When Past-Life Regression Removes Frozen Blocks


In past-life regression, time moves backwards. For a healing while.

I’m still recovering from my first experience of past-life regression, as a client in 1985. Hypnosis directed toward self-discovery was that life changing!

Later I would go on to become a consulting hypnotist who specializes in past-life regression to remove frozen blocks of energy. Now my clients are recovering. 😉

Recovering nicely. Recovering from stored-up trauma from this life and previous lifetimes.

Energy Spirituality is the system I have developed overall, an interlocking set of many skill sets, including Soul Energy Awakening Past-Life Regression. Or simply Past-Life Regression for short.

You see, during 43 years as a facilitator of personal development, I have become passionately interested in how much people can grow as a result of removing STUFF, then filling up with what really expresses that individual’s soul now.

Past-Life Regression Can Remove STUFF That Limits Life Now 

“STUFF” is my (hopefully unintimidating) name for stored emotional and energetic debris at the astral level — a level that corresponds to the subconscious mind.

 STUFF comes in many varieties, but the most important thing about it is that STUFF can always, always, always be healed. As a holistic healer, I have pioneered some professional skill sets for cutting cords of attachment, removing psychic coercion, upgrading facade bodies, and other big bang for buck-type healing.

In my experience, though, certain types of STUFF, are best removed with Past-Life Regression: Recurring patterns emotionally or behaviorally; health problems that medical professionals are not able to help; and attraction/repulsion problems with sex, money, love relationships, fears, etc.  CONTINUE READING

What is the difference between Awakening and Enlightenment?

Let’s celebrate the light of Awakening

Awakening does not necessarily mean Enlightenment. Since this topic has come up strongly in our ongoing thread about Enlightenment here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical”…  let’s get practical.

Let’s dare to bring definition to a mystical topic, highly charged.

Each of you Blog-Buddies may hold strongly cherished ideals around Enlightenment, self-realization, self-actualization, personal development, spiritual development, and a very popular term today: Awakening. (Or spiritual awakening or being spiritually awakened.)

Bring along self-authority as you read, Blog-Buddies, and don’t feel shy about commenting below. Not that you’all tend to be. 😉

Here’s a hint about the difference between Awakening and Enlightenment: Birthday cake. CONTINUE READING

A new review for “The NEW Power of Face Reading”

Rose Rosetree shares face reading with Evgenia

When I graduated from Brandeis University in 1969, I had a very “commercially valuable” B.A. in English and American Literature.

Some day, I aspired to become a poet, like my mentor, the amazing Allen Grossman.

By 1969, I had done loads of writing and had no idea that oh, so many more loads of writing would go through me, as if through a very solidly built washing machine.

Writing my latest book on face reading was one of the most technically challenging projects I have done yet.

  • I wanted to build a thoroughly sequenced method of instruction in physiognomy, pacing it to make the learning really, really fun and easy.
  • Also, I figured out a new way to use illustrations — always important for teaching how to read faces.
  • Even though the title of this book would resemble my previous title “The Power of Face Reading,” this would be a really different book, far more sophisticated than anything I had done previously.

Why use the title “The NEW Power of Face Reading” when the book was entirely different?

By now, “The Power of Face Reading” has become the most popular meme I’ve sent out into the blogosphere. Just now, googling “The Power of Face Reading,” there are 569 MILLION hits. CONTINUE READING

The Healing Power of the Human Heart, a Guest Post by Tom Kenyon

A beautiful sacred message and gift from Tom Kenyon came to me today through a friend’s email.

With Tom Kenyon’s permission, I am sharing the message with you in its entirety, unchanged. I am not familiar with his work, other than having him on the Enlightenment Life List at this blog.

Personally, I loved using the recording with the link here, enjoyed first exploring the instructions for use.

