Personally, what I heal most often

First, aura bounce. After, cutting astral ties.

Recently we’ve been discussing the uses of energetic literacy in everyday life. Self-disclosure, especially in public isn’t my comfort zone. (Face Readers, read my lips.)

However, having gone into some detail about what this teacher actually does in her life, I feel duty bound to fill in a gap.

After all, I’ve summarized how I use face reading and aura reading in everyday life. You already know that as a skilled empath, I keep all my empath gifts turned OFF most of the time. Exceptions are the brief times during a day when I will do a technique for Skilled Empath Merge. 

You can guess (correctly) that all the skills I use with clients are also used on myself, with the exception of moving out frozen blocks of energy through past-life regression therapy. For this (like anyone else) I need to become the client of another regression therapist skilled in this healing art. I have definitely done this on occasion.

Self-hypnosis is something I do every day of my life, since I believe in this part of my work. But the regression therapy part is like a meal that you cannot make at home.

On my own, as needed, I will cut a cord of attachment; do Thrill Your Soul aura reading research; pull out energetic holograms of people I have met and research their auras in detail; or facilitate a technique for which I haven’t found a proper name yet — using aura reading research to revisit sticky situations, understand what made the other person tick, and re-evaluate what I did with speech and actions, seeking improvement.

But can any of you Blog-Buddies guess which skill set I use most often? As in every day of my life. Many times. Many ways. CONTINUE READING

When do I use face reading?

Rose Rosetree, reading faces

Both GRACE W. and DAVE have been asking, in the most respectful way, about when I use face reading. Go to this Quiz Yourself post for empaths and see their Comments 78, 81, 86, and 87.

Well, at the top of today’s post is a photo taken earlier this month when I went to the big ballpark in Washington, D.C. And, you guessed it, I had been hired to read faces. (If you use that link just provided, you can see many details of my face these days, plus waaaay more fascinating Mr. Potato Head.

DAVE and GRACE W., this may be the most personal question anyone has asked of me at this blog. Because the more I think about it, the use of one form of energetic literacy over another — face reading vs. aura reading vs. Skilled Empath Merge — vs. paying attention to the surface level of reality — is deeply related to my lifestyle and how I am growing as a person.

So I have thought a lot about how to answer these questions. CONTINUE READING

Psychopath-Inspired Quiz for Empaths and HSPs, ANSWERS 16-20

Engaged in "Spiritual Warfare"

Psychopath-Inspired Quiz for Empaths and HSPs, ANSWERS 8-15 are on the way.

We’re continuing our answers to our Psychopath-Inspired Quiz for Empaths . So you might want take that first, then follow up with answers.

  • Answers to Questions 1 through 7 are to found in the first of three Empath Quiz Answers posts.
  • Then came Answers to Questions 8 through 15, which turned into a post about differences between HSPs and empaths. And their polar opposite, psychopaths.
  • Now, ta da! Here come the final set of answers to this highly sophisticated quiz.

Question 16.  Responsibility for empaths and HSPs

“When problems arise, I always blame others, never myself.”

Oh, how FALSE for empaths and HSPs. Unless there is STUFF.

Never underestimate how STUFF (toxic emotional or spiritual confusions that have stuck in your subconscious mind and aura) can distort life for everyone.

Psychopaths always blame others. The rest of us can be driven to blame others because that nasty cord of attachment keeps re-imprinting or a frozen block of energy from a past life keeps re-imprinting. STUFF can always, always, always be healed. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Rudolph Valentino

Rudolph Valentino, The Latin Lover

Remember legendary silent film actor Rudolph Valentino?Remember Elaine’s request that I read him?

Elaine was a winner of one of our contests here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical,” and this skilled empath has done some marvellous guest posts for the blog. Any curiosity of Elaine’s makes me curious too, I respect her that much.

Regarding Valentino, a first wave movie star, I must admit to being curious all on my own.

Back in the day, what made one silent film actor more notable than others? It couldn’t have been just looks. Movie standouts had to communicate with exceptional nonverbal power. I’m assuming their auric modeling must have been exceptional as well.

Wait. Assuming? Mere theorizing. Why settle for that? Is this blog about direct, deeper perception of reality or what?

This will be my first time doing an aura reading of any of silent movie actors. What was really going on with Valentino? I’d like to find out for sure.

