Suddenly Grand. Thanks to the Grand Canyon

Grand_Canyon_-_Août_2006Grand Canyon. By Martin St-Amant (S23678) (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

This photo comes courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. In no way is it implied that the photographer or the subject endorses either me or this use of the image.

Waking there at sunrise changes you.

Another time, if you’re lucky, you will chance upon a sunset, freshly painted

just as a full moon rises.

This will open such a chasm CONTINUE READING

Angelina Jolie’s Courage? Or something else? Guest posts by Suzanne and Dave

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie. By Stefan Servos (See below) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

This photo comes courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. In no way is it implied that the photographer or the subject endorses either me or this use of the image.


Angelina Jolie’s big news, a double mastectomy based on genetic risks:

  • A wise and responsible health decision
  • Courage as the mother of loads of young children?
  • Perhaps a potential health problem capitalized upon as a publicity stunt?
  • Signal of a new era, where genetic testing and odds of disease cause intelligent people to make drastic medical choices?
  • One more example of how celebrities are packaged — any aspect of life used to create a competitive advantage in the media


Realistic posting

Rose Rosetree, squooshing things into time

Dear Blog Buddies:

I will be on travel through June 4. Please keep commenting meanwhile; I’ll make your wise words go live just about every day (my best laid plan, anyhow).

Much as I wanted to do both the aura readings from our recent contest before packing that suitcase, it hasn’t worked out.

Squooshing things into time is a pretty developed art form for me, but even I must admit there are limits….

Be in touch with Mitch about signing up for the June workshop, Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy. And for session appointments. Or just take advantage of the online click-to-register opportunities.

Send guest posts when you can, not just comments.

I do have a fabulous guest post I’m looking forward to sharing with you, over the next week. You’ll see. 🙂

Bye for now, reporting back later,


Face Reading of Frances “Diamonds Are Forever” Gerety

Face reading advertising superstar Frances Garety
Face reading advertising superstar Frances Gerety

Diamonds are forever. Who started that meme? Frances Gerety

Success stories can sound dramatic — long after the fact. Frances Gerety’s triumph of a lifetime was, really, a very human story.  Ever wonder how the #1 advertising slogan of all time was developed?

Frances Gerety worked as an advertising copywriter for N.W. Ayer & Son in Philadelphia. According to her recent obituary in the New York Times:

[She] had just finished a series of ads and was headed to bed when she realized that she had forgotten to create a signature line. Exhausted, she said “Dear God, send me a line,” and scribbled something on a slip of paper. When she woke up and saw what she had written, she thought it was just O.K. A few hours later, she presented her idea at a meeting. According to her, “Nobody jumped.”


Winners Announced, Aura Reading Contest for Sex Appeal

Will our winners choose an aura reading of Channing Tatum? Or perhaps someone else might interest them even more.

Who won our Aura Reading Contest for Sex Appeal ?

This latest contest delivers an aura reading of the public figure nominated by each of our two winners. CONTINUE READING

Why I am grateful to American public schools

Matt and Mom, University of Virginia 2013

Graduation Day for my son Matt is today. He’s one of about 4,000 to receive a degree today from the University of Virginia.

I’m proud of this hardworking boy.  Ahem, young man.I’m proud that he won an actual award for working hard and getting along with other engineers. Yes, amazingly, Engineering School at the University of Virginia does present this award to a few of the Fourth Years. It’s called the Louis T. Rader Award.

All over the blogosphere, relieved parents like me are praising their college grads. Praising the colleges. Yes! Yes! Deservedly!

Like Mitch, my husband, and me, we all have our reasons.

But how often do we proud parents stop to acknowledge the awesome contribution of American public schools?

Three cheers for American public schools

When my son was little, most of my Mom friends despised public schools. It was homeschooling for them or Waldorf Schools or unimaginable horror.

As I remember it, conversations often centered around the horrors that, supposedly, awaited innocent children. What if they were sent to the local elementary schools? Apparently it would be like Mary’s little lamb, like the nursery rhyme, only these innocent labs at the schoolhouse would receive a gradual slaughter, administered over the years. 😉

During these passionate discussion over the inadequacy of public schools, I held my tongue. Already Mitch and I had started saving money for baby Matthew’s college degree. We weren’t going to devote our lives to financing pre-college education. CONTINUE READING

Householder Enlightenment, as it is unfolding for me

Jill Erin, enjoying Householder Enlightenment

ANITA was right. JULIE really does have a knack for describing Householder Enlightenment.

Of course, ANITA does too. Likewise other long-time Blog-Buddies, who have been describing their experiences of Enlightenment. (See You asked about Enlightenment. ANITA answered in today’s guest post. and the full sweep of Comments there.)

I’m grateful to DAVID, as well, that newer member of our online community who is on our Enlightenment Life List. DAVID has made many comments that combine his current, eternal state of consciousness with long-time devotion to spiritual development. All of which combine to make his words a treasure trove of scholarship tempered by personal integrity and a questing spirit.

Like so many who write about Enlightenment, DAVID’s model for understanding comes from ancient, sacred traditions… which I call “Renunciate Enlightenment.”

I am still finding my way, describing this shift in consiousness in which all of us here are playing a part. This shift which is so very Aquarian Age/Age of Enlightenment/Blip of Sat Yuga in the midst of Kali  Yuga. This extraordinary awakening in human history whereby millions of people are poised to become Enlightened, and to become Enlightened as householders.

