A new development in Energetic Ponzi Schemes from Kryon and Lee Carroll

Golly, some of my most popular blog posts here are starting to look like archeological digs. The topmost civilization goes on top. Today, March 5, 2014, a smart and respectful question came in from TERESA, a newbie to this blog. She asked — very politely — what gave me the right to write critical-sounding posts about Energetic Ponzi Schemes.

This was a real head-slapper moment for me. Perhaps I had not explained this before. But this blog is not like one of my books, where I edit again and again and again to explain things in a systematic manner.

Hence today’s archeological new start of this popular post. You might want to scroll down immediately to TERESA’s Comment 73, then read all the way down through Comment 83. I dropped everything to respond to her request for information. You can also learn more about this topic through the search box at this blog, just by typing in “Energetic Ponzi Scheme.” Of course, if you have questions, just ask.

Now for the original start of this article on Energetic Ponzi Schemes!

Have you read any of the free channeled posts by Kryon? Have you observed them getting a little more far out over the years?

Years ago, I read some Kryon channelings at the suggestion of a friend, JOE. They impressed me as insightful, even fascinating. Then months ago, JOE emailed me a link to more current channelings. We agreed that Kryon seemed to have fallen off the deep end.

Would have been end of story except for an experience that came up later, while helping a client.

Some of you Blog-Buddies are already familiar with Energetic Ponzi Schemes. (Sometimes known as “Energy Ponzi Schemes” or “Astral-Level Ponzi Schemes”) Recently, doing a session with GLADYS, I discovered a new variation. An upgrade (or downgrade), if you will. The purpose of today’s post is to alert you.

Mostly New Age is beautiful. But sometimes ugly things happen within the huge mind-body-spirit community. This is one of the ugliest things I have encountered in 42 years of service within New Age.

Several days ago, I noted here at the blog that I was preparing this post. Blog-Buddy COLLEEN protested,

“I know of Lee Carroll, he is a very nice man and Kryon is a high frequency angelic energy.”

(You can read the rest of COLLEEN’s Comment #100 at Astral Level Ponzi Schemes, Healers, and Aura Reading or Empath Merge.)

Let’s be clear. Energetic literacy is not about whether or not somebody is a nice man. It is not about my personal assessment of the content of somebody’s work.

Energetic literacy informs you directly about the aura-level who-you-be and the what is happening with energy flows within and between people.

The rest of today’s post is an excerpt from a session with GLADYS. Decide for yourself about the “nice.”

Background on Channeler Lee Carroll’s new arrangement with Kryon

GLADYS explained to me that Lee Carroll describes his new, special, arrangement with Kryon, the entity Carroll channels as a “Meld.” Kryon takes pains to insist it is not a “takeover.”

GLADYS was fresh from a Kryon Convention. I was concerned about her because we have done many sessions befrore ( ) but this was the first time she had a spiritual addiction. We did one session to help her get back to normal, which she did. The following transcript comes from our follow-up session of Energy Spirituality.

In this case, I was able to cut her cord of attachment to Lee Carroll. Because Lee’s arrangement with Kryon had changed, and his aura had changed as well, quite a complicated cord of attachment developed.

Usually a channeler works occasionally with an entity, maintaining a personal identity. A very extreme version is for the channeler to become completely merged with the entity, which might be called an “Un-hostile takeover” or “Being possessed.” Or, in this case, “Not a takeover.”

“Meld” is a pretty name for it. In this particular case, working to help GLADYS, I discovered a more advanced version of Energetic Ponzi Scheme than I had noticed with previous clients. Not surprising, really. Because John of God and Braco, and others to whom I cut cords of attachment, were not taken over by an entity in this way.

And one thing you have to say for Kryon (or whoever calls himself “Kryon” these days) is that this is one very enterprising entity.

When a cord of attachment has a “prong”

Blog-Buddies, you may know that the instructions in “Cut Cords of Attachment” are meant for self-healing or, when you have had a lot of practice, facilitating healing for others who are friends and family members.

More training is needed to hold yourself out as a professional healer, which is why I offer a Mentoring Program in Energy Spirituality. One of my required courses, Cut Cords of Attachment Level II, is coming up July 28 and 29. There I will be covering prongs and other important problems that can come up when cord-cutting as a professional at Energy Spirituality.

As clients, some of you have had sessions where I facilitated moving out a cord of attachment and there was a prong.

Mostly I won’t go into a lot of technical detail about this, but when you read about that extra part of the cord of attachment, know that sometimes prongs happen. It still counts as one cord of attachment, prong and all.

Basically, a trauma can shift the structure of a cord so that a prong breaks off and reinserts into the person.

Like a cord of attachment itself, prongs does not happen as a form of psychic attack, psychic vampire, energy vampire, and other wildly overblown popular fears of toxic personalities.

Prongs simply occur as a mechanical problem, much as some trauma to a hair shaft on your very own head might cause a split end.

More context for understanding Kryon’s Meld with Lee Carroll

There is the human realm where you and I live, Blog-Buddies. There are two other worlds with different types of beings.

  • In the Divine World, there is God without a body, the impersonal aspect of God. There are also Ascended Masters like Babaji and Archangels like Archangel Gabriel.
  • And then there’s a very big realm in between human and Divine, which is the Astral World.

The Astral World contains many, many lokas or realms or heavens within it, including beings at different levels.

Kryon is an example of an astral being. What a trance channeler does is agree to be a mouthpiece for an astral being.

And sometimes as astral being, like Lazarus or Abraham, becomes very close to the channeler. In my book “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy,” I go into the mess of Esther Hicks’ aura as a channeler, who is pretty  darned close to Abraham.

But she has not been as entirely taken over by the entity she services, as Lee now is completely, completely taken over by Kryon. IMHO this term “Meld” really is a sanitized term for what, in other language- not perfect either, to my finicky standards- would be called “being completely possessed by an entity.”

Lee Carroll, that nice man, is deeply committed to this work. He is also involved in an Energetic Ponzi Scheme.

The Usual Energetic Ponzi Scheme

In my experience, an Energetic Ponzi Scheme is set in motion when a human being works with entities to create healing.

Yes, the entities do some healing or helping in order to create results for people. JOE, for instance.

Everybody who gets the results has a cord of attachment to the healer, of course. John of God or Braco, for instance.

What’s unusual with this type of setup is that the astral entities in the Energetic Ponzi Scheme go back and forth within that cord of attachment. Gaining access in this way, if JOE goes on to do healing, because John of God has initiated him as a healer, than JOE’s clients will have cords of attachment to him. And through those cords of attachment, those entities can travel.

So it’s like a multi-level marketing scheme or a Ponzi scheme.

The new version with Kryon is a different variation that is fascinating. GLADYS did learn a so-called “Lemurian” technique at the Convention, and if she had gone on to heal someone, the entities in this Energetic Ponzi Scheme would have gone to that person.

Without your knowledge or consent, obviously.

The original portion of Gladys’ cord of attachment to Lee Carroll

The main part of the cord was established the first time GLADYS listened to a  Kryon channeling by Lee Carroll, over the Internet. 

Of course, you don’t need to be present even that much to have a cord of attachment, you just need to be interested in the cordee. Simultaneously you get a spiritual tie, which carries a complete record of every beautiful, sweet thing about an interaction.

Okay, here are the Cord Items, now gone forever as a result of this cord-cutting.


1. Feeling sad.

2. Feeling lonely. Feeling socially isolated from other people in the world.

3. Yearning to understand more spiritually.

Continuing with Cord Items from Lee, encoding in his consciousness at the time of recording the channeling:

4. I and Kryon have the answers.

5. We can help you feel important.

6. We can help you feel secure.

7. We can help you be part of a group of people like you, who seek wisdom and right living.

Now more Cord Items from GLADYS.

