“Thrill Your Soul” Aura Research

Rose Rosetree with (now) RES Apprentice SARAH, exactly one year ago
Rose Rosetree with (now) RES Apprentice SARAH, exactly one year ago

One of the most popular types of session I offer can be really hard to describe. “Thrill Your Soul” Aura Reading Research in 26 words or less?

It’s a practical kind of Aura Reading Research to help you make choices. You decide which choices you want to research and then the fun begins.

Why does your soul care about choice of toothpaste?

Any choice you make in life affects your entire aura. And if you’ve been reading this blog much, you know that auras contain extremely detailed information about you. It isn’t just colors. And it isn’t just one meaning per major chakra.

Instead, there are hundreds of Chakra Databanks, and each one responds to every single choice you make.

Toothpaste choice might not change too many of these Chakra Databanks. But choice-of-dentist might.

What is the purpose of my life?

If you’re tempted to ask this in a Thrill Your Soul session, please don’t. I won’t answer it. I don’t believe that everyone’s life has one quick, cute answer, like the fortune in a factory cookie.

However, you literally have hundreds of Chakra Databanks. Every single one of them has a gift of your soul, and it can be inspiring to learn about them. Still, a reading is not a healing. So I recommend a session of Aura Reading Research to help you permanently move STUFF out of your aura.

[Oops, if you see Comment #1 below, Lisa V. caught my typo. I really meant that I recommend a session of Aura Healing and Transformation. As Lisa knows well, a reading is not a healing. Nice catch, Lisa.]

Or I recommend a session of Energy Release Regression Therapy.

Still, if you don’t know and trust me enough to go for a session of healing — or if you’ve already had other types of session with me — consider Aura Reading Research. Specifically, consider a Thrill Your Soul session of Aura Reading Research.

Because  in my experience with so many clients, this is what I’ve learned. When you’re feeling like you’ve just GOT to know your purpose, the reason is that you are well and truly stuck right now. Healing is important. So is recognizing that you have many small-but-important choices that you can make right now, rather than just waiting for some magical answer.

Thrill Your Soul sessions are all about making those choices.

Which kinds of choice can you research?

An extremely practical variety of choices can be involved in a Thrill Your Soul session, and you can do more than one type of choice in a session. The most popular choices with my clients are about:

  • Career
  • Employees
  • Hobby
  • Creative activities
  • Consultants to hire, such as names of doctors, teachers, roofers or (in the session I did between starting today’s blog post and now) obstetricians
  • Implications of staying with a mate, vs. separating, vs. divorcing
  • Places to live: Cities, particular apartments and roommates
  • Comparing the effects for you of Love Interest A with Love Interest B
  • Courses or majors at college, or which programs to apply to
  • Name change research

How to prepare for a  “Thrill Your Soul” session

Please prepare a list in advance, a list of research items. Because I definitely do not do psychic readings where I tell you, as you sit politely and passively:

  • “This is the meaning of your life.”
  • “This is the person you should marry. And this will be your wedding date.”
  • “Your best career is to train pigeons. Also, you really must live in the middle of Siberia.”

Nope, YOU are the one who makes choices. So YOU are the one who co-creates with me and your choice of Divine Being, such as God.

Make a list of 10-30 specific choices. Maybe we won’t get to them all, but once we get rolling into the research, you’ll be glad to have many to choose from, because this kind of research is such fun.

Sure you may improvise more choices as we talk, but give yourself the benefit of preparing a list. For Thrill Your Soul Research, that’s called LIST B.

Well, which choices interest you?

If you’re curious about career, make a list of particular kinds of work that might interest you. Pigeon trainer? Animal communicator? Veterinarian? Receptionist to a veterinarian?

Research on your own, in a practical way, if you like:

What are names of companies where you might apply? Volunteer work you might do? Training you might go for?

You can save yourself thousands of dollars and years of frustration. Clients rave to me about the accuracy of these readings.

How can they tell? Sometimes they throw into the research list things that they already have done. Sometimes they go ahead and do what tests well and it turns out as expected.

No, I can’t make promises. And I don’t predict the future, but I can accurately read the impact of a choice on who you are right now. And a nuanced reading can tell you much more than a simple pendulum swing or gut feeling could. (To find out why, keep reading.)