Listening is a kind of volunteer work for collective consciousness. I feel called to participate. Do you? CONTINUE READING

Fun with relationships (On the radio, with Rosanna Tufts)

Rosanna Tufts, Ready for Face Reading with Rose Rosetree

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrright! Rrrrrrosana and Rrrrrrose and face Rrrrrrrreading. Surrrrrrrrrrrre.

Rosanna Tufts is irrepressible. Every interaction with her over the years, I have enjoyed immensely. And now we get to talk for an hour, plus welcome you to join a radio conversation/interview this coming May Day 2013.

The name of Rosanna’s radio show, “The Tufts Get Going!”

You Blog-Buddies outside America may not be familiar with a saying that, I believe, inspired her playful title for that radio show:

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Q. Let’s see, what might all that toughness have to do with a show about dating, marriage, relationships?

A. Because we’re talking about dating, marriage, and relationships here on earth.


Yes, delightfully tough Ms. Tufts will be discussing relationship-related knowledge about face reading and Empath Empowerment. Note the emphasis on RELATIONSHIPS.

What if you don’t think the words “Relationships” and “Fun” belong in the same sentence?

Definitely listen to our interview. Either listen live — info will follow in today’s post. Or listen later, via archive. (A term that is, technically, different from oneself being a kind of fossil or relic with no hope of a viable juicy love relationship.) CONTINUE READING

Living in the Now

Now is not a theory. At least not if you seek satisfaction and Enlightenment. Love and respect. Wealth and success. Physical and mental health.

Seeking personal development for any of these areas? Living now is your requirement. The best goodies in life will be yours most powerfully when you live in the now.

Which kind of now? A very human experience, no mere theory.

What does it NOT mean, living in the now? As I used to think for decades, while frantically seeking for a permanent mystical state, the path to Enlightenment does not mean trying to live in some different dimension to the exclusion of earth present time.

Living in the now, if you care about personal development, need not be confused with:

  • Living in a positive state
  • Feeling a happy mood
  • Radiating an idealized kind of perfection
  • Constantly practicing the presence of God
  • Trying really hard to live in synch with Jesus (or anyone else)
  • Living from the heart
  • Being detached with your mind
  • Or being out of your mind.

Whew, such a relief! For you, being human, now can simply mean here and now.

However you are, right now — that’s good enough. 

However you happen to spontaneously feel in your body, wiggle around in your mind, let your intellect work its mighty brain power, feel emotions of any kind, express your soul to whatever degree, have a spiritual connection to your chosen ideal.

Also known as being interested in life, your life, here and now.

Your advantage, aiming to live in the now CONTINUE READING

When a crystal empath researches some favorite stones

Crystal Empath Rose Prepares for Skilled Empath Merge with a Rose Quartz Heart

What a great idea, requesting that I do Skilled Empath Merges into some semi-precious (to me, totally precious) gemstones from my little collection! (See Comments 6 and 12 at Every Photo Is an Aura Photo.)

Sure, can do. Here come five different Skilled Empath Merges, just for you, Blog-Buddies.

  • For background on what it means to be a crystal empath, the fullest description I’ve written yet can be found in “Empowered by Empathy: 25 Ways to Fly in Spirit.”
  • Plus there are many instructions deep into my first-in-English book on cord-cutting about how to select a crystal for cord cutting, how to program and cleanse it. A laser wand like this one can be a seriously helpful tool for cutting cords of attachment.

Any of you who are still learning whether or not you’re an empath, or what to do with it, here’s one vital point about being a crystal empath. Like any of the other empath gifts you might have, only having even one empath gift is plenty to qualify you as an empath for life.

Have you been tormenting yourself over whether you possess every single empath gift possible? Have you worried that you need every one in order to qualify (including science fiction versions of being an empath)? Please, have mercy!

I repeat, in case this might help you: Any empath gift qualifies you to do fabulous Skilled Empath Merges. They aren’t flashy, as you will find with today’s post. Yet, for the empath, any Skilled Empath Merge is most informative and personally meaningful.

