Astral Level Ponzi Schemes from Braco, John of God, some other New Age healers

Two Blog-Buddies have sent requests for me to do Empath Merges on healers they are curious about. A bit of a tricky business, this!

Here is an update to this post from Rose on September 16, 2013.

Since The Shift in December 2013, I have observed an increase in Energetic Ponzi Schemes. If you care about protecting yourself from this little-known variation on cords of attachment, please read the two following blog posts:

This post became one of our 10 most popular posts, so I am updating it now.

What’s tricky about Aura Reading energy healers and spiritual teachers? Oboy, did I find out.

Apart from feeling weird that perhaps it might seem as though I was appointing myself to pass judgment — when really I was responding to consumer-type requests from some cherished clients…

I wound up introducing a brand new term, perhaps for the first time ever on the Internet, “Astral Level Ponzi Scheme.” Sometimes also referred to as “Energetic Ponxi Scheme.”

How is a healer’s work sourced?

That matters a great deal, it turns out

The type of energetic source used by the healer, CAN be read in an aura reading. All you need is well developed aura reading abilities. What I now call “Stage Three Energetic Literacy.” Something you can definitely develop if you have learned how to read the regular human words on this screen.

So what is an Astral Level Ponzi Scheme? (Could also be called an Energetic Ponzi Scheme.)

Here’s a working definition.

Say that a healer, “Joe,” works with astral beings, not necessarily really high vibrational ones, but astral beings nonetheless.

The beings become available to create healings for Joe. That healing gets clients interested, initiated, donating, referring, etc.

The energetic price to be paid by the one who receives healing is to become energetically linked, through the cord of attachment, to the healer Joe. Energies of the unwitting client become, partially, re-routed toward the astral beings. So the client keeps sending them energy. Some of this energy is used to make a splashy first impression for healings on new people.

Energetic literacy, the full version, Stage 3, is a really useful consumer protection! Healers may claim they are “Of God” or “Working with Christed Energies” or, frankly, whatever the heck they want. Fine-sounding names don’t keep a healer from operating an Astral Level Ponzi Scheme.

So, by all means, check out any healer with your best aura reading skills before you go ahead and agree to a healing. And, yes, this still is true if the healing is “Free.” Hello!

Do healers know they are involved in an Energetic Ponzi Scheme? Sadly, no.

It’s like Esther Hicks and her highly questionable relationship with Abraham, researched and described in detail in Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.

Summarizing the contest in this original post

This post began with Blog-Buddy BRENDA’s request for Empath Merge (Comment 11 at an earlier article). She wrote:

Hi Rose,

I hope you’re having a fabulous time in Japan.

An empath merge / aura reading on Braco, the healer from Croatia would be awesome.

He just “gazes” at people and heals them.  I’m not so sure about him though.

He says, “I am a normal person, I just found that invisible energy and I want to share it with everybody. I know, that everybody else can feel and carry that energy as well.”

And SUZANNE’s request for Empath Merge (Comment 10) went:

Hi Rose,

I love when you do empath merges for inspiration like this one. I would love to see a series of them, like you did with writers. I hope that sometime I can schedule a reading with Lynne Porzel–what a fascinating gift.

I’ve thought of someone who would be an interesting candidate for Empath Merge. His name is Robert Moss and he writes a lot of books about dreaming and teaches active dreaming workshops.

Here is a photo of him and a link to his blog, plus an older photo, if anyone is interested. He is a man with a mission to bring dreaming back as a vital part of our lives and culture.

This is how I got into the not terribly enjoyable, but important sideline of coining the term “Energetic Ponzi Scheme”

Oboy. I did those aura readings for the Blog-Buddies and ran a contest — now over — where I supplied additional readings in order to help you’all protect yourselves energetically. I have done these public readings without glee but out of concern for people  who don’t know what they are getting into.

The contest is now closed. However…

If you ever want my totally candid reading of anyone, healer or whatever, book a session with me of Aura Reading Research. I will read any chakra databank in anyone you have ever personally met, at any time you have known the person . This use of energetic literacy allows me to provide loads of information about that person, depending on your intention for the research.

And, of course, I can do the same about you.

Even with someone you have not personally met, if you can supply a photo, I can read that person at the time of the photo. It’s discernment. It’s consumer smart.

Keep moving forward, Blog-Buddies, on your personal path to Enlightenment, towards wholeness, with full self-authority and all the skills that help to support your goals in life.

With best wishes for you, and compassion for anyone who has unwittingly become involved for a while in such problems. Remember, STUFF can always, always, always be healed.

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