New 90-Minute Sessions Available Now

cut cords of attachmentThanks to my smart clients for sessions of Aura Healing and Transformation, I have begun to make longer sessions available on request.

My usual session time to Cut a Cord of Attachment (or do other types of healing related to Energy Spirituality) is 55 minutes. And the fee, which I haven’t raised for many years, is $125.

However, you might prefer a longer session if: CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Versus Aura Healing

Aura Reading Versus Aura Healing
Aura Reading Versus Aura Healing — Do you know the differences?

Aura Reading Versus Aura Healing: Learn the differences and instantly you’ll upgrade your knowledge as a consumer for anything mind-body-spirit.

Why, exactly, is an aura reading NOT the same thing as an aura healing?

Inspired by an anonymous Blog-Buddy, today’s post is dedicated to helping you sort out the roles of different forms of deeper perception. CONTINUE READING

Find Rose Rosetree’s Newest Book, and More

rose rosetreeToday one of my phone session clients asked about obtaining my books. It occurred to me that some of you Blog-Buddies and lurkers might have practical questions like that. So let’s answer them.

For starters, you can view all of Rose Rosetree’s books in print at // . Click on any book cover and read loads of information. For the audiobook edition of Empowered by Empathy, you can hear a free sound bite.

Supplementing detailed information about each book, you will find FAQs off the home page. Check out the column on the left! CONTINUE READING

Gratitude Technique + Aura Reading Perspective

rose rosetreeGratitude can be used as a technique for spiritual healing, chakra balancing, overall cleansing of your aura. 

Certain DO’s and DON’Ts are needed in order to make Gratitude a powerful and transforming technique. The perspective of Aura Reading helps, too. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Buzz Aldrin’s Moonwalk

aura reading moon walkWhen Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon July 20, 1969, what excited you most?

For me, it was how my boyfriend at Brandeis, Ari Davis, built a TV set from a kit for our viewing pleasure. Instead of watching the famous landing, I was mostly drooling over Ari. There’s love for you.

Forty years later, however, I’m more interested in the moonwalkers– especially doing an Aura Reading of them.

Finding a photo of Armstrong, who made that first famous step, isn’ too easy. But Aldrin pix are available, including the one shown here.

What is special about the auras of astronauts? Akasha is twinkling in their auras. In that awe-inspiring way, astronaut auras are like the auras of: CONTINUE READING

Soul Energy Awakening Regression Therapy, What’s It Good For?

rose rosetree




Soul Energy Awakening Regression Therapy — what on earth is that, and why would it matter to a practical person like me?

Today’s post is designed to answer that question. At least I can open up the box of answers, because this healing modality is so fascinating and powerful.

Got problems? With Regression Therapy, you can find answers aplenty.

Whenever an experience in your life is overwhelming, toxic energy gets stuck within your aura. I call this type of STUFF, or stuck energy, “frozen blocks.” (This is a term developed by my mentor for Regression Therapy, Dr. Coletta Long.)

Sure, your conscious mind may forget what happened, but the frozen block of energy lingers. Your body remembers. Your cells remember. CONTINUE READING

Rose Rosetree Radio Interviews in July

Wow, Blog-Buddies, I must really be back home, because radio interviews are starting up again.

If YOU have a talk show you like or a favorite blog that does interviews and takes comments, please let them know about my doing Face Reading, Aura Reading, and Empath Empowerment.

X-Zone Radio will host a Face Reading Interview

That’s Friday, July 17, midnight – 2 a.m. EST, 9-11 p.m. Pacific Time.

This internationally syndicated show is hosted by the wonderful Canadian broadcaster Rob McConnell. Listen to the Face Reading interview here. CONTINUE READING

Want Better Results from Your Healing Session?

Rose Rosetree, aura readingLast night, I dreamt that I sat with a psychic. Something she said at the start of our session made me trust her. Quickly the most delightful kind of relaxation swept through me.

This psychic was someone I could trust. Once I realized that, I knew exactly what to expect. In my reading, she would tell me everything that I most needed to know. I could just sit back and listen and learn. She would tell me all about the meaning of my life, my past, my future, my life contract.

Such a great feeling! Who wouldn’t love that? CONTINUE READING

Narcissism Q&A

narcissistOf course, I can answer all Lisa’s questions about narcissists. Nobody knows better than me. I am the very best narcissism question-answerer in all the world.

Okay, that’s supposed to be a narcissism joke.

A tricky narcissism joke at that, because that opening salvo (highlighted in red) could be the words of a narcissist. But the speaker could also be a braggart, a world-class authority, or have some other reason for responding in that diva-like way. So that speaker wouldn’t be a narcissist at all.

No, you can’t tell a narcissist from how he/she speaks/writes. Nor can you tell from surface behavior, not until you have observed way too much of it. By the time you figure out that your spouse is a narcissist, for instance, it could be a little too late for comfort. CONTINUE READING

Face Reading the Senior Class

Face ReadingJust back from orientation, I’ve taken my son to the University of Virginia. For two days this Face Reader and husband, plus son Matt (Class of 2013) were wined and dined and treated like royalty.

At least we got bagels and portable coffee mugs. We were treated to a magnificent tour of the campus, plus elegantly designed presentations about student life.

Parents were reminded (or, in my case, informed for the first time) that, among public colleges in America, UVA ranks #2 overall, second only to Berkeley.

But, for me, the biggest treat of all had to be the Face Reading. CONTINUE READING