365 Ways to a Stronger You — interact with the book

365 Ways to a Stronger You

Blog-Buddies, before it turns midnight I want to finish up some smashing of words. Specifically, I am smashing words up into an ebook, via a service called Smashbooks.

Seemed like fun to start with my simplest nonfiction book, format-wise. Plus this one has a better title, perhaps, in its ebook edition.

  365 Ways to a Stronger You:

Balance Your Human Life with Helping Others as a World Server

Yes, that’s the reincarnation of a daybook first published in 2005 as…

Let Today Be a Holiday: 365 Ways to Co-Create with God

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The perils of having a pure heart

Looking at the world through Rose-Rosetree-colored glasses

Hope so. Hope you are willing to see the ugliness. Especially if you have a pure heart.

If not willing, you risk finding bogus ugliness in others and yourself.

Seeking beauty is a great lifestyle. But seeking ONLY beauty makes a lousy requirement for life, a wretched way of attempting to live one’s ideals.

Could be, aiming to find only sweetness and light counts as one of the slowest and most difficult paths to Enlightenment.

Sure, I know this attempt is part of New Age Litany and much Christian culture, like the custom we have light-heartedly debunked previously, blessing people you really despise.

Ugliness remains a fact of life. Beginning, middle, end — you can encounter pain in any phase of a relationship. End-type ugliness hurts particularly.

By the end of your friendship with JOE, it can be tempting to revise the history (even the beautiful parts) by blaming JOE for being a narcissist or toxic personality or a negative person.

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Aura Reading Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, always calm?

Is the man really as calm as he seems? Might Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan be an empath, especially an animal empath? Ooh, I’m so curious!

Pssst, we’re going to do some aura reading research on a professional whisperer.

Searching for photos to use for this round of Stage Three Energetic Literacy, I was fascinated by the prevalence of pictures of Cesar with animals but not often Cesar with people. In my experience, some folks who do great with animals also get along beautifully with people… but not always.

I’m especially curious about the calmness thing. In every episode I have watched of Cesar Millan’s reality show, he models for dog owners how to calm down. In situations where I would shriek with terror, in the presence of nervous small dogs, in situation after situation… Cesar Millan models congruent body language that dogs respond to.

Well, I wonder, what’s with that? Can he bring that degree of calmness to human interactions as well?

Choosing the photos to use for aura reading research

Cesar Millan and sons, calm or not?

One of the few pictures with Cesar plus another human that I was able to locate — understandable but interesting right there, don’t you think? — showed him with his two sons.

Even on the level of body language, don’t you think all three of them look awkward,  even uncomfortable?

So many telling details, like older son’s outer foot pointing away from Dad, also his shoulder and head. While the foot at the back is actually in back of his father’s, another subtle sign of ambivalence. (Not touching but putting that foot in back, while father wraps arm around him, an elegant but spontaneous act of rebellion to this reader of body language!)

Or the younger son’s ambivalence, one foot pointing towards Dad but the other away. With Dad’s feet desperately pointing towards both sons… holding them with arms, leaning way over towards the baby and tilting his head so hard towards the older kid.


If you would like to read auras along with me, a dependable aura reading link of Cesar and sons is right here.

For a larger version of this photo, here is a better quality aura reading link of Cesar and sons.

The first photo I plan to read will show Cesar Millan as a world server, not being the human guy in the family photograph. No question, this Dog Whisperer is mega-talented. I just love watching him do his transformational art form.

Cesar Millan, showing his aura as a World Server

If you would like to read auras along with me, a dependable aura reading link of Cesar as a World Server is right here.

For a larger version of this photo, here is a better quality aura reading link of Cesar as a World Server, go for it. Reading auras is easier if you have a good quality photograph to work with. I like to copy the photograph onto a blank Word document and then expand it.

Technical point, since two dogs are engaging with Cesar at the time of this photo, it is an advanced bit of Energetic  Literacy research to locate chakra databanks belonging only to Cesar, not becoming distracted.

Looking at this on the bright side, if your aura reading skills are advanced enough to read Cesar from this photo, you’ll do just fine when Gladys comes to you, pregnant with twins (as Blog-Buddy PRIMMIE was not long ago). One of my favorite things to do is to read auras of pregnant women and the kids-under-development. Definitely a treat!

Cesar, one of the guys with the doggies?

