Spiritual Addiction Quiz – Answers

Today’s post will provide answers to the Spiritual Addiction Quiz in our last post. I dedicate this article to GLADYS, a new client who managed to start sessions with me right before tipping over into full spiritual addiction. I’m also mindful of the heartfelt Comment 8 yesterday from LJ (emphasis and ellipsis added by me):

“Deciphering the middle ground between a healthy pursuit of developing psychic skills… and too much is pretty fine and hard to put a finger on… since a lot of different things can create a spiritual addiction.”

Before you read the answers below, I encourage you to take the quiz yourself, with detailed answers beyond the simple TRUE and FALSE. Those details are significant.

After taking the quiz, do have a look at amazingly inspiring Comment 15 from JILL.

First, defining spiritual addiction

A simple definition of spiritual addiction is this: Paying way more attention to energy, spirituality, psychic pursuits, etc., than to human life.

And this pattern is more than lifestyle imbalance. There is an imbalance in how the person habitually uses consciousness. CONTINUE READING

Spiritual Addiction Quiz

How can I tell if I have a spiritual addiction? Before we wind up this year, let’s address a major theme in this year’s posts. (And in my personal sessions with clients in 2011 as well.)

Like any addiction (alcoholism, marijuana addiction, pornography addiction, sex addiction, love addiction, or addiction to a cult), the consequences of spiritual addiction are very personal, with the worst problems not being universal at all.

The best way to tell if you have a spiritual addiction is to have someone competent at Stage Three Energetic Literacy check out a representative sample of your chakra databanks. However, if you are looking for a checklist, take this Spiritual Addiction Quiz.

Answer TRUE or FALSE. Our next post will interpret your findings.

  1. I have a closer relationship to my angels than to any actual human beings.
  2. When I encounter a difficulty or conflict with other people, I try to fix it by taking personal responsibility, such as prayer or trying to see the Divine in the other person’s eyes.
  3. Before I end any conversation, if there is conflict, it is important for me to bless the other person. CONTINUE READING

Energetic Literacy, Weight, and How You Eat — Pathways Magazine Column

Such perfect timing, Blog Buddies. Just in time for making New Year’s Resolutions.

Plus, soon I’ll be giving my annual workshop on Goal Setting with the Aura Reading Advantage. This is an opportunity to move into Stage Three Energetic Literacy for researching choices for weight loss. (Note, this aura reading workshop is about ANY goals you might make, not only ones related to your weight.)

Plus, our most recent blog comment today comes from RYAN, Comment 8, where he bemoaned pressures from The Vanity Culture for guys. Here’s help!

(New readers to this column might enjoy previous weight-related posts like these: Skilled Empath Merge with Demi Moore, a Guest Post from Elaine, Aura reading of Lady Gaga, Beware fake faces, aura reading shows why, How The Anorexic Ideal hurts women of my generation, a guest post by Jordan.) CONTINUE READING

Merry and silly, all on the same day

Merry Christmas, to all who celebrate it in any way, shape, or formless form. I have been having the happiest time with today’s celebration.

Last night the three of us went to an evening service at Unity of Fairfax. Of course, I love just about any religious service at any time.

Especially I love singing hymns (where I freely substitute words that conform better with my personal theology than all the “suggested” words in the hymnals). If you’re like me, you don’t get to sing nearly enough on a typical day.

However, I don’t usually make it through any hymn, all verses sung. Because pretty soon into  the singing, I get the subtext. Which is that a whole roomful of people, plus me, are singing the song called “I love you, God.”

Naturally all of us love God anyway. On some level. Even Christopher Hitchens, wherever he is scowling now. (Having played his role well and now, fortunately, beyond human embarrassment.)

My late ex-guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi put it well. He used to say, to paraphrase, “If people knew that, for sure, they could go into a shop and have a personal appointment with God, even the most confirmed atheists would show up. It’s just that people tire of all the cheap imitations, where people promise to deliver the real thing but don’t. If that meeting with God were a sure thing, atheists would probably be among the very first in line.”

So there we are in an official “sanctuary,” the whole roomful of silly people, muddling through  life, doing the best we can. And we’re actually loving God in our conscious minds, CONTINUE READING

Family of Choice, How to Find It and Keep It

Sometimes a Blog-Buddy goes through a personal kind of pain that is more than personal. Unwittingly, he or she is speaking for many of you Blog-Buddies. Yesterday I was having an email conversation like this with VERONICA. She graciously allowed me to share what she wrote:

Despite my efforts to create a loving, supportive, caring, fun Family of Choice here, it has not yet arrived to greet me around the Christmas tree. I am having quite a hard time not feeling like such a loser. For real. There really are moments of “what is the point of all of this if still I feel so alone??”

Aarghh….I know, not the most mature or enlightened or whatever, but this feels very, very human.

Wondering if you have run into this kind of timing and phenomenon. I suppose the longing for that family-of-choice, the intensity now, is actually a good thing.

After I promised to write today’s post, VERONICA shared a bit more: CONTINUE READING

Self-Centered Fear, a transitional concept from Narcotics Anonymous

I applaud anyone who has gone to Narcotics Anonymous even once. This 12-Step Program is a lifeline for so many courageous people in recovery who seek to break free from substance addiction.

One of my cherished long-term clients is GLADYS. She has a history that involves substances. One session at a time, we are moving out STUFF and putting in new understandings, choices, and social skills in alignment with her soul, her strongest individual qualities of Who You Be. (This 50% of move out STUFF and 50% of put-in is, of course, a working definition of Energy Spirituality.)

