When E.T. saints come marching in

ET logoWe live in interesting times.

You knew that. But some of the interesting things going on… maybe you haven’t been noticing them.

Best, by far, among the  interesting and not human is a certain kind of extra-terrestrial entity activity. (“E.T.” for short.)

As you know, this isn’t a paranormal blog. So normally I don’t celebrate goings on among extra-terrestrials. But, really, this is way too good to keep to myself.

My usual relationship with extra-terrestrial entities

Extra terrestrial entities can unwittingly be a nuisance. Keep in mind, I’m not discussing space travel, spaceships that land in New Mexico or other places.

Instead, in 1985, I learned about E.T. entities that cling to a person’s aura or haunt a house. I learned about E.T. entities courtesy of study with an organization known as Teaching of the Inner Christ. I learned how to facilitate healing of this type of “ghost”-like STUFF.

After being named a Lay Minister, and invited to teach the full range of energy healings, I began to teach and use this rather specialized way of freeing up people from astral-level debris.

Indirectly, I learned a bit about E.T.s: What they were like, how different ones would respond to a healing. My focus was always human life — mine and that of my human clients. The aim was human results, not fascination with the paranormal or The Romance of the Astral.

Still, it’s like what would happen if you worked part-time in any field. You would learn quite a lot about the types of people involved, their “frequency” as it were. CONTINUE READING

Reading energetic holograms, what is this type of aura reading?

Rose Rosetree, doing a skilled empath merge with a ruby

Thank you, GLADYS. Because your question today made me realize that I have probably never given a good explanation of this process online anywhere. Yet this type of aura reading, with energetic holograms, has a lot of uses. It’s a good thing to know about.

At this blog, I have written many general articles about Stage Three Energetic Literacy — where you can research any chankra databank at will, one chakra databank at a time.

And with that Stage Three Energetic Literacy, it is possible to read a person’s aura from a regular photograph as well as in person. Having done this sort of thing for thousands of session hours, a new skill emerged for me.

Hence the various ways it is possible to research an energetic hologram. Just so you know about this very practical skill set, and how it might be helpful for you, here come some details. CONTINUE READING

Sleeping a lot lately? Plus an upcoming radio interview including Romney and Obama.

Sleeping a lot lately?
Sleeping a lot lately?

Have you been sleeping a lot lately? Or having huge power/love/light surges right before sleep?

This could be a passing phase related to your living now, due to certain important vibrational shifts on Earth. You participate whether you know it or not, like it or not.

Hint: What’s going on is part of your path to Enlightenment. And how you handle the current vibe upgrade could speed your up or slow you down on that personal path to Enlightenment.

In my upcoming radio interview on “Journeys with Rebecca,” this evolutionary dynamic — and some problems associated with it — will be part of the conversation. Also likely to be discussed… my latest book, Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

You can read a chapter for free at my website, of course. As with sample chapters from all Rose Rosetree books.

It’s a live interview where you are invited to call in with comments. Later, this will become an archived interview.

In my personal Media List (both interviews and print articles), this interview will count as #991. I’ve been interviewed by Diane Rehm, Thom Hartmann, Steve Doocy. Personally, I place Rebecca right up in the top tier of interviewers — quite far ahead of Doocy, now famous for “Fox and Friends,” actually.

Listen and comment, hanging out with wonderful Rebecca Jernigan and me. Rebecca is an old friend who has interviewed me many times, but not for years.

Before, and after, that radio interview do consider yourself invited. Let’s open up this post to reports on unusual experiences you have had around falling asleep, duration of sleep, dreaming. CONTINUE READING

Let Today Be a Holiday, with a new Kindle edition

New on Kindle, "365 Ways to a Stronger You"

Not because it’s Bastille Day. Or Independence Day. Or Cinco de Mayo.

No, today can be considered a holiday due to your own self-authority.

You decide to make it a holiday. Just because.

365 Ways to a Stronger You

Today a new book is joining:

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In paperback, it’s available as Let Today Be a Holiday: 365 Ways to Co-Create with God. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading an LGBT Hero, Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho, aura ready for reading

Our last aura reading profile of this series will star Margaret Cho. She was proposed for the Aura Reading Contest, Celebrating Humor.

Before this latest excursion into Stage Three Energetic Literacy, here is how Margaret Cho was nominated. First, Comment 1 by A.J. about this  comedienne, actress, author:

I am nominating this person because Margaret Cho is such a champion in the LGBT community. She stands up for people who sometimes don’t have a voice and she gives us permission to stand in our power and be proud of who we are. Many people might not have heard of her, but at every Gay Pride Parade, she’s always the Grand Marshal.

Photo of Margaret Cho  (Note: That is the gorgeous photo at the top of today’s article.)

Article about Margaret Cho

In Comment 5 at our Contest, M. seconded the nomination:

I think Margaret Cho is also a good choice. It would be particularly interesting to know about her self-image today, given that she’s talked about being physically bullied (had rocks thrown at her) as a child because other kids thought her face was “so ugly to them and they wanted the blood from my wounds to cover it.”

As usual, before starting an aura reading or Skilled Empath Merge, I avoid researching the person. I just go hunting for photos that would be suitable.