Our final photograph for this collection is the second one I plan to read. It’s intriguing, since here Cesar Millan is “being himself” when running with a group of dogs. It’s a fascinating role. Will the aura reading reveal him being a World Server? Being a person? Perhaps being more human-like in this situation than when with his own puppies? I mean sons. 😉

Yummy as a dog biscuit — let’s explore!

If you would like to read auras along with me, a dependable aura reading link of Cesar running with some dogs is right here.

For a larger version of this photo, here is a better quality aura reading link of Cesar running with some dogs.

Woof, here we go.

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra: Connecting to People

  • Cesar Millan, Helping Dogs on TV

Fills the area, plus five inches. Love is pouring out to those critters. It’s like how I have imagined St. Francis. You too?

Cesar gives those dogs “All the love that was not given to me growing up.” To him, the dogs are people.

Aw, it can be so sweet how people have life contracts that are exquisitely designed to help them fulfill their role as World Servers. Here I would like to give a shoutout to one of my favorite books, “The Soul’s Code” by James Hillman.

Although I know nothing about Cesar Millan’s childhood, I suspect there was a lack of love when growing up. Plus all the other ingredients needed to cook up the recipe of this awesome World Server.

  • Cesar Millan, Running with Some Dogs

14 inches. Cesar isn’t reaching out to the dogs or to people. He is running like The Most Important Person in the Room.

Cesar Millan is actually doing some great auric modeling for empaths with ANY gift. Cesar’s empath gifts are turned off. He is being himself, the human, out for a run. Others happen to be present, but the focus of his experience is his own regular human self.

Not having to connect to human-type people, making no effort that way, feels comfortable for him. That’s his homemade equivalent of Empath Empowerment(R).

  • Cesar Millan with His Sons

6 inches. Putting on a good show, bravely seeming as if everything in his personal life is just fine.

It’s very hard for Cesar to connect to these boys. Making things seem okay on the surface, at a social level in public, is relatively easy for him to do. Which is why this chakra databank goes out a whole six inches at the time of this photograph.

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra: Connecting to Animals

  • Cesar Millan, Helping Dogs on TV

Most folks don’t have such a databank. But, of course, half of a person’s databanks result from that person’s specialties, interests, lifestyle, Ph.D. for personal development here at Earth School.

18 feet. Exceptionally focused. Fatherly.

Analytical qualities are working strongly, along with Cesar Millan’s lifelong gift as an Animal Empath.

  • Cesar Millan, Running with Some Dogs

Fills the area. Cesar has a gift for connecting to the consciousness of dogs. It’s a tribal sense, as you or I might feel connected to the relatives at a Thanksgiving dinner.

Very likely, in the dream state (or even doing specialized techniques), Cesar does shamanic-style work with the consciousness of dogs.

However, at this time, he is merely being a person who runs outside, thinks his own human thoughts and, at a subconscious level, feels kinship with the animals.

  • Cesar Millan with His Sons

For those of you who are not used to Stage Three Energetic Literacy, a word of explanation. Chakra databanks are present by the hundreds. They can easily be researched one at a time. Every moment, every relationship, every choice, every photo, there is a size and quality to each chakra databank.

    It’s not just about whether one is doing an activity related to the topic of the databank. Rather, one’s resourcefulness is impacted. Such is the case with the following bit of aura reading research.

90 miles. Connecting to animals is something Cesar does so well, so effortlessly and effectively. At this moment, connecting awkwardly with his boys, Cesar is experiencing a poignant contrast.

One would think it would be easier, feeling connected to his very own sons.

One would be wrong.

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra: Making Money

  • Cesar Millan, Helping Dogs on TV

Of course, I’m curious. Just because a man has talent doesn’t mean he has circuits for making and keeping money. Here I’ll just check out the chakra databank about material success coming into Cesar’s life.

Miles of solid interest. The feel isn’t materialistic. But Cesar cares very much about being successful, making a name for himself, and bringing in wealth for his personal use. To him, financial success is a measure of personal worth. Also of manhood.

The work with dogs matters less to him than finding a talent for bringing success to himself as a human being.

  • Cesar Millan, Running with Some Dogs

Fills the area. Just as a dog marks his territory, Cesar marks his own territory financially. He doesn’t feel greed about money but more enjoys the symbolic value of money for “feeling right.” And “right” to him means “feeling like the undisputed leader of the pack.” 

  • Cesar Millan with His Sons

90 miles. Such heartache here! Cesar is great at making money. He clings to his prowess here. He hopes that being successful materially and socially can inspire a better relationship with his children.