8. A hopeful feeling as she is listening.

9. Feeling like she is coming home to find some inspiring family.

10. Having this belonging helps me to better handle my human living situation.

Cord Items from the Prong

The prong was allso part of the former cord of attachment that GLADYS had to Lee Carroll. Energetic literacy research showed that this piece of the cord of attachment broke off and inserted into her while she was at the Kryon convention, listening to the first channeling that was done when GLADYS was in the audience.

Cord Items from Kryon/Lee Carroll, that melded person.

[Technical point, to this conoisseur of cord items, this very first cord item confirmed that Lee, the cordee, is now a human completely possessed by an astral entity.]

11. I have dominion over this crowd of people through my excellent new collaborative relationship.

12. I can see each person in the crowd individually.

13. Entities who are part of our project, my helpers, some of them now move through each cord of attachment. While others move through the aura and are able to look in through your eyes. They have access as part of this arrangement.

In other words, each person in the audience has a cord of attachment by now to Kryon/Lee Carroll. So some of the astral entities involved in this group move through these cords of attachment, different astral entities assigned to different cords of attachment. Among these entities, some travel within the person’s aura to look in from the outside, seeing through the eyes of each person.

 14. These entities who look into GLADYS eyes from the outside in learn about her deeply personal hopes and fears and needs.

15. Other entities stay put within the cord in a dormant state in preparation for entering into a relationship with you like Lee has with me, Kryon.

Technical point, for other people in the audience, it was probably the same.In other words, possession. Although now gone, with the removal of the cord of attachment.

16. As you become more influenced by our energies, you will realize from inside yourself how much you need us.

Cord items from GLADYS

 17. A small sudden feeling of discomfort, even panic.

 18. Calming herrself.

Here, Blog-Buddies, I would like to pause to share some additional notes from the session, all of this quoted with permission by GLADYS.

During the session, when reading out this Cord Item #17, I asked GLADYS, “Small point, do you happen to remember that tiny little feeling? It would have been subtle, and short.”


ROSE: This is how you registered energetically the truth of what was going on.

However, as often happens on Earth, there was misunderstanding, or what I call mislabeling, because you never got the memo that this lovely meld was a problem. You were not informed about the astral helpers or their plan to become more important by taking you over. So you just had the sudden feeling of discomfort, even panic.

19. This [anxiety] is why I need these teachings. (Great example of mislabeling, isn’t it, Blog-Buddies? Actually the anxiety was a result of her subconsciously registering what was happening with the entities in her cord of attachment to Kryon/Lee Carroll!)

 20. The teachings will give me the knowledge I need to stay calm and focused in my life.

Note: This is not true, but already GLADYS was being influenced by the entities.

21. Kryon will help me progress spiritually.

A few more ugly detail about this Advanced Energetic Ponzi Scheme

Back when I did the Part One session with GLADYS, where I identified the particular type of spiritual addiction she had, and helped her understand how to overcome it, I called in GLADYS’s choice of Divine Being, Babaji, to facilitate a certain type of astral healing of entities.

In the Part Two session, after moving out the main portion of the cord of attachment that GLADYS had to Kyron/Lee Carroll, I had to facilitate another type of astral healing. This was for “garden variety” astral entities stuck on the outside of her aura. This was quite typical for removing a cord of attachment when the cordee has been involved in an Energetic Ponzi Scheme.

However, when removing the prong,  there was a variation that I had not encountered before.

In this variation, which I think of as an Advanced Energetic Ponzi Scheme, there were entities in a kind of dormant state in GLADYS’ cord of attachment. When facilitating the healing, these bug-like, dormant entities spilled out into where I was doing the session over the phone, also to where GLADYS was.

And it’s a little bit like if you’ve had a garden, and there could be some insects that lay eggs, and the eggs are just in there resting until they can hatch into the full-blown insects.

But no worries! Professionals at Energy Spirituality have the energetic literacy and healing skill sets to take care of a situation like this.

Still, an ounce of prevention is worth many sessions’ worth of cure, don’t you think?

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117 thoughts on “A new development in Energetic Ponzi Schemes from Kryon and Lee Carroll”

  1. Wow, Rose, this reminds me of a computer virus. You go to heal the problem and new problems come out (in reference to the eggs).

  2. Wow Rose. Incredible. Makes you wonder all the people walking around with “stuff” who have no idea what’s circulating inside. This may be off topic, but it kind of makes me wonder too when people explode as you hear in the news, if there’s some kind of astral something going on inside that eventually they can’t take any more and it just implodes with tragic results.

  3. This is very wicked… eeew, glad I never got that much interested in channelling… This is crazy manipulation… so vicious !!

    When someone is being fully taken over, as in this case, is it by agreement or by force (eg: eroding the free will to refuse etc) ?

  4. It is a bit like a computer virus, A.J., except that consumers of any technique get to use their common sense. Before attending any convention or workshop, a consumer can use common sense.

    You can read the website, often. You can consider what is claimed.

    You can decide if the information provided seems weird to you, as noted early in this post.

    My goal in sharing this information wasn’t to frighten anyone into a feeling of powerlessness, but to alert you as consumers and to invite you to speak up to your friends if they seem to be pursuing something that sounds too good to be true.

    Full energetic literacy would be nice, of course. And if you can read this screen, you can learn to read chakra databanks.

    “Read People Deeper” is designed to teach that, for instance. So is “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.”

    Of course, you can sample them by clicking on the book cover at http://www.rose-rosetree.com .

    However you make yourself literate about aura reading, of course you can be successful. Don’t stop learning until you find a teacher who can help you get there.

  5. ANGIE, there is nothing to fear. Just use common sense.

    Although this is a first-time discovery of mine, this Advanced Energetic Ponzi Scheme, I have had plenty of experience facilitating exorcisms.

    Probably I will facilitate 30 such sessions in typical year. So it isn’t totally rare, but neither is it common. (Because in that typical year, I will do more than 1,000 session hours with clients.)

    Like Lee Carroll’s “MELD” that he proudly has announced, even a common experience of sharing one’s aura with an astral being is consensual.

    One is given a choice. “Just say no,” is pretty good advice in this context.

  6. ELAINE, there are so many factors in a person’s explosively weird or pathological behavior.

    But there is also such extreme beauty in people.

    And most of us humans fall into a comical, sweet middleground.

    For you, as a skilled empath, it can be helpful to take 15 minutes once a month, or as needed to uplift you. Go ahead and do a Skilled Empath Merge or aura reading research on someone who is an inspiration.

    Media sensationalize and attempt to gain readers by emphasizing pathology. I recommend avoiding it, unless for a reason, as I had in writing this post.

  7. Rose, I do not feel scared, it just feels like being tricked in an ugly fashion…

    I had a session with you and you performed an exorcism on me, nothing nasty, but very grateful for it nonetheless :)
    (been getting to know my empathy too thanks to you ;) [God bless Google for the day I found you !])

    I am happy actually because you have lifted a lot of silly fears I had precisely on possession. My family is from a very catholic background and possession clearly meant something nasty and this put a lot of fear into place. Some more fear built over the years as well (and a preaching father clearly does not help). I am reassured now and feeling a lot lighter !

    I do have questions though, we often talk about the possession on here, Earth school, but what effect will it have out of this plane ? Will this affect our soul, is there some karmic STUFF we carry on if we don’t get healed ?
    Is there a release of the entity at the death of the human body, does it create ties or was the soul from that body “recruited” to work for that entity or group of souls ?

    It might sound silly, but more or less, are consequences heavy for the soul ?

  8. What I would like to know, having a mostly Christian upbringing, is why people are attracted to these obviously bizarre kinds of spirituality? And whatever they were teaching can be taught without the uninvited entities.

  9. “And one thing you have to say for Kryon (or whoever calls himself “Kryon” these days) is that this is one very enterprising entity.” This.

    You cant do a background check on astral beings, there’s no birth certificate or social security #, it’s “as is”. Unless you’re “stage 3 energetically literate” which we should all hope to be someday.

