What Energy Spirituality taught me in 2010

Over 1,000 personal session hours again this year — of course, spending so much healing time with clients has taught me something in 2010. Of course, looking back, I’m awed at the strength and quirkiness of all my clients. Naturally I’m grateful to God and other Divine Beings; when invited to help, they made the healing happen, with just a bit of teamwork from my side.

That doesn’t change. But the learning does. Here is my favorite healing aha! from 2010. CONTINUE READING

Spiritual Healing vs. Psychological Healing, a Quiz

You might need this quiz. Trust me. Many people are deeply confused about which type of healing they’re doing. 

Psychological Healing and Spiritual Healing are radically different models, good for very different things. Because both types of healing involve inner life, it’s common to mix them up. And thereby waste a great deal of time.

Similarly, using a dishwasher is quite different from using a garbage disposal. Both are valuable appliances that could be located near each other.  Both could go under the general category of “cleaning your dishes.” But beware that crunching sound as you fling your cups and saucers into the wrong appliance! CONTINUE READING

How The Anorexic Ideal hurts women of my generation, a guest post by Jordan

Kelly Clarkson, Not skinny enough for Self Magazine

Recently we’ve been exploring pressures on women and performers for extreme thinness, what I call “The Anorexic Ideal.”

Basically, I’ve had it with doing Skilled Empath Merges and aura readings on celebrities whose chakra databanks scream “Feed me.” For years, I’ve told myself, “When energetic literacy is widespread, social pressure will go the other way. People will be considered ‘attractive’ at a size compatible with comfort and health.”

In December, three women were brought to my attention within one week.

  • A friend told me about Kathy Griffin’s comment about starvation being her “diet secret.”
  •  Then I was sent Marianne Williamson’s photo while promoting her diet book, a research link for the Enlightenment Life List.
  • Then Kate Middleton’s engagement portraits came out, showing extreme thinness yet again, and Blog-Buddy Elaine did a fabulous guest post with Skilled Empath Merge.

Nobody was talking about the skinny elephant in the room. So a few blog posts were generated. Now Jordan has written eloquently on this topic. CONTINUE READING

Contest for Face Reading, Aura Reading, Empath Merge — You Choose

A Read People Deeper Contest to end 2010

Yes, it will be our last Official Contest for 2010 at Deeper Perception Made Practical.

Blog-Buddies, we have so much to celebrate this year, including hundreds of empath merges, aura readings, and face readings done through contests and personal sessions.

Clearly you have appreciated the teaching posts as well. It has always been my intention to make this blog primarily an information forum, and wonderful questions have been asked by you’all in 2010. Especially popular posts have involved questions about being an empath and cutting cords of attachment. CONTINUE READING

A Christmas Gift, Storing Energetic Holograms

Christmas Day — what a great time to receive gifts and give them. Last night, coming home from a Face Reading gig, I sat in the subway wearing my Mrs. Santa Claus outfit. It’s an exercise in more than travel, always immensely enjoyable.

If you have ever worn a costume of Mr. or Mrs. Santa in public, you know what a special delight it is. Even the most jaded grownups will give you a childlike smile.

Of course, I also was blowing my nose quite a bit, due to going through a bit of a cold experience. Which isn’t exactly the most Hallmark Card way to transport in public, spreading holiday cheer.

Regardless, I was definitely wearing my Mrs. Claus outfit when I had an aha! of a cool gift for all you Blog-Buddies. CONTINUE READING

Cutting Cords of Attachment — What Not to Tell

Miniature golf, different from Energy Spirituality

Lydia has asked me some interesting questions about cutting cords of attachment, inspiring a whole series of posts.  Today, here comes a question with so many interesting implications! How could I give just a quick response to Comment 142 at the blog post devoted to Cord Cutting Q&As.?

Lydia asked:

My energy worker, Dan, has started cutting cords of attachment. He uses your method. I’m very pleased with the results. Only I’m very curious about the textures of cords of attachment. CONTINUE READING

MBS Books with Muscle, Pathways Magazine, Winter 2010

Amy Lee Coy, MBS Writer with Muscle

Bodybuilders create works of muscle, will, and beauty by sculpting their bodies. A different beauty is shaped when a person simply works hard, really hard, to accomplish a task. Indirectly, muscles are built up, torn. Later those same muscles will repair themselves, even regenerate, producing more strength than ever.

Each title selected for review in this Pathways Winter 2010 Issue is the product of someone who worked really hard, building spiritual muscle with great passion and skill. I feel honored to have met these courageous authors through their work. I’m excited to introduce their books to you.

As for you Blog-Buddies with energetic literacy, check out our two author photos here. They, like their books, can make your chakra databanks tingle. CONTINUE READING

Your Life Purpose, to this aura reader, anyway


Rose Rosetree, holding up a mirror to human truth

Purpose could be the most highly charged word in all of New Age. Not living your purpose is the woo-woo equivalent of “You are going to Hell.” 

Terror can be at the core of the search for purpose, terror over squandering your life without ever living what you were “meant to do.” 

Yet purpose can also become a highly motivating, positive, and useful concept. Especially during the dark months now — Winter Solstice and Eclipse of Moon and the rapidly accelerating vibrations of earth that can make a person so uncomfy — purpose matters more than ever. Purpose can give you good reason for getting up in the morning. CONTINUE READING

Talking to Mr. Enlightenment

Rose Rosetree, pursuing the timelessness of Enlightenment

What was it like, interviewing Mr. Enlightenment for this blog? Many of you Blog-Buddies had submitted questions. In preparation, I grouped questions into categories and then asked away.

S0on as we began the conversation, and I heard Mr. Enlightenment’s scrumptious voice, ta da! I had a brainwave. What if we just made the audio file of our recording go live? That way, I wouldn’t have to spend four hours or more on transcribing his words.

So that’s what we did. The interview itself went like a dream. Actually, it went like every conversation I have ever had with Mr. Enlightenment.

Perhaps you wonder what it is like, interviewing Jeffrey Chappell or any other Official Enlightenment Specimen. CONTINUE READING

Answers from Mr. Enlightenment

Mr. Enlightenment, Jeffrey Chappell

Now that our latest contest is complete, we are all winners. Cosmic drumroll !!!!!!!!!

Mr. Enlightenment has answered a whole lot of questions from our previous contest, “Ask Mr. Enlightenment.”

Not only is a full transcript below. We have a great supplement. CONTINUE READING