So this chakra databank reveals the famous man over-functioning in his ability to make money, his drive, his caring about money as a means to something else. Something very difficult for him to achieve at the time of this photo.

Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra: Sharing Power

  • Cesar Millan, Helping Dogs on TV

20 miles. The self-conscious sense of having power is tremendously vivid. You’d have to be a pretty half-witted dog not to get that message.

Cesar strongly models how he, and he alone, is the “alpha dog.”

The power is amped up, intensified, for a purpose. The power feels clean, as if to say, “I don’t share power. But once you get in line with me, we will get along just fine. Once you accept my dominance, I have so much love for you.”

  • Cesar Millan, Running with Some Dogs

3 inches. Sharing power? You kidding?

Cesar Millan isn’t kidding, not about power. He gathers his around him, keeping it tucked up and close and in readiness.

If he needs to show power, he will. Otherwise the power circuits are held together tightly, no sharing, no weakness, not ever. Not as far as he, and his very strong will, is concerned.

  • Cesar Millan with His Sons

4 inches. It’s a sickish feeling inside, a familiar feeling of failure and not knowing what to do. Cesar is doing his best but he just doesn’t know how to share power in the regular human ways.

Between his personal story, during the growing-up years, and the unusual ways his consciousness is positioned, sharing power with other people is really, really hard.

Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra: Emotional Connection with Others

  • Cesar Millan, Helping Dogs on TV

8 inches. Researching this chakra databank is important, for me, in the attempt to appreciate what makes Cesar Millan tick.

I’ve already commented on how Cesar sends love to animals. But it isn’t exactly a human quality of love. This chakra databank really shows the difference.

This love, being shared with the dogs, is not a dog’s kind of love any more than a typical human quality of love. There is a perceptive appreciation of the aliveness of the other. It’s a kind of recognition, a concentrated attention.

Maybe you have noticed that one of the most loving acts in human life is to pay single-minded attention to somebody. While one of the cruelest things one can do is wilfully withdraw attention, stop speaking, etc. Here is a new twist on that important interpersonal dynamic.

  • Cesar Millan, Running with Some Dogs

1/8 inch. No emotional connection is required with these dogs. Which feels just about right (and comfortable, ideally comfortable) to Cesar.

  • Cesar Millan with His Sons

14 feet. Proud of his boys. Proud to be in public with his boys, and proud of their willingness to be seen with him.

Along with the pride is a hollow feeling. Things could be better somehow, but Cesar just doesn’t know what he could do harder or differently.

Aura Reading Databank at the Throat Chakra: Communicating to Gain Respect

  • Cesar Millan, Helping Dogs on TV

10 feet of fierce power. This isn’t a communication so much as a command. To put the vibe into language, it’s like this:

“I will dominate. We can do things the hard way or the easy way. Choose right now.”

  • Cesar Millan, Running with Some Dogs

Fills the area. Cesar feels a lot like a king among loyal (if rowdy) subjects. He doesn’t have to say a thing right now, because everyone knows his place.

  • Cesar Millan with His Sons

7 inches of chronic disgust, ambivalence, hurt feelings, and swallowed up rage.

Aura Reading Databank at the Third Eye Chakra: Connection to Spiritual Source

  • Cesar Millan, Helping Dogs on TV

4 inches. Cesar’s awareness is positioned quite solidly at an astral level, appropriate for communicating with power animals and doing shamanic-style work. Not that he is consciously doing that, or aurically doing that, at this time. Not that he has skills for such work.

More, if he were doing such work, he would be great at it.

Hey, he has probably had many lifetimes where he was great at it, and now he’s integrating that hard-won skill. Not that I’m speculating. And, as you long-term Blog-Buddies know, such information does not come with Energetic Literacy. For that, one would pursue the psychic development path for aura reading. And psychic development is a very different path from studying Energetic Literacy.

  • Cesar Millan, Running with Some Dogs

7 inches. Cesar feels secure. His spiritual consciousness is positioned comfortably at the astral level perviously described.

Cesar Millan with His Sons

4 inches. Such sadness!

Aura Reading Databank at the High Heart Chakra: Soul Expression

  • Cesar Millan, Helping Dogs on TV

90 miles of ineffable joy. Nothing, and I mean nothing, makes Cesar happier that what he is doing right now. It’s a combination of being World Server, teaching about how to care for dogs, plus the human joy of being mega successful, famous, making mega money.