  10. Dear Rose and all, how unnecessary it all seems.

    It seems to me that outsourcing your life is the problem, and I do love how you’ve made that a concept, Rose!

    Basically, any time we’re looking outside ourselves for support, validation, love, we are vulnerable. It’s funny how hard it can appear sometimes to trust ourselves and trust in life to be OK exactly as it is. Our minds do like to complicate things :)


  11. Is there a way to know someone is involved in this kind of scheme without having the skills you have? Do you know if the channelers of Orin and Da Ben (Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer) are also people to avoid? How about Steve Rother and the Group entity he channels?

  12. ANNA, there is a skill called using your common sense.

    Before studying with anyone, being a client to anyone, attending a conference with anyone… use your common sense to evaluate what the person offers.

    If you still aren’t sure, one way or another, you could use the services of someone with energetic literacy. For instance, you could request a personal Aura Reading Report from Valerie St. John at http://www.AuraReadingfromPhotos.com

    In session with me, I can research anyone for whom you can supply a photo. Or, in a phone session, I can pull out an energetic hologram and do detailed aura reading on anyone you have ever spent time with, in person or on the phone.

    For information about my phone sessions with aura-level healing or research, go to http://www.rose-rosetree.com/orderfa.htm

    Meanwhile, please do remember, “the skills I have” are a form of literacy. Forget any nonsense you have heard about aura reading requiring “The Gift” or “seeing the colours.” Anyone can learn to read auras in depth and detail, and as you appreciate, it is so useful for everyday choices as a consumer and spiritual seeker.

    Once you learn how to do energetic literacy, you learn how for life. You could, for instance, use one of the techniques for reading auras from photos in “Read People Deeper.”

  13. I’ve just read your blog post on Kryon. I need to point out an inaccuracy – The Lemurian tones were not taught at the convention.

    It was one of many workshops held after the convention. (The others being ‘How to Channel’ by Pepper Lewis (who channels Gaia) and EMF balancing technique, a healing technique by Peggy Phoenix Dubro (who now channels herself and teams up with Lee)) Peggy channels the Divine Feminine which is said to be a concept rather than an entity. Wonder what that means.

    The Lemurian tones are being taught by Dr Todd Ovakaitys. And in December a group of about 600 will be singing the tones in Mauii. Kryon will be the MC on that day!

  14. A great many healers from various modalities form the Kryon audience so the Ponzi scheme has the potential to thrive. And spread.

    Lee Carroll is really a very nice person, there’s a lot of goodness in him. I’m certain that he is ignorant of what Kryon is using him for.

  15. Have been trying to figure out why I’m mixed up in all this. The word channel never caused alarm bells to ring for me.

    From young we are told we must do our spiritual practice regularly so as to become instruments of God. Serve as channels of the Guru. That kind of thing. I did not realize channellers were tapping into the psychic and not the Divine world.

  16. Thanks so much for sharing these three comments, GLADYS THE SEEKER.

    Shout-out to you, COLLEEN, that you were actually correct when you stated that Kyron does not personally do techniques related to Lemuria.

    And there you have it, confirmation from someone who studied directly with Lee Carroll that he is, indeed, a very nice man.

  17. What protects someone from being a party to energetic hanky-panky, like an Advanced Energetic Ponzi Scheme?

    It’s energetic literacy, folks. Stage Three Energetic Literacy can tell you about verbal integrity, connection to Spiritual Source, etc.

    Common sense helps too, of course. What is the source of healing? Does it sound too good to be true?

    If you read the Harry Potter books, you might remember what happened to Ginny Weasley from reading Tom Riddle’s diary?

    The author, Rowling, really sent home a powerful message: Don’t take advice without knowing the source.

  18. Regarding your Comment 18, GLADYS THE SEEKER, it’s an interesting question:

    Would it be appropriate for the word “channel” to ring alarm bells?

    Many trance channelers do fabulous work. I think of Ron Scolastico, who helped me greatly with the sessions I had with him in the 1980’s.

    As a person, I don’t consider him ready for the Enlightenment Life List (someone recently proposed him, not at the blog). But I admire him enormously, his integrity, his intelligence, and the quality of work he does.

    Last night, I was interviewed by Rebecca Jernigan, who also does channeling as part of her work. Although I haven’t been her client, I have been her interviewee. Rebecca is wise, delightful, with a scrumptuous integrity and down-to-earth sweetness.

    On the other hand, not all channeling is so wonderful, or done with integrity, or done with discernment.

    For details about that kind of thing, see “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.”

  19. Hi Rose,

    Slightly changing the subject, about prongs that you referred to in this post. What happens if someone learns to cut cords for themselves but does not know about prongs (or internal roots, say)?

    Does that mean that they would not be able to cut the cord properly, or would the cord still be cut even if the person doing the technique did not have that advanced knowledge?

    i.e. do you think it’s best for people to go the distance and learn every aspect of cord-cutting before they start to proceed with their own cords?

  20. RACHEL, how adorable that this comment came in just about the part of my weekend workshop (Cut Cords of Attachment Level Two) when I was about to discuss prongs.

    Perhaps one of our fine graduates will be near a computer and would like to respond.

    I certainly will tomorrow, regardless. Thank you for asking.

  21. Oh my god, I just read an article of its/his this morning! You said Gladys’s attachment came after listening to Lee’s audio, can it come through in writing?

  22. M, don’t worry about it. You live at a time of information overload, with so much reading being done. It is different to have a passionate following of many things a person has written, as was the case with GLADYS.

  23. Oopsie, RACHEL, I didn’t respond yesterday, 7/30, as I meant to. Sorry.

    If you are using the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R) on your own, you would not know about “Prongs,” as they are part of the refinement in learning professional-quality skills.

    However, the healing will be complete and permanent, so don’t worry.

    Is self-healing going to be as elegant, and bring as much insight and as many benefits as having a session with an experienced professional at Energy Spirituality?

    Of course not.

    This is one reason why people choose to have those sessions. Why some folks decide to take my workshops or even do the Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program.

    Learning more of the subtleties, many a student gains a whole new respect for what CAN be learned.

  24. Ah, thanks Rose.

    I haven’t really got started yet, but hope to soon.

    I will start with the most minor cords, of course! And if I think that I am getting the hang of it then I will book a mentoring session.

    I look forward to getting some skills!

  25. After reading your take on Kryon/Lee Carroll, and it’s parasitic type of energetics. Well I would venture to say that most of these new agey types such as Geoff Hoppe of the Crimson Circle, Pepper Lewis, Steve Rother and many, many more would all be categorized in the same type of energetic as Lee Carroll since they all pretty much all claim to be “melding” with their so called channeled entities. These folks give their permission on some level to entertain these entities and if folks want and like this then what’s the big deal? Eventually we all come to terms with our “addictions” since on some level they are all a form of parasite wouldn’t you agree Rose?

  26. E., I wouldn’t put all channelers in the same category as Kryon.

    The process of channeling isn’t something I, personally, would recommend doing… just because at one extreme there is the Kryon type of problem.

    And, if you check out “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy,” there are some eye-opening aura readings of Esther Hicks and Abraham. In a way, stranger and more troubling.

  27. However, the process of trance channeling is a meld.

    That’s why it’s called “trance channeling.” The entity takes over the channeler and speaks through.

    Afterwards, the channeler doesn’t remember what was said. He or she wasn’t exactly there.

  28. In short, channelers do some beautiful work. It is smart to decide on a case-by-case basis which helpers you want to employ.

    And, of course, I recommend using energetic literacy to find out the truth about things in your life that are important to you.

    What about channelers, like Kryon, who are giving the grand pronouncements about the world and hidden meanings within large social patterns?

    We’re all tempted to do that. I recently wrote a blog post like that, “When E.T. Saints Come Marching In.”


    Note: I was sharing some perceptions and ideas. Then I extrapolated, as humans do. I was not surrendering to an astral being to tell me what was “really” happening.

