How can Aura Reading Research supplement your session of healing?

rose rosetree, aura reading, empath mergeCurious about people in your life, yourself included? Wondering what makes that person tick?

By now you may know that auras are filled with information. And that one of my contributions to this field is the discovery of chakra databanks. Every major chakra contains 50 distinctive ones, each with a gift of your soul and a strong possibility of STUFF as well.

When I sit with you in a session, in person or by telephone, I can read your aura at any time in your life, any chakra databank. I can also read every chakra databank in anyone CONTINUE READING

Women’s Intuition Worldwide, Publishing

A great question just came in via email. In case any of you have been wondering about my publishing company, Women’s Intuition Worldwide, are the books only for women?


Women’s Intuition Worldwide is a publishing company specializing in Deeper Perception. Just as men can have magnificent intuition – what is sometimes popularly known as “Women’s Intuition” — men are among our most appreciative readers. CONTINUE READING


rose rosetree, empath, cut cordsThis morning I woke up thinking about you Blog-Buddies, especially those who come for sessions and workshops. I woke up feeling so proud of you.

It takes a lot of courage to come for a session, for instance. Yesterday I sat in session with a couple of new clients. They chose to come in person for their first time, and so I saw face-to-face the shift as they went from trepidation into CONTINUE READING

Why Personal Sessions Bring Cumulative Benefit

rose rosetree, healing, aura reading, cut cordsWhen you sit in session with me, my commitment is strong to help you fulfill the intention that you have brought to your session. Some of my clients have called me relentless that way, because I do my best to make every session count.

You are the one who will set your intention, your goal for the session, not me.

Just yesterday, I had two new clients who wanted to test the waters by going for a session of Aura Reading Research, rather than a session where I facilitated healing. So, of CONTINUE READING

Radio interviews on Empath Empowerment and Aura Reading

rebecca jerniganToday’s one of those fun radio days, Blog-Buddies. Tomorrow, too.

I’ve been in such a whir and blur of packing up for a month in Japan, I nearly missed doing ANY advance notice. Here come your official invitations.


Recognizing an empath

rose rosetree, empath, aura readingWhen searching for your fellow empaths, how can you recognize them if there is no official standardized test, no way of dressing the part? For clues, you’ll have to look inside.

And what I’m about to share with you here may come as a surprise but it’s true. Forget about facial expressions of concern or other ways that people act sympathetic. Acting means nothing. CONTINUE READING

Legalize Pot? An Aura Reading Perspective

Seeking a balanced perspective on pot, using skills of energetic literacy
Seeking a balanced perspective on pot, using skills of aura reading

Aura reading can add clarity to your understanding about pot (a.k.a. weed, grass, marijuana, cannabis). What does marijuana do to consciousness? Aura reading is a great way to research what isn’t obvious… but important… about the impact of pot.

How do you respond, as demands to legalize pot become increasingly insistent? Politically, I can see arguments pro and con.

But before you can read anything I might say on this topic, do check out Comment 60 below — just came in, bringing quite a point of view.

At this point, I’m leaning toward letting people do to themselves what they like, allowing valuable prison cells to be populated instead by those who are socially dangerous. As long as pot smokers don’t inflict their fumes on others, why should their personal choice be anyone else’s business?

Keep in mind however, today’s tales of train conductors smashing their vehicles while chatting on cellphone (which happened recently here in the D.C. subways) are nothing compared to what we may find with pot legalized. What will happen with people who feel they must be distracted at all costs, when they can legally swap the electronic lovey for dilated pupils? CONTINUE READING

Shamanic Techniques to Cut Cords of Attachment

cut cords of attachment, shamanic, cut cordsWorking with clients and students, I have gained a special respect for those who are professional shamanic healers.

Shamanic work requires awesome gifts of perception, tremendous personal honesty and courage, and careful training. However, there is a limitation in shamanic work and its approach to cutting cords of attachment. CONTINUE READING

Cleaning and Re-Inserting Cords of Attachment

rose rosetreeYes, sometimes a highly skilled energy worker will take the trouble to “fix” or “improve” a cord of attachment.

Several things are really impressive about this. The healer must have enough perception to find the cord. Remove it. Clean it. Know when the cleaning is done. Replace the cord where it had been before.

Gee, by comparison, mere “brain surgery” could be considered a skill for the clumsy. CONTINUE READING

When Energy Workers Brush Away Cords

rose rosetree, cut cords of attachmentHave you ever had a session where an energy worker “removed” your cords of attachment?

The most common version is called “brushing away cords.”

It’s as though your aura was a carpet that the energy worker meant to clean. Cords would CONTINUE READING