Kids, why do an aura healing session? FAQs

Rose Rosetree, who does Energy Spirituality sessions for aura healing

I really like doing healing aura healing sessions with kids. Seems to me, they get especially good results from those short appointments. But nobody is born knowing about these sessions or how they can be helpful. 

Which is why I am writing this post, to help you understand why you might want to have one of those sessions.

Now, if you have any questions after reading this, please put them into comments at the bottom. Not only will I answer your questions if I can. But our Q&A exchange could help others.

Come to think of it, let’s do this whole post in FAQ format. Just read here until your questions have been answered.

Today’s post is not like a school assignment where you have to read everything, no no!

Q. What do you mean by “Kids”?

A. By “Kids,” I mean “Children.” I mean people between the ages of 8 and 18.

Right away you can tell that I am not in this age group. I am in the seriously older people age group. At this writing, I am 64. My one former “Children” is now 21. But you don’t have to officially BE a kid to HELP a kid. 🙂 CONTINUE READING

What is a Life Contract?

By popular demand, here are some of the things I have learned about life contracts.

I will also share my perspective on why knowing about life contracts can be useful. Reading between the lines, I hope you will feel a certain degree of delight. From my perspective, it is a joyful thing —  even a privilege — having a life contract.

What is the source of my knowledge about life contracts? Only one book has stood out, and I recommend it heartily: by Robert Schwartz.

Mostly my knowledge comes from working with clients, direct experience with the help of aura reading (Stage Three Energetic Literacy) or Skilled Empath Merge, through cutting cords of attachment, facilitating sessions of Soul Energy Awakening Past-Life Regression Hypnosis. For major points about life contracts in today’s post, I will always add a little section about my source of knowledge because I think it is so important, whenever discussing metaphysical matters, to disclose the source of that person’s knowledge.

For instance, Robert Schwartz has written two fine books about life contracts. In Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born, he uses an impeccable methodology and gives full disclosure about it. To me, that gives him the standing to write a highly credible book about life contracts.

Pretty theories are like floaty air, fine for balloons. With you, Blog-Buddies, I want to share human breath.

Life Contract Concept #1: A practical definition of  “Life Contract”

Before incarnating, most souls develop and agree to a life contract. It contains:

  • Themes for evolution, including what I call  “A Spiritual Ph.D. Program.”
  • Certain “Meant to Be” components, not likely to be changed by free will.
  • Huge scope for free will (which is, mostly, the point).
  • A certain degree of negative karma repayment. CONTINUE READING

Rose Rosetree’s Media Interview #999 is postponed, but Hypno-Gram lives on

Rebecca Jernigan is freshly back from her service project to humanity in Egypt, for 12-21-12 and beyond. It will be an honor to speak with her on “Journeys with Rebecca.” A description about the radio broadcast is acoming!

But first, speaking of numerology and my favorite number, which isn’t 12-21-12 but 9, how about that Log total! Kind of snuck up on me!

Recent publication in a professional journal

The Rose Rosetree media log includes newspaper, magazine, radio, and TV interviews. Print publications I have authored for magazines and professional journals are also included. But the number in professional journals isn’t huge. It is now up to two. 🙂

That’s because there IS no professional journal yet for Energy Spirituality. However, two prestigious journals do exist within the field of hypnosis. And I exist, somewhat, in the field of hypnosis.

The National Guild of Hypnotists isn’t the only association in this field but is definitely the largest, with over 10,000 active members. (Including Larry Garrett, who contributed recently to this blog.)

My recent paper is “Frozen Block Removal for Depth Healing in Hypnosis,” appearing in the October/Nov. 2012 of Hypno-Gram, a newsletter published by the National Guild of Hypnotists. See pages 16-19, if you’re a hypnotist and you have kept that recent issue around. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Pattie Mallette, mother of Justin Bieber

Pattie Mallette, ready for our Aura Reading Jamboree

What a Christmas gift, a celebration gift to this blog! We have already had a first Aura Reading Jamboree, only it wasn’t “official.”

Instead, we had a spontaneous bunch o’ goodie gifts at Learning from movies, music, and TV — aura reading, face reading, Enlightenment coaching, courtesy of AMANDA for the original photo, then PAIGE, MELANIE, and ELAINE each volunteering terrific aura reading research.

Let’s mark the moment. Because this historic set of comments amounted to our first-ever, and maybe any blog’s first-ever, gathering of aura reading research with Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

Yes, it was an unofficial Aura Reading Jamboree

Look back, everyone, and you’ll see these aura readers were researching chakra databanks. They were using techniques of energetic literacy to research all the way over to chakra databanks.

Wonderful insights from each of the three aura readers! Insights into expression of soul, verbal integrity in personal life vs. being a performer, and the trademark Jack Nicholson confidence… as a performer.

All these aura readings had the following characteristics, which I think are really important in the context of developing Stage Three Energetic Literacy. CONTINUE READING

Do You Wish to Live From Your Deepest Self?

What if ALL OF YOU is your true self, real self, authentic self, the human expression of your Higher Self?

Blog-Buddies, on this Christmas Eve, what is the greatest gift you can give yourself? Position your consciousness in a way that really helps you. Avoid paths that sound fabulous… but deliver nightmares in real human life.

