Aura Reading the Oscar Nominees

Hooray, it’s Oscar season. You know what that means, aura readers. We can serve as the ultimate movie critics. Other viewers can only assess trifles like expression. Ha ha, we dowse for seek true acting greatness.

Yes, it takes Deeper Perception to observe acting at the level of causation. Our methods are far more effective than scrounging around at the surface, reading side effects in a walk or a voice. Only truly great actors make artistic choices that register all the way to down to the level of auras and chakras CONTINUE READING

Cutting Cords and Anger Management

Anger Management, Cutting Cords of AttachmentAnger kills. Usually it doesn’t result in a homicide. It isn’t even recognizable as anger.

Instead, a person suffers from one of these common forms of anger in disguise. (What you thought that all emotions here at Earth School come nicely labeled for your convenience?) CONTINUE READING

Read People Deeper — Radio Interview Alert

Aura Reading, Radio interviewWhat don’t you know yet about reading people?

Surprises await. Just listen to our radio interview next Saturday with Rebecca Jernigan (pictured here) and her honored-to-be-a-guest person you know.

Rebecca will interview me about “Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras.” That’s Saturday, January 31, 9-10 p.m. EST.

Listen online to “Journeys with Rebecca” by clicking on this Awesome Aura Reading Link. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Interview Tonight

Go ahead, ask me to do a free aura reading. Short but sweet. Over the radio. Tonight!

Here’s the context. Aura Reading is the topic for my interview tonight for “News and Views.” Host is Dave Gordon, a retired purchasing agent from a Fortune 500 company, but if you think that makes him highly conservative, guess again.

Listen in at our Magic Aura Reading Link, 8 – 9 p.m. Questions can be taken through a toll-free number, 887-528-9543.

This book cover, incidentally, is for the third edition from Random House Germany of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses. Just came out last year. Dave and I, however, we’ll be speaking English.

If you call in tonight, do let us know that you’re a Blog-Buddy!

Aura Reading Controversial Rev. Rick Warren

Aura Reading at the InaugurationAura Reading brought many delights to this citizen’s experience of yesterday’s Inauguration. My regular senses celebrated, too. That morning, I stopped to savor the still blue sky, tinges of dawn casting golden shadows on the trees.

Of all the inauguration music while I stood at the Mall, the very best came from the long trumpets. (Were they even trumpets? Musician Blog-Buddies, help me out here.)

The royal sounds seemed designed to echo in a solemn, joyous procession, with the great Lincoln Memorial to one side and the Capitol way down the road, millions of us tiny, loud, flag-wavers in between.

That’s royalty Western style, alright. In Japan, I’ve walked through many a shrine built to giant scale, honoring greatness like that of the Emperor Meiji, where you walk through a stone portal that’s way higher than high. Eastern awe flows from top-down, as you contemplate your glorious tininess before God.

Silence is the right song for that version. But for the American version, our trickle-up economics of spirit, bring on the noise and rowdy children and screamers, plus all those CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading at the Inauguration

  • “I was there tee shirts” for sale.
  • Get your “I was there” magnets.
  • “Obama everything. Buy it today.”

Aura Reading Obama InaugurationStreet vendors tempted me during my mad dash home from the Inauguration, but I decided that, on balance, I would be able to remember I had been there using the fancy souvenir known as “my brain.” 

Besides, it might make a difference for transport if I just raced CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading from The Fifth Dimension

Long before you tried Aura Reading, maybe you heard a song with the lyric, “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.” The group for this hit song was The Fifth Dimension.

I hadn’t thought about that song for decades, but now would be a good time. To many metaphysical experts, and maybe singers, earth is in transition into the Age of Aquarius in 2012, officially just three years away. If that shift comes as predicted, and punctually….

Meanwhile, right now, I am seriously interested in the biggest bit of news of my lifetime. Yes, this news is even bigger than the Inauguration of President Obama. And a certain catchy song is running through my head.

Could humanity be lifting vibrationally right now? Could you already have lifted, from the fourth dimension to the fifth.


Empath Empowerment Interview on the Radio Tonight

Empath Rose RosetreeEmpath alert! An informative interview will be broadcast tonight, especially helpful if you think you might be among the 1 in 20 people born as an empath.

Expect a lively conversation.

You are invited to call in with your questions, too.

The show is “On Course,” broadcast over Soul’s Journey Radio with the gifted host Karen J. Lewis. We’ll be on from 11 p.m. until midnight. Call in at 724-444-7444. Listen with this Empath Listening Link or paste this URL into your browser: CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading & Empath Merge — Sasha Obama

Meet the newest second grader at Chelsea Clinton’s old school. Here, in our first photo, Sasha Obama is shown more as people think of her, not as a schoolgirl but as the youngest member of Barack Obama’s family.

In this photo, she poses against a backdrop of her mother and, then, a political crowd. Sasha Obama Aura Reading by Rose RosetreeLet’s base our Aura Reading on this photo…. because it’s the best one I could find.

To enlarge it, click on this Aura Reading link , which will bring up the photo on a new screen. As always, you can copy it onto a blank email or Word document, drag on the corners, and enlarge. Whenever you can see a photo more clearly, Aura Reading is easier.

Experienced Aura Readers, scroll down to the databanks in red to find Sasha’s Aura Reading. Basic definitions come by way of introduction, to help out you newbies. CONTINUE READING