you come crashing down. CONTINUE READING

One Prayer Answered, a GUEST POST by Q.

Note from Rose: Clients and students have always been generous about giving me feedback from their sessions. Now that blogging is available, I may share some of the stories. The following comments are excerpted from a beautiful card that I received recently from a client I will call “Q.” It is published with her permission.

Many thanks for another great cord cutting…. I remembered an amazing flash of insight I had this week that I wanted to share with you. During times of struggle in trying to move on from my relationship with Jeff, the last cord cut, I would pray passionately, having tried everything I knew how to do to heal. CONTINUE READING

Offering Preparation H, a GUEST POST by Lori

Note: When the student is ready, the teacher will emerge. In this guest post, healer Lori Rock considers the situation of teachers who wait for those students. I know Lori from a group of Holistic Entrepreneurs that meets in Virginia. Many of you Blog-Buddies live too far away to come to our group’s meetings, but you may share the concerns she raised here… and enjoy her perspective. I do.

During our Holistic Entrepreneurs Alliance meeting on Monday in Virginia, we were having a lively debate, as we always do.  The topic was how we set our fee structure, when we might raise fees and how we communicate the change to our clients.  Many were giving ideas about timing when we must raise our fees.  The general state of the economy crept into the conversation.  How might that affect us? CONTINUE READING

Grim Anniversaries

My friend, “Beth,” is a proud woman—not haughty, but proud. Therefore, I paid attention when she said, her voice suddenly tight, “The holiday season is coming. That means the anniversary of deaths. Too many people in my life have died around this time of year. Send me light, please.”

Have you ever had to deal with a grim anniversary? An illness came at a particular time of year, or a child died too young. Perhaps there was a divorce. For many Americans, September 11 is such a time of grim anniversaries. When tied to unique and personal life events, the anniversary can hurt more with each passing year, partly because you suffer alone. CONTINUE READING

Life Challenges, GUEST POST by Robert

Note: Robert Schwartz is the author of “Courageous Souls: Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth? A free PDF with a large sample of the book is available on the About the Book page at The book may be ordered on the Courageous Souls website (which ships internationally) or by calling Whispering Winds Press at 1-800-742-0148 (in the US) or emailing Robert,  

Do we plan our life challenges before birth?

So often, when something “bad” happens to us, it appears to be purposeless suffering.  But what if our most difficult experiences are actually rich with hidden purpose – purpose that we ourselves planned before we were born?  Could it be that we choose our life’s circumstances, relationships, and events? CONTINUE READING

What You Don’t Know Could Hurt, a QUIZ about Cords

Cords of attachment are a universal problem, with us since childhood. Though invisible to the naked eye, cords are very real. You need not be a clairvoyant to remove them. You just need training to use the gifts that God gave you. All your life, you have been using these gifts for deeper perception, even if you haven’t yet learned how to direct those gifts toward cutting cords. CONTINUE READING