Face Reading Angel Playwright Tony Kushner

face reading, energetic literacyRecently I did a radio interview about Face Reading where the broadcaster insistently demanded “something easy that anyone could do just walking down the street.”

My interviewer, “Daisy,” was onto something. Many beginners at energetic literacy figure that if you can learn one, quick easy thing, that’s all you really need.

According to that idea, fortified with that great universal tip, you’re an instant expert. Perhaps that might even encourage a newbie to learn more Face Reading some day. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Cathleen Black

aura reading, chakra reading, cathleen blackOne of the leading figures in American publishing over the past two decades, Cathleen Black manages 15 of our top magazines, including O., The Oprah Magazine, Popular Mechanics, and Esquire.

In her bestselling book BASIC BLACK: The Essential Guide for Getting Ahead at Work, (and in Life), Cathie Black coaches women to gain a “360 degree” life of success.

Clearly she has impeccable business credentials to be a success expert. But I wondered, does her aura suggest that she also has the standing as a person? CONTINUE READING

Empath Merge with Sai Baba

empath merge, energetic literacyAfter my client, Joe, asked me to read several photos of gurus, one stood out as the most magnificently enlightened being I’ve read so far. Energetic literacy is such a pleasure when you are in the presence of Sai Baba.

Oh, is he a delight! You might want to use this Energetic Literacy Link to pull up his photo and then copy it so that you can pull on the corners.

“Copy” this amazing man. Find out if you can, personally, enlarge him ;-).  CONTINUE READING

Ways Energetic Literacy can help you, the consumer

read people deeper, rose rosetree

“Energetic Literacy” is what I’m calling it these days, the skills of Deeper Perception that include aura reading, face reading, really smart use of body language and, of course, Skilled Empath Merges. Any one of them can help you become a smarter New Age consumer.

This article continues the recent theme here at this blog about being practical about sessions –how to use intention to get your money’s worth as a consumer. Obviously, I’m writing about the specialties that I’ve developed, because that’s where I’m an expert.

(BTW, we’ve just received the latest edition of Read People Deeper, this one in Russian, through Piter Press — cover shown here.)

Anyway, with so many other great practitioners out there, I’m also hoping to help you as a consumer in general. With any mind-body-spirit services, it can help to think like a smart consumer, not merely a trusting or curious consumer. So YOU are responsible for bringing a personal intention.

Doing that is not necessarily simple for clients. So I hope this article can help. CONTINUE READING

Your intention for a session of Aura Healing

rose rosetree, empathRecently a great question about intention and healing came onto a blog comment at “Deeper Perception Made Practical. I’m going to respond one chunk at a time.

1. What is the purpose of an intention for a session of healing?

At the beginning of a cord cutting session I was asked for my intention for the session.

Any time you are in session with me, I’ll ask you what your intention is for the session. An intention is the basis for your getting results. CONTINUE READING

Why NOT Ask for a “Cord Cutting Session”?

Cutting cords of attachment is an emerging skill in this third millennium. These days, it is often referred to as “Cord-cutting.” Many clients think they are being smart consumers when they ask for a “Cord-cutting session” — a personal consultation where, as the healing centerpiece, a cord of attachment is cut.

If you’ve been thinking this way, you’re right that Energy Spirituality sessions can help you a lot. By now you can have them either with me or with someone who has received professional-level training with me in the field now called “Rosetree Energy Spirituality.”

Personally, I do not refer to my sessions as “Cord-cutting sessions” or “Removing energetic cords.” This distinction can be a very big deal to you as a New Age Consumer, as well as helping you as my client for personal sessions.

Let’s explore why. CONTINUE READING

More Requirements for Permanent Energy Healing

energy healing, rose rosetree

Let’s continue our consumer-smarts exploration about what it really takes for successful energy healing. You could also call this “Permanently moving out STUFF” or doing professional-quality spiritual healing or emotional healing.

I’m not going to include physical healing where energy is involved. Except to say this:

Many of my clients and students ARE physical healers, whether massage therapists or bodyworkers or Reiki healers or practitioners of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine or Janet Mentgen’s Healing Touch or students at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing or acupuncturists or chiropractors.

And THEY tell me how exhausting it can be for them, doing energy healing where the focus is physical. Because many clients just come to be fixed. They must be fixed again and again. CONTINUE READING

How easy is it to receive PERMANENT healing?

rose rosetree, spiritual healingNearly three weeks into the new year, what’s with those New Year’s Resolutions?

When it’s relatively easy to keep them, your cherished choice can be accomplished by the sheer force of your will. If you’re wavering, consider the possibility that you need more than will. You might need healing.

These days, more people than ever are involved in holistic healing. More of us are do-it-yourselfers. Both these trends are exciting. Yet many would-be healers are confused about how to do healing, whether emotional, spiritual, or physical. CONTINUE READING

Empaths and Others, More Protection against Gray Slime

aura reading, empathHere come more suggestions to keep your aura clear. If you’re an empath, these ideas will also help empower yourself as an empath, given that common affliction today…

More common than Swine Flu…

More common than home foreclosures, unemployment, divorce, etc., etc., etc. CONTINUE READING

Empath Merge with Today’s Gray Slime

aura reading, empath






In the New Year, most of us have made lists of our goals. Surely it has not included mucking up your aura with Gray Slime.

Well today’s article is educational in nature. What is Gray Slime and how does it wreck a life, at least before it is healed?

I will boldly report on Skilled  Empath Merge with someone whose aura is rife with Gray Slime.

Gray slime is no fantasy. It is the astral-level consequence of spiritual shutdown.

How I discovered the Gray Slime

“Rebecca” had me do Aura Reading Research on her husband “Wayne.” I really can’t remember at this point if it was only Aura Reading Research or this came toward the end of a session where I helped her to cut her cord of attachment to him.

What I do remember, vividly, was encountering this new kind of STUFF. CONTINUE READING