Rose Rosetree’s Second Face Reading on YouTube

Face Reading at PoshOmigosh, the cameras are coming. You’re invited to watch another Face Reading video.

As with my earlier Face Reading YouTube video, I was at Posh Supper Club, doing Face Reading for Girlfriend’s Night Out. We stood near the front, screaming just a bit to be heard over the crowd. You’ll certainly hear that happy crowd noise in the background. CONTINUE READING

Arlen Specter’s VERY in-depth Face Reading

Face ReadingLet’s look up from our latest Face Reading to notice historical fact: Arlen Specter isn’t just another fascinating face. He’s not just a distinguished U.S. Senator with 29 years of service. With yesterday’s decision to switch parties, Specter has earned a place in history books.

Yesterday, Specter made that rare political move, from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party. Lately, we’ve been doing Face Reading, starting with those indomitable cheeks. CONTINUE READING

Face Reading Celebrity Cheeks

Face Reading cheeksBlog-Buddies, yesterday’s Face Reading included a focus on celebrity cheeks. I showed you three stars’ faces, all of them tragically revealing the long-term consequences of “eating like a star.”

 Just in case you didn’t get all the way down toward the end of the post, I want to show you yesterday’s image of Courtney Cox. Her earlier photo is above. 

Below, check out how Cox looks now, after a couple of decades where, to use the phrase of novelist Tom Wolfe, she has been “starved to near-perfection.” CONTINUE READING

Face Reading Shows Specter’s Vulnerability

What’s Senator Specter’s big problem, from the perspective of Face Reading? Here’s a physiognomy hint, in the form of Pat Toomey, pictured here. Pat has some Face Reading data that Arlen had once, but no longer.

Normally, one would expect public loyalty to a U.S. senator who has served his state with integrity for 28 years, gaining seniority on committees, living without major scandal. One would expect loyalty, even gratitude, from within his own party.

You can’t just blame the strange new cannibalistic, demagogic craze nationwide among CONTINUE READING

Quick Face Reading Quiz on Senator Specter

The Republican Party is in strange disarray. Recently this Face Reader saw a baffling news item on TV about Arlen Specter’s fight to retain his senate seat in next year’s election. Specter’s problem doesn’t come from Democrats but from his own party.

He’s seriously challenged in the Republican primary because of seeming “too moderate” to Republican voters.

Hence today’s quick Face Reading Quiz. CONTINUE READING

12 Reasons Why Face Reading Matters

Preparing for my Face Reading Intensive next week, I was reminded of some of the ways the 5,000-year-old art of physiognomy offers practical help to people like us, living today.

Whether you’re planning to attend this particular workshop or not, did you realize there could be this delightful dozen of uses, so many different ways of reading faces for character?

1. The 10 Best Ways to Read a Face for WORK

Success in your career isn’t just about the economy. The better you can size people up, and get it right, the better you can up-size your career. CONTINUE READING

My Aura Reading Comment on Marijuana on NPR

Blog-Buddies, with pot in the news these days, “All Things Considered” did a segment on “What if Marijuana Were Legal?” Aura Reading of the damage that pot can do was fresh in my mind from a recent blog post. When I heard the segment yesterday, I commented for the first time ever as a listener. Today my comment aired on the show. Listen in at this Aura Reading Anti-Pot link:  CONTINUE READING

Face Reading on YouTube with Patricia

Blog-Buddies, normally I’m a pretty low-tech Face Reader, but recently when I was doing free face readings at Posh Supper Club, someone there was very high-tech. He shot a YouTube video to capture my interpreting Patricia’s silky ear texture.

Want to watch me do a Face Reading on one very sweet person, a.k.a. Patricia? Click here for Face Reading of Patricia on YouTube. It’s also a great way to watch me screaming over the loud, joyful crowd in the background. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading of a Pothead

Marijuana is in the news today, even if Aura Reading isn’t:  Would Mexican drug cartels have their power without all the American demand? And is American demand for recreational substances like pot mostly a legal problem, stimulated by the excitement of seeking a naughty, forbidden substance?

As the outcry grows for legalization, I believe one of the smartest things we can do is add the perspective of Aura Reading. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Contest, Concluded

To all you who entered our Aura Reading Contest and didn’t yet receive an Aura Reading here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical,” I promised you a Consolation Prize, provided that your entry was complete and included a usable photo.  Did I forget you? No, no! Today’s the day. 🙂 Thrill Your Soul research, a popular type of Aura Reading, follows.

Yes, those of you who follow my work know that another term developed for aura reading, and used a great deal by 2011, is “Stage Three Energetic Literacy.” Here is a little edit from “the future” to this old post from 2009.

As of the time of this update, I still am doing Soul Thrill Research. By August 15, 2012, I have a thriving Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program, with our first graduate and a great group of talented apprentices who haven’t yet graduated. All of them are available to do this type of research as well.

Meanwhile, back to the past, in 2009…. CONTINUE READING