Also, I was intrigued by what ELAINE wrote:

“For some reason as a teen I was enamored of him, as were many women in the silent film era. He seemed to be a bright star who quickly burnt out and passed away early in life before his career took off.” (Those big red letters are mine.)

Think about it. This heart-throb died so young, he was the Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane, and Janis Joplin of his era.

Admittedly, Valentino’s sudden death occurred when he was a relatively ancient person of 31, not a 27-year-old. Still, the star’s death caused mass hysteria. Especially impressive since folks in 1926 lacked the ability to form a flashmob through Twitter and text messaging. CONTINUE READING

Revolting Media Aftershock from the Earthquake

Breaking news from the media about the earthquake..,. oh so scary!
Breaking news from the media about the earthquake..,. oh so scary!

Ooh, breaking news, from the terror-inflaming media about Washington’s one-minute earthquake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, dateline August 24 from Sterling, Virginia. I’m reporting this the day after the less than ONE MINUTE earthquake we had in Sterling, Metro D.C., and other parts of the East Coast.

Far as I know, the earthquake did little damage anywhere… although it did stir up fears, as noted by JEAN in Comment 10 to yesterday’s post. (Incidentally, Blog-Buddies, that JEAN is doing huge, amazing removal of fears and STUFF, as she and I already know.)

Granted, expensive damage was done to the complicated architecture of The Washington Cathedral and elsewhere. Mostly, though, the damage was pretty darned small.

Yet, did you notice? The terror-starved media in our Age of Terror wanted to break a big earthquake story. And so they did. Media reports as if the tiny earthquake was really a terrifying, scary-like dangerous disaster.


Face reading one of your heroes? Enter our contest.

It’s contest time again, with face reading as the prize. To enter, here are the steps:

Enter our Face Reading Your Hero Contest

  1. Name a public figure who has really inspired you.
  2. Describe or summarize why that person has inspired you.
  3. Provide a one-click photo link that would be suitable for a face reading. Which means a photograph large enough to show the person’s face clearly. The face must show fully and clearly from a straight angle, up and down, side to side. (If the face doesn’t show clearly, no face reader can do a good reading.)
  4. Optional: If you’re feeling really ambitious when using that hero’s website (or Wikipedia page or Google Images, etc.) do a bit of extra research on your nominee and add a second photograph for comparison.

This picture would be taken 10 or more years later than the first photograph, or after an event of major trauma. Either way, the person’s face may have changed significantly. And, of course, to a skilled physiognomist (face reader) all those changes are meaningful. Supply a one-click link to that second photo.

To this face reader, how faces change is the MOST interesting aspect of the 5,000-year-old art of reading faces for charactger. If only those ancient physiognomists had been supplied with today’s cameras, the whole field would surely have developed differently.

At least the contemporary version of physiognomy — used at this blog and named “Face Reading Secrets(R) — can include photographs. That, plus my intent to emphasize free will, shapes this choice-affirming version of physiognomy, in contrast that emphasize fate or family ties.

Nominations for our Face Reading Your Hero Contest will remain open until midnight on September 15, 2011.


Our tiny earthquake

Yes, that really was an earthquake. Felt throughout much of the East Coast of America, including here in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.. A Blog-Buddy emailed that she even felt it in central Ohio.

Consider it a “fire drill” for “Empath Gifts OFF.” When that random alarm, or shaking, goes off… hello! What was just happening with your consciousness?

If you were in a place with that tiny-toss earthquake — okay, it was 5.8 on the Richter scale — what were you doing, when the thing started? Were you lost dreaming in the subjective realms? Feeling somebody else’s physical experiences as a tired but habitual volunteer?

Empath skills are a habit, not a matter of boundaries or analyzing

Teaching empaths to have better lives, my opinion is just one among many experts available now. Many people  offer different ways of benefitting from, or coping with, an empath’s sensitivity.

Personally I favor a simple approach that uses the power of your consciousness. Once you learn how to direct it toward becoming the most important person in the room, you make the occasional effortless shift to awareness. That’s that.

As an unskilled empath, Gladys or Joe would spend plenty of time moving in and out of the experience of being other people. As for paying attention, in a relaxed way, here and now… not so much.

As skilled empaths, Gladys and Joe are simply (delightfully) themselves. Present and accounted for. During an earthquake. During other times, too.

Empath gifts OFF?

