When Past-Life Regression Removes Frozen Blocks


In past-life regression, time moves backwards. For a healing while.

I’m still recovering from my first experience of past-life regression, as a client in 1985. Hypnosis directed toward self-discovery was that life changing!

Later I would go on to become a consulting hypnotist who specializes in past-life regression to remove frozen blocks of energy. Now my clients are recovering. 😉

Recovering nicely. Recovering from stored-up trauma from this life and previous lifetimes.

Energy Spirituality is the system I have developed overall, an interlocking set of many skill sets, including Soul Energy Awakening Past-Life Regression. Or simply Past-Life Regression for short.

You see, during 43 years as a facilitator of personal development, I have become passionately interested in how much people can grow as a result of removing STUFF, then filling up with what really expresses that individual’s soul now.

Past-Life Regression Can Remove STUFF That Limits Life Now 

“STUFF” is my (hopefully unintimidating) name for stored emotional and energetic debris at the astral level — a level that corresponds to the subconscious mind.

 STUFF comes in many varieties, but the most important thing about it is that STUFF can always, always, always be healed. As a holistic healer, I have pioneered some professional skill sets for cutting cords of attachment, removing psychic coercion, upgrading facade bodies, and other big bang for buck-type healing.

In my experience, though, certain types of STUFF, are best removed with Past-Life Regression: Recurring patterns emotionally or behaviorally; health problems that medical professionals are not able to help; and attraction/repulsion problems with sex, money, love relationships, fears, etc. 

Karma, STUFF, and Past-Life Regression

There is a strange and mysterious relationship between karma and STUFF removal, particularly large frozen blocks of stuck energy from the past. Soul Energy Awakening Past-Life Regression — That’s the full, fancy name for what I do with hypnosis — produces notable results related to karma. Could healing now prevent troubles later? Still an ongoing topic to explore…

What’s already clear? Past-life regression can do so much to nourish the soul. Beyond that, for certain kinds of STUFF removal, nothing can match the effectiveness of past-life regression.

In today’s post, I would like to inspire you with possibilities. What happens when your healing journey includes past-life regression hypnosis? What can be achieved within that field, when the hypnotist aims to identify and remove frozen blocks of energy?

Could even be, the important “past-life” frozen blocks for removal can sometimes come from this life. Yes, earlier in this very same lifetime. Not as flashy as when a past-life regression session involves an incarnation centuries ago. Not as flashy, merely productive….

The Happiest Day of My Life

Some clients need only a session or two for enormous improvement due to the removal of frozen blocks. Such a client was “Masa.” (Not his real name. All names in this article have been changed.) (Except mine. ;-))

When he first entered the healing room, Masa looked incredibly dapper, in that way I associate with certain Japanese businessmen.

We were in Tokyo, Masa and I, along with a fabulous interpreter, “Taeko-san.” Without her, of course, there would have been no hypnosis.

Masa was extremely dignified, with impeccable posture and an even more impeccable grey three-piece suit. Anxiety was the problem he came to solve. You would never know from his body language that anxiety could remotely be a problem. I vividly remember the calm, methodical way this man folded his suit jacket over a chair, then removed his exquisite vest and placed it on the chair as well. No wrinkles for this guy!

Soon Masa was lying on a sofa. (For the depth work of Energy Release Regression, I prefer a reclining position rather than the usual hypnotist’s recliner.)

Very soon, Masa was in a deep trance. Soon afterwards, Masa made contact with a childhood incident that had created some horrible stuck frozen blocks.

As a curious little four-year-old, Masa-san opened the door to the family car. Discovering that he could get in, he sat in the driver’s seat and began to play driver.

Somehow he must have lifted up the emergency brake, because the next thing he knew, that little boy was riding down “a great big hill,” moving faster and faster until he “crashed” the car.

In external reality, I’m guessing that neither the hill nor the crash were too huge. Probably it was a bit like some of my early driving lessons with a standard shift, where I kept sliding backwards because of the “Unbelievably steep incline” of a pretty darned flat parking lot.

Anyway, this runaway car ride was a serious horror for Masa. Excellent, to this healer! I used dedicated techniques that allowed this client to explore the stuck energy in his gut, then smash up that frozen block forever. Afterwards he filled himself up with clean new energy, representing a fresh beginning for him. The aura equivalent of wrinkle free!

