Reviews of the 30-Day Plan for Empaths

empath, empath book, skilled empathWhat readers have been saying about Become the Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment.

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Tatyana becomes The Most Important Person in the Room

Rose Rosetree speaks about the empath’s strange suffering in the company of people, where everyone seems to be way more deserving, very mildly.

As a matter of fact, it is a huge problem!

Call it as you like, but the truth is, that you, the empath, feeling compassion, feed the others with your energy automatically, most of the time, being unaware of it!


Contest: Aura Reading, Face Reading, or Empath Merge

aura reading, read auras“Honey, I’m home.”

That’s my greeting to all you blog-buddies on my first day back in America. 🙂

Everything seems so dear now — my huggable husband, Mitch; Matt, who just bussed in from first year at college in time for the holiday; knowing my closest friends now literally close, or at least on the same continent.

It was a special delight to find author’s copies of the colorful new Spanish-language CONTINUE READING

Don’t Blame the Vampire

energy vampires, psychic vampiresPsychic vampires, energy vampires — how scary are they? Only as scary as you let them be.

The topic came up during one of my workshops here in Japan. And as I sip my morning coffee (okay, gulp it), preparing to teach my very last day of workshops here, what do I think of as a highlight from eight days of workshop during this stay?

Among so many great memories as a teacher, working with some of the most conscientious, smart, and evolved students in all the world… I think particularly of our gleeful discussion on the topic of energy vampires, a.k.a. psychic vampires. This came during the workshop for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

Here are some of the ways that my students had been protecting themselves from ghosts, psychic vampires, and other forms of astral-level energy drain: CONTINUE READING

Etheric Cords of Attachment

cut cords of attachment“Yoko,” a recent client, asked me to cut a cord of attachment to her bullying brother. Everything about this session was a delight for me except for one sentence. As I sat with her, preparing to remove the cord, Yoko blurted out:

“I already had a healer remove my emotional cord of attachment to her.”

Ouch, yet more nonsense spoken (and apparently paid for) in the name of cutting cords of attachment! Sure, a cord of attachment contains emotions and patterns of energy. But to call cords “emotional”? That’s like being in the midst of chewing Thanksgiving dinner when someone observes: “Your mouth — it’s so food-ish.” CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading of Hideki Matsui

aura reading, hideki, rose rosetreeLet the fun continue! It’s time for an Aura Reading inning, as we celebrate that most valuable player, Hideki. Join me in the reading by using your own skills, checking out one chakra databank at a time. Or just read along and add comments based on what you have noticed watching this baseball great on the field.

And if you’re interested in Face Reading skills, be sure to check out this earlier blog post, the Face Reading of Mr. Matsui.

I thought it would be fun to choose Aura Reading databanks related to success in life, in business or sports or any career at all. CONTINUE READING

Face Reading Hideki-San

face reading Hideki“My little Hideki.” That’s what my mother-in-law, a proud Yankees fan, has called the ballplayer for years.

Yes, I suppose you could say that Rhoda has been crushing on him. I can only hope that, when I’m well into my 80’s, I’ll find someone so cool for crushing.

“Little Hideki,” of course, stands 6 feet, 2 inches tall. And I couldn’t wait to call Rhoda from Japan to congratulate her on his big win, because people have been talking about it here just like folks in my home town, CONTINUE READING

Spiritual Addiction

Twice it has happened with clients so far, on this trip working with clients in Tokyo. “Maxi” comes for Aura Reading Research. And this is the gist of her story:

 I want you to research my aura to find out whether I would be successful at being a spiritual healer. Last year, I had a hard time at my job and so I quit. Lately I have been taking a break. What I really want to do is full-time spiritual work.

 And so away we went, doing “Thrill Your Soul” research on Maxi. CONTINUE READING

Japan Up, Down, and Sideways

Yes, Blog-Buddies, I’ve been in Tokyo a week now. What hasn’t changed are the skills: Empath Empowerment, Aura Reading, Cutting Cords of Attachment, Spiritual Cleansing and Protection, Energy Release Regression Therapy, the various skills of Aura Healing and Transformation.

Otherwise, everything becomes topsy turvy in that familiar way that happens whenever I’m here. Spinny rides at amusement parks are dull by comparison. If Trip #10 is like the others, as the weeks go by I’ll get used to the spinning, sort of, as if I became a human gyroscope. CONTINUE READING