So you might as well celebrate today’s unusual event by asking yourself about the status of your consciousness. Not just where you were and what you noticed, and if anything broke. But were you, quite comfortably, engaged in being YOU? (Which would automatically mean empath gifts turned OFF CONTINUE READING

HSPs Versus Empaths. What’s the Diff?

HSPs Versus Empaths. Can you tell the difference?

HSPs. Empaths. Do you wonder which is which?

Could be, you could use more clarity about the difference between being a Highly Sensitive Person (or HSP) versus being an empath. Well, today’s set of quiz answers may wind up helping a great deal.

When I set out to provide Answers 8-15 to our Psychopath-Inspired Quiz for Empaths, hello! The topic of HSPs became an elephant in the room.

Never one to ignore such invitations, I’m going to describe that elephant, not just the rest of the room. CONTINUE READING

Understanding psychopaths, perpetrator lifetimes, sociopaths, etc.

Rose Rosetree researching a world-class sweetheart

Ah, Blog-Buddies, you do inspire me to blog when you’all bring up fascinating threads related to Deeper Perception Made Practical!

In this case, I’m responding to JODY G.’s plaintive reactions to our conversation about Perpetrator Lifetimes, especially her Comment 13. Yes, I sure want to get to the other answers to our quiz about empaths being the opposite of psychopaths — two follow-up blog posts coming soon.

First I can’t resist sharing something that came up recently in a session with “Gladys.” It has an uncanny relevance. And Gladys did graciously give permission for this to be quoted at the blog.

Psychopaths, perpetrator lifetimes, sociopaths, psychic vampires, toxic personalities, narcissists? Whatever.

So many people are shocked, shocked, that everybody doesn’t care about truth, goodness, fidelity, and honesty. You don’t have to google far to find terms like those just noted. Scary psychopaths, unkind sociopaths, icky psychic vampires, amazingly toxic personalities, pathetic narcissists. Euwwwwwww.

Often articles about such people are oozing victimhood, feeling sorry for oneself, or blaming.

JODY G.’s more thoughtful approach is unusual. Although, Dear Heart, having read your above-referenced comment (and with all the love and respect in your relationship, which I’m sure you know are huge in how I feel about you), geesh, JODY! I kind of want to shake you by the shoulders and say:

“Remember, you’re not an angel now. You are having a human experience. Poop happens. Get used to it already.”

Reminds me of a student I had once, Joe. He bragged, “I don’t weed my garden. It’s just too painful for me, you know? I feel so sorry for the weeds.” CONTINUE READING

Perpetrator Lifetimes


Having a perpetrator lifetime?

It’s hard to understand psychopaths without understanding a less well known term, “perpetrator lifetimes.”

Sure enough, perpetrator lifetimes came up in an astute comment by GRACE W. to yesterday’s post. She was responding to an equally astute set of questions posted by Blog-Buddy JODY G. (Check out Comments 2 and 3 at the post, one in a series about empaths being the opposite of psychopaths.

So let’s start by putting perpetrator lives in context. Most human lifetimes are about the obvious pursuit of spiritual evolution. Joe is born into a family with certain problems. Certain struggles are set in motion during ages 1-21 (all outlined in his life contract). The life contract continues until the death date originally set up, with less and less that has been scripted in Joe’s life contract as the years pass.

Mostly a life contract is set up for the use of free will. It’s like playing Monopoly or Settlers of Catan, only better. Certain rules are set up but then anything goes, at least when it comes to using free will.

Within his life contract, Joe can freely strive to fulfill his goals, live his dreams. Some ways he’ll succeed, other ways not. Always he will carry within himself some conscience. He’ll have standards, whether or not he musters up enough goodies from free will to meet those standards.

For a regular Joe (like this hypothetical Joe), it could be a welcome discovery to learn about Energy Spirituality or any skill sets that help him to move out STUFF. Having less STUFF distorting the expression of his free will, Joe will accomplish more of what he desires, act like a nicer person, etc.

Even on his worst day, however —  fighting with family or getting drunk or eating more potato chips even than usual — Joe wants to a be good man. Tomorrow will be better, he hopes.

Why perpetrator lives are different

Sometimes a beautiful angel plans a different kind of lifetime. The goal is the same: Enlightenment, sooner or later.

But angels pay for Enlightenment on the installment plan. CONTINUE READING