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Rose Rosetree, surprised to become a teacher of Enlightenment

Recently we had the biggest drama yet at this blog. There was an adorable bunch o’ comments at a newsy post about Latest stats about energetic literacy. We learned the “secret” identity of my first client and student and reader to become spiritually Enlightened.

Still excited about this, a thought occurred to me the next morning. Maybe some of you lurkers, or even regular Blog-Buddies, are offended at our having conversations about Enlightenment.

Sure enough, I opened up the Admin interface at my blog and found today’s comment from a self-described “LURKER.” She never had posted comments here before but courageously — and mildly — asked, in Comment 35: 

Perhaps the average visitor to this blog does not maintain the interest in Enlightenment that you do?

In your honor, LURKER, here are 10 reasons why you will find the occasional post devoted to Enlightenment at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

1. You can always get an aura reading, empath merge, face reading from Rose Rosetree.

Of course aura reading, empath merge, face reading are available. At this blog, just type terms like these into the search box at the upper left column. CONTINUE READING

Surprise, Enlightenment!

Every springtime flower is a surprise. An even bigger surprise? Enlighenment!

Enlightenment could be your destiny! When it comes, will Enlightenment surprise you?

Blog-Buddies, are you loving this spring? Gardeners like me nearly drool with delight.

In the spirit of springtime, I’d like to share some of the latest statistics and facts about the fun world of energetic literacy and Energy Spirituality.

Note: Some two years after this original post, a bit of editing is overdue. I praise a website that no longer exists, so I’ll snip that part out and continue with the rest. Or you might just want to skip over to the really exciting breakthrough. Just scroll down to the big red headline.

1,000+ Blog Posts, Nearly 10,000 Comments


Extra smart? How STUFF can hurt you.

Highly INTELLIGENT Person, from birth

Blog-Buddies DAVE and GRACE got this Smartie thread going. DAVE began by asking, in Comment 10 at this blog post about Tenderness in Relationships, especially for empaths:

I’ve always wondered what you mean by this:

“Being exceptionally intelligent (Gifted and talented people are at least as vulnerable socially as people with really low IQs – something not widely known but definitely true.)”

Could you elaborate on this a bit? It makes sense to me on one level, but also seems counter-intuitive. Conventional wisdom has it that smart people are better equipped to handle situations. Also though, the phrase “Too smart for her own good” comes to mind. CONTINUE READING

Farewell, Spiritual Addiction. Moving towards Enlightenment

Farewell Spiritual Addiction
Farewell Spiritual Addiction, I’m learning a better way to position my consciousness

Farewell, Spiritual Addiction. Because I’m learning a better way to move towards Enlightenment.

What’s the key? Positioning my consciousness.Yesterday’s post explored today’s epidemic of spiritual addiction, relating it to the global pandemic of obesity and common confusions within the New Age community.

For today the more joyful flip side of the coin: What is so wonderful about positioning your consciousness at the human level?

Because your freedom to position your consciousness effortlessly is amazing. It really is.

Positioning your consciousness

Of course you have consciousness. Even before your baby eyes could focus well, you had consciousness. Of course, “consciousness” simply means being awake inside, noticing one thing at a time.

Long before multi-tasking became popular, you could do one thing at a time:

  • Relish a spring tulip.
  • Smell apple pie.
  • Eat a bite of that pie, one mouth at a time and one mouthful at a time.


Vibrational lifting, energy vampire fears, energy hypochondria

Congratulations to our latest group of Skilled Empaths, graduates of the Empath Empowerment Workshop. Every time I teach this workshop, it is a unique delight. And this group didn’t disappoint.

If you are new to learning about empaths, I wish you could have met this group — such a diverse collection of people. All they had in common:

  • Being human
  • Having at least one of the many possible gifts that qualify someone to be an empath
  • Participating delightfully in the workshop, as very good sports, even Brave Explorers
  • And all of them were really, really intelligent

However, I did notice something about this group of students. Also I noticed something similar with the folks who have taken other workshops in New Mexico and California that I offered over the last few weeks. It’s concerning enough to warrant a blog post, I thought. Because you might be intereacting with people who have this newish problem, or even have it yourself.

