Two old posts, rewritten

Dear Blog-Buddies,

This has been a busy day at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

In response to recent inappropriate information online about cord-cutting sessions, studying with me, etc., I have found it important to revise and rewrite two different posts here. If you’re inclined, take a look:

What happens in a cord-cutting session?

Rose Rosetree’s Ethics for Mind-Body-Spirit Healers

Reading Auras of Babies, Secrets of Energetic Literacy, Pathways Magazine Column

Here it is, Blog-Buddies, my first column for Pathways Magazine on the topic of Energetic Literacy. This version is slightly edited. Enjoy!

And all you parents and grandparents who lurk here, add links to photos as comments. If the link ends in .jpg, I may be able to add it to this post later.

The Adorable Baby Technique 

(Suitable for Kids, Grandkids, and Other Cuties)

By Rose Rosetree (c)

A special kind of joy is yours for the asking. It isn’t even right around the corner. It’s right in the room, should you choose to order it up.

Only there’s a good chance that you haven’t been doing this particular fun thing yet. The purpose of this new column is to help you change that.

What’s the big deal, the big joy, the way to light up your interests in mind-body-spirit? Only plain old literacy… of a particular kind.

Already you’re used to depending on a different kind of literacy. Before we get to the new kind – and bring in the babies – more on them definitely soon – let’s pause to celebrate the old familiar, maybe taken-for-granted, form of literacy.

Thank Gutenberg Lately?

When you’re reading these words, one of the last people you think about may be somebody who has helped you enormously. Indirectly, of course.


Tim Gunn’s Magnetize Money Profile, adding just a bit about sex

Tim Gunn, Deftly Magnetizing Money

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Our featured profile this month extolls the special talents of the great Tim Gunn, nomiated by GRACE W. and JORDAN.

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A day (off) in the life of an empath

Now there's someone with enough arms.

DAVE has just asked a fabulous set of questions at Comment 98 at a post about empaths. It deserves to be made into a blog post.

And I know you asked something similar long ago, DAVE, but it got buried in the other comments. It’s easy to get distracted, nothing personal.

Just in case any of you Blog-Buddies are curious about what goes on here in Skilled Empath Land…

  • Today (on my day off) I started with three hours working on new publications.
  • Wrote the lead for my November newsletter. At least I got that part down; the rest will unfortunately have to wait.
  • Later today I have to edit my new column for Pathways Magazine as it is due. CONTINUE READING

How to be right but also happy

“Sometimes, your gut is just wrong,” quoth Mary Ellen O’Toole. Profiled in today’s Washington Post, by Monica Hesse, that quoted quoth sure grabbed my eyeballs.

Ms. O’Toole is the author of “Dangerous Instincts,” a new book drawn from her 30 years in the FBI, chasing down killers, psychopaths, and other just plain folks who paradoxically seemed “nice” to the neighbors.

“Sometimes your gut is just wrong,” screams that headlines in Hesse’s article. No doubt cynical Washingtonians are chuckling on their way to work. And those who live in my part of the metro area, Northern Virginia, may be smugly patting their guns. Because in our state we’re allowed, maybe even encouraged, to carry concealed.

Not trusting one’s gut – i.e., not relying on one’s surface evaluations of life – can be taken two different ways. One is suspicion, understandable given the former FBI profiler’s 30 years hunting down the slime of the earth. Such a miserable way to live! CONTINUE READING

Announcing a Pathways Magazine Column on Energetic Literacy

Ready for a sweet announcement, Blog-Buddies? Today it’s official that I will be writing a quarterly column in Pathways Magazine on Energetic Literacy.

Pathways is not just a plump, informative magazine in the metro Washington, D.C. region. It is a big deal in mind-body-spirit in America.

Back when I turned pro as a face reader, in 1986, Pathways used to carry a list of “Sister publications” nationwide. These were other free giveaway publications, with local and national news of New Age. All were paid for by advertisers, with articles to educate and inspire readers.

As part of the steady PR-type work I did, back then, I contacted them all, aiming to write articles about face reading. Over the years, I repeated this experiment. And over the years, those other mind-body-spirit publications pretty much faded away. Pathways remained, steady as the Washington Monument.

This particular magazine has been in print continuously since 1979. I don’t think any other magazine in the country can rival that record.

Or that quality. Including other New Age magazines where I have published articles over the years.

What has impressed me most, apart from the longevity? CONTINUE READING

A breakthrough for “The Power of Face Reading”

The Power of Face Reading, sharing it

Blog-Buddies, it’s a gorgeous Sunday morning here in Sterling, Virginia. I got up bright and early, ready to work a bit on publications before my wonderful clients come here.

