Handling Hurricane Sandy, empath resources, and how to chat with devas

Jonathan Wiltshire's painting, Sequoia King Tree Deva

Quick update for all my clients on Oct. 30 — everything is fine. Sessions are occurring on schedule. Phone lines work, so call the regular number, 703-450-9514. Recordings work. If you are having problems due to Hurricane Sandy and need to cancel, no worries. Just let us know, if you can.

And special love goes out to beachwalker Blog-Buddy JEAN, until the evacuation is over… and beyond. Plus the merry band of New Yorkers (from all five boroughs) who are other fast-growing clients. Be well!

Hello, Hurricane Sandy. Hello, one more opportunity to evolve on one’s path to Enlightenment!

Common sense and gratitude, both can help if you are dealing with Hurricane Sandy.

Let’s consider this a learning situation, under some pressure, for you talented empaths who are in the process of becoming skilled, or more skilled, empaths.

Empath skill, to me, involves the automatic positioning of consciousness. Empath Empowerment(R) techniques make this an automatic way of living, with empath gift(s) turned OFF unless the Skilled Empath aims to do a Skilled Empath Merge for a very brief amount of time.

Storms and potential natural disasters are times to NEVER do a Skilled Empath Merge during your waking hours. Just not practical. Not smart. Not remotely helpful for you or others.

At a time when many folks worry about survival — and unskilled empaths load themselves up with enough STUFF from others to last for the next six months — let’s explore a bit of Enlightenment Coaching instead. CONTINUE READING

Do You Wish to Live From Your Deepest Self?

“Energetic Literacy” Column for Pathways Magazine, Winter 2012

Clients tell me a lot about their goals for healing. Often their innermost dreams for self-actualization are shared in those hopeful sentences about “Here is how I wish to grow as a person.” Discussing and shifting these goals has become an important part of how I help clients.

By the time 2012 is over, I will have completed another 1,000+ session hours, each one based on my client’s intention. Facilitating sessions to heal and help, it never ceases to amaze me. Whichever skill set is used with that particular client, intention is always vital. You can’t get where you want to go without — wisely — choosing a destination.

Often I have wished that somehow I could make the best parts of those personal sessions available to Pathways Magazine readers, free and clear and powerful. I have wished to use this column to supply a do-it-yourself tweak that could make a huge difference for your life now… and all the way through to Enlightenment.

Today it occurred to me, I could at least make the first five minutes available — that part of an Energy Spirituality session about intention.

Thus starts a Pathways Magazine article for Winter 2012

After publication in print, then online publication, I will add the rest of the article here. Already, this is a placeholder post for your comments, Pathways Magazine readers.

In addition, here are some article links that relate to this theme: CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading to explore mysteries of Angela Merkel

Chancellor Angela Merkel, ready for her aura reading

First prize in our Mysterious Aura Reading Contest goes to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Or, you could say to Blog-Buddies JILL ERIN and RACHEL.

JILL ERIN described the political powerhouse this way:

“Angela was born in West Germany in 1954, but, her father, a Lutheran Minister, moved the family to East Germany soon afterward. She was a physical chemist before entering politics after the Revolution of 1989 just prior to the German reunification. She was elected Chancellor of Germany in 2005, the first woman Chancellor in Germany. She chaired the G8 in 2007, the second woman to do that. Forbes magazine ranked her as the fourth most powerful person in the world and #1 most powerful woman for two years in a row.”

When providing aura readings of all three winners of this latest contest, I’m going to demonstrate how useful it is to be able to read chakra databanks, those 50 different tubes of energy within each major chakra, with more chakra databanks readable through sub-chakras. CONTINUE READING

Empath Skills, Empath Healing, a guest post by Stephanie Thomas

From this healer’s perspective, Empath Empowerment(R) skills work perfectly with the techniques of Energy Spirituality. I didn’t plan this. The information downloads and personal sessions of aura healing, the books and workshops, simply developed that way, fitting together.

Rose Rosetree, enjoying life more as a Skilled Empath

For instance, many a time I have facilitated cutting a cord of attachment with cord items about my client’s unskilled empath merge with the cordee. Big logical consequence: Permanently moving out those cord items then made it so much easier for my client to keep empath gifts turned OFF, as part of living happily ever after.

Yet no healing technique from Energy Spirituality, whether cord-cutting or removing psychic coercion or removing frozen blocks with a Blessing of Light etc., can substitute for the self-propelled, self-sustaining skills of Empath Empowerment.

