Skilled Empath Merge with Liz Taylor Husband #2, Guest Post by Elaine

Michael, marrying Liz

Three cheers for Elaine, who has intrepidly dared to merge with my favorite of Liz Taylor’s husbands (so far, at least). Does this guy look adorable or what?

All over the Internet, of course, you’ll find photos of the rich and gorgeous. You could make a full-time job of celebrity gossip — and read today’s post as just that. For what it’s worth to you, I don’t crave articles like this one from Skilled Empath Elaine in that spirit of gossip. Nor does Elaine, from what I know of her.

Instead we use energetic literacy as part of our personal path to Enlightenment. The ability to read auras, or do Skilled Empath Merges, or in-depth face reading (physiognomy) means that you can discern the energetic reality of any person and any choice, like a marriage. Because people have hundreds of chakra databanks, each of which you can read at will with full energetic literacy. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading of Liz Taylor’s Husband #2, Daring Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding dances with Liz Taylor

Body language in this photograph — doesn’t this say it all about their relationship? Husband #2, Michael Wilding, gazes adoringly as he dances with gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor. While the beloved looks elsewhere.

Many a woman (a woman not at all vulture-like, either) would have been thrilled to pick up the “trash” that Liz threw away.

But no repining on anyone’s behalf, no no! We’ve got detective work to do, Blog-Buddies. What was going on with that handsome British actor, Michael Wilding, Liz Taylor’s Husband #2? CONTINUE READING

Elizabeth Taylor Insights, Your Turn

Blog-Buddy #13 reaches Householder Enlightenment
So many of us have enjoyed the career of Elizabeth Taylor

The April issue of “Reading Life Deeper” features two contrasting articles related to Elizabeth Taylor:

  • Transformation of Elizabeth Taylor as an Actress?
  • Aura Transformation of Elizabeth Taylor, the Human

Fun though I hope reading this monthly newsletter is, the biggest fun begins when we start to interact on the topics. Tomorrow the newsletter is scheduled to go live. Share your feedback here!

Should you want to sign up for the free newsletter, just go over to The Official Rose Rosetree Website and scroll down to the sign-up place. No spam ever.

Looking forward to your reactins and insights, Blog-Buddies.

Empath Merge with Nicky Hilton, a Guest Post from Elaine





Blog-Buddy Elaine couldn’t resist doing a Skilled Empath Merge on Nicky Hilton, Elizabeth Taylor’s Husband #1. Energetic literacy is like that, once you get rolling. Why have Mom read the street signs and cereal boxes when you can do it for yourself.

Back in the day, when you were learning Gutenberg literacy, maybe you remember that you would read with great gusto, read at every opportunity. It’s the same with the emerging skills of energetic literacy, whether you’re doing aura reading, Skilled Empath Merge, or face reading. It’s exciting for those you’re being read TO, as well. I know I can’t wait to read what Elaine has to tell us below.

As usual, I prepared my Skilled Empath Merge based on using the “Magic Picture” technique in Become the Most Important Person in the Room. I did this before reading your very interesting post.

Aura Reading Databank: Presence in public at the Root Chakra

Nicky Hilton is very much aware of public perception. There’s no stepping a foot wrong unless he intentionally does so, and then it’s with a purpose in mind. CONTINUE READING

Contest about cutting cords of attachment

Rose holds a photo that fascinates her

Note: Entries for this cut cords of attachment, true story contest are accepted through May 15, 2011. For details, see Comments 43 and 44.

Cutting cords of attachment brings the sweetest results in a person’s life. Sometimes it’s a big shift into a stronger personal identity. Sometimes a new kind of freedom is the main result — For instance it could be the grownup version of something you haven’t experienced since the age of two (when the cord items in your Dialog Box to Dad were first installed).

Nearly every day I hear the most inspiring stories of personal growth from my clients. On this bouncy spring day, it occurred to me that most of you Blog-Buddies don’t get to see or feel or listen to all this soul-stirring variety.

Besides, many of you in this online community are growing so fast, you’re mostly focused on evolving. You know, moving full-to-bursting speed ahead on your path to Enlightenment. While you keep that momentum towards future going, wouldn’t it be a treat if you could manage to give some extra thanks in the present?

Hence the new Who Fascinates You? Cut Cords of Attachment Contest. Here’s how it will work. CONTINUE READING

Learn more about Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy

Rose Rosetree, ready to talk

Last night, Blog-Buddies, I was interviewed on the radio by Dayna Winters and Pat (who has a last name, presumably, but I’ve never heard it mentioned). 

“Isis Paranormal Radio” is a relaxed show with a one-hour format. Relaxed, yes. But the content goes deep.

So I’m glad to direct any of you who are interested to listen in. The archived interview about Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy show can be heard at the click of this link, starting TOMORROW, March 28. So tune in any time you like.