  • Cesar Millan, Running with Some Dogs

40 miles. Cesar feels so content, with nothing to prove. As a human soul, he feels more comfortable with dogs than with other humans.

At the time of this photo, his soul is in a kind of repose, recreational consciousness, a gathering of strength.

  • Cesar Millan with His Sons

2 inches of bitterness. Cesar would love it to be a triumph, posing in front of fans with his two sons. He’s making the best of it but knows what a show is being put on.

He really loves those boys. That’s part of the soul thrill for him, as well as the sorrow and bitterness.

Empath how-to now available as an authorized e-book

First authorized ebook by Rose Rosetree in 2012

Nook, the e-book service provided by Barnes and Noble, has just published an authorized edition of Become the Most Important Person in the Room.

You can preview the Nook edition of this empath how-to online and buy it… anywhere in the world.

Yes, finally, I am making an ebook avalable. On purpose. Taking the e-revolution seriously.

My wacky history with e-books

Shortly after Kindle was launched, I took advantage of an invitation from Amazon to send them pdf files and have them converted.

Several of those Rose Rosetree books were converted to e-books and made live, with my consent. Only the technical quality was horrible. Once I got wind of it, and the big task involved in doing a better job, I lost interest in e-books.

Several months ago, I learned through a Blog-Buddy here, that “Empowered by Empathy” had been made live as a Kindle. Eventually the mystery was solved. I didn’t really give consent, which makes sense because the file conversion was another of those low-quality ways of turning a pdf file into a Kindle, not good enough quality, sadly.

But because I didn’t see that opt-out “Invitation” from Amazon, that version of my book was live for months. When I learned about what happened, I unlisted it.

Why I am starting with Nook e-books

Technically it is easier to create an e-book as a Barnes and Noble e-book format. Because I care about quality and time, that’s where I’m going to start. I want to give a shout out to Tara Morrell for getting me started.As time permits, I will create more Nook editions and, eventually, do the Kindle editions as well.

Many of you Blog-Buddies have expressed your eagerness for this happy day to come! Let’s celebrate.

Anger, a Guest Post by JILL

Anger, now there’s a popular topic! Energetic literacy reveals plenty of anger in chakra databanks. Even on the surface of life, anger shows.

Blog-Buddies, this Guest Post is by JILL from our Enlightenment Life List. She began with a response to JEAN’s recent comment at a post by JILL about Enlightenment.

I did not deal with anger well in the past at all. I mostly turned it inward and that was why I was suicidal. How we express anger is a learned response so everyone expresses it in their own way. But, at its root is the same delusion that we are a victim, somehow.

It is best to acknowledge your anger and use any method that works for you to just be honest about having the feeling of anger and feeling victimized in some way.

Whether the anger is about someone cheating you, physically harming you, cutting you off in traffic, or just forgetting your birthday, it is all about being victimized in some way. CONTINUE READING

Forget “negative people,” what about all the strange people?

Cesar Millan finds no negative dogs

Life really is informative.  So many people of varying consciousness inhabiting the same planet. As we continue our thread about so-called “being negative” and “negative people,” maybe it’s time to include everyone’s dogs.

Sometimes I use TV to combine human education with an exercise break. (I tend to watch television while walking in place, not sitting on couch.) Recently I have been very taken with a reality show called “The Dog Whisperer.”

It’s a fascinating education into human pathology and how the dogs act it out for their masters, plus the amazing Cesar Milan is such a treat to watch.

Ready to watch dogs help folks get married on the ocean?

On one episode, the happy human couple eventually got their personal dogs to stop fighting each other. To celebrate, JOE and GLADYS both rode into the surf on a paddleboard. Each human took a dog along for the ride. CONTINUE READING

Avoiding negative people these days?

On his personal path to Enlightenment, JOE has been proud of himself lately. Because he can’t help noticing how, increasingly, he has found himself avoiding all negative people

“I just can’t stand to be with them any more,” he told me with an air of triumph.

Uh-oh. Is that really such a good thing, no longer being willing or able to tolerate negative people?

Don’t think I advocate being purposely negative. In fact, this article will contain some practical recommendations in pursuit of the kind of positive quality of life that wise people desire.

It’s just misguided, IMHO, to pursue happiness (or Enlightenment) by the Tosser Method. Where one simply judges others as negative, tosses each relationship, and then brags about it.