  29. Interestingly enough a lot of these so called ‘new agers’ or followers of the channeled information such as Crimson Circle and others have themselves mentioned that they are doing this work because they themselves were inspired by the Kryon material. So if what you state about the so called ‘prongs’ of Lee Carroll/Kryon, they must really have penetrated most of us since very many of us myself included all started off reading {and attending the venues}this material in the nineties.
    I do believe that we all of us have free will to taste and enjoy or not as the case may be, any and all energetics that we are drawn to …isn’t this why we are all here in the first place to experience all of the energetics in their infinite frequencies of waves and patterns?

  30. E., even if you do have a cord of attachment to Lee Carroll, unless you had contact with him recently and directly — as in the example given here — your cord of attachment will NOT include this Advanced Energetic Ponzi Scheme.

    Cord dialogue features what was the most upsetting thing that happened between you and the cordee, not things that happened to the cordee independently of your relationship or after you stopped interacting with the cordee.

  31. What a great question, E.!

    “isn’t this why we are all here in the first place to experience all of the energetics in their infinite frequencies of waves and patterns?”

    No, I don’t believe anyone is here on earth, necesssarily, to experience all the possibilities.

    Personally, in this life, I don’t wish to use heroin or cocaine, to murder people, to train as an Olympic gymnast (despite being the perfect height, 5 feet, 1 inch).

    One reason to develop Stage Three Energetic Literacy is to gain discernment that you can use in making choices.

  32. Other Blog-Buddies, I am very curious about how YOU respond to E.’s question:

    “Isn’t this why we are all here in the first place to experience all of the energetics in their infinite frequencies of waves and patterns?”

    What is your current belief about this? Has it changed and, if so, what changed it?

  33. I think originally from childhood I was told I was here to prove my “goodness” to God and be good to people in order to get into heaven.

    When I was a teenager I believed that we each had a purpose that we MUST fulfil and if you didn’t know it you needed to find out!!

    Maybe two years ago I thought along the lines of you have certain things you came here to do in a specific way, not a purpose but almost like a role to play.

    Now I believe that we don’t have anything specific to do (apart from certain karmic obligations to get over and done with) though we incarnate with things in mind. It’s up to you to find what you want and go after it and live your own life the best way you know how. I personally am not interested in paranormal stuff but I am in developing consciousness and developing spiritually.

  34. I think we’re here to be ourselves.

    For a lot of people it’s about ‘experiences’ of one sort or another, but it’s a bit external as a way to live life.

    To me E’s remark is rather like hearing someone say ‘I’m here to watch a lot of TV’. What you do or watch or experience does not in any way define who you are.

    Being myself and developing standards, that’s my current personal take. :)


  35. @Rose

    Okay, good to know. I figured as much, as I haven’t been experiencing any of the symptoms your client has.

    I’m so glad you post on these scams, Rose. You saved me a lot of trouble and probably many other people too. Thank you.

  36. In a recent session, I asked you to check if I had a cord of attachment to Lee Carroll.

    I did read his channelings in the early days, and read the first of the Kryon books. I even saw Lee Carroll at a convention.

    So I wondered about my cord of attachment to him. Reading about the new Advanced Energetic Ponzi Scheme scared me.

    Please share with the Blog-Buddies what happened with this part of my session with you.

  37. First point to consider, SANDRA, is what gets stuck in a cord of attachment.

    It contains parts of one or more incidents between you and the cordee.

    Say that you do have a cord of attachment to Lee Carroll and, years after you have anything to do with him, he goes into an Advanced Energetic Ponzi Scheme.

    That would have nothing to do with you.

    Or Lee Carroll could dye his hair pink and walk about in spangled tights. That wouldn’t get into your cord of attachment, either.

  38. Actually, what happened, SANDRA, is that you didn’t have a cord of attachment to Lee Carroll at all.

    Why? You read some things he wrote. You even went to a convention where he appeared. So what?

    Remember what initiates a cord of attachment and a spiritual tie? You become personally interested in the individual.

    Hey, I read The Washington Post most mornings. That doesn’t mean I have cords of attachment to all the reporters.

    Another example: I just finished reading a fabulous novel by Sue Grafton, “V is for Vengeance.” (For workouts, I love reading novels with a lot of plot; keeps me moving and motivated.) Her best yet! A masterpiece in the genre, IMHO.

    Sue is a terrific writer. I think I have even profiled her here at this blog. Certainly I have read each of Sue Grafton’s books at least once, and reread many because she is such a technically accomplished writer, I do extra reading just to admire her awesome way of solving problems as a writer.

    None of this means I have a cord of attachment to her. I’m interested in her work.

    So, consider with common sense, any of you Blog-Buddies who have been worrying about Kryon and Lee Carroll.

    If you suspect a cord of attachment, sure, go to a professional in this field and request that this be researched. But there’s a good chance you don’t even have one in the first place.

    Not unless you have made your involvement with Kryon a really big part of your life!

  39. Years ago, as I remember that first book with Kryon channelings, he included a technique where we could ask for an “Implant” into our auras.

    This Implant would take away all our guardian angels and guides and put in place new, improved ones, courtesy of Kryon.

    I tried this technique and didn’t notice results. But later, after I read about the Advanced Energetic Ponzi Scheme, I got really scared.

    What did I do to myself, using that technique?

  40. Probably not much, SANDRA.

    The technique may not have been appropriate for your level of vibration. Or you might have been protected by your own team of guardian angel plus spirit guides. (Ha ha!)

    One thing you did gain from all this, evidently, is being reminded how much more secure it is to live on earth when you use your common sense.

    Why would anyone in her right mind — with full use of self-authority — really consider it smart to request an implant from an astral being?

    Thank you for being willing to share this part of our conversation at the blog.

  41. Rose,

    For clarification: When you say “personally interested” do you mean that we have to want to pursue a relationship (friendship, acquaintance) with Lee/Kry? Or do we have to interact with them in real time?

  42. Is Lee Carroll associated with the EMF technique (founded by peggy phoenix dubro) which works with balancing the bodies electro-magnetic field?

    Also do i have wires crossed that when the therapist works on a client doing the EMF technique, are they are actually channelling kryon?

    I’ve read that kryon is actually part of the deceptive new age cult, associated with the archons and Pleiadians.

  43. GLITTERGIRL, your questions could be answered perhaps by someone else at this blog, but not me… as I know nothing about what an Archon is, etc.

    You know, I facilitate healing for people and teach energetic literacy about the human sphere of life, with techniques that involve co-creating directly with the Divine.

    I don’t know about paranormal things or the New Age scene, except as encountered with my clients. That is where I came from writing this post.

  44. Hi, Rose. I’ve read Kryon’s material for some years now, and I’ve never felt that I have a personal connection with Lee Carroll. I’m just interested in the parts of the message that specifically refer to Earth science, since I’m fascinated by the ways that science and spirituality are getting closer to one another (or so it seems to me). Although this is similar to some earlier questions, I guess I just don’t feel susceptible to the kinds of entities we are talking about in this discussion. What am I missing? Thanks.

  45. WONDERING, there it is. You are learning about Earth Science. You follow how science and spirituality are drawing closer.

    Cords of attachment are not about content areas. They are energy structures about relationships.

    So, the good news is, you have no cord of attachment to Lee Carroll because, as you noted, you have never felt a personal connection with him.

    The bad news is, interest in one content area over another in no way protects you from astral-level debris.

    When you do become interested in people, you will have a spiritual tie and cord of attachment to each individual. You will have that cord of attachment, at least, until cord-cutting ends that particular energetic structure.

    However, you may not choose to hang out with the relatively small percentage of human beings who are involved in Energetic Ponzi Schemes, resulting in cords of attachment to folks like that.

    Only certain people who have made certain choices function with those entity-rich, disturbingly weird patterns that would become part of your cords of attachment to them.