Learn what is happening, why it is happening, and how you can avoid having this happen to you. CONTINUE READING

Guidance and Message Quiz, ANSWERS, PART 2

Seeking guidance on your spiritual path? Here come more answers to our quiz about angelic guidance and receiving messages, answers informed by Energetic Literacy and aura healing techniques of Energy Spirituality.

The picture at the top of this post comes from a novel I wrote about personal development in an America where the search for spiritual guidance dominates national life, The Roar of the Huntids.

For context, before you visit the answers to our quiz, might I suggest you first read:

Okay, here comes more fun, or controversy. Or both.

Guidance and Message Question #7: The role of your personal ego

Be vigilant to not let your ego get involved. Because ego is one of the traps that prevents a person from receiving the messages.

FALSE. Yet this belief is so prevalent in the New Age community! So many gorgeous spiritual seekers consider their minds inferior merchandise.

Supposedly, angels provide the good insights, while one’s “mere” feelings and thoughts could be wrong.

In some cases, I wonder if this kind of New Age seeking has roots in the Hellfire School of Christianity. Like fear that “The Devil” CONTINUE READING

A love song to L.A

Oh, the Brave Explorers here in Los Angeles! Now that my workshop here is complete, I’m enjoying some quiet time for blogging about what it’s like, being here in California for the first time in seven years.

No Deeper Perception will be described here, incidentally. Just the surface of life in Los Angeles is quite a trip.

No, I was not in Orange County. Or San Francisco. Or other parts of California where I have gone previously through newspaper interview. This was inhabiting just one part of the state, and a specialized part at that.

Because my Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Workshop was held in Santa Monica, mere blocks from The Promenade at the beach. We healers with Energy Spirituality were tucked into a soulful massage school building that was replete with quirky touches.

Such as? To my left, as I taught all weekend, stood “God, Jr.” He was a large man, anatomically correct and tattooed with all significant acupuncture points on display. He was also gold-plated, which mades him (perhaps) more tasteful.

Taller than me, too. But at 5′ 1″, I’m used to that.

To my right, at the front of the room, was “Gladys Gladys.” Very thin. Even by Hollywood standards.

Okay, I’ll be blunt. Gladys Gladys was naked as well. Yet one hardly noticed, since all that remained of her was the skeleton. CONTINUE READING

Spiritual Cleansing and Protection in Los Angeles

Woo-hoo, Blog-Buddies! Today, my first official workshop in L.A. in seven years (approximately).

Many healers will be in this group, according to my survey during last night’s introduction. One participant, GLADYS described a rather unusual way of learning about this Rose Rosetree workshop.

Driving home, she had to stop because a car by the side of the road blew up. This took a while, all things considered. So GLADYS switched on her radio, heard part of my interview on “The Aware Show” and decided to come.

Less drama is planned for the actual workshop today. I’ll bring sumptuous roses, fresh from the garden of Alisabeth Brown, my sponsor here in California. Plus a heart freshly watered with gratitude.

Rumor has it, from the massage school location for the “Use Your Power of Command Workshop,” just a block away in this part of Santa Monica, there lies an entire ocean.


Rose Rosetree Interview on “The Aware Show”

“The Aware Show” radio show on KPFK 90.7FM in Los Angeles, Rose Rosetree interviewed by talk host Lisa Garr,  is live as of Wednesday, March 7, 2012. Send any comments to or call 800.772.3012

 The topic? “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.”

Yes, Lisa was interested in learning about “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection,” a how-to book by me — published just in January 2012 — with a chapter you can read for free. at The Official Rose Rosetree website. CONTINUE READING

New aura readers and skilled empaths in New Mexico

Both my New Mexico workshops are complete now, weekend workshops for Aura Reading Level One and Empath Empowerment Level One.

 As usual, we had a 100% success rate with the Aura Reading Workshop. By Sunday night, every graduate was reading auras in depth and detail, down to chakra databanks.

Which, of course, counts as Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

And we had a first, of sorts. Because I got to research the impact of a very expensive lipstick on a certain workshop participant’s chakra databanks. Worked better for her than a variety of aromatherapy and herbal products!

  • More creativity in life.
  • Clearer spiritual connection.
  • Smoother emotional growth.
  • Who knew?

This latest aura research may confirm what so many of us ladies already know. Makeup really is the best medicine. CONTINUE READING