By the end of his session, Masa looked as perky and dapper as ever. Okay, he positively glowed. If anything, his three-piece suit looked more suave than before. I’ll never forget what he told me next, through our interpreter Taeko:

“This has been the happiest day of my life. It is better than the day I got married. It is better than the day my first child was born. It is better than the day my other daughter was born, too.”

Preparation for Depth Regression Work

Now, I don’t want to give the impression that all my past-life regression clients have just a couple of sessions. In Japanese, yet.

No, they’re usually in English. Sometimes clients have just one regression. For cumulative benefit, though, many of my clients choose to do a series of many sessions of past-life regression.

However, I’m simply giving a short survey here so my other anecdote will involve another client who also had just a very small number of sessions.

So far, Elizabeth has come to me for only three sessions of past-life regression. The first one was the wild one.

Elizabeth’s goal was to release anger. The first incident to come up for releasing was from her childhood. This lifetime. Big sister snatched away Elizabeth’s toy and threatened to break it. Together, Elizabeth and I moved out a rough, red lump in her throat.

A second frozen block resulted from an incident where Elizabeth’s mother smacked her in the head.

Feeling powerless, the little girl’s inner self formed a sandy energy. It, too, was stuck in her throat. Big relief to move that one out, for sure!

Moving out that frozen block was especially important because of a process-related component. As often happens with abuse suffered in childhood, Elizabeth’s consciousness split off from the immediate scene. She felt as if looking down from the ceiling.

Without some degree of re-living the trauma, this nuance about attention might never have come to light.

Who would have thought to ask about it? Besides, the particular nuances of such an experience are unique, as is the residue of stuck energy related to it.

For a client to live in a state of wholeness, I believe it can be extremely helpful to move out STUFF in the form of major frozen blocks. This particular one didn’t just contain stuck anger. Subconscious and hidden, this frozen block kept alive a kind of recipe, or mechanism, for how to split off from reality.

While that frozen block remained, it would trigger a response in comparable situations: “Feel angry but powerless? Here’s how to find relief. Split off from your present surroundings.”

Without that frozen block, Elizabeth’s subconscious mind simply contained a vague memory about being hit in the head. Quite a difference!

Ironically, frozen block removal isn’t an ice-cold, detached experience. Instead this way out of habitual detachment (or other dysfunctional ways of coping with problems) does require a very brief, re-experience where the past-life regression facilitator is present and actively monitoring the session. This is, at least, the model I use for healing with hypnosis and regression therapy.

“Facing the fear, with expert help,” it could be called. When a frozen block is removed for good, a new kind of peace becomes possible.

Denial, you think?

Back at Elizabeth, one by one, anger-related frozen blocks were released during her first session of past-life regression. This courageous new client moved out similar residues of trauma from incidents that would continue to live in her subconscious mind — in the form of memory only.

When guided to fill up with energies that resonated with her soul now, that was the easy part. Elizabeth was good at both parts, the releasing and the necessary filling up.

As a practitioner, I can’t emphasize enough how important I think it is to release stuck energies in the form of frozen blocks. Storing a memory is quite different from keeping trapped energetic residues that continually re-imprint the subconscious mind 24/7 for the rest of a person’s life. Although the subconscious mind keeps a detailed record of every life event and perception, stuck energies are another matter entirely.

Collaboratively moving into one frozen block at a time and thoroughly demolishing it, this session was turning out to be quite routine, I thought. We were doing the usual process of combining intense memories from the client with dedicated skills for moving out those stuck energies, then filling up.

Except, oops, then came “Vance.” Elizabeth began to re-experience herself with Vance. She was 27. In this incident, still this lifetime, she was having a love affair with him.

Maybe “love” is too strong a word. Vance was definitely having sex with Elizabeth. Love may not have been involved, exactly. However, at the time she agreed to be with him because it made her feel close to somebody, which she desperately needed at the time.

Vance amused himself with Elizabeth while she stared up at the ceiling, waiting for “It” to be over that so that she could go to sleep.

“I don’t know how to love” was the gist of one of her frozen blocks from having sex with Vance this first time. “Loneliness” was the essence of another stuck energy.

As the incident progressed, Elizabeth found herself splitting off from the immediate scene, detached in a way that she had first learned to do with the physical abuse during childhood. Only now sex became part of the mix.