  46. What about being susceptible to kinds of entities who are involved in Astral Level Ponzi Schemes?

    That is a cool, underlying question within your Comment 49, WONDERING.

    You have browsed in Kryon readings because of an interest in Earth Science and metaphysicsl. Some folks are just wild about channeling and channelers, really into paranormal experiences, absolutely fascinated by The Romance of the Astral, the more special-sounding the better.

    Interests like these can make a person susceptible to cords of attachment to folks who participate in Energetic Ponzi Schemes.

    Following every channeler who is popular or flashy, seeking these leaders out, and valuing channeled wisdom over human wisdom, sure that would make a person susceptible.

  47. You know, a person could safely like the work of a channeler who doesn’t partipate in Energetic Ponzi Schemes. Examples would be Rebecca Jernigan (who recently interviewed me on her radio show) and Ron Scolastico (who has done a couple of wonderful sessions for me back in the day).

    I think Ron Scolastico is a great example of what a channeler can do. Ron has a Ph.D. as a clinical psychologist. He works with a person’s guides, also working with his own personal guides — kind of a conference call.

    After the channeling, Ron will stop and have a conversation with his client, much as if he were having a therapy session.

    Ron Scolastico doesn’t emphasize paranormal experience but human wisdom. He doesn’t unwittingly operate an Energetic Ponzi Scheme. He doesn’t promise to heal all your problems or — like John of God — sell crystals and special beds.

    Nope, Ron gives channeled readings, period. Also writes superb channeled books. Altogether, Ron does great work, with integrity, and has for decades.

  48. By contrast, there are folks who glorify entities in their work, whether channelers like Lee Carroll or Esther Hicks, or healers.

    John of God would be an example of a healer who sweeps up followers right into The Romance of the Astral. Right on his home page, there is this quote from M.L. who loved John’s video:

    “I also have to add, strange as it sounds, that while I watched the film at home I felt the casa entities working on me and improving my health”

    Does it make sense to you, Blog-Buddies — you know, regular common sense for a human — that a sweet old group of volunteer, generous entities are standing by, waiting to help you, asking nothing in return, all due to the majesty of this very-far-from-Enlightened being, John of God?

    (If you do reseach John of God’s aura, be sure to use aura reading techniques, never doing a Skilled Empath Merge. What you will find is way unpleasant.)

    A more likely explanation is that within seconds of watching the John of God video, M.L. got very involved with this (literally) promising healer.

    Instantly, M.L. had a cord of attachment and a spiritual tie.

    Through that cord of attachment to the human healer celebrity, entities who work in this Energetic Ponzi Scheme began entering M.L.’s aura.

    Of course they brought him instant healing. Better enjoy that, M.L. That’s how a Ponzi Scheme works. If you go on to take John of God’s training and go on to “heal” others, you will just spread that Energetic Ponzi Scheme forward.

  49. Back at you, WONDERING, with your down-to-earth interests in Earth Science, in Earth, in Science, how willing are you to blindly trust someone who promises to come into your auric field and start fixing it?

    Gee, might the answer be “No way”?

    And that’s why Energetic Ponzi Schemes don’t find a way into you.

  50. Thanks, Rose, so much for your helpful thoughts on this. I guess the thing that resonates most with me is your comment about blind trust. I’d like to think that I am discerning in my choosing to trust. I know I don’t have much confidence in my own energetic literacy, but I also don’t seem to notice when Lee Carroll, for example, glorifies Kryon, as you mentioned. I guess I just skip that part because only the science-based content is of interest to me. Is this attitude putting me at risk? Thanks.

  51. You are so welcome, WONDERING.

    A science-based approach doesn’t necessarily put you at risk, but I would recommend that you read one of my books for a more solid background about interactions between astral life and human life:

    “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection” could help you to understand concepts and experiences that you had no frame of reference for.

    In that context, you will understand better that Lee Carroll doesn’t just glorify Kryon, in the way that all of us (if we’re fortunate) have heroes.

    Just reading that book — even skipping the exercises — could make a big difference in knowing what actually does constitute a risk.

    Or, to use less alarming vocabulary, not a risk so much as a blind spot.

  52. A point which is important. You said, in the course of our conversation, that Lee Carroll proudly proclaims that he is in a meld with Kryon.

    This is not true. It was the Kryon (during channelling) who informs us of this.

    And he puts it very well… take the connection to a higher level. Makes us all feel it is the right thing to do.

  53. Kryon is not the only entity who has informed us that those that channel will be melding with the channeler themselves because they that channel these certain energies are a part of them or soul family to begin with or else they would not be doing so. We, all of us on some level are all connected anyway…all is one having it’s infinite experience in the totality of the whole….so..just my take on it for what it’s worth to any on this blog.

  54. Also, Lee Carroll comes across always as a very nice person never one who proudly makes declarations. Which is why I feel he does not know what he does.

    I bring up this point because when (if) the Kryon people read about Lee Carroll in your posts and you say things like Lee Carroll proudly proclaims his meld to Kryon, there will be turned off by you.

    There will not want to read what you say, and, if they do, they will not be on your side.

    The point is to educate people, let them see the Truth, so it is important to present things as they are. The ‘niceness’ of Lee Carroll, must be maintained even as the ‘dark Truth of Kryon’ is laid bare.

  55. Thanks for your comments, GLADYS. Regarding Comment 58, I misunderstood.

    However, it isn’t terribly important to me, the difference between Lee Carroll initiating the meld and Kryon proposing it.

    Either way, Lee has consented. In so doing, he has left his common sense at home.

    Isn’t it enough to allow your body to be used as a puppet for periods of time while channeling? Then the astral entitity says, “Let me possess you completely” and this is supposed to be a good thing? And it’s good because the entity proposed it rather than the human?

    Can a channeler really become so identified with the astral being like Kryon that he thinks it is a step upwards to donate his mind-body-spirit system in this way?

    Gee, I guess folks like Lee must feel sad at how foolish and inept God must be, able to give Kryon his own human body. So Lee is going to step up to fix things, as best he can?

  56. Regarding Comment 60, I likewise have a strong opinion. All Kryon followers and anyone else, do feel free to disagree.

    This is my blog, and if I am not allowed to voice my personal opinions, where would be a better place?

    Many nice people lack discernment about mind-body-spirit.

    Many otherwise intelligent people never bother to learn much before plunging into astral-affiliated experiences.

    Nice people, just like any other people, can do really foolish things. They can believe ridiculous generalizations about the goodness of astral entities being channeled.

    An example would be part of your well-meant comment, E., where you wrote: “those that channel will be melding with the channeler themselves because they that channel these certain energies are a part of them or soul family to begin with or else they would not be doing so.”

    Here’s the point. Many folks who channel astral entities are being taken advantage of by entities who use them. Such as with Energetic Ponzi Schemes. Where people are tricked into participating with neither full knowledge nor consent. Lying happens on earth and lying happens in the astral.

    Divine frequencies don’t have lying. But astral levels of life are NOT Divine.

    Forget the blather about “soul groups.” Taking people over energetically is not sweet or nice. Lying to a channel like Esther Hicks is not nice. And if you don’t know yet that astral beings can lie about who they are, enjoy that innocence for as long as it really benefits you.

    With clients sometimes I facilitate exorcisms, as you may know, E. So I get to meet plenty of entities who are sharing life with a human. This type of arrangement is not beneficial to the human, except for how good it feels after getting help.

    If you want to read some detailed portraits about what happens to a nice person when taken over by a channeled entity, read “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.”

    There you will find some frank and, frankly, shocking portraits of Esther Hicks and Abraham, one chakra databank at a time.

    Perhaps some of you Blog-Buddies who have read this book would like to share your thinking about the theme of truth and deceit in New Age creations like “The Law of Attraction” from Abraham-Hicks.

  57. Incidentally, I am proud to work as a New Age teacher and healer.

    This has been my life for 42 years.

    However, I increasingly wonder if I am more a kind of post-New Age teacher.

