Divine Help, Moving towards Enlightenment, a Guest Post by ADAM McINTOSH

Hatsumi Sensei, smiling as he throws one of his students

How fascinating it is, the dance each of us has related to self-realization, self-actualization, Enlightenment. The Divine does have a lot to do with this dance, and I think today’s guest post by ADAM illustrates this beautifully.

As an Enlightenment Coach, I don’t take credit for anyone’s Enlightened consciousness. Rather, I feel humbled to have attracted evolved folks like JULIE, JILL ERIN, PANTELIS, STEPHANIE, ANITA, and ADAM for my clients. Energetic Literacy provides the chance to identify where there are bits of STUFF stuck; Energy Spirituality skills make it possible to permanently heal that STUFF.

Only God is in charge, deciding when the STUFF is gone… or close enough for that person to be Enlightenment ready. The sacred and human collaboration remains a very private mystery. But every so often we have the privilege of learning more about this process, one person at a time.

Here is ADAM’s account, with my supplying just the usual headings and light copy edits. Go, intrepid Adam!

Atheism prepared me to become Enlightened

For a long time I used the phrase “Dragged kicking and screaming” to describe how I began my conscious pursuit of spirituality. In retrospect, this seems a trifle melodramatic.

However, I was a furious, ranting atheist for several years, constantly boring people to death about the evils of religion. To our atheist Blog-Buddies, sorry! I was not good for atheism’s image. CONTINUE READING

Yes, I do want to get to that Energy Spirituality or Energetic Literacy post

Gifts of Energetic Literacy, Energy Spirituality, Enlightenment Coaching

Blog-Buddies, do you share my excitement about the innumerable kinds of knowledge now opening up at this blog? Many a morning I wake up and want to do nothing but run over to my computer, start reading your comments and posting new chunks of information in response.

By today, for instance, there are definite requests for me to post about:

  • Life contracts — for a point of view different from these two links to…  life contract…  articles online
  • When I moved into Enlightenment earlier this year — plus other Enlightenment Coaching information
  • Aura readings and face readings related to our latest contest about how fame changes celebrities down to the level of auras. (Still open now but closing December 1.)
  • More posts about the healing side of things — Energy Spirituality information, like about cutting cords of attachment
  • More posts about doing the Deeper Perception side of things — Energetic Literacy information about aura reading, face reading, Skilled Empath Merge

Off-blog Energetic Literacy, Energy Spirituality, Enlightenment Coaching

Some of you want off-blog ways of growing faster, and that requires certain interesting projects and then posts to let you know about them:

  1. Merry Christmas: A NEW book about cutting cords of attachment, long awaited: Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing: Cord-Cutting Made Simple and Effective. This is going to be a kind of prequel to Cut Cords of Attachment with Energy Spirituality. It is being released soon in ebook formats, with a print edition to follow in 2012. CONTINUE READING

What is Energetic Literacy?

Energetic Literacy
Energetic Literacy. What is it? Why does it matter?

Energetic Literacy, huh?

Maybe the term is new to you. Well, get used to it. Because Energetic Literacy is THE happening everyday skill in the Third Millennium. CONTINUE READING

Moving into Enlightenment, a Guest Post by ADAM

Adam McIntosh, whose aura now shows him to be Enlightened

Funny thing about the times in which we live. Vibrations on the planet are speeding up, perhaps racing towards that new installment of the Mayan calendar purported to begin this December, 12-21-12.

  • Most folks feel this as a discomfort. Not a calendar discomfort, of course. No mere theory but rather greater confusion, anguish, etc. along the usual personal themes. (Call that purification, by the way, not neurosis.)
  • Many folks just find it hard to concentrate. Thoughts spin. Spiritual practice may seem more cluttered than usual. (Call that temporary. If you were walking on a treadmill and someone had cranked up the speed to maximum, giving you no warning, wouldn’t that alter your pace just a bit? And you might have that jogging mental activity, too.)
  • Then there is the occasional pop, as a person like Adam moves, finally, into Enlightenment.

He has been so close, for so long. Now Adam is not in a “There” place. Enlightenment is no static location.

Adam is now in a “Where” place, from which to continue to progress, only faster in some respects perhaps, and definitely with less pain. Here’s his first guest post from that new “Where.” Intro and headings and light editing are my contribution in the role of Enlightenment Coach. (I wish everyone on my Enlightenment Life List would do a guest post, as each person’s story is so fascinating.)

This is how it played out. My invitation to Enlightenment arrived while I was at the dentist. CONTINUE READING

Forgiveness Quiz. Completion. (At least in theory)

Enjoying life, regardless of Forgiveness Status

How far have we come since the original Forgiveness Quiz? Your point of view may be fresher on this new day.

You know how, waking up after a good night’s sleep, you can stretch and it’s glorious? It’s as though your whole body has been made new, ready to explore every good thing.

