Life in the 20-10’s

aura reading, rose rosetreePoised to begin the second decade of the third millennium, this aura reader would like to share her perspective on what to expect.

Where exactly am I coming from? Usually my work involves Deeper Perception in the here-and-now, reading what is. Although I don’t generally make predictions, I can draw conclusions, based on what I’ve noticed in my life and with clients worldwide.

One cause for change in quality of life is that the vibrations of this planet keep moving higher, and the pace is accelerating.

Related to that, here are 7 Major Trends, as I see them coming. CONTINUE READING

Pranic Healing, Energetic Cords, Some Very Big Differences

rose rosetreeThose Very Big Differences in the title of this article would, of course, be between the Pranic Healing approach to cutting “energetic cords” and my system of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R).

Thanks so much to Nick, who asked this question:

I was curious though, have you ever heard of pranic healing? They talk about cords, and removing them, I was curious if you know of any difference, because to me they seem the same. CONTINUE READING

Writing Your PBS Station — a Grace Note

Dear Blog-Buddies:

Tatyana, an empath in California, sent me this email today. It is a reminder that you, too, can always do a powerful good deed for the empaths of the world by contacting your local PBS TV station or other favorite media, following her words or creating your own. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Brittany Murphy, Dying Young in Pursuit of Fame

Aura reading Brittany Murphy, never as big a star as she wanted to be
Aura reading Brittany Murphy, never as big a star as she wanted to be

The C-list actress died young. At the time of her death last Sunday, the Hollywood casualty was just 32. This aura reading of Brittany Murphy aims to shed light on a problem faced by of countless celebrity wannabes:

What happens to performers who chase after a dream for which they lack charisma?

Why do they keep trying, even when life keeps telling them “No”?

Spiritually, what price do performers pay for ceaseless striving?

To put it bluntly, what happens when an aspiring movie star lacks star power? (And can’t accept it.)


Bring on Decade 2 of the Third Millennium

aura reading, empath, rose rosetreeYou bet it’s coming. Two weeks from now we’ll begin the second decade in the 2,000’s. Did this first decade ever get a proper name, such as the 20th century’s “Roaring Twenties”? I’m proposing “Rootin’ tootin’ TWO-10s.”

Just to add a little extra dignity to our lives, you know.

You’re invited to comment here with your proposed name for our second decade. Because the end of a major time marker is a great time to look forward.

It’s also a great time to look back. So you’re also invited to share any stories, or summaries, related to Deeper Perception. Over the last decade, did it make a difference to your life, whether gaining skills as an empath, giving or receiving aura reading, or opening up the face to do physiognomy? CONTINUE READING

Re-Cording from a Cord of Attachment

re-cording, rose rosetree“Should I be afraid of re-cording?” My client, Gladys, asked this yesterday.

“You’ve already cut Cords of Attachment to my mother, my father, my sister. Every time, I’ve had great results and there has been no question in my mind. Those cords are gone. They haven’t come back, and I have noticed unmistakable results.

“But lately I’ve been reading about the problem of re-cording. What can you tell me about that? Should I be worried? CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading the Late Oral Roberts

aura reading, rose rosetreeHave you ever been healed by a Charismatic Christian? Then you can thank Oral Roberts — indirectly, at least.

The 91-year-old televangelist, who died yesterday, was the first Protestant to popularize faith healings.

How could I not want to read his aura here at Deeper Perception Made Practical, given facts like these:

  •  Oral Roberts brought “Holy Rollers,” Pentacostals who speak in tongues, into the American mainstream.
  • Was he America’s first televangelist? No, but he was the second. This preacher’s son become one of the top three American televangelists of the 20th century.
  • Although he steadfastly objected to circuses, dancing, and makeup, for religious CONTINUE READING

More Name Changes of the Rich and Famous

Aura reader, Rose RosetreeWhat if you woke up one morning and suddenly your name was Portia De Rossi? That’s quite a switch from Mandy Rodgers.

As you may know, lately we have been doing a specialized kind of Aura Reading Research on names. We’ve compared certain chakra datanks of celebrities… before and after a drastic name change.

Most people never think to explore the detailed and highly specific changes to a person’s energy field, related to the consequences of life choices. CONTINUE READING

For holidays, remember

rose rosetree, aaron copelandWhat are our Top Five Gifts related to Deeper Perception? All are distinctive. All require no waiting on line, no drive to the mall, no risk of duplicating gifts… and an easy way to charm someone you know “who has everything.”

1. An autographed book can be a life-changing, memorable gift. And you can even get it with a discount. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading for Better Choices in Life

aura readingMany of you Blog-Buddies have experimented with aura reading. Yet you haven’t learned the aura reading techniques that would make it truly practical.

And as we begin a new year and new decade, it’s a great time to change that. Consider attending a one-day workshop to help you make better choices in life, courtesy of some super easy, and practical, techniques of aura reading.  CONTINUE READING