Volunteer LOA Teachers, Portraits of Spiritual Addiction, Part 2

An adorable LOA graphic (not adorable on the level of auras)

Every case of spiritual addiction has unique features. In today’s post, you have the opportunity to learn more — very individual — ways that LOA volunteer teachers have been doing their very best. They have pursued a path that promised them prosperity.

Only they know if it works. However, it may not be a particularly good sign that these dedicated followers of Law of Attraction, Abraham-Hicks and/or The Secret are giving away their services by teaching free meetup groups.

This post shares what I learned by profiling 50 passionate believers on The Law of Attraction/The Secret as taught by Abraham-Hicks or Rhonda Byrne. My how-to book “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy” was based on extensive research. This is just a small part of it.

For more details about how this research was done, see the previous post about Law of Attraction volunteer teachers (including Comment #3.) That previous article shared Magnetize Money Profiles with 10 other volunteer teachers of Law of Attraction.

#11. Magnetize Money Profile, Scottsdale

Root Chakra Databank: Earning Money

14 inches, doesn’t like to work for it. Believes he deserves to have money, that’s all.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank: Handling Conflict at Work

7 inches, muscles his way into solving problems his way

Third Eye Chakra Databank: Connection to Spiritual Source

Out to sky, pulled by the fascination of beings like Abraham. CONTINUE READING

Icky or important? Using Energetic Literacy on teachers.

A fine pundit about jellybeans

Yoicks! A rather large lack of comment has resulted from our last post. From this usually active community of Blog-Buddies!

Do you realize? After five years, Deeper Perception Made Practical has included 952 posts and 8,544 comments. (10,208 if you counted all the spam, which I would rather not.) Some of my posts have been clunkers, and I’m glad to let them go. But not this one.

From a recent conversation, I’m wondering if some of you consider it distasteful to view the range of ways that people can develop spiritual addiction through Law of Attraction teachings. Today I’ll boldly plunge into controversial surf and address some of the reactions to Magnetize Money Profiles, LOA Teachers, Part 1 and comparable posts.

Because the controversial type of profile you have been offered could turn out to be really, really helpful along your path to Enlightenment.

“If you’ve seen one redwood,  you’ve seen them all.”

This quote, attributed to The Gipper, summarized his lack of interest in trees. Do you feel that way about redwoods?

How about the auras of people who have developed a spiritual addiction from following LOA and The Secret?

When reading through the details of a Magnetize Money Profile, it doesn’t have to seem like “same old, same old.” Using your Gutenberg literacy to read about one chakra databank after another, you’re doing a quick version of using energetic literacy techniques for aura reading. CONTINUE READING

Magnetize Money Profiles, LOA Teachers, Part 1

Rhonda Byrne, aurically way different from LOA volunteer teachers

In America, shoppers are buying like mad. It’s “Black Friday,” the annual sale-fest when buying becomes an extreme sport. Let’s celebrate with some Magnetize Money profiles.

Incidentally, we have a contest still open for nominating candidates to receive a Magnetize Money Profile, my having decided to keep it open until December 1. Why? I’d like to share my research on using energetic literacy to inject realism into prosperity teachings, giving you a really good chance to think about how much energetic literacy and chakra databank profiling can help us win both success and prosperity.

  • Success literature includes works by Brian Tracy, Dale Carnegie, Andrew Carnegie, and  Donald Trump.
  • Prosperity literature includes books by Abraham-Hicks, Rhonda Byrne, Napoleon Hill, and Catherine Ponder.

I wrote about both approaches in “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.” (Which is why the subtitle reads, “10 Secrets for Success and Prosperity in the Third Millennium.”) Have you ever considered?

  • Success teachings emphasize gaining wealth through objective reality.
  • Prosperity teachings emphasize gaining wealth through subjective reality.
  • Energetic literacy, which involves aura reading of different chakra databanks, gives us the chance to find out what really works. That can be a stark contrast with the results claimed for any approach for gaining wealth.

Law of Attraction consequences at the level of aura reading

What does energy literacy reveal about serious followers of the Law of Attraction? If you’re a passionate believer in LOA, do not read this article. It could ruffle your positive attitude.

If your mind isn’t adamantly made up, however, I hope you will find this article thought provoking. Even, ultimately, a really good investment of your time.  CONTINUE READING

Could you put God first without living in Spiritual Addiction?

Yogic flying? A little goes a long way.

At our recent conversation about Spiritual Addiction, RACHEL wrote:

However, I sometimes puzzle over one of Jesus’s sayings: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all the rest shall be added unto you.”

RACHEL sure opened up a can of… butterflies. She invited all us Blog-Buddies to comment. How could I resist, when so many of the spiritually addicted new clients who come to me had just this sort of priority.

Putting God first… is it possible to live that way not not live with a spiritual addiction? I’m living proof. Plenty of us Blog-Buddies are. So here are some thoughts:

Question the wording of scriptural quotes

Yet one more reason why I wouldn’t make it as a Fundamentalist Christian in this lifetime… I don’t believe in the literal word between covers of anyone’s family Bible.