Today GLADYS mentioned in passing an important concept in Narcotics Anonymous (NA): Self-Centered Fear. And today’s post is a response to this concept, which can be very helpful at a certain stage in recovery but later, well, how often is a human idea useful at every level of consciousness?

Self-Centered Fear

Life grows over-subjective if you smoke marijuana or center your life around cocaine or heroin. The concept of Self-Centered Fear includes false, or irrelevant, concerns that keep the former addict from engaging fully in life.

Speech and action in objective reality always come with risk. As I understand it, Self-Centered Fear is a form of “stinking thinking” that is especially common among people who would seek out Narcotics Anonymous.

At one time, the Self-Centered Fear label really helped GLADYS. She used the concept to identify behavior patterns that were related to her former dependency upon substances. Painful though these patterns were to acknowledge, she needed the clarity as she sought to rebuild her life.

“Get over yourself” is good advice at a certain stage of development. It’s along the lines of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. Move from subjective reality into objective reality. Use speech and action, rather than dwelling on fear. However…. CONTINUE READING

Self-authority counters fear, a guest post by Jill

Some of you Blog-Buddies have been following a thread about growing after you have cut cords of attachment and are figuring out what to put in. Courage needed on one’s path to Enlightenment, a Guest Post from Rachel has elicited words of great wisdom from many of you. This recent comment by JILL was so brimming over with joyous clarity that I had to upgrade it to guest post status.

Many of the other comments would have been worthy of this as well, so I encourage you to read ALL the comments at the previous post. Self-authority rules! Or at least it can.

Recently I have reminded you’all that Energy Spirituality is 50% about the STUFF removal — such as cutting cords of attachment — and 50% about what you put in.

Only you can do that put-in. Spiritual self-authority certainly helps.

Here comes JILL’s guest post.

RACHEL, I know EXACTLY how you feel because I felt that deep fear of being alone for most of my life until about three years ago. I am 61 now, and I hope it doesn’t take you as long to work through this as it did me.

My childhood was filled with insecurities on all fronts – family, financially, and socially. I was obsessed with trying to find some footing in which I could feel secure for most of my life. And it was a useless, costly, cause. I was constantly afraid of what might happen and how I would handle it without having a family to support me.

Just like you, it was the illness or financial crisis that was going to do me in. The funny thing is that none of that has never happened, and just may never happen. I have wasted so much energy on all levels of my life seeking that elusive feeling of security in all the wrong places. And my only regret at this time in my life is just that waste of energy on something that never developed and probably never will.

I am validating your feelings of fear of loneliness and lack of support and, at the same time, telling you that from my own experience of 61 years of age, the likelihood of any of the scenarios of doom that you fear are likely to never happen.

Trust yourself. You really can handle ANYTHING that MAY happen. CONTINUE READING

Courage needed on one’s path to Enlightenment, a Guest Post from Rachel

Blog-Buddy RACHEL is feeling growing pains. Here is a heartfelt, honest account of what she is going through now on her personal path to Enlightenment, including making choices that thrill her soul.

In phone sessions with me, this wonderful client has healed a great deal of STUFF. However, Energy Spirituality is only 50% about releasing STUFF. The other 50% of Energy Spirituality — the part that newbies take a bit longer to appreciate usually — is what you put in.

Put in what? Well, with STUFF gone from your aura and subconscious mind, there is more room for you:

  • Your personal identity as a distinct individual
  • Your soul’s input into your human life
  • Your choices about your work in the world, all aspects of being a world server
  • Equally important, you get to pursue your very personal interests in life
  • Your free-willish interest in what makes you happy, rather than living based on obligation to family members
  • And in the case of my East-Meets-West clients like RACHEL, there can be an awakening that your way of being yourself includes qualities of consciousness that don’t just come from your country of origin (in this particular lifetime). Whether members of your current family understand that or not! CONTINUE READING

Clinton, Pelosi and Bachmann, leaders of collective consciousness

Historic Hillary Clinton with glowing chakra databanks

Three cheers, at least one big cheer each, for Michele Bachmann, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton.

In the collective consciousness of America, two have played a huge role of late. While the third has recently done something absolutely extraordinary for collective consciousness worldwide. If you don’t know what Hillary Clinton did recently, keep reading. 

(Maybe also start wondering why this historic and mega-important speech received so little media coverage. Didn’t even make the first page of the Washington Post, for instance. For shame!)

Got to admire Michele Bachmann.

Not necesarily like her.  Or believe in her politics. However, Michele Bachmann is the first woman in Republican Presidential politics to seriously work at campaigning for president. Compare her to Sarah Palin, who was chosen shortly before the election… and then as arm candy.

Excuse me, Sarah Palin was considered as a candidate for vice-president of the U.S. (Except oops! See this video of McCain’s Brain #1: Checking Out Sarah Palin – YouTube)

Republicans are more conservative socially than the Democrats, as you may have heard. So it’s a harder job being the first serious female Republican to run for office. Three cheers for Bachman, recently saying, while disrespected in a debate:

“This isn’t just once. I think it’s just outrageous to continue to say over and over throughout the debates that I don’t have my facts right, when it as a matter of fact, I do,” Bachmann said. “I am a serious candidate for the President of the United States, and my facts are accurate.” CONTINUE READING