    Many components of New Age really do resonate for me, such as spiritual self-authority, equality of all people in seeking knowledge, ability to connect directly with the Divine.

    However, I disagree strongly with New Age Litany and find a striking lack of integrity in many New Age leaders. (No, I won’t be naming names particularly.)

    I want to empower folks to do their own research, gaining their own energetic literacy, so they don’t have to believe in every experiment that sounds good.

    More about that in the blog post I have planned for tomorrow….

  58. “I guess folks like Lee must feel sad at how foolish and inept God must be, not figuring out how to give Kryon his own human body.”

    Rose, is this kind of your way of saying that if an entity, any entity, has to go through a channeler it’s most likely because they aren’t savory enough to be allowed a body?

  59. Not quite, M. Although your comment suggests to me that you are cutting through some of The Romance of The Astral, according to which anyone from The Other Side is presumed superior to humans. Way to go!

    As a healer and teacher, I have learned a lot about interactions between astral beings and humans.

    My last two books offered loads of information, systematically presented in a way that can’t be done at a blog.

    The following comments will summarize two different sets of information about astral entities, a.k.a. “Angels.” If your idea of the great spiritual growth is to pull out a card deck by Doreen Virtue or read channelings by Kryon or Abraham, you might want to stop reading right here.

    I do not believe that “The Other Side” means “Pure sweetness and light.” Or even “Astral entities telling hobbyists the truth about who they are.”

    Information that I present isn’t just theoretical but practical and based on work with real human beings, helping them. In these most recent books, there are ways to make your life better — they are how-to books after all.

    Yet the positive information has to include clearing away what doesn’t help much, apart from a fantasy-level, feel-good kind of discussion.

    Being a practical sort, I’m more into explaining (with all due respect for my friends in New Age and paranormal studies) why The Romance of The Astral is a big waste of time. Then offering simple techniques that work better.

  60. Continuing with a response to M., of course an entity must go through a channeler… to wield the kind of influence of an Abraham.

    “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy” explores ways that human lives have been crippled by over-dependence upon astral beings.

    In that how-to, I provide Magnetize Money Profiles (aura readings) if many authorities on success and prosperity. That includes Abraham.

    Just for starters, aura reading research makes it abundantly clear that he is not the loveable, benevolent group of entities as claimed by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Abraham is one wildly power-hungry individual.

    Also, in “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy” you can read, in detail, how human lives get messed up when folks base their lives on rules that work in the astral but not here on Earth.

    So, in the context of that book, M., plenty of souls with unsavory characteristics DO get to incarnate on earth. You will meet many of them in that book and understand better how they operate.

  61. Continuing, M., the book published this year, “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection” can help you further. Finally, sort out confusions about who has incarnated where.

    And learn how, since you are human, you can position your consciousness and energies in order to be more effective.

    One benefit of this book is that you will understand far better many of the interactions that astral beings have when they are not incarnated as human but aim to interact, nonetheless, with people like you and me.

    M., plenty is allowed, here at Earth School. It is up to us to be discerning in how we use the precious opportunities here to serve, to learn, and to evolve spiritually.

    On that practical note: You can preview all my books in print for free at The Official Rose Rosetree Website: http://www.rose-rosetree.com . That includes reading the first chapters to both those how-to’s.

    Until the website is redesigned, something we’re working on here in our spare time ;-), just click on the cover of the book to go to the details.

    And we do have a toll-free number for ordering my books since they are not usually in bookstores. You can call 24/7 and receive service from real, accountable human beings: 800-345-6665.

  62. “Although your comment suggests to me that you are cutting through some of The Romance of The Astral…”

    Absolutely! That Kryon thing was a close call. I really don’t think I can handle astral complications, I’m completely unequipped. (Yes, yes. I ordered your book.) This was a major warning and I’m a fool if I behave the same way after this.

    Thank you, Rose. I wasn’t even aware of having a Romance of The Astral. For me it was always from a personal development perspective. I figured, if I can learn tools that make my life easier, more abundant, productive, why not? Channelings were uplifting. Like motivational speeches from the superhumanly charismatic. I thought I had found the ultimate way to shed erroneous beliefs and reprogram my mind through osmosis (a key component of conventional personal development). I never considered that it could be just one big lie.

  63. Funnily enough, I actually remember once reading the blog of this guy who claimed to be guided in his “mission” by an archangel. I knew that something was off about it because he was instructed to quit his day job, be near-broke (“you will be rewarded, abundance will come to you”) and study with super shady people. He was hungry and tired but this “archangel” would give him visions of treasure chests and abundance. You’d think this poor man would know better since he blogged about previous encounters with truly horrifying entities that would horror-movie-style haunt him.

  64. Fascinating, isn’t it, M., developing discernment?

    I repeat the sentiment voiced in Comment 52. My intention is not to badmouth all channelers, more to good-mouth using common sense, supplemented by energetic literacy.

    I have encountered many folks going through the kind of tough lesson you described, M., in your Comment 69.

  65. I’m new to your web site and read about the ponzi type thing and now I know why I felt so horrible after going to Braco or being in the room full of strangers. I had to jump into the ocean and purify my entire self to get back to normal. I sensed that that healing was not compatable w/ me. I sage myslf and sea salt myself and reiki clean myself everyday. My job puts me in close contact w/ lots of different energies. I sometimes hear or sense tru touch or just know things.I can scan pictures of people and crystals and instinctively know which one is right for me. The picture of the man you show as Lee Carrol I instinctively felt uncomfortable w/ his energy. It did’nt seem right.Everyone around me thinks i’m being too sensitive?

  66. Today I had the privilege of moving out another cord of attachment between a client, JOE, and Lee Carroll.

    Perhaps I will share more details another time. For now, it might be a practical tip that if you are offered an energy download or initiation from a channeled being, just say no.

  67. Hi Rose, I just stumbled across your website today. I haven’t had time to look at a lot of your blogs but I got here by seeing a blog on Lee Carroll and Kryon. I was a little surprised by your response about him as from what I have read, he is very compassionate and speaks mostly about God. Then you spoke of John of God in the same token and he has performed 1000’s if not hundreds of thousands of miraculous healings. I’ve always believed that “good does good” and “bad does bad”. With utmost respect, can you share how you came to this conclusion? I am on a path of knowledge and self-awareness and just am curious as to why you think they are evil forces. Thank you!

  68. TERESA, what a great question. And respectfully asked.

    I’ll be glad to answer, one short comment at a time.

    First point, I never called anyone involved in an Energetic Ponzi Scheme “Evil.”

    Instead, the problem overall is that some astral beings are dishonestly using people in order to give themselves more power.

    It’s not unlike a human-level Ponzi Scheme, where someone like the original Ponzi guy in Italy, or Bernie Madoff in America, told investors they were going to get extra-special profits, more than ordinary people.

    And in the process, Madoff and Ponzi were stealing.

    Although deception and stealing aren’t great, I don’t call that “Evil” either, do you?

  69. I became aware of the John of God Energetic Ponzi Scheme first.

    I learned about it because I had two different clients who had studied with John of God. Both felt really bad after they came home.

    In the personal session for aura healing and transformation, I used the skill set of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R). I facilitated cutting each client’s cord of attachment to John of God.

    Doing this, I noticed something unusual. Astral entities were entering into my clients’ energy fields without permission, using the cord of attachment as a kind of tunnel that gave them access.

  70. After I facilitated cutting those cords of attachment, both my clients felt much better, back to normal.

    It has been similar with other examples of locating Energetic Ponzi Schemes, where I would be helping my client and would find out through that direct healing work that there was something going on.

    Patterns began to emerge, and these have been discussed more comprehensively at other blog posts. This particular article just happened to become one of the 10 Most Popular Posts. It was a pretty random article originally.

  71. Regarding what qualifies me to consider myself a professional in the field of energy spirituality — and now as the Founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality — that’s another part of an answer to your question, TERESA.