As for this quote, attributed to Jesus, it sure wasn’t from a YouTube video. CONTINUE READING

Spiritual Addiction, Q&As

The first Rose Rosetree book discussing spiritual addiction

FAQs about spiritual addiction? It’s about time, right. For the last couple of years, I’ve been educating people about spiritual addiction.

  • In my last book, “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.” I wrote about this for the first time. Included is a chapter distinguishing spiritual addiction from Enlightenment.
  • In my upcoming how-to, “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection,” I take the understanding further. That requires clarifying a common cause of spiritual addiction, The Romance of the Astral.
  • In sessions of Aura Healing with Energy Spirituality, the topic has sometimes come up.

For one reason or another, so many of you Blog-Buddies have been seeking to know more.

Well, let’s get practical. Here are my responses to common questions. If you have additional questions, ask them below.

 Q. What is spiritual addiction?

A. Spiritual addiction is an aura-level problem that produces real-life consequences. Everyone has hundreds of circuits within the aura called chakra databanks. Many of them are about human life, helping you to be effective as a person, balanced and happy. Others are about being a world server, assisting other people in the world, connecting to CONTINUE READING

Use Your Power of Command, with Mom and 2,000+ kids doing fine

Shrinkwrapped pallets of Rose Rosetree books arrive

Blog-Buddies, this has been a happy day here at Women’s Intuition Worldwide, LLC. Today the delivery truck came to bring our first half of the print run, while the rest went to the fulfillment warehouse in New Hampshire. Each place we got two pallets, close to 2,000 pounds.

It wasn’t new, seeing the first editions. For one thing, I have been focusing really, really hard on this book for over a year. Everything from Edits #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, incorporating edits from Dana Wheeler, typesetting, cover consultations galore for seven months, edits while typesetting, corrections after seeing “bluelines.” And then, finally, the two sample copies arrived last week.

One of my favorite printers, environmentally friendly McNaughton & Gunn, did the hard part of getting all those pages in correct order, nicely printed, and every page the same size. Plus none of those pages fall out. Amazing! CONTINUE READING

Enlightenment vs. Detachment, a Guest Post from Jill





Blog-Buddies, I wanted to post something really special today. You don’t have to be a number mystic like me, or even a professional numerolgist, to figure out that 11-20-2011 could count for at least as special a day as the widely hyped 11-11-2011.

  • We’ll have another double day on 12-12.
  • We’ll have a cool date on 11-11-2111. But that’s a hundred years off. and really, isn’t today’s date more cool?
  • We’ll have the very interesting date of 33-33-3033 in another thousand years plus, but, hey! We don’t have 33 months in a year yet, do we now? If earth lasts that long, maybe yes, maybe no.
  • In England and other countries, the date would be called 20-11-2011.

Anyway, I just delighted when the following comment arrived from wise JILL on this busy day (with barely time for me to do formatting, not time enough for writing a brand new blog article). 

This is a great post, JILL.

Detachment, a failed path to Enlightenment

So many of us who want to be enlightened either have, or are in the midst of, some path of practicing “detachment,” thinking that alone would/will get us “there.”

In my own experience I pursued that path under the guise of Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism with varying degrees of success of detachment. But all it got me was confusion and pain. CONTINUE READING

What if society makes you lie or cheat?

Hush hush, except for your chakra databanks

Blog-Buddy RACHEL was recently reading Coping when something is wrong energetically, posted almost exactly one year ago. In Comment 32, she asked:

I’m interested in what you say about the need to always be truthful.

How do you think that carries over to different cultures? I have the impression that there are many cultures where lying – or, at the very least, not being truthful or straightforward – is normal.

I’ve always felt that it’s important not to judge different cultures and insist that “our way” is the best way of doing things, and that, for example, people in foreign cultures simply have different habits that we don’t fully understand because our backgrounds are so different.

Do you agree? Or do you think that in countries where it is common to lie and cheat (say, in business situations) are clogging up their auras with STUFF? CONTINUE READING

Detachment on Your Path to Enlightenment

Mr. Enlightenment, does he look detached to you?

ANGELA’s first comment at this blog raised concerns of interest to all of us who seek spiritual Enlightenment. Her recent Comment 12 included this:

I’ve been actively pursuing “Enlightenment” for the past four years, and I must say you are absolutely correct about disassociating. This journey has taken me for a ride, making me so inwardly focused and out of touch with reality that I’ve been unable to see truth around me (and been duped by those who could see my detachment).

Although I’ve gained many wonderful insights, I ultimately feel that I took the worst route and wasted a lot of time, as I’ve been unable to engage the real world. I’m working daily to merge these two halves I’ve created, and am wondering if any of your past articles or a specific book addresses how to heal this ailment?

On your path to Enlightenment, no repining

ANGELA hasn’t wasted a minute, not a minute, in my opinion. Nor have you, Blog-Buddies, if your experiences in this lifetime have included any of the more common detours.

Grief is natural when moving forward from a spent path. But never criticize yourself or your prior choices, please. CONTINUE READING