Below is my latest article for Pathways Magazine to start you thinking. “Pathways” makes each current issue available online, as well as delivering those thousands of delightful old-fashioned print copies in health food stores, healers’ offices, and the like. Free copies of a quality magazine, wow! But neither is interactive like this blog.

The online PDF version from Pathways isn’t available yet. (I will add a link after it is.) Meanwhile, I invite all Pathways readers to join our online community around Deeper Perception. You all are welcome to comment below with questions and/or reactions to this latest article, an the ongoing column on “Energetic Literacy“. Headings and links are added especially for this blog version.

Enjoy, everyone. Because the biggest gift you may unwrap this holiday season… is not a ginormous green bean casserole but your consciousness. CONTINUE READING

Learning from movies, music, and TV — aura reading, face reading, Enlightenment coaching

Anyone want to do aura reading on Jack Nicholson in "Anger Management"?

Blog-Buddy AMANDA slipped in the most fascinating comment recently, amid our discussion of auric modeling and unexpected showing forth of human personality. Behold what she tucked into Comment 52 at Rick Archer interviews Rose Rosetree on Householder Enlightenment:

“But your comment about your emotional flow reminded me of something much more prosaic – the film Anger Management with Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson 😀

“I remember watching that a few times when I got stuck and was trying to get my emotions flowing again – trying to make a safe space for them.”

With techniques of Deeper Perception, we can stop the action when watching a DVD or recorded TV show. We can stop to read anyone’s aura, do face reading, even do Skilled Empath Merge.

Or we can just marvel at the Enlightenment coaching built into a film or TV show. What happens, right on the surface? CONTINUE READING

12-21-12 and beyond, what happens now?


Earth School is better after 12-21-12

When I awoke this morning, I found a renewed sense of the sacred. The perfection of things, physical things. The perfection of simple actions, like getting out of bed and my first steps outdoors.

Could life on Earth possibly become more beautiful than ever? Let’s find out.

When I sat for my morning meditation, immediately there came a strong sense that, collectively, humankind had broken through. As if we were passengers in an airplane that had been flying through clouds. Suddenly we emerged into the clearest and dearest blue sky.

You know, once you have broken through clouds, able to safely travel through that blue sky, even those pesky clouds seem beautiful. They serve to frame the perfection.

Is humanity ready to move beyond first grade?

When I woke up this morning, I remembered a dream. You know how news media go nuts over one theme at a time. CONTINUE READING

Better than ascension for 12-21-12, vertical integration spiritually

What is the meaning of 12-21-12? My understanding keeps evolving.

  • In general, this blog records my commitment to grow and explore. And help you’all do the same, with your full self-authority.
  • In particular, I want to keep exploring about the meaning of 12-21-12. Partly because it has been a charged topic for me for decades, ever since I was told something special would happen in 2012: Ascension. (a.k.a. New Age Ascension).

Iniquiring minds, like yours, may also pursue knowledge just because these are strange times in the world, including America. Yesterday I spoke with a friend in Rhode Island who told me her whole neighborhood is in turmoil. Public schools are in lockdown. Nonessential businesses are closed. Folks have been sighted carrying guns, while other folks quake in their shoes.

Then there’s the Reuter’s survey about 1 in 7 folks expecting the end of the world just two days from now, December 21, 2012. Will there be a flashy New-Age-style ascension?

By now, I don’t expect anything like physical ascension. No “dropping the body” any time soon. Neither biolocating nor UFO rescues nor anything especially flashy from a human perspective. Yet something absolutely amazing, if my hunches are correct.

 What follows are my latest ideas, pieced together from human experience plus helping others with Deeper Perception.

As you Blog-Buddies know, that’s short for “Deeper Perception For Humans Who Co-Create with the Divine.” Not psychic readings. Not downloads from guides. Neither channeling or mediumship.

Instead, aura reading research, mostly done to help folks in sessions of Energy Spirituality. Some modest Enlightenment Coaching, that began this year, specializing in Householder Enlightenment.

A certain degree of clarity to supplement energetic literacy, thanks to techniques of cord-cutting and all those other practical skill sets in “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.” Most relevant here, the chance to do so much research into chakra databanks, day after day, hour after hour. I aim to help, yet a bonus for me personally is learning about the people I serve. So here’s the happening thing, as I notice….

Vertical integration across dimensions CONTINUE READING

Open Your Heart, with a guest post by Maxima May

How hearts are opening these days, Blog-Buddies. There it was in my morning newspaper, as it probably was in yours. Those sweet little young ones (and also those adorable unsuspecting grownups) with their lives suddenly ended; and so many in long-term mourning.

The Washington Post isn’t the only newspaper carrying stories that seek to make sense of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. However one feels about gun control, who hasn’t wept for those children?

And the opening of our hearts on that very topic happens at this blog, too. At least for me. Yesterday, JILL ERIN courageously shared the story of physical attack and danger that changed her mind about guns. (Comment 35 in our ongoing conversation, what is the meaning of 12-21-12?)

On my calendar, for sure, I’ve got to call her. I just have to call JILL and give her the equivalent of a big hug and say, “I’m so glad you’re alive.”

Ridiculous in its way, hugging her over the phone. Hugging as if those moments of horror happened just yesterday. Ridiculous, my wanting to console her now. Since nowadays JILL ERIN MABIE is an incredibly radiant Enlightened being. You won’t meet anyone happier. (Same could be said for anyone in either Householder Enlightenment or CONTINUE READING