    Energetic literacy skills are my professional work, including the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R).

    Related skill sets help to coach empaths, including techniques for Skilled Empath Merge, which is a way I often obtain information about my clients and what is happening to them.

  72. Another source of knowledge that has equipped me to find Energetic Ponzi Schemes is a skill set I learned courtesy of Teaching of the Inner Christ in 1985.

    Their website is http://www.teachingoftheinnerchrist.com

    Through this study, where I was named a lay minister, I learned a great deal about astral entities (ghosts), Extra-Terrestrial Entities (E.T.s) and skill sets for helping people to avoid unproductive involvement with them.

  73. This aspect of my work is especially relevant to the detection and dismantling of cords of attachment when an Energetic Ponzi Scheme is a factor.

    In my Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality, my apprentices have been taught how to dismantle cords of attachment related to the various types of Energetic Ponzi Scheme I have encountered.

    And, of course, I use the procedures as well. These were downloaded by co-creating with the Divine.

  74. So what makes me different from dreamers and theorists who write whatevery things online?

    Work with my clients keeps me grounded in reality, TERESA.

    I do not know everything, nor do I claim to.

    However, techniques that I use to help clients do seem to help my clients drawn from every continent, with a very high proportion of returning clients.

    Skills that I teach in workshops do seem to… work.

  75. As long as I am giving a long-overdue response to your excellent question, TERESA, I do not like being in the Warning Business.

    Having worked in New Age since 1970, I respect healers and spiritual teachers in general.

    However, there is also a permissive quality in New Age culture. Not unlike the culture in the Catholic Church that led to certain kinds of abuse and cover-ups. A different kind of problem, I hasten to add!!!

  76. So when the topic of Energetic Ponzi Schemes came up, I decided to do some writing about this. Not because it was pleasant but because it seemed important for somebody to do.

    What I really prefer, TERESA, is for everyone to develop energetic literacy (which anyone can; it is no harder than learning regular reading and writing).

    I would like for people to learn skills that keep them protected and healthy energetically.

    I would adore a world with great New Age Consumers, so that teachers with integrity and honor and skills that work are the most popular ones.

    So I do my best to contribute to all of that. I just do the best I can.

  77. Rose thank you so much for your lengthy and heart felt response. I have read all you responses at least 3 times and will probably read them again several times in the morning. I know you know there is more to the story of why I am asking you these questions, but I would like to keep some things low key.
    I am very intrigued by your work and I have studied with many teachers (some I guess I can now call them “Ponzi Schemes” :)
    Your last response, #83 touched me deeply, as that is how I feel. I do not want to mis-represent God in any way in my service to him, or mislead any person coming to me for healing, but you have me questioning much of my beleifs. And that has not happened in a very long time. Again, thank you for taking so much time to answer my question. I will be reading more of your blogs as time serves. Blessings to you for your service to humanity
    One more question if I may, so are not the healings from John of God, and there are many that I have witnessed first hand and they are miraculous, are they not valid? That has me very confused at this point.

  78. Gosh, I need to take a break from thinking, but one more question Rose if I might. Does not God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus have dominion over these “Ponzi Scheme Entities”?

  79. TERESA, thanks for both these comments. Responding to the part of Comment #84 with this question:

    “One more question if I may, so are not the healings from John of God, and there are many that I have witnessed first hand and they are miraculous, are they not valid?”

    To borrow the words of one rather well known spiritual leader, who am I to judge?

  80. What troubles me is the process, TERESA.

    If someone has a temporary miracle, or even a long-term healing, that’s great.

    However, that doesn’t mean the person has learned anything, except to have faith.

    We don’t live in the Piscean Age any more. In this Age of Energy, or Age of Aquarius, people need to learn something for healing to be permanent.

    Also people need to give something back.

    Since you are interested in healing, have you noticed this?

  81. And, of course, to be practical, I have witnessed first-hand every cord of attachment that I facilitated cutting to someone involved in the Energetic Ponzi Schemes of John of God and Lee Carroll.

  82. As for your question in Comment 85, TERESA:

    “Does not God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus have dominion over these “Ponzi Scheme Entities”?

    Ever hear the saying, “Heaven helps those who help themselves.”

    Earth is a school, and it might be up to us humans to actively co-create with God, rather than waiting for God to fix our problems for us.

  83. Co-creating directly with God or Jesus can be done by ordinary people. We can do it by learning effective techniques, including ones that I teach and certainly not limited to what I teach in my books and workshops.

    Why not go direct?

  84. Since you are obviously a person of faith, perhaps you can relate to thinking I heard growing up across the street from a Catholic convent.

    Good Catholic girls I knew used logic like this:

    “I could ask God the Father to help me.

    “But I don’t feel worthy. So I really should ask Jesus to help me.

    “But I still don’t feel worthy. So I had better pray to Mary, the mother of Jesus, to help me.”

    At a certain point, doesn’t that get a little ridiculous.

    Why ask a human man, and his angels, to do healings when you could, yourself, learn to do healing techniques?

    And why not go directly to a Divine Being for help, when co-creating with your techniques. Eventually, doesn’t all that trust of angels begin to sound a bit like worshipping angels?

  85. Dear Rose, thank you for this eye-opening blog.
    I have been diagnosed with a chronic illness after the birth of my child and it has affected my life in so many ways. Now a family friend suggested Zoran Bracika (www.zoranbracika.com) who claims he gets his energy from God. And another friend suggested Braco (www.braco.net).

    I can see you mentioned Braco as one of the energetic ponzi schemers; but what i would like to know is: can i attend his gazing sessions at all without risking a cord of attachment forming??
    I’m also really curious to know your opinion of Zoran Bracika. Thank you so much

  86. Thanks for reaching out, ZAHRAA.

    My comments about Braco and Energetic Ponzi Schemes at this blog are as far as I go into recommending or not recommending any practitioner.

    If you are curious about whether a healer is Enlightened (especially if a healer claims that), you can submit the name at another part of the blog, the Enlightenment Life List.

    Of course, I can always do aura reading research for you in private, during a confidential session, about any practitioner. You would prepare by having links ready, then email them to me — one photo link for each practitioner, clearly showing the face (at least) from the front.

  87. Regarding cords of attachment, of course you will have a cord of attachment to anyone you have a healing session with.

    Yet more reason to be a smart New Age Consumer!

    You can learn a lot more about cords of attachment at this blog, ZAHRAA.

    Including this popular post on cord-cutting. Always check out the comments below an article, as that’s where you really get to enjoy the cool Blog-Buddies here and the educational interactions.

    Like the one you have just brought to the blog with your comment today. Thank you!

  88. Ready for a laugh, Blog-Buddies? I just facilitated a session for GLADYS.

    The healing centerpiece in this session of aura healing was the removal of her cord of attachment to someone involved with Kryon.

    Sure enough, Lee Carroll’s Takeover the Healer Energetic Ponzi Scheme was in evidence, with astral entities galore in GLADYS’s cord of attachment, waiting and observing and doing what they could to establish themselves more strongly in her aura.

    That part wasn’t funny. Except that this cord of attachment is gone for good, so we can afford to laugh at the funny part. Which is how JOE introduced GLADYS to Kryon.

    He recommended that she start listening to talks by Kryon, calling him “The most soothing entity I know.”

    Which strikes me as hilarious. You too?

  89. Sure, it can feel discouraging, knowing about some of the astral hanky-panky going down now here on earth after The Shift into our new Age of Energy.

    There are many casualties, short-term and maybe long-term.

    Yet the opportunities for evolution are so great.

    This is, after all, a time when millions of souls are preparing to move (or already have moved) into Enlightenment.

    And doing this as Householder Enlightenment.

    What a great time to live here as humans at Earth School!

  90. It seems like Energy Hygiene is becoming really important in this day and age. Just like in the past, there were plagues that spread through poor sanitation and hygiene, this might be our modern equivalent.

