When bad things happen FROM good people. (Seven ways that good people can make us feel bad energetically.)

Labels at Earth School reveal zilch about auric modeling

Here is the blog post I promised, related to Why could other people make us feel bad? (Blabbing about a taboo topic in New Age.) Thanks to all who have participated in that conversation — and thanks in advance to all who continue that thread.

Socially, there are plenty of ways a person might legitimately feel worse, not better, from contact with another person. Especially somebody who is considered to be “good,” or “awakened” or “Enlightened.”

Today I would like to start exploring how good people can make us feel bad energetically. Legitimate reactions, explored from a healer’s perspective. Specifically, my perspective from facilitating sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

A bestselling book from a wise rabbi, Harold S. Kushner, explored “When bad things happen TO good people.” Sure, that happens. It’s way more common, energetically, that bad things happen FROM good people.

1. Auric modeling

Auric modeling means that, on a subconscious level, you can read everyone’s aura beautifully. With zero effort, you receive the full download about JOE’s and GLADYS’s chakra databanks. All you need do is be on the telephone together, or be present in the same room at the same time.

Being present with another human being in energetic real time, automatically you will also store energetic holograms for every split second of the interaction. CONTINUE READING

How Much Does Rosetree Energy Spirituality Cost, Compared to Weed?

Let’s be bold and talk money, Blog-Buddies.

Recently we have had some exchanges about learning Empath Empowerment(R). Indirectly money came up then, at For Empath Empowerment, Quiz Yourself.

Comments 150-155 concluded with ELAINE’s advice to invest in a $15 book for empaths (even cheaper as an e-book). She wrote, “If you go through the simple exercises, one each day for 30 days, you will never want to look back at the unskilled empath you were!”

Sometimes not wanting to spend money on something is a simple way of gauging interest, or lack of interest, in doing something. Very important to heed that self-authority!

But then, today, we started a related exchange in the context of marijuanagrassweedpotcannabis. Over at Legalize Pot, an Aura Reading Perspective.

Here is what BETH, a former pothead wrote, over at Comment 117:

What weed really does, according to a former pothead

“I have to say that what kept me using all those years was its function of numbing my emotional pain (and physical, migraines and digestive problems for years).

“A girlfriend recently asked me what I thought I would have been like if I hadn’t been a user. My reply, without hesitation was ‘suicidal.’ LOTS of pain. CONTINUE READING

Reading the royal aura of Prince Splendid

Every baby photo includes an aura photo

The royal baby has arrived. So have photographs of Prince George. You know what that means, Blog-Buddies. Bring on an aura reading, using Stage Three Energetic Literacy skills.

Introductions to today’s aura reading research

Need I introduce you to Will and Kate? Or the rest of the British royal family?

Nah! But I would like to give a shout-out to Kate for bravely emerging from the hospital less than 24 hours after giving birth. How radiant, picture-perfect. Frankly, how brave.

Childbirth isn’t that easy. As Dave Barry once observed, even rich people can’t pay others to do childbirth for them. Ouch!

I’ve heard it said that women are close to death while giving birth. Personally, I can relate. So I fell in love with Catherine all over again, seeing her smile and wave, leaving the hospital as if emerging from a minor cotillion or perhaps the launch of a paint job on the Queen Elizabeth 2 Ocean Liner.

To look fresh as a daisy like that? In front of a world stage. (So very different from “All the world’s a stage.”)

Holding this baby as if she had been a mother for millennia. I wonder, did she practice child-carrying in advance? Because this first-time mother was so awkward holding her child, it probably took months to approach a facsimile of “normal-looking.” To look like Kate here, a relaxed, confident mother? Awe-inspiring!

Since her baby’s name hasn’t been announced, I will refer to him as “Prince Splendid.” Rather than, say, “Cuddles.”

Technical points about the aura reading itself

One extra bit of fun for today’s aura reading is that I will be researching chakra databanks that I don’t usually investigate on blog posts.

As I name each one, you might have fun thinking about that particular chakra databank. How might it be especially relevant to the reading of a Royal? CONTINUE READING

Why could other people make us feel bad? (Blabbing about a taboo topic in New Age.)

Shall we boldly discuss a taboo topic?

A taboo topic came onto the blog today, almost by accident. You know one thing I like about Energetic Literacy, Blog-Buddies? We can resist a cop-out statement that is very popular today:

“Nobody can make you feel bad.”

