When an Empath Looks in a Mirror

rose rosetree, empathOh, the merriment! Four heads, 19 noses!

Wait, that’s my blog post for another planet.

Here on Earth, I’ve taken surveys when teaching classes to empaths. Let’s include you right now:

Ever since you were a kid, when you have looked in the mirror, have you had a reaction like this? CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading of Ted Kennedy

aura readingTed Kennedy’s aura will show gifts of his soul and STUFF, just like any other human being’s aura. Even politicians and lawyers have those gifts, you know.

Using this kind of Deeper Perception brings out different nuances, compared to our Face Reading from yesterday.

First, here’s background for you newbies. (More experienced Aura Readers, skip ahead to the next section of this post.) CONTINUE READING

Ted Kennedy, a Face Reading

face reading Kennedy

So much for the notion that a face peaks at 20. And, therefore, photos that follow will represent a pathetic downhill slide.

The great Senator Ted Kennedy, who died earlier this week, developed the kind of face that might inspire anyone to read faces.

That means doing a quality interpretation of how faces physically change over time to reflect a person’s inner development.

Here is my tribute to Ted Kennedy, via the 5,000-year-old art of Face Reading. Let’s explore how his face evolved over time. CONTINUE READING

Virtual Reincarnation, Aura Reading Treat

Rose RosetreeDon’t let that familiar face in the mirror fool you. That person you see in the mirror today may contain a new life. It just inhabits that familiar body and face.

Aura Reading would reveal the nuances, and so might Face Reading, actually. Most of us never give our facial changes enough credit. We’re too busy looking for the cliches society has taught us, such as the (supposedly) desirable chance to “not change a bit.”

But, vibrationally, Earth is moving faster than it has at any other period within our lifetimes.

More than ever, we’re likely to change so much on the inside, it’s as if we’d done traditional reincarnation… but without going to all the trouble of starting up all over again and having to pay that nasty price of admission, the push through a birth canal.

Yes, some of my clients have been changing so much, I’ve told  ’em: “Virtual Reincarnation! That’s what’s been happening to you.” Examples (with names changed to protect privacy) follow. CONTINUE READING

Do You Dare Banish “Boundaries” for a Week?

Face Reading DollyWarning: Take no action until you have read the entire post. Because what I’m suggesting is a bold way to take charge of your life… and not necessarily what you think.

Today’s post starts with a great Face Reading and/or Aura Reading question from Blog-Buddy Nandi: CONTINUE READING

Does Aura Reading Make Me a Snoop?

Aura Reading, Rose RosetreeRecently I received the sweetest question from an Aura Reading Blog-Buddy. Nandi’s question was so great, I want to write two blog posts about it. Today, let’s consider this part of what she wrote: As a newer intuitive, I’m curious [about] your perspective on reading people who have not given us permission to read them. CONTINUE READING

Empath Merge with Amazing Eunice Shriver

empath merge, aura readingHow can you tell when a public figure has reached the highest levels of spiritual attainment? At this time in human history, the compliment is quite subtle: After the smallest bit of public acknowledgment, that person will quickly disappear. Years ago, this happened with Mother Teresa. Now it just happened with the great and late Eunice Shriver. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Larry Garrett, Hypnosis Superstar

aura reading larry garrettHealing the Enemy is Larry Garrett’s true tale of hypnotizing Uday Hussein, the eldest son of Saddam Hussein. So far, I’m only part-way through the book, savoring and underlining as I go.

I especially love the part where he likens the hypnotist’s art, reaching a person’s subconscious mind, to cracking a safe. Listening to the tumblers fall, Mr. Garrett (a.k.a. “Owner of a room at the highest level of the house”) knows that he can always succeed. CONTINUE READING

Face Reading the Renowned Hypnotist Larry Garrett

face reading larry garrettJust because you like this guy so much, chances are, after he walks in the room, you will close your eyes.

Larry Garrett is the kind of person you would want to hypnotize you. Thousands have paid him to hypnotize them and survived extremely nicely.

Many have returned as clients year after year. Here’s the career statistic that tells it all about Larry Garrett: Fully booked healer  (averaging 30+ clients per week)… for the last 20 years. CONTINUE READING

Read People Deeper in India

aura reading, face readingBlog-Buddies, it’s rare these days to receive a book review in a major newspaper. Or to see any article that praises Face Reading and Aura Reading.

But that has just happened to me… courtesy of Observer, the largest-circulation daily newspaper in Hindi. Macmillan India has actually published special editions of three of my books, including Read People Deeper. The review follows. CONTINUE READING