Because weekends are when I do most of my in-person sessions: Energy Release Regression Therapy; Aura Healing and Transformation, Thrill Your Soul Research, and Face Raedings. By contrast, the rest of the week is usually for phone sessions.

So here I have been, puttering around with my latest project. My new baby book is safely at the printer’s — that long-time coming “Use Your Power Of Command For Spiritual Cleansing And Protection.” As of just three days ago, because there was yet one more round of correcting small formatting errors. (Sigh!) 

What is this latest project? What is my fun bit of breakthrough news? CONTINUE READING

How did high school prepare you for deeper perception?

The United Nations International School

All the experiences you’ve had so far, Blog-Buddies, have prepared you to excel at energetic literacy. With nuances and specialties that will become specialties and nuances whenever you read somebody’s face or aura.

Recently I started thinking about the impact of my high school years. In New York. At the United Nations International School. Which I actually began attending in fourth grade.

UNIS has changed over the years, even moved into a mega-snazzy building, pictured above. No online photos exist of the un-gated, unpretentious quarters for UNIS in its early days, far as I know. Originally this school for U.N. parents’ kids, and other U.N. sympathizers, used converted garden apartments in Parkway Village, Queens.

UNIS in the 1960's

By my sixth grade we moved to an immense white elephant of a building at 70th Street and First Avenue. Built before the Civil War, this tall-ceilinged building had been used, then was abandoned, by the New York public school system. We rowdies moved in, leaping around the large staircases, scampering up and down the five immense flights of stairs, opening the sticky classroom windows with 9-foot long prongy wooden poles especially designed for that purpose.

Not that there were many of us. My graduating class, in 1965, was the largest in the history of the United Nations International School. All 15 of us.

So what about this place prepared me to read people deeper?

In retrospect, it was the multi-language consciousness. The consciousness of kids who really did come from many parts of the world: Shoba from India, Danuta from Poland, Talia from Israel, Michael and Anne from Jamaica. Mario hailed from Peru, Roderick’s family was Chinese and so was Bill’s.

When a really cute guy joined our class mid-term for the January semester, one year, he was seated on the other side of my double desk. Besides being blinded by the dazzle CONTINUE READING

How I Keep My Integrity Living in Michele Bachmann Territory, a Guest Post by Sandra

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, ready for her aura reading
Michele Bachmann, aspiring to become the president of the United States

Minnesota is a great state to live in. We have all four seasons in their complete and total glory. Summer is particularly spectacular, and we tend to spend a lot of time outside on or near one of our over 10,000 lakes.

We also have fascinating politicians. What other state would elect a governor who had been a pro-wrestler and a B-movie star (Jesse Ventura)?

Well, okay, California would. But we also currently have a state senator who is also a comedian (Al Franken). Equally funny, in her own way, is State Representative Michele Bachmann.

It would be easy to despair at her politics if it wasn’t for her vast entertainment value. Before she represented Minnesota in the House, she was in the state legislature. One time she tried to force a floor vote on banning gay marriage during a time when GLBT supporters were demonstrating on the capitol lawn. It failed to pass. Later that day she hid in the bushes at the rally for God-knows-what reason.

Important quotes from Presidential Candidate Bachman

Equally amusing are Michele Bachman’s verbal gaffes. Here are some of my faves:

“Carbon dioxide is portrayed as harmful. But there isn’t even one study that can be produced that shows that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas.” -Rep. Michelle Bachmann, April, 2009 CONTINUE READING

A workshop to end that mouth dribble problem

Alas, there’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip. Today that old proverb is still oh-so-true, especially in the Age of Starbucks. 

So many pressures today! So many choices! So many ways, human and electronic, to chase a dream and have bits of it dribble down your shirt, as it were.

Fortunately Blog-Buddy, you probably have got the physical drinking coordination down. Most of the time, you can tilt that cup close to your mouth, open wide, and not lose a single precious sip of Starbucks mega-whoopdie-flavor-gigantico. Not a single, staining mouthful dribbling downward from your chin.

When it comes to drinking up life’s most delicious winnings, however, things can get more difficult. As in manifesting:

  • An appropriate, fulfilling, committed love relationship.
  • A job that you really enjoy.
  • Financial security, even abundance.

Some of you Blog-Buddies have been working so hard, so long. Yet results are frustrating, and way more annoying that losing a mouthful of coffee. I would love to help you change that. CONTINUE READING