Sez who? Technically, in some ways, that idea must be reckoned as true. Now I’m all for taking personal responsibility. Don’t get me wrong, that way.

But as a healer in Rosetree Energy Spirituality? Also as a person with Stage Three Energetic Literacy? Bah, humbug!

Based on much experience, personal and healer-wise, other people can definitely make another person feel bad.

It’s splitting hairs to utter that loathsome piece of verbiage that I’ll bet you have heard plenty, that psychologically-correct or metaphysically-superior pseudo-apology. (I surely have.)

“Oh, you want me to apologize? Okay. (Grudgingly, sneeringly.)

“Okay, I’m sorry if you feel like I disrespected you/was rude to you/etc. etc.”

What a fake, false, sorry excuse for an apology! Nothing pathetic like that is accepted around here, at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.

How this wonderful thread opened up today

It happened at our most popular post, the Enlightenment Life List.

DAVID commented on the newest edition to that list of people who have crossed the threshold into Enlightenment, Ray Dalio. In DAVID’s Comment at that post, Comment #1234 CONTINUE READING

Who is the real royal here?

Officially announcing a royal person

What if, just for today, you were to consider yourself as important as any royal British baby?

In every way that counts, you can consider yourself the most important person in the room, in the world.

Every way that counts. Really you don’t require the trappings of royal status before you can recognize your personal magnificence.

Maybe you have seen the droll town crier, royal version, announcing the birth of Prince George.

Maybe you have seen the gasp of excitement on faces, learning the news of the birth of Prince Whatever His Name Will Be. (And, yes, BTW, once baby photos become available, I will read the aura of that VIP personage here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.)

I don’t expect you to gasp and beam with extreme delight… like that of Tony Appleton, the town crier who gave the official birth announcement… next time that you see yourself in a mirror. But maybe you might allow yourself to feel some of that wow factor.

How about one good look, with wonder and appreciation?

That imperishable, unique soul of yours

Many religious say that each human has a soul that is unique, imperishable. I agree. C.S. Lewis famously said, “You do not have a soul. You ARE a soul. You HAVE a body.” CONTINUE READING

Face changes that have nothing to do with weight gain

So often fat is in the eyes of a beholder. No false fat gazing for a face reader, though.

As a regular reader of The Washington Post, and being kind of interested in people (What, you guessed?), I often read the advice column of Carolyn Hax. Recently she responded to a letter that began:

“I am the father of a 13-year-old daughter who is not very active. She would rather sit on the couch and watch TV than do anything else, whereas most of her friends play sports or do other exercise-related activities.” The father went on to explain how concerned he was about her weight problem, enumerating his unsuccessful attempts to help her lose weight, requesting advice.\

Carolyn nailed it. Her response began, “You have a daughter who, at 13, has no interest in her world besides what comes off a screen, and you’re worried about 20 pounds? If she were thin, TV as life purpose would fly?”

Isn’t it fascinating how often weight becomes the focus of noticing people? Also watching (other people’s) weight has become synonymous caring about people, gauging their personal success, evaluating personal worth.

How crazy is that? A recurring theme at this blog is The Anorexic Ideal, which supposedly means perfection. (Type that into our search box and you will find many pages with links to different blog post.)

Is face reading political?

Unless you believe that everything is political (and, personally, I’m not that far gone yet), you have a choice about how you use face reading related to political controversies.

Personally, I read faces and do aura reading before voting in major elections. This deeper perception is a great way to get beyond spin, hype, and deception.

However, I keep informed politically and would no sooner vote based on deeper perception than I would choose to vote for anyone based on whether or not I happened to be having a bad hair day.

Today I am not voting. I am simply using deeper perception to open up my heart of compassion. (More on that soon.) I am going to do a comparison face reading of a man who has been in the news. Boy oh boy, has George Zimmerman ever been in the news. CONTINUE READING

How can we use deeper perception to overcome racism? Inspired by Kathryn

Today KATHRYN added a magnificent comment to an ongoing thread about hot-button issues of racism, legal fairness, “Stand Your Ground” rules, and more.

I was so moved by her comment that I am leading today’s blog post with her powerful words. Let’s consider today’s article a collaboration, with guest posting by KATHRYN and then comments by ROSE.

Kathryn’s Guest Post on Racism

Much research on the Holocaust has centered on how ordinary people could have come to do the things they did and feel themselves to be on the side of the right. Evil does not have be dramatic.

Ken Wilbur talks about how the divine is always waiting for an entry… but how one interprets that flash of grace depends on one’s level of consciousness… anything can be an entry point.

