Aura Reading Mark Zuckerberg, a Magnetize Money Profile

Let’s continue our exploration of Mark Elliott Zuckerberg, reading his aura during a work situation. No microphone is needed for aura reading, just basic skills of energetic literacy.

If our face readings of him made you curious, so much the better. Face reading, aura reading, and skilled empath merge are complementary skill sets.

Mark Zuckerberg, posed well for aura reading Root Chakra databanks

For background on Stage Three Energetic Literacy, which depends on reading chakra databanks, the link in this sentence will help you.

For background on Mark Zuckerberg, there’s always Facebook. Or maybe a few other Internet resources, including the source for this post’s photo at the top of the article, FabMagazineOnline. Click here for a dependable aura reader’s photo link.

For this article, I am using a full torso shot, very recent, to make it easier for you Blog-Buddies to research Root Chakra Databanks. Click here to open the aura reading photo in a separate window. (A smaller but dependable version for reading auras is here.) Photo credit goes to the Daily Mail.

Now, let’s start investigating some revealing chakra databanks. I’m going to do a Magnetize Money Profile of this ultra-successful entrepreneur.

1. Aura Reading Root Chakra Databank: Earning Money

Out to deep space. Mr. Facebook has a solid connection to wealth with an unusual twist. CONTINUE READING

Mark Zuckerberg’s Nose Angling. Face Readers, lookee here!

Mark Zuckerberg’s nose angling fascinates me. Nose angling — the horizontal shifts that face readers can notice from the bridge down to the tip.

But his unusual nose angling doesn’t stop there. What if you explore how Mark Z.’s nose angling has changed over time? Now there’s a highly meaningful assignment for aspiring physiognomists.

To face readers, distinctive data like this provides many insights.

And this face reader has, admittedly, fallen madly in like with Mark Zuckerberg. Or at least his nose. Hence the main article in the June issue of “Reading Life Deeper.”

This newsletter also contains “A Short History of Nose Angling,” featuring Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan.

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And speaking of websites, photo credit for today’s post goes to Minh Uong and The New York Times. Scroll way down this link to find her brilliant drawing.

Face Reading Mark Zuckerberg

What a week for the Facebook co-founder. First the surprise wedding. Reportedly it astonished the 100 guests at a little party that turned out to be much more.

Then the stock offering of Facebook.

Then the downward slide of his stock in its first few IPO days.

And then what, was Mark Zuckerberg offered a kingdom by a little green man from Mars with diamond hair?

Hey, we’ve got something better. A week of Mark Zuckerberg blog posts, starting with today’s face reading, continuing with an aura reading of him, then a relationship reading of him with his new wife (body language, face reading, and aura reading).

Here comes the first of our posts, even more fun than doing the aura reading of Jesse Eisenberg playing Mark Zuckerberg in “The Social Network.”

Written in honor of Blog-Buddy GRACE S., who has been especially interested lately in the energetic literacy skill set of reading faces. CONTINUE READING

How to become a skilled empath, first official ebook now available (again)

How to become a Skilled Empath

Here’s a triumphant, if poignant, reminder of how long things can take at funny Earth School. One month exactly after I launched my first official ebook of “Become The Most Important Person in the Room, ” here’s some breaking news:

Once again, I announce the first official ebook edition of this book on how to become a skilled empath. This time, the Kindle edition of “Become The Most Important Person in the Room” is being announced. 🙂

Out with the old — the month-old Nook edition. A professional is now tweaking that one, making it soon available for multiple other e-editions including Nook.

Other ebooks are in progress, as I do my best to bring them forth between workshops, sessions, and writing “The Baby” to be published later this year.

Some of you Blog-Buddies also followed the saga of the mystery, unauthorized Kindle edition of “Empowered by Empathy.” Yoicks!

Anyone who thinks it is easy to convert a backlist of many books into this format, has never… appreciated how much is involved, even in hiring specialists and checking their work.

Plus now is the perfect time to not only reformat but create new editions, if warranted. One done already, one 3/4 done. More to be reported later. Meanwhile, whew!

Do spread the word among any friends who love their Kindles, now they can love themselves as empaths more, too.

Empath? Quiz Yourself Three Ways

Empath or not? Find out today.

Blog-Buddies, it has been so long since I posted a quiz for empaths. Yet this is the type of quiz so often requested.

Do you wonder, am I empathic socially, or feel empathy in social situtions, versus being someone with a lifelong gift as an empath? Great question.

Any of the Empath Quizzes provided below can help you figure that out. It’s a very big deal, being hardwired for life as an empath. Potentially this is great.

Unskilled empath? Not so much fun

Many an unskilled empath tells me, “I feel like my sensitivity is a curse. I wish it felt more like a blessing.”

Well, it definitely can. I LOVE being a Skilled Empath.

Becoming a Skilled Empath takes more than deciding to think positive, to think “Blessing.” It matters that you get skills. And the first way to start is figuring out whether you are an empath or not.

Here are three different Empath Quiz resources for you, all free.