Not being someone who watches TV much (due to time constraints rather than TV snobbery), I sorta have heard about Margaret Cho but not really much. However, I did learn a few important points from A.J.’s article link. Here’s a quote from Cho I just love:

Cho was born into a Korean family in San Francisco, California. She grew up in a racially diverse neighborhood in the 1970s and 1980s, which she described as a community of “old hippies, ex-druggies, burn-outs from the ’60s, drag queens, Chinese people, and Koreans. To say it was a melting pot — that’s the least of it. It was a really confusing, enlightening, wonderful time.”[ CONTINUE READING

Feeling my cord of attachment, smart or not?

“I know just where that cord of attachment connects to my body,” GLADYS told me.

“At least, I’m pretty certain. So I’m really looking forward to when you do the cord-cutting.”

Turned out, GLADYS’ cord of attachment to JOE connected to her eyes. That’s where the bandage was put down.

Later in the session, GLADYS told me that she was sure that the cord location was in her belly, where she felt a stabbing pain whenever she thought of JOE.

Well, what’s the deal?  Could GLADYS have been right?

Today’s post will contain an answer, of course, along with general discussion of the topic we could call, “Figuring out where my cord of attachment is located.”

Figuring out where my cord of attachment is located

Many a client feels she or he is doing me a favor. How helpful to let me know, right? GLADYS locates her own cord of attachment and then the healer’s job is so much easier?

Or the healer feels so wonderfully supported by the client?

Or might GLADYS  actually know better than any healer? After all, GLADYS is the world’s expert on GLADYS. So would that include her insights and instincts about where a cord of attachment would be located?


GLADYS  is mistaken about the locating part. Of course, there is one huge, important context for evaluating Figuring out where my cord of attachment is located.


Knighted Terry Pratchett, Aura Reading

Terry Pratchett, prolific satirist, aura ready for reading

Amanda wrote the magic words in her nomination during our Aura Reading Contest, Celebrating Humor. In Comment 8 she grabbed my attention this way:

[Terry Pratchett’s] Discworld novels have provided me with more pleasure than even Hogwarts, and in very much the same way: they are human, humane and humourous, and what a world he’s created for his readers to enjoy!

Could such a thing be possible? More pleasure than even Hogwarts, with all the Rowling plots and characters?

Wow, I’ll be checking out Pratchett’s read-gasmic potential and brainy insights at my next library trip, for sure. Before moving into the aura reading, here’s the rest of AMANDA’s highly persuasive contest entry:

Nothing bad ever happens in a TP book. Even when people die, it’s OK – Death turns up, but he’s one of the main characters and as loveable as the rest of them.

I’ve been a fan for years and he’s provided me with a lot of joy: the best comic writer I’ve ever come across, and fortunately wonderfully prolific. CONTINUE READING

Estonian aura reading and Yeats’s voice in London

Aaron Copland, family from near to Estonia

Well, Blog-Buddies, now that I’m back from England (with Internet connection restored), here’s a bit of catch-up news before I get back to the aura readings and maybe even a skilled empath merge on the two more winners of our latest Aura Reading Contest.

Sweet news awaited me on return to America — the latest foreign rights contract. Hooray, Authorized Edition #37 of one of my books!

It’s my first in Estonia, thanks to Ou Eram Books and Foreign Rights Director Nelli Pisarkova. Aura Reading Through All Your Senses is my only international bestseller so far, thanks to the German edition which has done so well. And I’m so glad to open up energetic literacy for folks so close to the native land of my grandfather Julius… Lithuania. Estonia ahoy!

More family connection to this part of the world shows in that autographed photo I’m holding above. Julius was the first husband to my grandmother Irene. Her fifth, and final husband, was Leon Copland, brother to that great composer Aaron.

Aaron Copland quietly attended our annual Mother’s Day gatherings. Later he autographed a photo for me. Okay, he autographed it for my sister Amy while I was in college.

You see, we silly little girls were not all that memorable to the world class composer. He got Amy’s name wrong, scribbling in mine instead. So my honest sister later gave it to me.

Personal brag aside, that Aaron Copland autographed a picture for me, sorta… I was making a point. Grandma Irene liked Jewish guys from Lithuanian families. So do I, probably. I probably would be delighted to teach an entire workshop to Lithuanians and Estonians, of any religious heritage, female or male. Certainly it is delightful to have a new tie to nearby Estonia. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Russell Brand

Russell Brand, aura seriously ready to read

Blog-Buddies, Internet working here for the first time in a week, finally I can do a blog post.

And what perfect timing, because all of us Mid-Atlantic folks who were wallopped by the derecho storm could use some extra humor. Even before leaving for England, I had chosen three different comedians to receive aura reading posts here at our blog. For context, see our Aura Reading Contest, Celebrating Humor.

Let’s start our trio of aura readings with Russell Brand.

Pull up his photo for your own Stage Three Aura Reading Research by using this nice, juicy, big aura reading photograph or this smaller, dependable, aura reading photo. In its own separate window, you can enlarge it quite nicely. CONTINUE READING

Handling Bad News with Grace

Perhaps you laugh that we’re all living a Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

Or perhaps you choose to believe that you incarnated during this time of challenge on purpose, expressly in order to evolve and serve… because the times would be so very interesting.

Whatever your belief about living now, questions remain. Spiritually, what is the best way to act when so many in your family, or friends, or you yourself, go through some personal crisis?

Is it time to pull a goody two-shoes attitude out of the closet? Or would grumbling be the cooler alternative for smart spiritual seekers? What???

The July Issue of “Reading Life Deeper” proposes a graceful and nuanced solution, and this spaceholder post is where you can add your comments.

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