Not exactly a good thing, right?

The Forgotten Love Affair

As more frozen blocks were removed during this session, what a surprise! Turned out that Elizabeth had allowed an ongoing affair with Vance for many months.

Again and again, she went through the motions with her loveless lover. Routinely, once the mildly unpleasant business was underway, Elizabeth would detach inwardly. In consciousness, she would rise up to the ceiling and wait until the guy was physically satisfied.

Not good for one’s sanity, having such energies stuck, right? For this client, the frozen blocks had been medicated into numbness but never been removed. Nor could they be without a dedicated skill set for that purpose.

Bring on skills for permanent removal of frozen blocks! Turned out, it wasn’t especially difficult to free up Elizabeth. Her subconscious mind, given direction, had known exactly where to go in regression, which memories to choose.

Discovering the affair was surprising to me, of course. In my first session of past-life regression therapy, I book an extra hour so we can get to know each other and the client can be thoroughly prepared to receive the best results.

Having gathered information about Elizabeth’s history before she went into hypnosis, I already knew a bit about Elizabeth’s love life. At least, I thought I knew.

Elizabeth had told me that the first and only man she had ever slept with was “Roy,” now her ex-husband.


The end of any past-life regression session requires discussion. Returned to the conscious state, my client always discusses with me what was learned, what was released, comments about the fill-up part.

Always, we consider what might be the implications of today’s healing. This time, I was especially curious to learn about my client’s reaction.

Elizabeth appreciated that she would have less anger now. She also looked at me with wonderment and relief in her eyes. Consciously she hadn’t remembered a thing about that “love affair” with Vance.

How Frozen Block Removal Can Change Repression

When psychotherapists talk about “Repression,” they mean just such experiences as forgetting completely about a long-time, loveless, sexual affair with someone like Vance.

Generally repression is a life saver. How convenient that we human adults don’t wake up each morning and (perhaps while brushing our teeth?) remember every past trauma, each old disappointment, all the miserable upsets of every single lifetime!

Without good old repression, would those memories fly by in chronological sequence? Or perhaps in order of worstest firstest?

Still, repression can limit life enormously. It’s a big deal to suffer through a hideous mockery of a love affair. For months.

Well, it’s a bigger deal to move that knowledge out of storage in the subconscious mind.

Most important — for this holistic healer, at least — it is vital not just to dredge up old memories but to move out the associated frozen blocks. They greatly worsen the impact of memories.

Besides containing toxic emotional contents, there can be process- or mechanism-related components to a frozen block.

In my opinion, Elizabeth’s splitting off from reality was that dysfunctional type of process that could be un-learned after release of the inner mechanism, the frozen block.

Sure, frozen blocks are formed in the subconscious mind and auric field during trauma. That doesn’t mean the frozen blocks have to remain.

Elizabeth told me later that, as a result of this one session, she was able to discontinue her anti-psychotic medication, doing this under her psychiatrist’s supervision. Years later, she is still doing great, off the meds with her doctor’s blessing.

Moving out frozen blocks of energy isn’t the standard skill set for hypnotists or hypnotherapists, nor is it even common practice within the specialty of regression therapy.

As a mind-body-spirit practitioner since 1971, I find that popular understanding of energy literacy is growing exponentially with each passing decade. As more people learn to read auras for themselves and their clients, I believe that it will become common knowledge how major traumas create frozen blocks that become stored in the subconscious mind.

Some forms of energy healing are easy to do for oneself, once appropriate skills are developed. Others cannot be done alone but always require the active presence, and skills, of a professional.

Blog Readers, when you think about your desires for personal growth, it’s worth considering frozen block removal. From past-lives long ago. Or from past days of this particular incarnation.

Let your subconscious mind choose the memory, teaming up with a professional at past-life regression. It’s “The meal you cannot make at home.”

I have seen living proof that this kind of intense experience, under hypnosis, can create miracles of healing. Just ask Elizabeth or Masa, who is now noticeably more wrinkle free on the inside, thanks to past-life regression.

Thanks here to Dr. Heather Friedman Rivera, a past-life regression therapist who has taken a leadership role in the field of past-life regression. I’m so honored that today she published the article here as a guest post at her blog, devoted to past-life regression.

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