1. For Empath Empowerment, Quiz Yourself

(Answers follow at the end of the Empath Empowerment Quiz.)

2. Being an Empath, a Sophisticated Quiz for Sophisticated Readers

(A separate answer posts is here: Empath Empowerment, Sophisticated Quiz Answers)

3. Psychopath-Inspired New Quiz for Empaths

(Separate answer posts are here: Psychopath-Inspired Quiz for Empaths and HSPs, ANSWERS 1-7 and Psychopath-Inspired Quiz for Empaths and HSPs, ANSWERS 16-20.)

Aura Reading Contest, Celebrating Humor

Who makes you laugh? What fun, to do aura reading on someone who is a special fave of yours, whether a performer or writer.

Just yesterday I checked a novel out of the library, “Him Her Him Again The End of Him.”  What hooked me was this cover review by Steve Martin:

“I laughed at its audacity, and  cried that I didn’t write it.”

Let’s share faves whose humor has helped us, entertained us, challenged us. I’ll choose one or two winners from the nomination, providing blog posts where I do detailed aura readings, using Stage Three Energetic Literacy. CONTINUE READING

Reviewing books for empaths, guest post and food for thought

Birrell Walsh, writer of fiction, non-fiction, and book reviews

Blog-Buddies, in the age of Amazon, book reviewing has assumed new importance. An informative, fair review scores credibility with readers. Any review carries influence, both what it says and what it doesn’t acknowledge.

Yesterday I received notification of a review by an influential writer and empath, Birrell Walsh. With his permission, I quote his review of “Become the Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment.” CONTINUE READING

Cut cords of attachment, don’t just forgive

Will forgiveness cut your cords of attachment?
Will forgiveness cut your cords of attachment?


“How to Help Others Forgive?” is the topic of an advice column by Amy Dickinson. She’s at the top of her field, at the top of her game. So I couldn’t wait to read how the author of “Ask Amy” would answer a reader’s question from stepfather Tom about his stepdaughter. (I’ll call her “Gladys.”)

Gladys already sees a psychotherapist. Yet she is unable to forgive her birth father, and Stepdad Tom wanted to help.  Would Amy recommend a book on forgiveness?

Wise forgiveness advice, yet so second millennium

Amy Dickinson began her response, “There are many, many books about forgiveness, and every one I have ever read says: Forgiveness is a choice. Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself. Forgiveness equates with freedom from the shackles of anger and resentment.”

Then she goes on to recommend “Dare to Forgive: The Power of Letting Go and Moving On,” by Edward M. Hallowell.

A thousand years ago, even a hundred years ago, this advice would have been fine. Okay, it would also count as anachronistic advice, since 1,000 years ago you couldn’t recommend Hallowell’s book (published in 2006).

To be clear, I think Amy Dickinson gives topnotch advice for mainstream American thinking today. I just wish she knew about…  CONTINUE READING

Autism Researcher Fred Volkmar

Dr. Fred Volkmar, Autism Researcher and Molecular Empath

Autism is hardly rare. Not today, and especially not among male children. Yale professor Fred Volkmar is a leader in autism research. He is also a molecular empath. Meet him first on this YouTube Video about autism, if you like.

Today’s post explores what makes him so special, courtesy of a Skilled Empath Merge. Created for you Blog-Buddies as an unusual tribute to Mother’s Day, tomorrow’s holiday, since 1 in 100 male American children is born on the autism spectrum. Like the son of a dear friend of mine, Tracy Monson, who actively works as an advocate for autistic kids. Or the daughter of another dear Blog-Buddy, Row Beatty, who is one fast grower.

Personal growth for such a family is hard but fast. Reason to celebrate around the Mother’s Day holiday.

As for us parents who have not had this highly evolutionary calling, to parent such a child, on Mother’s Day we are just thankful we have had that much an easier job.

Fred Volkmar, who can be trusted for Skilled Empath Merge

So for us, also, reason to celebrate…. CONTINUE READING

A trust workaround on the path to Enlightenment

Trust springs up like... spring flowers

Regarding trust, I would like to suggest a little workaround that can be useful on one’s path to Enlightenment.

In my experience, we have a fair amount of choice about whether we live in the present or take little trips down memory lane or give ourselves urgent conference calls elsewhere… into energy or What Would Jesus Do or seeking guidance from angels (approaches I summarized at the start to our last Blog post on trust, mostly written by JILL).

If you find yourself doing one of these things, when you become aware of it, in that moment you have a choice.

For pity’s sake, move back into the present.

Rather than dwelling on the old pain, come back into the NOW. Not shoving yourself back. Being gentle with self is always recommended.

What does that workaround  have to do with trust? Let’s explore.

Nobody is that good at multi-tasking

Oh, how clever we may think we are, multi-tasking.

Oh, the secret thrill! There you are, talking with JOE. Unsuspecting man, he doesn’t get what’s really going on.

He thinks you are just talking with him. Really, you’re checking out his energies, trying to decide what is secretly going on with him. CONTINUE READING