What is Chakra Balancing? Q&A re Aura Reading Research, Soul Thrill Research, Guidance, and More.

Listening for guidance directly from your energy field, your chakra databanks

Aura reading is different from aura healing — energy healing. Keep that in mind as we do some long-overdue Q&A around chakra balancing, aura reading research, guidance, and Soul Thrill research.

So much of our conversation at this blog emphasizes energy healing with Energy Spirituality: removing STUFF, with cord-cutting, skills of Spiritual Cleansing and Protection (removing psychic coercion, negative thought forms, etc.).

The topic of chakra balancing, was asked about by JACK recently in his Comment 19 as we discussed energy healing. Well, here we go, JACK, and other curious Blog-Buddies!

Chakra balancing means bringing your chakras into a healthy alignment. You have an energy field. Chakra balancing might, therefore, seem like the ultimate in energy healing.

But let’s look closer. (Deeper Perception — yeah, team!)

Proportion and balance for your energy field sounds so great. How come long-term results from chakra balancing can be tricky? Because this darling of holistic healing isn’t just about aura healing, the energy healing/Energy Spirituality side of things. The biggest results for chakra balancing also require aura reading.

Right there, BTW, you can appreciate why a chakra balancing meditation may sound (and feel) sweet, but probably won’t produce results long-term. (As a smart New Age Consumer, just think about this. Then you can laugh about the 743,000 Google hits today for “chakra balancing meditation.” Laugh or sigh.)

Around here, Stage Three Energy Literacy provides vital information about your energy field. It helps satisfy that aura reading requirement for effective chakra balancing. But why stop there?  We can bring synergy to holistic healing. 🙂 How convenient that, around here, Deeper Perception means Energy Spirituality skills for aura healing and Energy Literacy skills for aura reading, both. Bottom line…

No worries, Blog-Buddies, when it comes to Chakra Balancing!

When we are in a session for aura healing, tell me if you are concerned about chakra balancing. Do you have questions about what chakra balancing really would mean, related to your current intention for personal growth? Questions you might ask yourself include: CONTINUE READING

The NEW Power of Face Reading, Pathways Expo and X-Zone Radio Interview

"Bad Boy" Alexander from "The NEW Power of Face Reading"

Here’s good news for you face readers out in the blogosphere.

Yes, there’s a juicy new face reading interview to listen to, with Canadian broadcasting legend Rob McConnell. That includes some cool questions about the practical benefits of face reading for your personal growth and spiritual growth.

Rob had me do a bit of comparing how Aura Reading Through All Your Senses could supplement Face Reading Secrets, how these two trademarked systems fit together. I don’t think any media interviewer ever asked about that before.

Regarding that face reading interview with Rob… Personally, I think it’s useful to know that you can fit your listening time to the interview link just supplied by fast-forwarding through some of the longish commercial breaks, the long intro. Good, practical perspective on face reading awaits you.

Not to mention the wacky part of the interview, which I’ll get to soon. CONTINUE READING

Can you be reading auras without officially learning skills?

What’s the big deal with learning skills? Blog-Buddy MIKE raised an important question about Deeper Perception in his Comment 1073 at our Enlightenment Life List post.

MIKE asked if there could be “an intuitive flash that gives one an answer, but without one then being able to back it up with hard data.”

Of course, the answer is yes. Could happen? Haven’t you had some of those intuitive flashes. Of course it could be. It has happened to everyone here at this blog. So MIKE’s question really brings forth more questions, practical questions:

  • How much can you trust an intuitive flash about someone without consciously having skill as an aura reader?
  • Is it really important to gain enough energy literacy to read chakra databanks?
  • What do intuitive flashes have to do with the wisdom described in “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell?

Living on earth has probably never been as complicated as it is right now. With so many things to do in life, setting priorities matters. So let’s consider. Can you really get by just fine with a wing and a prayer… and an intuitive flash? CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Quvenzhané Wallis

Cupcakes are cute. Quvenzhané Wallis is more than cute.
Cupcakes are cute. Quvenzhané Wallis is more than cute.

After the Academy Awards broadcast last night, over a billion people saw that Quvenzhané Wallis didn’t win the Oscar for Best Actress. And so what?

Quvenzhané Wallis has so many claims to fame. Besides mega-cuteness, an Oscar nomination, and automatically winning an Oscar nominee swag bag worth $45,000….

Quvenzhané is the only nominee — or even attendee — to have worn her “trademark puppy purse” to the fancy ceremony.

Okay, let’s explore the auric modeling of this little sparkler. Including the degree to which Quvenzhané changed all the way through to chakra databanks. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Bradley Cooper

Aura reading movie review of Bradley Cooper
Aura reading movie review of Bradley Cooper

Fit? Sure, we could call Bradley Cooper “fit.” Some call him “The Sexiest Man Alive.” Some of the people who call Bradley Cooper “The Sexiest Man Alive” work for People Magazine.