    The Ponzi schemes don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. But with awareness and good practices in place, cleanliness can be maintained:)

  91. Rose this is so interesting. I follow another site and someone there mentioned Kryon. I decided to take a look and see what he was about. I tried to listen to his first few “lightworker” lessons and couldn’t get past the irritation and anger I felt when listening to his voice. I seriously tried to overcome it thinking it was just his manner of delivery (he sounds like a TV preacher). I could not make it through the second audio file.

    When I read your point about Gladys’ anxiety it hit home. The anger and irritation must have been my self-defense? Protection against the attachment making a new home…does that sound plausible? So glad I found your article!! Thank you!

  92. MARTHA, thank you for sharing your story. One clarification, however:

    Anger? Irritation? These not a form of spiritual cleansing and protection.

    Rather, I would call this self-authority. It’s important to pay attention to your human likes and dislikes. This keeps us from wasting our time or getting involved in groups that won’t help us.

  93. Now, I hope you don’t mind my adding… about your rather poetic phrase “Protection against the attachment making a new home.”

    Are you alluding to cords of attachment? These have nothing to do with conscious resistance or irritation or deciding to click away from somebody’s website.

    When, for the first time in your life, you become interested in another person who is still alive (including channeler Lee Carroll), two energy structures connect you to him for life: A cord of attachment and a spiritual tie.

    You can learn more about cords of attachment by searching here at the blog, including this popular article on cutting cords of attachment.

    You might also learn to cut cords of attachment for yourself from “Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing.”

  94. However, when an Energetic Ponzi Scheme is involved, it really is smart to contact someone who is knowledgeable about Rosetree Energy Spirituality, because they know a fairly complex procedure I have developed to deal with these unusual cords of attachment.

    Either a graduate of my Mentoring Program or an apprentice would help you just fine. For contact info, see the SESSIONS choice on the ribbon (or whatever that is called) at the top of this blog.

  95. If anger and irritation protected people energetically from Energetic Ponzi Schemes and other forms of energetic STUFF, I guess all of us would revere the grumpiest among us, right?

    They would have squeaky-clean auras. (Joke!)

  96. Thank you for your response Rose. I think I might not have explained myself very well. I have found that when I have a visceral emotional reaction to an unknown person, that would generally be considered unwarranted or from out of nowhere, I listen. My feeling is that I am trying to warn myself or get my own attention. It does not happen often and it takes me by surprise every time. I have interpreted this as a way of protecting myself.

  97. Please know that the anger and irritability is short lived (as long as I get away from this person) and it is felt deep inside of my person. I might make a strange face but I don’t blow-up at anyone or anything like that. I am not outwardly angry. It feels more like a flare-up of hostile energy in my heart chakra, uncomfortable and somewhere it doesn’t belong. Generally when I do get away there is a quick release of that energy (via crying, deep breathing, or telling someone what I felt).

    I hope this makes more sense.

  98. Dear MARTHA:

    Thank you for your clarification. And I hope you will not take offense as I comment further. This is, after all, an educational blog. Our exchange here allows me to clarify some basic points that may be of interest to you and other readers here.

    Granted, I come from a certain perspective. This is not omniscience. ;-)

    Instead, my perspective flows from having the skill set for Stage Three Energetic Literacy (reading auras in detail, with precision) and also from the healing skill sets in Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

    These are techniques I have used to help clients since 1986, and for many years I have been doing way more than 1,000 session hours per year.

    So that’s where I’m coming from.

  99. That said, I’m going to comment on one chunk at a time.

    Regarding, “I have found that when I have a visceral emotional reaction to an unknown person, that would generally be considered unwarranted or from out of nowhere, I listen.”

    Sure, this is a smart human reaction.

    Emotions and physical sensations (visceral reactions) are part of your HUMAN experience.

  100. Regarding, “My feeling is that I am trying to warn myself or get my own attention. It does not happen often and it takes me by surprise every time. I have interpreted this as a way of protecting myself.”

    What a complicated, perhaps way-complicated, this interpretation is.

    If you are just being human, this sort of thing will happen to you infrequently. Human beings are wired to do this.

  101. Heading this perfectly human response to people “An inner warning,” — this is simply a HUMAN way to protect yourself.

    Protect yourself HUMANLY, right?

    Like if you touch a hot stove with your hand and, being human, and being wired to respond to life in human ways, you will not like how it feels. You will take your hand off the stove.

  102. So this kind of human reaction, MARTHA, helps you to protect yourself in human ways.

    The implication, perhaps, in what you wrote about “protection” is important.

    This human kind of response to people, and following an inner warning, is smart and HUMAN.

    This is, however, not any kind of ENERGETIC protection.

  103. A very important kind of understanding to have now is that HUMAN equals your conscious mind, and the vibrational frequencies at the surface of life, both objective reality and relatively superficial subjective experiences.

    By contrast, experiences of ENERGY are almost always about astral or psychic frequencies of consciousness. This is a level within you that corresponds to your subconscious mind.

    Many, many people today are very confused about these two different types of energetic frequency: HUMAN emotions and experiences are not the same as ENERGIES.

  104. Confusing HUMAN and ENERGY is especially common since The Shift into The Age of Energy, starting 12-21-12. Folks are still getting used to it, especially how much easier it is to notice energies.

    Compounding this confusion, a great deal of extra confusion arises when people assume they have skill for doing things with energy when they could develop that skill. But they haven’t yet.

    More on this important distinction to come.

    To be clear, MARTHA, this isn’t about your talent in life, or ability to learn skills. Just that noticing energy, or thinking in terms of energy, does not mean the same thing as developing skill at doing things with energy (such as protecting yourself spiritually or energetically).

  105. Continuing with your Comment #105, you go on to give loads of details about an emotional pattern, like “Please know that the anger and irritability is short lived (as long as I get away from this person) and it is felt deep inside of my person. I might make a strange face but I don’t blow-up at anyone or anything like that. I am not outwardly angry.”

    With all respect, what, exactly is the point of this?

  106. I figure, you mention all this as a follow-up to your Comment 99, which concluded, “The anger and irritation must have been my self-defense? Protection against the attachment making a new home…does that sound plausible?”

    Well, feeling emotions like anger — whether you expressed them or not — has absolutely ZERO relevance to what was happening to you energetically.

  107. So the practical point — ha, you thought I was going somewhere practical, right?

    The practical point is that a cord of attachment and a spiritual tie, both, were surely begun when you spent that time being interested in Lee Carroll’s website. Regardless of your emotional response. Regardless of whether you ever returned to that website.

    Once a cord of attachment begins, you will have it until the last minutes of your life. (With many energetic and emotional and chemical consequences. Particularly if that cord includes an Energetic Ponzi Scheme.) You will have this cord of attachment unless someone with skills facilitates a permanent removal.

    If you reread my Comment #101, do you get that distinction between EMOTIONS and ENERGY?

    And do you understand that a cord of attachment is a real thing, an astral thingie rather than a human one, but a substantial and real thing nevertheless?

  108. EMOTIONS are not a defense against facts-of-life, welcome to Earth School, how ENERGY works here for human beings.

    Many people think they are protecting themselves — or healing themselves — energetically when they are doing nothing of the kind. People are analyzing their emotions or perhaps manipulating their emotions. A totally different deal.

    At some time, you may learn effective skills for self-healing energetically. Based on what I know, I can pretty much promise you that this workaround you have created and used for self-protection does not help you energetically, not at all.

  109. I hope you don’t mind my having used your comments to make some points of an educational nature for all the readers of this blog.

    For you, personally, MARTHA, all this was intended as coaching, not as criticism.

    This particular exchange is ended from my side. If you wish to learn more about my perspective, you can research books like “Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing” or “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.”

    Anything more on this topic that you wish to write, feel free. I’m not trying to shut you up. And you are certainly welcome to disagree with my comments. That wouldn’t keep you from having your comments go live here at this educational blog.

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