Empaths Turn Body Language Inside Out

Such irony! Body language, touted as the “exciting, depth experience” for learning about others can actually help people at the opposite end of the sensitivity continuum, those of us who are empaths.

Energy fields reveal this continuum of sensitivity. I’ve done aura readings of pregnant women and the babies they’re carrying, singles or even twins. (And if you’re not already able to do this, I could teach you to do the same.) CONTINUE READING

During Spiritual War, What’s Your Job?

Yesterday convinced me. When writing the articles for my monthly e-zine, I did four aura readings just because I thought they’d be interesting.

Well, they were more than interesting. Aura readings, like any kind of spiritual reading or intuitive reading, will always be interesting. But this set made my inner eyes bug out, my mouth round into an “Omigod,” and my heart beat to a slightly new rhythm. CONTINUE READING

Do People Get the Healing They Deserve?

Lurkers, clients, and emailers have been giving me the equivalent of GUEST POSTS recently about cutting cords of attachment, that new kid on the block of aura readings. Today I’d like to address the funniest kind of problem encountered yet.

Clients have been coming to me because, in an intuitive reading, they were told, “You need to cut all your cords.” Cut them all? And do this how fast? This is supposed to be a race now? CONTINUE READING

25 Tips, a GUEST POST by Chrissie Blaze

Blog-Buddies, Chrissie Blaze has some wonderful tips to share. You can learn more about her books on spirituality and astrology at her website.

I first met Chrisse while I was reviewing books for Pathways Magazine. In came a copy of “Workout for the Soul.” At the time, I was jaded from CONTINUE READING

True Love for Beyonce and Jay-Z or an Aura Mismatch?

So, how happy is the happy couple? Yesterday, I started reading their body language but today we’ll supplement that with aura readings of Beyonce and Jay-Z.

I’m especially curious because so many of their photos show similar body language characteristics:

Body Language + Aura Solves Mysteries

 Why just read body language when you can add aura readings? The combo is especially powerful when you’re confronted with mysteries like those in this photo of mega-successful singer Beyonce Knowles and her new husband, rapper Jay-Z.

Once you look, really look, at this picture, you’ll want to use both ways of doing intuitive reading. Because body language alone raises more questions than it answers.

To take a really good look, click on this link or copy the photo above, then pull on the corners to enlarge the image. List all the contradictory points of data you find and then compare them to my list that follows. (And then, by all means, comment away with items you found that I didn’t mention.) CONTINUE READING

Body Language Like Quidditch

That fictional sport from Harry Potter has a real parallel to body language. No, it isn’t because broom flying is required to really get you into the game. A Quidditch team has four different positions, each one corresponding to a different approach to nonverbal communication.

Wizards at Deeper Perception don’t just do aura readings, using energy fields as the basis for spiritual reading, or reading faces as a flying-off point for intuitive reading. Some of the most perceptive people around read body language ALONE … so far at least. I hope to change that, of course, with my (now) 2-day-old book, Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras.

But here let’s give credit where it’s due, knocking around that credit as if playfully batting a bludger. Let’s talk sports! CONTINUE READING

How You Use Body Language — Reveals WHAT About You?

When Carl Jung was a little boy, he had the funniest hobby: Ink blots. He’d make one in a notebook, then interpret it. This happened without his knowing about Rorschach’s famous method of psychological testing.

Fast forward to today. (Specifically, it’s one day after official publication of my new book, Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras.) Mental health professionals still are doing Rorschach. Meanwhile we live in a world quite different from Jung’s and Rorschach’s… with aura readings, spiritual readings, intuitive readings. Basically, energy fields are interpreted as freely as ink blots.

Why not? They’re all holograms of mind-body-spirit. Reading faces is another great hologram, as any physiognomist knows. Given the rich 5,000-year history of reading physical face data for character, it’s amazing that most people ignore meaningful looks at faces…  except to interpret expression. CONTINUE READING

Publication Day with Unlikely Cast of Characters

Let’s dedicate today’s blog post to an unlikely cast of characters, the people in your life who are about as perceptive as a fence post. The first person who comes to mind could be an annoying co-worker, a gossipy neighbor, or a relative who never once, in the past decade, has expressed the tiniest curiosity about you and your life.

Give such people what they deserve! Give them a copy of Read People Deeper. It is officially published today, April 21, 2008.They won’t know what hit them because, notice, the book doesn’t have a title like: CONTINUE READING

Liam Sullivan Versus Rude Chickens

In our series of aura readings of the RICH AND FUNNY, we’re exploring the fresh face belonging to Liam Sullivan and submitted by Ryan. He wrote:

The characters he plays are hilarious and his videos are very well produced.

So let’s leap forward, doing the particular type of intuitive reading I favor, aura readings about databanks chosen to show the distinctiveness of, ta da! A humor professional. CONTINUE READING