The Worst Technique for an Empath

Skilled EmpathYesterday I graduated a new group of 40 Skilled Empaths. They came from many parts of Japan, with varied backgrounds but two things in common. All began the weekend workshop as unskilled empaths and all graduated with skills firmly in place.

Skills of Empath Empowerment(TM) are easy, once you’ve learned them — comparable to riding a bicycle. And these skills aren’t just easy and super-effective but simple. You learn to make a slight, natural shift of consciousness that wakes you up from inside. A side effect of techniques like “Coming Home” is to help any empath become more vibrantly, authentically alive.

By contrast, I was told about a technique this weekend, a brave attempt at becoming a Skilled Empath. Once this approach was explained clearly to me by a workshop participant, I realized that for years I had been hearing about the technique in bits and pieces. Only I never fully accepted that people could actually be doing such a thing. Oh, the horror!

And you, Blog Lurker, or even Blog-Buddy, may be one of these people! CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading of Adam Lambert, Polarizing American Idol Contestant

aura reading of adamAdam Lambert may not have won American Idol this year. Nevertheless, he won passionate fans. And non-fans.

Blog-Buddy TLC put it this way:

I found Kris pleasant but a few episodes into the season I got quite taken with Adam Lambert. He seems to be a fairly polarizing performer – people either love him or hate him – and I apparently am coming down on the loving him side. Right now, I am so appreciating his unadorned passion and glee at being able to perform in front of such a wide audience. CONTINUE READING

Continuing Saga of Wonderful, Strange Japan

aura readingTaking a break from Aura Reading, I continue to roam the streets of Tokyo. Today, I did it at lunch hour. A tall, handsome young man approached me and asked if I was Canadian.

“No,” I said. “I’m American.”

 He was, obviously, American, too.

“That’s a shame,” he told me. “I’m looking for a Canadian woman to marry me and bring me home to CONTINUE READING

For Abuse Relief, Cut Cords of Attachment

cut cords of attachmentRecently I was contacted by an abuse survivor who has just learned about my work. Some of my most grateful clients have been abused verbally, physically, and/or sexually.

Just today in Tokyo I facilitated six sessions for clients. One had been emotionally and physically abused, and it meant so much to “Maxi” when I cut that cord and helped remove STUFF that had been circulating aurically and subconsciously 24/7.

Even a little bit of abuse can recirculate unless the cord is removed. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Kris Allen, New American Idol

aura reading “After 620 million votes, 19 weeks, 100,000 auditions, an extra judge and a bikini girl, Kris Allen is your new American Idol.” Idol fans like L.A. Times Phil Stacey are thrilled.

I missed the show. Every show. I’ve never seen “American Idol” (except for 15 minutes watching it once in England), and now I’m not even in America but writing from Tokyo. Still, I can bring perspective you may not find elsewhere: Aura Reading perspective.


What is a Session of Aura Reading Research?

Aura ReadingAura Reading sessions — what really happens during them?

This email just came from “Jeanette,” and she asked such great questions, I thought I’d share our exchange with the rest of you Blog Buddies:

I had a personal aura reading with Rose a few years ago and it was wonderful. I’m thinking about scheduling another one and wanted to ask a few quick questions:

1) Would Rose spend some time reading the energy of particular folks I know? I specifically want to find out if someone in my life is honest and trustworthy. CONTINUE READING

Walking in a WATER Wonderland

One song I don’t expect to hear in Tokyo is the Christmas classic, “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.” Of course, you never can predict which songs you will hear; my first day of this trip, I was shopping for coffee mugs in a dollar store when, over the loudspeaker, came a series of songs with Frank Sinatra that I’d never heard before.

Really, you haven’t lived until you’ve heard Old Blue Eyes sing “Old Man River.” CONTINUE READING

Kobe Bryant’s Big Scary — Face Reading and Aura Reading

Face Reading KobeFace Reading Alert, sports fans. Last night, Kobe Bryant scored 30 points, helping his team beat Orlando Magic. He’s overtaking the record of former teammate Shaquille O’Neal.

Now, have you noticed the other fascinating thing about Bryant? He has started jutting out his jaw and baring his lower teeth after making a critical play? Sports writers have noticed, even without training in Face Reading. CONTINUE READING

Tokyo Walk without Aura Reading

Ah, beautiful Nishi-Azabu, pricey and clean and sophisticated even for Tokyo. If you stayed in this same neighborhood on seven different trips, staying for 3+ weeks at a time…

If you were an adventurous walker, someone who strolled around most days, rain or shine…

Don’t you think that future trips would be variations on the theme of “same old ‘hood“? CONTINUE READING

Young Scientists Are Naturals for Aura Reading

Aw, today the proud Mama got a copy of her son’s graduating class photo. These kids are the first class to have taken all four years’ study at the Academy of Science, a magnet school in Loudoun County, in Northern Virginia.

Their photo is typically unconventional. The whole program has been unconventional, the kids wildly creative and almost frighteningly smart. 

aura reading scientists