Worst case of “Forced Positivity” for chakra databanks

Actually I encounter this worst case of “Forced Positivity”quite often in clients who work hard at being positive. Consider hard-working GLADYS, for instance. This new client has struggled to stay positive. And although it’s smart to make positive choices for happiness on the surface level of life, “Forced Positivity” happens quite often.

That’s where someone as hardworking as GLADYS takes the positivity pursuit inward, bringing “giving self a hard time” to the level of habitual torture.

So I found problems like these, reading GLADYS’ aura at the level of chakra databanks:

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Self-Confidence:

1/8 inch. Angry and frustrated. Pushing herself to stay positive.

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Esteem

1/8 inch. Discouraged. Self-loathing. Trying hard to stay cheerful and in a perpetual good mood.

To tell GLADYS had problems, you didn’t have to read her aura, however. Her auric modeling was shot through with the troubling results of forcing herself to be what she was not. CONTINUE READING

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi
Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi — Learn about what makes him tick

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi. Today’s Skilled Empath Merge can bring insight into this renowned martial artist and energy healer.

Have you wondered? What does it feel like, being a molecular empath? The totality of that I can’t tell you in so many words, neither my own experiences as a molecular empath nor anyone else’s. However, I can share with you the tasty treat of a Skilled Empath Merge, researching many chakra databanks of the revered Japanese sensei pictured above.

If you like, you could call Hatsumi Masaaki-san the winner of our recent contest about molecular empaths. Or you could call Adam McIntosh the winner, as this healer nominated Hatsumi, the world’s foremost teacher of Ninjutsu, as well as a television celebrity and artist.

Aura reading first, empath merge later

For today’s post, I won’t go into a lot of detail about energetic literacy, aura reading, chakra databanks, Skilled Empath Merge, or other technical aspects of doing aura reading research. You can find info. like that in the links in the previous sentence!

However, first I would like to give you some practical advice. I recommend that you never do a Skilled Empath Merge on anyone unless you (or someone whose aura reading skills you know and trust) has first done an aura reading.

Why? The experience of Skilled Empath Merge is so much more immediate, up close, and personal. You can do both Skilled Empath Merge and aura reading from photographs, so why not start with the less intense experience?

Just because a man is rich and famous, like Masaaki Hatsumi, doesn’t mean  that his aura is necessarily lovely. CONTINUE READING

Jill Erin Mabie on Enlightenment, a Guest Post

Jill Erin Mabie, both a Molecular Empath and in  Enlightenment

Jill Erin Mabie, newly added onto our Enlightenment Life List, has generously agreed to share her story. As a teacher and writer, I’m personally touched by her story. As the Founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), I’m grateful for what she has shared about how personal sessions were able to help her on her journey.

As an Enlightenment Coach, I am happy to have this guest post for a technical reason. My work usually involves helping clients to move into Householder Enlightenment. Jill is different. Her soul was aiming for the Surrender Model of Enlightenment. So that is where she has landed. CONTINUE READING

How Enlightenment Develops

Five stages of Enlightenment, natural as fingers

My former guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, accomplished some amazing service during his career. One of his greatest contributions, in my opinion, was how he delineated three stages of development related to Enlightenment, plus an initial state about transcendence. To my knowledge, MMY was the first teacher to do so, and I personally think his model was just genius.

Blog-Buddies, in today’s post I would like to carry this attempt further. I’ll describe a developmental model that I have put together, influenced by Maharishi but reflecting decades of experience as a teacher of Energy Spirituality, following decades when I taught his system of Transcendental Meditation.

Whatever model you construct, or adapt, for yourself… aren’t you ready to own such a model? It’s important, this aspect of self-actualization/self-realization/awakening. Perhaps it’s your present. And, certainly, wouldn’t you like it to be your future?

Maharishi’s work was my starting point. Names in the developmental model below are altered by me, as are descriptions of what each stage entails. I have added another step to the mix, the second one. Not quite Enlightenment but a significant milestone on the way… and I ought to know, because I passed this one when writing “Empowered by Empathy.” 😉

Any of you Blog-Buddies familiar with my work as a teacher of face reading/aura reading/skilled empath merge can find this interest in path to Enlightenment right from my first book published by Women’s Intuition Worldwide, “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.”

For 42 years and counting, I have been passionately interested in leading people all the way through this process. Along the way, I have had an idea (not necessarily originating with me, perhaps discussed by Maharishi and TMers) that the last four of these stages can develop concurrently — not sequentially, as Maharishi believed.

Here we go with this brand new model, first time published by me, pinkie first. CONTINUE READING