About 1 in 20 people worldwide has been born as an empath, except in Japan where the rate is more like 1 in 5 people. And no, this is not science fiction. Unskilled empath suffer. Skilled empaths progress very rapidly with personal development.

Of the eight people from this blog community who moved into Enlightenment so far, all eight are empaths. CONTINUE READING

Every photo is an aura photo

Aura photo of Rose Rosetree in the 1990s

Today I want to share a series of aura photos that were taken in the widely accepted form of colorful photos, done by machine. Perfect for blogging, because this is such a visual medium.

After all, it’s spring, the season of wonder. This post is my visual way to acknowledge your fabulous talent for aura reading.

You know, you have a complete gift set for reading the human energy field. Of course, that talent alone isn’t enough for you to enjoy full Energy Literacy. Remember how you learned to read words like those on this screen? Back then, your innate talent was set in motion when you learned abc’s and other skills of Gutenberg literacy. Then you got the fun of the literacy.

Similarly, aura reading requires that you use your natural talent along with skill. To read auras in depth and detail, most people need to sample a variety of techniques for aura reading, techniques that suit your gift set. After learning a variety of techniques, you choose what works best for you and then use that.

In the method of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R), there are over 100 dedicated techniques. Hey, I’m a consciousness nerd, a technique geek. But really most folks only need one or two aura reading techniques… so long as that technique matches your gift set in a way that is natural, effortless, and productive for you.

What do aura photos have to do with aura reading?

At a certain point in your development as an aura reader, you might find it reassuring to get one of these colorful aura photographs from a psychic fair or at a New Age bookstore.

One way you will know that you have developed full Energy Literacy is that you can read auras whenever you like, whether in the room with a person or when you have a regular photo of that individual.

Does an aura photo need to be a special colorful photograph? Nope. You just need an ordinary photograph… and use your skills as an aura reader. How simple is that!

Anything else required for a photo have to be used as an aura photo? Your picture needs to show the person from the front. And, of course, it needs to be a photo taken at the time when you want to read the person. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Contest for Sex Appeal

What IS so appealing about that newsmaker's aura?

Daffodils and tulips are singing around you, Blog-Buddies, unless your weather happens to be more like snow. And I don’t just mean snow for you readers from downunder locations like Australia (Ooh, one centimeter predicted to arrive soon in Hotham) but Colorado or North Dakota.

Spring is more a state of mind, anyway. A state of mind and body and soul and spirit and emotions.

Spring is a state of being that impacts all your chakra databanks, how you do auric modeling and, with that, your contribution to collective consciousness. So keep those vibes high and joyful by entering our latest contest for a free aura reading. This Aura Reading Contest aims to put spring in your step, your heart.

How to enter our latest Aura Reading Contest

Starting today, through May 15, 2013, I’ll be counting how many blog comments you post.

Whoever comments most often will win an aura reading of the celebrity of your choice.

What, your comments springing up like daffodils?

If you win, I hope you will supply the name and photo of someone drool-worthy, someone who makes you feel extra alive, someone totes adorb. CONTINUE READING

Bring Active Energy of Safety into Society, Free as Sunshine

Spread your light with Active Energy for Safety
Spread your light with Active Energy for Safety

Imagine with me. Following the bombing yesterday at the Boston Marathon, help awaken an Active Energy for Safety in your country. Where guns are hardly ever needed. Because people like us…  can awaken such a big, bright, stable energy…

that it makes a difference.

You can make a difference with the technique in today’s post.

  • A difference, starting with your inner life (where subjective safety and peace begin).
  • Then, using the Active Energy for Safety technique, results can grow strong enough in quality — and big enough in scope — to help make a change in your country.
  • A change in objective reality, whether you call that social or communal or political.

Want to make a difference that helps us transcend gun culture and terrorism? Take 10 minutes today to do the exercise below. If you like it, share it with friends. If you like, do it other days, too. I believe that this can bring progress to humanity’s collective consciousness. (And, yes, this will count as “Technique Time.”) CONTINUE READING