What Is “Human-Based Spirituality”?

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Read here how the RES community discovered Human-Based Spirituality

What Is “Human-Based Spirituality”?

The answer came through comments at the original post here. For context, the Age of Awakening had begun. And this Founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) was struggling to name the fastest way of growing for people who live now.

Have you noticed? This is a time of great energy sensitivity.

This blog post, and the comments that follow, can serve as a historic record of sorts.

Originally this article began as a contest. I drew strength from this online community to help me find a name for today’s super-quick path of personal growth. Read here, especially the flow of comments, to learn how — together — we came up with the term, “Human-Based Spirituality.”

Seeking the Name that Later Became “Human-Based Spirituality”

Mediocre people of the world, unite! We need a new name.

Whoa, I don’t want to send Karl Marx twirling in his grave. But I do have a naming predicament. Latest comment moderated before I leave for six days in Canada… was where DAVE wrote, “Maybe it’s not only Rose who has a talent for naming things!”

How ironic, because I have been struggling, struggling, Blog-Buddies.

Bet you can help, Blog-Buddies. Because personally I can’t think of a smarter, kinder, cooler community on the entire Internet.

You know two important concepts from Rosetree Energy Spirituality, concepts made possible thanks to Stage Three Energetic Literacy, plus caring about personal development. You have read posts about the:

  • 45% of people in spiritual shutdown, and the
  • 45% of people in spiritual addiction

So what is a proper name for the remaining 10%?

You know, folks like us. 🙂

How this Naming Contest for Pursuing Enlightenment will work

Comment below with a name.

Tell us why, if you wish. Or the etymology of the term, or the associations you have with it. One more way for you to let all of us Blog-Buddies know more about you, a treat in itself.

Enter as often as you have a name to propose, separate comment each time, please.

I might enter, too. Though right now I am as flummoxed about this middle earth, but not hobbit-like, name… as I would be if you asked me to knot a tie like the one worn by my stand-in in the photograph above.

Contest deadline is midnight EST on November 15, 2013

Then a winner will be chosen and announced. By me.

Why me, Rose Rosetree? Because I am the one who will be typing that wonderful technical term again and again. Maybe for the next 20 years!!!!!!!!!

Also because, frankly, I am probably the most persnickety person about words you know. I am, after all, a recovering English major.

The prize

A fine prize will go to the name I actually choose for us 10%ers.

A seriously useful name.

A name that can be used henceforth at this blog.

A name I will use in the new book for 2014 that I am editing right now. And will edit in Canada, on my brand new iPad. (Yes, bravely, I am now the owner of an iPad. Have been practicing for days.)

Back at brave you, a courageous namer. Maybe even a fellow poet. What can you win?

After you win, you get a free reading of the person of your choice.

Propose any public figure you like, or yourself, for any one type of reading in a p0st here at this blog. Aura reading, Skilled empath mere, face reading — choose one type.

After winning, you name that choice. After winning, you will need to supply a photograph link to go along with your choice.

You will also win my gratitude, because finding a name for this mediocre, middle way, wonderfully graced, just plain human…

fraction of humanity, a leadership fraction,

ooh, it’s time to call in expert thinkers

like YOU.


206 thoughts on “What Is “Human-Based Spirituality”?”

  • 201
    Madeline says:

    Beautiful lyrics Jordan!!
    I’m going to see if I can hear the song somewhere on line.

  • 202

    Today the name has been chosen, the winner declared.

    For astrological reasons, I will make the announcement no sooner than this coming Friday.

    What, astrological reasons?

    Astrology does not rule my life. As you may be relieved to know. 😉

    However, I do pay attention to my annual astrological progression by Pat Hayward. If there is one astrological period annually that I pay attention to, it is Saturn Combustion.

    This is like a global releasing, happens every year. Not quite like clockwork.

    While you and I grew up, it happened during summer, with some of the intensity disguised by the mellowness of summer vacation. Yet this necessary phase for humanity moves down the calendar a bit every year.

    This year, it will not end until Thanksgiving Day, the 28th of November.

    Really important language for Rosetree Energy Spirituality can wait a few more days.

    Big thanks to everyone who participated in this contest, an educational process for me. And a delightful one, too.

  • 203
    David.. says:

    Hi Rose
    Yeah – I monitor the larger cycles as well.

    As Ecclesiastes 3 tells us, there is a time and a season for everything. (and the Byrds sang turn, turn…)

    Outer planetary transit conjunctions can be like life’s chapter markers.

  • 204

    A post about Human-Based Spirituality that might help you with your lifestyle is here:


  • 205

    DAVID, thank you for all your recent comments including #203 here.

    Especially “Outer planetary transit conjunctions can be like life’s chapter markers.”

  • 206
    Carl Smuda says:

    If this isn’t oxymoron I don’t know what. I am so blessed today. man o man! for the 2nd day in a row I looked at the Rose books I wanted to take to work but left them at home.

    I am loving life.

    I look back at the prison I was in.

    How difficult it is to describe the irony. Rubber meets road takes on new meaning to me. Thanks to Rose Rosetree.

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