Healing Mt. Fuji, a guest post by Catrien Ross

The wound is the place where the light enters you – Jelalludin Rumi

Today I would like to invite you to join my Mount Fuji Energy Resonance, a distant healing event I am presenting free from Yamanashi, Japan.

Many of my blog readers and newsletter subscribers feel drawn to personally contributing to healing vibrations in Japan in the wake of last year’s 9.0 magnitude earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident.

By collectively sharing Mount Fuji Energy Resonance, my vision is that we can join together distantly not only for vibrational energy within Japan, but also for unfolding and amplifying our inner healing energies. CONTINUE READING

Being in the Presence of a Molecular Empath

Molecular empaths have… how many eyes?

In answer to FIONA’s questions as part of a thread about molecular empaths, ANONYMOUS is sharing some of her experiences as a skilled empath. And, most definitely, a molecular empath.

Anonymous was responding to Comment 35, for those of you keeping track. 🙂

As a molecular empath who is a skilled empath

As for being a molecular empath, it’s a hoot now but wasn’t always so much fun before I knew what all this was about.  Basically, I would end up making people feel awkward or create inadvertent social gaffes by telling people what I thought was true – and they would deny it.

I didn’t realize that social exchange between most people was really not at that deep a level.  So for me to come along and talk at a deep level really stirred things up.

It is wonderful now to be able to connect to people at such a deep level – to understand and appreciate people in that way.  If and when I want to.  Other times, I am happy to have social exchanges that are fun, easy, and lighthearted.  These days, I mostly keep my empathy turned off.  But when I want to, I can crank it up and experience the full CONTINUE READING

New Age consumers, choose the best and leave the rest

A recent theme in my healing sessions has been cutting cords of attachment to previous New Age healers. Many different clients have had me remove cords of attachment to different healers; clients on different continents and healers of every description.

Often this sort of help has been requested by my long-term clients. These folks have had benefit from Energy Spirituality and they now are ready to clean out old STUFF related to previous experiences with healers that were either fulfilling or not fulfilling. Cleaning out STUFF and putting in more soulful qualities, as human beings on a path to Enlightenment — that is the definition of Enbergy Spirituality. And the put-in part includes assessing your current path, what helps and what hinders and what is mostly a habit.

These clients have come to trust me enough to ask me to research (and then remove) cords of attachment to various healers and teachers. Having done so much of this type of cord cutting recently, I thought I would wade into some controversial waters. (Who, me?) No, I am not aiming to badmouth anyone. I feel zero temptation to name some well known healers whose behavior has not been up to par. I have no axe to grind here about one type of healing versus another. No lightworkers are in competition; all are needed.

Yet, as a consumer, you may find choosing New Age practitioners to be tricky. So strap on your spiritual self-authority and let’s investigate some problems that you can easily avoid. CONTINUE READING

Special Treatment for Molecular Empaths

One practical point about molecular empaths was not included in our last post. Just for fun, I’ll whisper it to you today.

This pssssst is of special interest for all of you clients who are molecular empaths. Not that there are loads of you, but some of you definitely are. When I have been in session with you, I have told you so. Well, what’s up with that?

Plus I want to share with all you empaths (and non-empaths) why normally I will not name the nature of any empath gifts that you might have.

Normally I do have a strict policy as a teacher of Empath Empowerment(R). In the interest of my students, I do NOT do research about which gift(s) you have as an empath. (Although you might have me do aura reading research about somebody else’s empath gifts, or lack of them.)

Maybe you know why this policy is so important for helping you. But maybe you don’t know why I make this exception to my own rule. Because I definitely will volunteer the fact that you’re a molecular empath… if I notice it.


Molecular Empaths

Molecular empath, Rose Rosetree, coming out of a skilled empath merge

What is a molecular empath? How can you recognize one? What can you do if you ARE one?

Today’s article is meant to be a kind of one-stop shopping trip into the world of  molecular empaths, inspired by popular demand.

What is an empath in the first place (not just a molecular empath)?

Empaths are born, not made, not developed. Empaths can be trained, however, just like any person with an innate talent.

An empath is born with at least one significant, trainable gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person.

That simple.