Enlightenment for anyone, householder or renunciate

Thanks to skills of Energetic Literacy, anyone can read auras from photos or people in person. This makes it possible for us to identify characteristics at the level of chakra databanks, commonalities among anyone who is Enlightened (not just “Awakened”). CONTINUE READING

Spiritual awakening, a guest post by KIRA


Awakening toward Enlightenment, one aha! at a time

Blog-Buddy KIRA wrote a poem about her awakening of consciousness. After she referred to it at Comment 35 in a thread about Enlightenment, Interested in Enlightenment? How aura reading can help. guess what? I invited her to share the poem and to also send us a photograph.

I offered to do a yes-or-no reading about whether or not I would put her on my Enlightenment Life List, using the criteria explained in the main article there.

KIRA did supply a link, but to a photo with all rights reserved, so I cannot copy it onto this blog. You can see KIRA’s adorable picture here.

Awakening is not Enlightenment

Enlightenment coaching for our blog community continues courtesy of Energy Literacy. When you are offered a beautiful, heartfelt poem about awakening, how are you to tell if the poet is Enlightened or has simply had an important experience on her personal path to Enlightenment?

Use Stage Three Energetic Literacy to research a photo of the poet.

  • The good news? KIRA has awakened a lot of consciousness. This poem is a meaningful part of her sacred journety to Enlightenment.
  • The bad news? KIRA isn’t ready for the Enlightenment Life List at the time of this photo.
  • Important news? KIRA has been evolving. Every step of awakening on a path to Enlightenment is precious.

Aura reading really helps a person to discern the difference between words that are meaningful and whether a person has gained the standing in consciousness to be considered spiritually Enlightened. As we have already begun to discuss at this blog, there is a world of difference between an experience of spiritual awakening and crossing the threshhold into Enlightenment.

No poem, however lovely, provides proof of Enlightenment. For that, I recommend using Energy Literacy to research one chakra databank at a time and find out what goes on at the subconscious level.

What would I recommend for anyone seeking Enlightenment, if awakening experiences have excited you but not fulfilled that desire for a permanent shift across the consciousness threshhold into that higher state of consciousness? I’ll save my answer until after the poem, KIRA’s guest post.

Enjoy this poem from KIRA, who has had significant spiritual awakening. Her words may inspire you.

KIRA’s poem about spiritual awakening

I should probably mention that the first 3 lines refer to an earlier poem I wrote when I was 25 (I’m 44 now). The earlier one was about how much I wanted to die and the wings were a metaphor for feeling like somehow everyone expected greatness from me when I was growing up.


I was wrong.
Wings can be grafted on.
I am living proof. CONTINUE READING

You asked about Enlightenment. ANITA answered in today’s guest post.

Many comments have appeared in a recent thread about Enlightenment, Interested in Enlightenment? How aura reading can help,
Blog-Buddy ANABELA asked: “How was life before the Enlightenment? Was there a lot of healing to be done prior? Rose has shared her story quite a lot on the blog over the years. I’m just curious about how others got there.”
Householder Enlightenment, Blooming


Here comes Anita’s very personal response. I added only the usual headings, links, minor edits for clarity. Go, ANITA!

How was life before Enlightenment?

In a practical sense, it does not look that different on the surface. I graduated from medical school, completed residency, and am now in fellowship training. I moved from one state to another when I completed my residency in order to start a clinical fellowship.

In a spiritual sense, life has shifted after Enlightenment.

JILL ERIN and DAVID have written incredibly beautifully and articulately about what that experience has been like for them. They have written about seeing the underlying beauty in every experience, no matter how mundane, of feeling gratitude, the experience of a timeless Self expressing itself through this current human incarnation.

I feel that I am an initiate into Enlightenment, with a great deal to learn still. I very much have emotional experiences and don’t feel “at peace” during every waking moment. I do feel an underlying sense of peace pervading my life, regardless of what is happening on the surface.

I feel that my relationships with people have changed in a subtle way. I’m not detached in any way, but the things that used to trigger me to get upset don’t trigger me as much or as often. This is particularly true of my relationship with my mother. We still have disagreements, but the way that we relate to each other and argue has changed. CONTINUE READING

Physical benefits, indirectly, after cutting one cord of attachment, a guest post by Anabela

Soul expression, blossoming
Soul expression, blossoming

Cutting a cord of attachment with Energy Spirituality brings emotional and spiritual healing. But could physical benefits come indirectly after cutting cords of attachment? Usually, not worth mentioning. For releasing physical symptoms, usually, you’re much better off seeking a different healing modality. You heard it here, Blog-Buddies!  

  • If you are having a medical emergency, go to a certified physical health professional, like a physician.
  • If you are a self-actualizing person concerned about imbalances in your aura, go to a reputable, well-trained, practitioner of Energy Medicine.

By contrast, Energy Spirituality sessions aim to help with emotional and spiritual healing, sometimes known as “Personal growth.”

One general exception to the exclusive focus on emotional and spiritual growth is Soul Energy Awakening Past Life Regression — a topic for another day, perhaps.

Otherwise there can be a quirky kind of exception to the general rule about “Seek elsewhere, not Energy Spirituality, if you need physical healing.”

Today’s sweet guest post by ANABELA certainly qualifies as one of those exceptions. Although she came to her session of Energy Spirituality in the regular way, with an intention about emotional and spiritual development, there were physical improvements that followed… kind of a side effect.

For a clue about why this happened, check out the very first paragraph in today’s guest post.

As usual, this blog host has added headings, links, minor edits. The powerful words are pure ANABELA. Come, Blog-Buddies: Read and be inspired by her courage.