So, okay, we’ll include aura research on sexiness… just a bit… in today’s aura reading movie review.

On Bradley or ANYONE… if you ever want to know about sex appeal, sexual integrity, sexual fidelity, or plenty more, you could go the time-hallowed route of first date, second date, etc.

But why wait? Even in advance of that first date, you could learn how to read chakra databanks related to sex. All in a day’s work when you have developed the life skill of full energy literacy!

So, yes, with Stage Three Energy Literacy skills, you can research relationship-related chakra databanks any time, in person or with photos. How about researching movie performances, though? Especially right before the Academy Awards Ceremony for 2013. Yes, today’s post is #5 of a planned series of 6. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Movie Review of Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts, ready for her  aura reading movie review
Naomi Watts, ready for her aura reading movie review

Such a sparkler, that Naomi Watts! It would be tempting to bypass energy literacy and just think, “Such a sparkler!”

Yet you can be sure she is a serious artist, like any of the artists nominated this year for an Academy Award for Best Actor or Best Actress. And it is my delight, doing this latest Aura Reading Movie Review, to explore whether Naomi Watts has managed to make her aura lie. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Daniel Day-Lewis

Aura reading movie review of Daniel Day-Lewis
Aura reading movie review of Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis had a pretty woo-woo experience over the voice used to portray Lincoln in the Oscar-nominated performance for “Lincoln.” When finding photos for today’s post, I read the surprising story of The Lincoln Voice in “The Telegraph.”

Long story short, the actor has been criticized for using a high-pitched voice reminiscent of a 14-year-old boy or Mr. Burns on “The Simpsons.” How did Daniel discover it? After meticulously researching the role, Day-Lewis “heard it in his mind’s ear” and trusted what he received intuitively.

Recordings don’t exist from back in the day. However, “The Telegraph” quoted: CONTINUE READING

7 Tips for an Upgrade in Awareness

Would you like an upgrade, intuitively speaking? Many of us have friends who regale us constantly with tales of their quick insights into life. It’s like crawl on the bottom of a TV screen or tweeting with an angel.

So much information from what these folks pick up: Wonderful coincidences, how guides find them parking spaces. Or make store items fall off shelves to signal what they are supposed to buy.

Certain of your friends may get hits all day long: Interesting knowledge about ailments of total strangers; important messages that pop in all day and night.

Do you have trouble keeping up? What if I could give you a quick tip for out-flashing all of this!

Well, Courageous Explorers, let’s do it. Let’s go for seven tips in total.

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Comment below, empaths, aura readers, Courageous Explorers

  • Share your feedback.
  • Ask your questions.
  • Air any disagreements.
  • Add your own tips on the tender topics discussed here. Go for it!

Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Anne Hathaway

Aura Reading Movie Review with Anne Hathaway
Aura Reading Movie Review with Anne Hathaway

How could I resist researching adorable Anne Hathaway? Granted, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, not Best Actress. Not her fault. The part was, technically, smaller than biggy-big.

What really got me curious about this role was reading how everyone’s movie singing was done “live,” (unlike, say, presidential inauguration singing). And that Anne practiced a bit in advance of her performance about, specifically, how to vocalize while crying. As quoted in Hathaway’s interview for “Parade” magazine:

“I was aware that if I had to cry take after take, it would affect my sinuses, which are integral to singing,” she said.

“So I practiced singing while crying a few months before we started filming just to get used to it.”

Read more: http://www.digitalspy.com/movies/news/a447783/anne-hathaway-on-les-miserables-singing-i-removed-fear.html#ixzz2LHEW46ZW


Healing Spiritual Addiction, a Guest Post from Rachel

Reading an aura at the level of chakra databanks, it becomes possible to notice balance, gifts of the soul, STUFF, patterns that can change to improve quality of life.

Any chakra databank in your aura can be researched easily with Stage Three Energy Literacy, whether you use aura reading techniques or Skilled Empath Merge. How do I proceed when I facilitate a session of Energy Spirituality and I find that my client has a Spiritual Addiction?

No worries! I make addressing that problem the healing centerpiece for that healing session. All the more reason why I do not advertise cord-cutting sessions. Cutting a cord of attachment, to me, is one of the skill sets of Energy Spirituality. It is not that Energy Spirituality equals cord-cutting.

Thanks today to Blog-Buddy RACHEL for sharing her experience with our first Energy Spirituality session with a healing centerpiece around Spiritual Addiction. Her words follow, my little headings and minor edits. Also I’m adding, again, my gratitude to RACHEL for sharing this story of her courage and triumph.

Who, Me, Have a Spiritual Addiction?

I well remember my first session with you, Rose, when you told me I had a spiritual addiction.

I had read about spiritual addiction on your blog and had registered it in my mind as something of mild interest (!), but it was such a shock to hear you tell me that I was suffering from it myself. CONTINUE READING