So, to me, both resources are vital.

Energy Spirituality sessions won’t help bring a person all the way to Enlightenment, not if that person happens to have been born as an empath. It’s not that my system for training skilled empaths is the only one that works. But the person does need to consciously develop a skill set that really does work. Many ways are proposed in books for empaths available today, including the questioning about STUFF or boundary work or avoiding so-called “psychic vampires.”

As an empath, it would be your sacred choice, which skill set to use. With your self-authority, you are the only one who can decide what really delivers what it promises.

Today’s guest post explores both topics, self-healing and receiving healing, becoming a skilled empath and also having STUFF removed from the subconscious mind and astral components of aura. Our guest poster is STEPHANIE THOMAS, newly added to the Enlightenment Life List.

Like JULIE and JILL ERIN and PANTELIS and, well, me… STEPHANIE is a skilled empath. And, yes, those empath skills have — along with Energy Spirituality techniques — been an important part of our personal paths to Enlightenment. Here, STEPHANIE continues some of the spirited conversation at this blog’s most recent Guest Post, Empath Skills vs. Coping Mechanisms, a Guest Post by Stephanie  Links, headings and edits are mine. The heart and mind and soul reflect that uniquely articulate STEPHANIE!

Can an empath’s goals be too high?

In Comment 22 at Empath Skills vs. Coping Mechanisms, a Guest Post by Stephanie, BRITTANY described how she has used coping mechanisms, rather than empath skills, to deal with her gifts as an empath. She longs to have more depth to relationships, feeling “… frustrated with me for not feeling a way through to communicate with the heart of them.”

BRITTANY concluded, “I guess I have lofty goals.”

BRITTANY, I (STEPHANIE) replied, your goals are not “lofty” at all. Your goals reflect a tender love for Self and a wanting to share that love through your connections in human relationships. CONTINUE READING

Empath Skills vs. Coping Mechanisms, a Guest Post by Stephanie

Blog-Buddies, Stephanie didn’t name this guest post, “How Empath Empowerment Helped Me Attain Enlightenment.”

Empowered empath Stephanie, blooming like a fragrant peony


But she might have. As with any Guest Post, this one didn’t come with any official title at all. I had the fun of adding that, plus doing a bit of light editing and inserting links and headings.

Get ready for a voice of startling originality, nerve, and verve. There is nobody like Stephanie Thomas.

Hello, Each and Every One! This is where you find out how long-winded I can be. BecauseI feel that I’ve just got to confess, share, and do a compare/contrast:

  • Natural empath versus Skilled empath
  • And the meaning of gifts OFF versus ON as an empath.

Childhood Empath Merge as a Plant Empath and Spiritual Empath

Very recently, I recovered a memory from my very young childhood –-a sliver of time spent in my grandmother’s garden.

Then, empath-style perceptions were my normal, natural way of experiencing reality.

As I re-experienced the memory as Who I Am Now,  I… am absolutely awed by what I did with amazingly fluid grace and ease in that sliver of time.

I was in Oneness with each plant, and I was paying particular attention to a specific peony shrub.

I knew when each unopened bud would unfurl because I could feel what the plant felt. I could feel what the plant did with the sunshine on its leaves.

Directly I experienced the moisture and nutrients in the soil, the rate of uptake, exhalation, day/night ratio, photosynthesis efficiency. All was elegantly accounted for and formulated.

Further I knew in advance which buds would be less glorious because they had formed when there had not been enough rain. It was easy to know which of those buds would have the most exquisite perfume. CONTINUE READING

Householder Enlightenment, a guest post by Jordan


Seeking householder Enlightenment or renunciate Enlightenment?

Today Blog-Buddy JORDAN shares her developing insights about householder Enlightenment and the value of Enlightenment Coaching on one’s very personal path to Enlightenment.


As usual with a guest post, I am fascinated by the insights. Some minor edits, plus links and headings, are my contribution. JORDAN gets full credit for all the wisdom and compassion in the words that follow.

Ahhhh!!! Major aha!s happening for me, reading this post about Sense of Self Reveals: Are you a Renunciate or a Householder?

Recently I have had a lot of confusion and questions about this.