With that new start on the old body, I mean old forgiveness patterns, yum! Here are some old questions with new answers from my perspective as an Enlightenment Coach.

Forgiveness Quiz Answer #4. Religious requirements, pressure at church

“I need to forgive because my religion requires it.”

Maybe TRUE, maybe FALSE

Perhaps your religion or spiritual path emphasizes a certain type of forgiveness. Like some Muslims, for instance, you might believe that forgiveness is required for salvation.

Depending upon your religion, the answer to this Forgiveness Quiz Question is TRUE. In responses given to our Forgiveness Quiz, for instance:

  • In Comment 9, LISA gave a powerful TRUE response from a Christian perspective: CONTINUE READING

Forgiveness Quiz. Some ANSWERS.

Giving forgiveness

“I love you.” That might be the most powerful sentence in English for healthy relationships, trusting life, and moving forward on a path to Enlightenment.

“I forgive you.” That sentence might come in second.

Receiving forgiveness

Either giving or receiving forgiveness can help a person to feel better in the present. Also to stay present.

As we explore some answers to our earlier Forgiveness Quiz, I’ve been wondering. Could it be?…

that sometimes a here-and-now conversation can prevent the need for forgiveness here-and-later? Later, so many more words can be needed.

As demonstrated by the tiny yet helpful forgiveness techniques below.

2 simple techniques for forgiveness + 3 CONTINUE READING

Advance copies of The New Power of Face Reading

Advance copies of "The NEW Power of Face Reading"

Blog-Buddies, this latest face reading book has been such a labor of love. A Nook ebook edition has just come out. Soon the print copies will follow, along with Kindle and Smashwords editions for ebooks. Editions will be added onto today’s post as they become available.

Just for fun, I thought you might enjoy some inside information about this project, my main book labor for nearly a year.

Why didn’t I just reprint the “The Power of Face Reading”?

Would have been so much easier! And when a book has over 100,000 copies in print internationally, one is inclined not to mess with it.

However, I had learned too much to hold back. Learned from folks like you, Blog-Buddies!

You see, I had learned a lot about how to teach my system of Face Reading Secrets(R). Besides developing as a physiognomist. Often the plight of this teacher has been, “So easy and obvious to me. Why does it take you so long to master this?”

Aw, I’m not proud of this problem. Indeed, I strive to overcome it. If you know me personally, you know that one of the driving forces of my personality is this: I care very much about becoming a better teacher and writer. There has been been a great deal of room for improvement over the decades.

With updating “The Power of Face Reading,” I have rented some of those rooms, as it were, and actually improved. CONTINUE READING

How does Divine Homeostasis work”?

Beyonce, not naming her child "Divine Homeostasis"

Divine Homeostasis is on my mind, thanks to my client GLADYS. Recently she complained of hearing weird conversations about it, at chat rooms and elsewhere online.

I have a fondness for Divine Homeostasis, as it is one of the technical terms in the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R). I named it, although I didn’t create it. Just as one  might be really proud of naming one’s child Blue Ivy.

Beyonce carried her, birthed her, didn’t exactly create her. Then, because her lifestyle is so different from probably yours and definitely mine, Beyonce took out a trademark on the name. Or tried to.

All I want is clarity. So I’d like to add to the online conversation about what Divine Homeostasis really is, according to Rose Rosetree, who spends a lot of time professionally depending upon it. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Interview with Rebecca Jernigan

All you wanted to know about energetic literacy, what aura reading is good for. We’ll have loads of questions from you Blog-Buddies, I hope, and a great chance to educate everyone about this great topic for being a smart consumer, receiving mind-body-spirit healing, and moving forward on your personal path to Enlightenment.

It’s coming tomorrow!

Yes, come join us tomorrow night, Friday, November 16, 2012, on “Journeys with Rebecca”  Our topic is:

Aura Reading, Learn About Your Gifts

The live interview will be broadcast, 8:15 p.m. – 10 p.m. EST, 7:15 – 9 p.m. Central Time, 5:15 -7 p.m. Pacific Time, Everywhere – good time! CONTINUE READING

Linda Stone, Now a Professional at Energy Spirituality


Linda Stone, Now Offering Professional Sessions of Energy Spirituality

Meet Linda Stone, Blog-Buddies. This talented healer is the most recent graduate of my Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program. Contact info for Linda will follow at the end of this post.

I recommend this Linda Stone wholeheartedly. You will definitely be able to get a sense of her from today’s article.

When I was a child, my very simple unenlightened parents discovered that if I put my hands on the head of someone who had a headache, I could make that pain in the head stop. Parents thought it was a cool party trick, so I was called upon many times to execute “The magic” for friends and family.

By the time I was twelve, the chiropractor for our small town, would leave a note on his door saying, “Be back next week. If you have an emergency, call the Stone girl”.

That was me, the Stone girl. People would randomly show up at my home and ask me to fix whatever pain they had. So I did.

No payment and not much by way of thanks, either. I was like a public utility. CONTINUE READING