Good deed department

Do you have a favorite radio interviewer or newspaper feature interviewer or even blogger who might be interested in an interview with me? Please pitch me.

Just add a request, with my contact info., at the show’s blog or call that feature writer producer. Or simply send me a link.

So far, I have done 966 interviews, and am curious when I’ll be able to make it up to 1,000.

Of course, I can do face reading of people in the news for an interview. Or discuss success and prosperity. Or discuss empath skills. There are many options… so dream big along with me as we bring energetic literacy to the world.

Liz Taylor’s Husbands, Aura Reading Part 1

Liz and Nicky, Husband #1

Much will be remembered about Elizabeth Taylor. We face readers could write entire posts about her, starting with how she was born with a double set of eyelashes.

Non-face readers call this “a genetic mutation.” Amazing, the conceptual lengths people will go to, just to avoid soul-level meaning! While Face Reading Secrets(R) is based on the principle that each person has a soul which is involved minutely in shaping the physical face. And the really exciting part of the 5,000-year-old art of physiognomy involves the way free will, and soul evolution, continue to shape the face over time.

In honor of Taylor’s gorgeous face, I’ll do a lavish extra set of eyelash-reading in my April Newsletter, “Reading Life Deeper.” Correction, no more eyelash attention is needed for this amazing incarnation of hers. Instead I’ll give you a lavish aura reading.

Here, in our highly interactive online community devoted to energetic literacy, I thought we’d tackle the men. Eight marriages, seven husbands in all.  None of us is likely to have the spouse roster — or career — of Elizabeth Taylor. But if we’re lucky, we just might accumulate a husband or wife or steady person pal. It fascinates me, how each man would relate differently to that same woman. Think of how many lovey dovey couple photos you’ve seen. Each of them is chockful of information.

How useful it could be to appreciate the enormous amount of info. available about any significant other from your present or past. All you need do is use skills of aura reading (or empath merge techniques, or face reading) from photos. Hence the idea for this seven-part series. CONTINUE READING

Cutting cords of attachment vs. going to a delicatessen

Congratulations to Gladys. She is a gracious new client who  recently had a first session with me. 

Gladys was a really good sport, considering that when our session began she didn’t know that she might have to be any kind of sport. I dedicate today’s post to her… and to all you Blog-Buddies who are learning about Energy Spirituality, cutting cords of attachment, etc. and don’t know everything yet.

That category would apply to me, too. However, I have learned some things after devoting decades of professional work to long-term, permanent healing of STUFF. So here’s what I’d like to share with you today….

Aura healing consumers, reconsider The Delicatessen Model

You know what happens at a deli. Right in the display case you can see some really fine potato salad. You’ve heard about that potato salad. In fact, you came to buy some. CONTINUE READING

Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy — First Foreign Edition

Cut Cords of Attachment, Eugenika Edition

Three cheers to Eugenika Publishing for choosing to publish the first foreign edition of Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy. This Czech publisher already has developed authorized editions of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses and Cut Cords of Attachment — see the cover of that one above.

Now it’s time to help Czech readers to become more prosperous! More integrated as spiritual seekers! And more aware of problems with popular ways to become more successful that produce the opposite results intended. Frankly, it’s time to apply aura reading to theories about financial success, so people can find out what really works versus what only sounds good.

Feedback from English-speaking readers continues to be excellent for this how-to with the 10 Secrets for Success and Prosperity in the Third Millennium. Great results: That is just what I wish for all readers of the Eugenika edition.

Coincidentally, my hardworking literary agent, Deanna Leah of HBG Productions, has just left for the London Book Fair. There she will be meeting with past and future publishers of Rose Rosetree’s books in different language — hooray!

Face Reading a real king’s speech

The Emperor’s Speech

Age 77, the ruler gave his first public speech ever. It lasted five minutes. And, by all accounts, it was a beauty… although without saying anything especially quotable.

This was no King George VI, portrayed by Colin Firth in “The King’s Speech.” Instead the speech came from a real-life Japanese-style king (which means, technically, an emperor). We’re talking ancient Japanese lineage here, folks. That upstart British royal family portrayed in the eloquent movie; that oh-so-royal house of Windsor, has ruled Britannia only since 1917. Gravitas notwithstanding, those Windsor kings and queen are just babies compared with the 2,000+ year lineage of today’s Japanese Emperor, Akihito.

  • Imagine an umbroken line of your royal ancestors. They reach back through time, across centuries, to ancient days when Japanese emperors were held to be gods incarnate.
  • Imagine living today, as a 77-year old emperor, giving a speech to your nation. There you are, naked facially and aurically, before the whole world’s relentless media coverage.
  • Imagine giving a speech to comfort and inspire your nation — not because war is being declared or ended. No, you’re volunteering to deliver a speech of simple human reassurance. Human comfort is most needed after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake in your nation is still bringing danger aftershocks, especially nuclear meltdown fears at the #1 Power Plant, up north in your CONTINUE READING