In the past few months, surfing around Enlightenment websites, I have encountered lots of people and teachers who are into Avaita or “neo-Advaita” teachings. I don’t know a lot about it, but now I understand that it is painfully, obviously, for renunciates, at least the way it is being taught and discussed today. CONTINUE READING

Sense of Self Reveals: Are you a Renunciate or a Householder?

Yogananda, with sense of self as a reunciate

Lately we have been having blog conversations around sense of self. This morning I woke up with a “Boing!”-type thought about something AMANDA wrote yesterday. In her Comment #3 at Extra-credit points from being an empath, she wrote:

“… when I do think about identity at the moment it just becomes one set of ‘Well, it’s for sure not that, or this’ after another – leaving me feeling more and more comfortably separate from what you call the ‘workaround sense of identity’.”

Context for identity, or sense of self, often comes down to spiritual path. Many paths for spiritual development today are for renunciates, while others are for householders. Not that either is necessarily well labeled.

Today’s post will explore ways that a person might experience sense of identity, or definition of self, related to the single most important choice you will ever make in your lifestyle. Are you a householder or a renunciate? CONTINUE READING

Extra-credit points from being an empath

So many points to being a skilled empath!

For your eyes only, empaths.

Today’s post, Part Three of this series, might make non-empaths jealous.

Hey, that’s only fair. So much of the online conversation about empaths screams “Victim!”

And it’s true that being an unskilled empath is no fun. Unless one likes pain… such as physical pain from taking on STUFF with Physical Oneness, or spiritual anxiety due to taking on STUFF as a Spiritual Empath, or the ever-popular “What did I think anyway?” confusion of an Intellectual Empath.

The list of torments goes on and on, inter-psychic and inter-personal and, especially, Internet. Yesterday’s post stunned ME, when I found the statistic of 1/2 million hits on the pathetic concept of  “Empath + victim.”

Those words never have to be juxtaposed for you, Blog-Buddies! And maybe you even know a different empath pair ‘o terms with a way lower recognition factor right now, “Molecular + empath.” Currently this has just 19 thousand hits on Google… but “molecular empath” refers to something that really exists.

In fact, today’s blog post is being written by a molecular empath. And I’m pretty sure that I exist.

Whereas “Rose Rosetree as empath victim” ended back in 1997.

No repining about some of the weirdly popular victim terminology. Let’s allow the not-yet-skilled empaths to feel good about themselves, whatever it takes to make even a marginal improvement. 😉

Truth is, unskilled empaths are less effective than non-empaths. But skilled empaths are more effective than non-empaths. CONTINUE READING

Other benefits of being an empath. Part Two of Three

Rose Rosetree, showing one option for Empath Empowerment

What’s the point of being an empath? So pointy, the potential to this way of being neuro-physiologically wired for life!

In Part One, our last post, I introduced the idea of a Continuum of Human Sensitivity, with empaths all the way at one end. (And then a great comment came in, #9 from LINDA STONE, about her experience all the way at the extreme end of that Continuum of Human Sensitivity.)

LINDA suffered so much from being an unskilled empath because, within that Continuum of Human Sensitivity part at the outer edge for empaths… she is way out again at the outer edge, spectacularly talented.

Yet any empath is talented. With even one mild gift as an empath, you count as among 1 in 20 people with a lifelong ability to directly experience what it is like to be other people. CONTINUE READING

What is the point of being an empath? Part One

Daniel Cyr, moving outside the hoop of human identity

Everyone you know, self included, has chosen brilliantly about the degree of innate sensitivity. You are hard-wired that way.

It’s like being right-handed or left-handed or ambidextrous. Similiarly, you have a place on the Continuum of Human Sensitivity.

Fancy name, that. I don’t think I have mentioned Continuum of Human Sensitivity before. But you’ll see the point if you keep reading. In fact, you may see lots of points….

Sensitivity doesn’t change, so one might as well get the point of how one is wired.

Free will changes a lot about life, including as much as 90% of your face data. (Some of you know that my favorite part of Face Reading Secrets(R) involves reading those changes that occur over time. But I also love telling folks about their “Soul Signature Traits.” These are hard-wired into a person as well.)

Software matters. But different computers are built differently, for different functions. That’s the beauty of hardware.

Regarding your own personal hardware, how you were made for this lifetime related to the Continuum of Human Sensitivity, let’s bring perspective from the pioneering work of Dr. Elaine Aron. In “Highly Sensitive Person,” she introduced the concept of HSPs, statistically 1 in 5 human beings. CONTINUE READING