Face Reading New Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner

A Blog-Buddy and Face Reading enthusiast first alerted me to take a good look at new Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Kevin wrote:

With all the hoop-la these days, I wanted to suggest that you do a face reading of Secretary Geithner. I notice that his left ear is much larger than his right; the tip of his nose is quite elongated — a good sign, I guess, if he’s secretary of the Treasury. 

[Note, Kevin noticed correctly about that ear asymmetry, except he forgot to cross over to tell left from right. I’ve edited his original comment accordingly.]

Kevin’s instincts are brilliant, as always. There is plenty to read in the fascinating Mr. Geithner, and this new political appointment makes him one of the most powerful men in America. CONTINUE READING

Free Aura Readings in Radio Interview Tonight

Interested in Aura Reading? Do you have a friend who might be?

Then come listen tonight, as I do an Aura Reading interview on “Paranormal Talk with Annette Jones.” The interview will be in English, even though this one of my book covers comes from The Slovak Republic. 😉

Foreign rights are about as flashy as I get. You may know I consider Aura Reading a down-to-earth, everyday skill — not typical for Annette’s show, where typical guests seem to be more about Demonology and Bigfoot. CONTINUE READING

The Power of Face Reading Has Muscled Its Way into Bookstores

Face Reading Talk about amazing! Face Reading in a bookstore? My how-to, The Power of Face Reading?

Yes, finally it’s in American bookstores… for a while at least.

This special hardcover edition will be sold exclusively through Barnes & Noble for the next six weeks.

Inside, the book is exactly the same as the paperback I have been selling for years, updating it after each new president comes to office.

These updates have been needed because, as you may know, this how-to includes over 500 examples of famous faces. They’re listed in a separate index so you can find your faves and gloat (or leer) over their remarkable Face Reading data. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Contest — Enter Here Until March 31

Rose Rosetree, face reading John Lennon (at The Wax Museum)
You can read auras on just about any0ne, long as they’re not made out of wax like this John Lennon (at The Wax Museum)

Today could be your lucky day… with an Aura Reading to follow in early April. Sign up here to enter my contest to win a free Aura Reading.

You may know that I have developed techniques to do Aura Healing and Transformation sessions. In addition, there are ways I specialize in doing Aura Reading Research.

The prize for this contest is a special free session of Aura Reading Research. To enter, answer the following questions. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Oscar Nominee Mickey Rourke

Aura Reading is the ultimate way to assess an actor’s performance.

Here is the final installment of an ongoing project to do my annual Aura Reading Film Critic role, assessing which actors have exceptional skill.

Of all the nominees for Best Actor and Best Actress, I have saved that tough-looking Mr. Rourke for last. What can he teach us about courage? CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Oscar Nominee Sean Penn

Blog-Buddy Ann recently made a request for Aura Reading here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical”:

“I’m hoping that you’ll be able to share more actors before Oscar comes! Sean Penn perhaps?

“I was able to see ‘Milk’ at the Castro Theater. That was amazing energy and I’d put money down on Sean scoring a perfect ’six’ for chakra transformation.” CONTINUE READING

Annual Aura Reading Intensive Offers You What?

“How did you know?” and “Wow! It’s amazing, how accurate that information is.”

Comments like these are… commonplace when I use techniques of aura reading. Contrast that with what I recently heard from a group of healers at a workshop:

  • “How I wish I could see the colors.”
  • “Rose, since you teach aura reading, would you show me how to see the colors?”
  • “I’ve tried for years and only hope that some day I may be able to really see the colors.”

It doesn’t matter how sincere you are. If you’re waiting to “see the colors” before you do Aura Reading, you may be waiting a very, very long time.

I can definitely teach you, however. My annual Aura Reading Intensive is an especially easy way to learn, whether you are a beginner or a pretty darned skilled aura reader already but you feel stuck at your present level. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Oscar Nominee Richard Jenkins

For me, preparing this Aura Reading, involved one small surprise and then a big one.

First, I was surprised since I had never heard of Best Actor nominee Richard Jenkins. And here he was, competing with the superstars.

The biggie was that in Richard Jenkins we have the most attractive Best Actor nominee by far. Not in this picture, of course. Jenkins turns out to be shockingly handsome in the role as himself. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Oscar Nominee Frank Langella

This week, I’m going to pick up the pace of Aura Reading the Oscar Nominees.

I’d better! With the big show coming up soon, how could we miss out on the most counter-culture way of assessing what an actor really achieves?

That would involve comparing a photo of the award-nominated role with a photo of the actor playing “Himself.” In this case, be prepared for a most major shock. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Research for Your Career

At a time when the media speak of little else but economic (and other) problems, many of you Blog-Buddies — or friends, or family members — are finally hanging out your shingle.

With the old job gone, why not follow that dream?

Your original dream may NOT have included a layoff from your day job, but if it had to happen that way, you’re ready to take your best shot at success, right? CONTINUE READING