Side Effects from Cutting Cords? Guest Post Dialogue

Blog-Buddies, I’m posting a series of interesting questions from “Mitzi” related to cutting cords of attachment. Originally, she sent one long post with a few parts to it. For clarity, I’ll respond with a comment, then post her next chunk of question like a comment, and so forth. I’m calling it GUEST POST DIALOGUE.

After this series of alternating comments, YOU will be invited to add your comments.


I hope this makes sense. I’m still learning how to use this communication tool called “blog.” 


MITZI: I just found out about something that happened that I think must be related to one of our cord cuttings and wanted to run it by you.

You may or may not remember that in cutting the cord to my mother in October, the first cord item was ‘burning emotional pain’ and probably physical pain.

I’d been on the receiving end of a lot of that, along with all the other cord items that we snipped. I have been so relieved to not have that going on any more! 

December Comment Contest

Ooh, my first year as a blogger ends with December, even if that “year” didn’t contain a full 12 months. To end the year in style, I have a challenge for all of you readers. Starting today, until the end of the year, I’ll be counting how many blog comments you post.


Whoever comments most often will win an aura reading of the photo of your choice. (For “tech support” with comments, click here. Many lurkers have told me “I must find time to join up first,” etc. Actually, no. You can comment freely, easily as sending anybody a REPLY email.)


You can read here about what’s in an aura reading when done as a skill of Energy Literacy.


Imagine, insights galore. Perhaps you can give this aura reading as a gift. Or keep it for yourself. With your permission, I’ll publish it, too. Where else? On this blog!


From now through the whole month of December, let the contest roll.

Are you spacey or grounded?

Grounding means taking reality checks. If you’re metaphysically minded, you might want to put “reality” in quotation marks. Okay, by “reality,” I  mean the shared reality that equates with being “sane” here at Earth School.


Grounding requires that each of us must be aware of what happens physically here: My body, my environment, plus any people who are near me.

Being grounded has practical advantages for everything from relationships to career success, as discussed in, Let Today Be a Holiday. (Okay, I wrote it. I’m that observant!) Spaciness comes more naturally to many of us; anyone can choose to become grounded, however. To evaluate your own need for extra grounding, answer the following questions.

For the rest of this quiz, cut-and-paste this link into your browser:

Which Aura? Cast Your Vote

Yes, Blog-Buddies, I’m back. Not fully unpacked, nor caught up with the huge piles of mail on my desk, I’m still back. This means I can start reading people for the blog, again, whether auras or faces or, usually my fave, empathic merges.

Political ones will wait until the new year. Then, of course, I’ll be reading all the major presidential candidates.

Before the year ends, though, I would like to add 10 more blogs about other newsmakers and celebrities. Who interests you? Cast your “vote” by giving the name, the claim to fame, your personal reason.

Anger Management Opportunity, GUEST POST by Dianne

Blog-Buddies, Dianne Eppler-Adams reads life deeper from a huge vantage point, the solar system. Yes, she’s an astrologer.  

Dianne, pictured here, has guest posted here before. This time her inspiration was how Mars went retrograde (optical illusion from earth) in Nov 15. You may have already started to experience what she discusses in this Guest Post. Since this retrograde period lasts for 2 ½ months, her advice may help you now and for several weeks to come.

The “Red” planet, Mars, rules over ambition and action as well as conflict and aggression so there is a good news/bad news aspect to how it works. CONTINUE READING

Float Boat, Fly High

Flying back to America from Japan, I read the most surprising article in my flight magazine. Did you know that round-the-world tickets are available now, with as many stops as you choose, for as little as $3,000?


You can make from 3-15 stopovers. Just fly in one direction only from your point of origin. Information is available here. And this book is recommended for planning: Rough Guides’ First-Time Around the World. 


So many decisions, so little time! Each day we are offered so many impulse choices for the moment? How can we choose wisely? The issue of choice has fascinated me for years, CONTINUE READING

The Big Blue Blob, GUEST POST by Lilylady

This morning I started my day by looking at a huge blue blob of shaving cream and some rather large globs of yucky tooth paste decorating my bathroom sink. Not that this was, at all, unusual–actually it’s so routine that I’ve almost become “accustomed to his space”, my husband’s that is.


This is not a tirade, however, about “guy stuff”. I’ve learned to roll with that. Amazingly, enough, it brought about one of those quirky “aha moments.” CONTINUE READING

Three Tangerines

My friend Kaori has brought me a gift of tangerines. Her father-in-law grows them. Anything from Kaori would be a treat for me, but frankly I don’t have high hopes for these tangerines. Never had I tasted one that was anything special compared to my real wonder foods, like strawberries or artichokes.Still, I put them in a bowl and try to arrange them nicely.

I am trying to learn about ceremonies. CONTINUE READING

Mystery Money

Ever collect coins when you were a kid? Not me. Being math averse, I was satisfied to tell pennies from dimes.Money handling has grown more complicated since I began to travel abroad. My first week in Tokyo, for instance, I realized that some of the coins I was carrying weren’t Japanese at all. Nor were they American. How was I to make sense of all those jangling round things? They should be taken seriously. Yet they were baffling.Yowza, could this be how singles today feel about dating? CONTINUE READING

Sweet Potato Man

It sounds like a steamboat. Instead of passing by, however, as a normal steamboat would, the sound continues. Low, sweet notes repeat for how long, 30 minutes?I’m doing client sessions. All day. In fact, I am doing my final day of personal sessions for VOICE on this trip, working with a bubbly and bright young interpreter named Sayaka Kai.

After the client leaves, I run outside to the balcony at my sixth floor apartment. No boats are in sight. Actually this is not terribly surprising, since my apartment is, and always has been, located on a city street in downtown Tokyo.

“What is that steamboat sound?” I ask.

“Don’t you know?” says Sayaka. “It’s The Sweet Potato Man.” Her pretty face lights up.

Oh, sure. Growing up in Flushing, New York, we had so many sweet potato men.

I ask her to explain. CONTINUE READING