The tragedy is that now there is yet another precedent of a white man getting away with murder of a black male and believing that the flash of grace [in ROSE’s aura reading of George Zimmerman] shows he was acting under the Divine will. This has undoubtably provided “proof” to white supremacists that their cause is just. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading of George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman, a hero to those who believe in "Stand Your Ground" laws
George Zimmerman, a hero to those who believe in “Stand Your Ground” laws

So, God has authorized George Zimmerman to kill. How special he must be!

I’m referring sarcastically to a YouTube video, taken from a Fox News interview, which is circulating widely now. Zimmerman sympathizers are celebrating the happy verdict for him, acquittal in the murder trial of black teenager, Trayvon Martin. As you may know, as reported in the New York Times yesterday, the unarmed 17-year-old “was on a snack run, returning to the house where he was staying as a guest.”

Ruth Marcus summarized the legal problem perfectly, in my non-expert view, with her editorial in today’s Washington Post, “A Case of Imperfect Justice.”  About the verdict: “This outcome is simultaneously sad but healthy — sad because a 17-year-old boy is dead and his killer walks free; healthy because the verdict seems justified as a matter of law.” CONTINUE READING

How simple it can be

Heartfelt thanks, as the comments and congratulations arrive. It has been an unusual time at this blog, thanks to recent announcements about Rosetree Energy Spirituality and Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis.

Today I’m remembering to add that having a session with me can be really simple.

This might be worth noting given the 12 different major components (!!!!!!!!!!!!) listed for Rosetree Energy Spirituality. If you go over to the main website for Rosetree Energy Spirituality, many descriptions are given of different techniques and skills, such as aura reading the gifts of your soul, cutting cords of attachment, etc.

A website where it doesn’t yet say anywhere “Rosetree Energy Spirituality.” Not yet. Sigh!

We are in the process of improving the website.

It does remain a challenge around here, communicating. Yet what a lovely challenge it is, keeping up.  🙂

The body of knowledge is more developing rapidly than ever before, thanks in part to the graduates and apprentices in my Mentoring Program in Energy Spirituality. Thanks also to you Blog-Buddies. Thanks to those of you who take my workshops or participate in sessions with me, or both.

For you as a client, or perhaps as a lurking and savvy New Age Consumer, Rosetree Energy Spirituality sessions can be simple.

“Easy as pie.” Assuming that the saying applies to eating the pie, rather than baking it. Easier, probably, than falling off a log — something I have never done personally but which does not strike me, in theory, as easy or simple at all.

 At least I do know something about those healing sessions, whether facilitated by me or done by anyone trained to facilitate this sort of healing, any graduate of the Mentoring Program. Below, I will refer to myself as a healer and aura reader, but I might just as well as be referring to Linda Stone or Kathryn Burton, or to the apprentices with websites listed on the Blogroll here, Valerie St. John and Melanie Shimokawa.

 Why it can be simple, getting just what you need? And for a bunch ‘o skill sets that contain so many skill sets inside….

What is simple about having a session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality? CONTINUE READING

Defining another important name around here, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis

Aha! It's called Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis.

For years, I have been trying on one name, then another, for healing related to past-life regression, hypnosis, etc. Finally I’ve got it. During this week of naming and clarification, I think this new naming is worth a dedicated post here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

Perhaps you will consider today’s article a part of your continuing education as a New Age Consumer, Blog-Buddies. All hypnosis, hypnotherapy, past-life regression, regression therapy… is not alike. Far from it.

There are so many talented practitioners in this field. We don’t all do the same thing. Let me clarify, best as I can, what Rose Rosetree does and doesn’t do within the field of hypnosis.

Regarding credentials, for many years, I have facilitated sessions of hypnosis and past-life regression. I am proud to be a Consulting Hypnotist, a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, have presented at the Annual NGH Convention and published articles in the associated professional journal Hypnogram(R).

As a hypnotist, in 2006, I completed requirements to receive certification in Hypnosis and Regression Therapy by the greatest leader I have encountered in this field, Coletta Long, Ph.D.

Working in the field of hypnosis, I have developed a rather specialized type of practice. Distinctive skill sets have evolved, as I work with clients and learn from our healing sessions together. At some point, I aim to teach this skill set. For now, it’s important to name it, then to describe the system that has emerged for me, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis.

Yes, this is the name I plan to use consistently from now on, moving forward.

What is Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis? CONTINUE READING