Looking for Good Guys, a GUEST POST from Gloria

Just in time for the new year, “Gloria” has asked the kind of question so big that answering it could become a year-long project.

I realize that a big blindspot of mine over the years has been in picking up on patterns of deception and control, especially in men.  

With the great work we’ve been doing to cut cords and clean up stuff, my intuition is guiding me to hone my skills in this area. I don’t want to turn into a “looking for the bad guys” paranoid type of gal in relation to developing my deeper perception skills. CONTINUE READING

Spill Your Secrets, a GUEST POST by Ann H.

The following Guest Post by Ann has been adapted from a previous comment. I hope you’ll want to respond by sharing your perspective about “The Secret.” Maybe you’ll also wish to share a secret or two of your own. Another option is to use Deeper Perception to read Joe Vitale, of “Secret” fame.

There’s definitely nothing wrong with being a beginner and in fact, that’s one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from Sonia Choquette. To acknowledge and embrace being a beginner. It might take a while to attract the best teachers, but each one along the way teaches me something valuable, even if it’s having the courage to leave them!


I’ve been pondering this and the various comments in blog-land about “The Secret” that have a decidedly negative cast to them…which is also curious to me. CONTINUE READING

Contest Ends Dec. 31

Blog-Buddies, here is an update on our posting competition. Yes, we’ll soon have a winner of our December Comment Contest.


The prize is a Personnel Profile for the photo of your choice. These reports are so much fun, I have done dozens just for one person who started eating them up like pretzels. You could ask me to profile a friend, someone at work, the celebrity of your choice, or YOU.

All your comments, attached to any post on this blog, are welcome. Sometimes an especially provocative one will be upgraded to Guest Post, as is happening today with Ann H.’s. Sometimes a Blog-Buddy will CONTINUE READING


When the Holy Spirit makes you pregnant, what do you get? Family.


Well, yes, in Mary’s rather special case, you also get Christmas. In this blog, it is the 12th Day of Christmas, the biggest one, the perfect dozen completion-item that concludes our series of special readings. However you count it, today is a worldwide festival day. It is also a celebration of family, in Christmas guise.

Who else but the Holy Spirit brings you family, whether family of blood or family of choice? (The latter are what we call friends, usually, and I explore both types of relationship in Let Today Be a Holiday.)Free will matters, so we can try to say no or yes to any relationship. Nonetheless, I wonder if it is really CONTINUE READING

Peter Jackson’s Well Directed Creativity, a Face Reading

Celebrating Christmas with an aura reading of Peter Jackson
Celebrating Christmas with a face reading of Peter Jackson

What do you want most for Christmas? It isn’t too late to ask. Those stores are still open on Christmas Eve. Of course, today is also the 11th Day of Christmas to those of us who bring the future into the present at this blog community.

Above all other gifts, many of us would choose creativity. One of my favorite celebrity stories concerns the late Shari Lewis, the ultra-creative and brainy entertainer, who was eating in a restaurant with her husband, Jeremy Tarcher. Her CONTINUE READING

Consumer Smarts for Choosing a Psychic

Psychics and psychologists are tied in first place as the readers I had most in mind when writing Cut Cords of Attachment.  

In the part of America where I reside, grotesquely cinched in with The Bible Belt, psychics are discriminated against routinely. If I only turn on my radio, I can hear “men of God” fulminate against the dangers of psychics and astrologers. This strikes me as especially ludicrous during the Christmas season. What were those Three Wise Men who found Jesus anyway?

  • Traveling salesmen?

  • Wandering minstrels?

  • Just maybe, maybe, astrologers?


Choosing a Psychic like Sonia Choquette

Sometimes a person just needs a psychic. If Deeper Perception ever was useful, that time is now.

Don’t choose based on the obvious. Fame is not always easy for psychics. I can think of two major American psychics who once possessed the most delicious purity. Now they merely have fame, money, big followings. Poor things! I won’t be reading them here.

Instead, for our advance 10th day of Christmas, I’ll read Sonia Choquette, emphasizing the databanks that I consider most vital for doing a reading of any psychic. CONTINUE READING

Perfume for Dogs?

Pausing in our big survey of celebrities, let’s brainstorm, Blog-Buddies. Today I read in The Washington Post that Bloomingdales has begun to sell a rather intriguing gift: Perfume for dogs.

Okay, what would you put in the bottle?

 I’ll start: The smell of someone who feels happy, but only the special fragrance at the nape of the neck.

Reading Kurt Cobain for Drugs

Kurt Cobain lives cheerfully among the stoners. His poster proclaims it. You can blow it up if you dare, to read along with me, by our usual method of click and copy and drag at the corners. But, as I explain later, I hope that you won’t.

Our 8th day of Christmas is about reading people who take drugs. The late grunge singer makes a fine poster child, as suggested (directly and indirectly) by two of our Blog-Buddies.

MiWi requested that I read him, and Ryan commented, “I have been wondering for a long time how to perceive drug usage when reading a person’s aura. Yesterday I realized that something CONTINUE READING

Does Jackie Warner Pass the Hype Test?

On our Seventh Day of Christmas, the theme is fun! Recreation! Make that professional recreation! Plus certified entertainment! And, of course, the fun of Deeper Perception.

Bring on Jackie Warner, of the Bravo reality show “Work Out.” She’s impressive as an entrepreneur, as well as an athlete. In her short life, she has been amazingly successful, plus an undeniable discipline shows in that body.

I also admire that Jackie has come out as a lesbian, because so many gays and lesbians still are in hiding. And the process of hiding sexual orientation limits us all.

Have I seen Jackie’s show, however? Never. All I know about Ms. Warner comes from Wikipedia’s short entry and the original question from Melanie Test, a professional trainer, who CONTINUE READING