This ability (or set of abilities) shows in your aura right from you are in the womb. CONTINUE READING

Face Reading Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell, ready for his face reading

Malcolm Gladwell, an amazing New Yorkerish writer, is almost frightening in his relentless pursuit of truth. This incisive thinker and crisp prose stylist is known for Outliers, Blink, and The Tipping Point. Would he welcome a face reading article?Maybe not. What’s the closest the great Mr. Gladwell has come to reporting on face reading, the 5,000-year-old art of physiognomy?

Oops, Gladwell has interviewed Paul Ekman. A predictable choice really, as Professor Ekman is abundantly credentialled, hard-science-based in his approach… and totally dismissive of real face reading. Instead, Ekman offers extremely elegant expression reading, which he calls “face reading.” Eckman really is great at that.

Just for fun, I thought it might be enjoyable to give Gladwell a dose of medicine he is likely never to request on his own behalf. CONTINUE READING

Magnetize Money Profile, Aura Reading Ratan Tata

Big success for tycoon Ratan Tata. Learn more about him with deeper perception.
Big success for tycoon Ratan Tata. Learn more about him with deeper perception.

A tiger of a tycoon, that’s Ratan Tata. He, along with Blog-Buddy NADINE, is the winner of last year’s Aura Reading Contest. What inspiration for a prosperous new year, to read his aura using the Magnetize Money Profile!

Here is how NADINE described him in Comment 20, with her contest entry:

Ratan Tata. I first heard about him during a class report and was kind of fascinated when a picture of him was shown. He reminds me of a tiger.

He started from the bottom and seems to have a knack for turning companies around. Some of his earlier (successful) efforts were largely thwarted and offset by external events but he went on to head the Tata Group of companies which have made big acquisitions such as Tetly, Jaguar Land Rover and Corus. I’m really curious how he (and people like him) does it.

As usual, with aura reading research, you can learn about chakra databanks and Stage Three Energetic Literacy from other posts here at this blog. Or start reading auras in CONTINUE READING

First workshops and sessions ever in NM, plus I’m coming to CA

Rose Rosetree’s students at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore “sat in rapt attention”

– The Los Angeles Times

Oh, it has been so long since I’ve taught on the west coast, Blog-Buddies! I’m thrilled to be doing my first sponsorships in America (outside Virginia)  in seven years. So please consider coming yourself. And please tell your friends in these parts of America. Because it would be soooooo much fun to meet with you.

Southern New Mexico (near El Paso, TX airport)

February 23 – March 7, 2012

Yes, I will be giving personal sessions and teaching the following two weekend workshops:

 Both of the weekend workshops are the full-strength kind that count for my Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program. CONTINUE READING

Abortion, from the Perspective of RES

Abortion is more than a right. Spiritually, abortion can help a woman to evolve.

Abortion — I’m not among the 1 in 3 American women who has had an abortion. However, I do know quite a bit on this topic. Because of my work as the Founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

In session, I’ve helped clients remove many kinds of STUFF related to getting an abortion: Cords of attachment, frozen blocks, psychic coercion, energetic subroutines.

Concluding what? Spiritually, abortion can help a woman to evolve. CONTINUE READING

More Family of Choice, no Grey Slime

Family of Choice, a gift you give to yourself

Requests have come to me, and now I want to help make them happen.

Could I please help GLADYS meet some folks from the blog in San Francisco? How about helping JOE, who happens to live in London?

Blog-Buddies, many of you are natural best friends with others who comment or lurk at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” Now, just to get you psyched for the practical ideas to  follow, let’s inspire you with a couple of concepts.

Family of Choice

“Family of Choice” is an idea I first proposed (and discussed at some length) in the spiritual daybook “Let Today Be a Holiday.” In contrast to “Family of Blood,” you are not born into this group. You will not locate these people by doing same-old, same-old.

Like free will itself, Family of Choice happens one relationship at a time. You make one choice at a time, pursue a social connection one conversation at a time. As you get to know that other person better, you can tell who will stand by you like a sister, a brother, a mom, a dad, a daughter, a son.

You get to decide for yourself, name the relationship as you choose.

Pursuing Family of Choice is a great way to move forward on your path to Enlightenment.