Meryl Streep, Aura Reading of Oscar Nominee #5 of 10

energetic literacy, aura readingIn “Julie and Julia,” Meryl Streep portrays cookbook author Julia Child, whose years in France with her husband inspire her to study the art of French cooking. There’s the cooking superstar’s image to our left, a typically sunny moment, as shown in the movie.

And below, to the right, here comes Meryl as herself — her zillionth nomination, right? I’ve read her aura so many times, and it’s always a pleasure to do Chakra Change Research on her. Moreover, this is a nominated movie I actually saw.

So captivating was it, for me, that I never stopped to read anyone’s aura. Instead I wanted to wallow in every yummy illusion. Bring on those energetic literacy skills right now! CONTINUE READING

Gabourey Sidibe, Aura Reading of Oscar Nominee #4 of 10

energetic literacy, aura readingFirst, meet the courageous actress in her more glam role as movie star.

As Precious, in “Precious,” Gabourey Sidibe plays a pregnant teenager who struggles to overcome years of abuse at the hands of her parents.

It’s a gritty movie, to put things mildly. I saw a short clip while in Japan… because I was watching Larry King with Mariah Carey as guest. Ah, cable TV in Tokyo, my lifeline to chit-chat in English! Watching that evening’s show, discussion of the movie was within my comfort zone. Watching even that very short clip was not. CONTINUE READING

Carey Mulligan, Aura Reading of Oscar Nominee #3 of 10

energetic literacy, carey mulligan, aura readingIn “An Education, ” Carey Mulligan plays Jenny, an English schoolgirl who is seduced by the charms of an older man. Here she is pictured in her Academy Award nominated role.

What fun, to read this fresh-faced newcomer. Doing this kind of aura reading research, it’s a shift from the usual alternatives to pre-Oscar buzz. We don’t have to gossip about Ms. Mulligan’s social life, repeat recycling quotes, or speculate about what motivates her as an actress.

No no, we get to use energetic literacy instead, that distinctively third millennium skill. CONTINUE READING

Helen Mirren, Aura Reading of Oscar Nominee #2 of 10

energetic literacy, aura reading, oscarIn “The Last Station,” as Sofya, Helen Mirren portrays the wife of Leo Tolstoy, and is locked in a battle with the admirer’s of her husband, the great Russian author whose royalties are being settled.

Helen Mirren has been researched in past roles for chakra-change points. She has always won full points, if I remember correctly. I expect amazing shifts at the minute auric level and fascinating artistic choices, as well.

It’s going to be a special treat to do aura reading research on her one more time for this year’s Best Actress nomination. And — let me tell you in advance, now that I’ve finished the research — the treat is way bigger than I first expected. CONTINUE READING

Sandra Bullock — Aura Reading of Oscar Nominee #1 of 10

aura reading, energetic literacy, rose rosetreeIn “The Blind Side,” Sandra Bullock plays Leigh Anne Tuohy, a suburban mom who takes in a homeless African-American teenager and encourages his talents as a football player.

Bullock, herself, is the daughter of an opera singer. The comparison photo used for this chakra databank, film-critique, aura reading research… comes from her life as a long-time celebrity.

One research item at a time, I compare the role being played with the actress’ own way of playing herself. CONTINUE READING

Do Aura Reading Movie Reviews

aura reading movie reviews
You can just read my aura reading movie reviews. Or you can learn how to DO them yourself. Your choice!

Aura reading movie reviews? I do them. Other Blog-Buddies have done them. Just use your skills of Stage Three Energetic Literacy and go! Here’s how.

Just 10 days before the Academy Awards. You know what that means, here at the Land of Energetic Literacy. I have an annual custom of comparing auras of top-nominated actors with their auras in roles; it’s a way to show that deeper perception can be practical. 10 actors in 10 days. In 2010. Wow!

And the purpose of this blog post is to teach you a way that you can also do a version of Aura Reading Movie Reviews.


Open Your Heart with Energetic Literacy

aura reading, energetic literacy, rose rosetreeAs the month of Valentines moves toward completion, let’s consider what it could mean to open your heart up more. Searching for love and fulfillment, you’re sure to hear plenty of appeals to tried-and-true (okay, maybe tried-and-failed, but traditional) methods like these:

  • Seek your soul mate
  • Indulge yourself or a lover with seductive clothing, candlelight, and various versions of “the food of love.”
  • Send a Valentine, whether by card or Tweet or other electronic friending methods

Strategies like these could be satisfying, romantic, even get you “lucky.” More dubious is whether or not any of them could actually make a permanent change for opening up anyone’s heart. What could do that? CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading of the Tiger Woods Apology

energetic literacy, aura reading,  Tiger Woods“I was unfaithful. I had affairs. I cheated,” Tiger Woods told the world yesterday. Though apparently well rehearsed, this 13 1/2-minute statement was panned by critics.

In today’s Washington Post, for instance, Tom Shales compared the Woods performance to the form of public apology started by Nixon in his “Checkers” speech:

Nixon owned up to very little if any wrongdoing that night, but his spiel, perhaps the first infomercial, set the standard and pattern for many a mea culpa to come. Using the medium skillfully — if in an obviously manipulative and choreographed way — Woods administered repeated self-lumps….

But we can look for some nuance here, seeking to understand more about what was really going on within the talented athlete, using skills of aura reading. CONTINUE READING

The riddle of spiritual evolution

read people deeper, energetic literacyDon’t let the winter slog fool you. Patches of used-up snow by the roadside can discourage a fast grower like you. Plenty of dispiriting evidence is available of slow growth and obstacles — all the push-against factors praised in our last blog post.

Meanwhile, there are bright spots — like, for me, the gorgeous new cover of Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras. As you may have noticed, this new edition is in Russian.

And speaking of interesting parts of the world, I just read the most astounding update in Newsweek about a place I never had heard of. Let’s turn this into a riddle… CONTINUE READING

In praise of your Planning Meeting

energy release regression therapy, regression therapy, rose rosetreeIt’s snowing again, here in suburban D.C. But not before my client Gladys stopped by for a couple of hours of Energy Release Regression Therapy. Today we got to do one of my favorite types of session, revisiting her Planning Meeting before this lifetime.

You had one, too, you know. Whether or not you consciously remember it, or ever have done a session of regression therapy or hypnosis or had a psychic reading with anyone ever. 

Regardless of whether you know, or care, a smidge about energetic literacy, there has been an official Planning Meeting. About. Your. Purpose. In. This. Lifetime.

Certain themes come up in this type of regression therapy — not every time with every client. But often enough for me to have pieced together a very common story about planning to incarnate as you may have, since you are living now. CONTINUE READING