What happens in a “Thrill Your Soul” session?

We put God, or your choice of Divine Being, in charge.

You set an intention for the session, such as “More clarity about life choices” or “Helping me to find the perfect career for right now.”

Then we put together LIST A. This is a set of Chakra Databanks that matter most to you for the type of research being done. Usually there will be 10 Chakra Databanks in your List A.

Remember, you have hundreds of Chakra Databanks. You might choose ones about being respected, doing creative things, making money, your sex life, self-esteem, spiritual growth. We definitely include the High Heart Chakra Databank called “Thrill Your Soul.”

Unless you have particular choices, I’ll start with some tried-and-true favorite Chakra Databanks and you’ll have veto power about whether to include them or not. After we get into the flow of making LIST A, you can add the aspects of life that matter to you. I’ll see how close I can come to finding a Chakra Databank that’s related.

Let’s say you have a secret desire to “be famous.” Well, bring that up. It’s a confidential session, after all. You’ll have the only sound recording.

Nuanced research with this kind of Aura Reading

Each of your Chakra Databanks in LIST A will be affected by different choices we research. Yes, your sex drive may go up and down, depending on how you earn a living. And some hobbies might help you communicate with greater intimacy or handle conflict better, even if the hobby isn’t “about” that area of life.

So I’ll do a baseline reading for our LIST A topics. Then we’ll go through LIST B, one choice at a time. I can tell you how every single one of those Chakra Databanks would be affected if you really did “Mud Wrestling” or whatever your choice might be.

Very often, a choice is good for some Chakra Databanks but bad for others. However, some choices will be good all around, and those are the ones to emphasize in designing your life.

It would be my honor to help you in this way.

Do you need a photo for a Thrill Your Soul session?

Nope! I’ve done phoners for energetic literacy clients in America, Asia, Europe, Australia. And I just know this would work in South America and Africa, too.

Photos are needed only for typed Reports, not for personal sessions.

Use the COMMENTS section below to ask questions. Or some of you Blog-Buddies who have done this type of session, perhaps you would like to share what it was like for you.

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4 thoughts on ““Thrill Your Soul” Aura Research”

  • 1
    lisa says:

    HI Rose!

    I am a little confused about the following, could you clarify? You wrote:

    “So I recommend a session of Aura Reading Research to help you permanently move STUFF out of your aura.”

    With Aura reading research how do you remove related STUFF that you find during the reading?? I know cutting a cord of attachment removes STUFF, but if I don’t cut a cord during a “Thrill Your Soul” reading, how does STUFF get removed?

    BLOG BUDDIES, I have done some Thrill Your Soul research with Rose, and have found it to be validating and inspiring. I did some research regarding job choices and was able to make decisions with more clarity and confidence as a result of my session with Rose. I highly recommend it!

  • 2

    LISA, thanks for your testimonial.

    And nice catch about my typo in the original blog post. I have gone back and corrected it. [Using that English major’s favorite, “fancy brackets”] You are absolutely right.

    I meant to suggest a session of Aura Healing and Transformation, where a cord of attachment could be cut, or there could be some other type of healing, such as removal of astral debris of various kinds, such as psychic coercion.

    Many healing techniques are available but, yes, in most cases the priority is to cut a cord of attachment.

  • 3
    Suzanne Schroedl says:

    I have done thrill your soul research with Rose and have found it very helpful in making decisions about possible activities.

    At this point in my life, I have time mostly for work and so I want the few things that I do purely for fun to really be fun and lift my energy.

    I’m somebody who can spend three hours looking at a booklet of possible classes/events and end up not signing up for anything because there are too many possible good choices. Then I default to spending all of my free time reading or on the internet.

    Doing research with Rose really helped me to make specific choices about activities but also it tuned me in to paying attention in general to how different activities affect my energy–and how important it is to have activities in my life that stimulate different parts of me (physical vitality, emotions, spiritual, intellectual etc.)

    I now pay attention when I do things to whether they thrill my soul or not and when I plan my budget, I now budget in activities whose purpose is thrilling my soul because it is clear to me now that those activities are worth it! Having even one fun activity a week can change your energy the whole rest of the week…

    Of course, sessions with Rose top the list of soul-thrilling activities 🙂

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