Women’s Gifting Circles, a regular Ponzi scheme or a fine, post-LOA business opportunity?

The sweet fantasy of Women's Gifting Circles

Have you been approached yet to join a Women’s Gifting Circle?

Get-rich-quick schemes offer a tempting set of life lessons at Earth School. Since most humans must earn money, the desire can grow strong to game the system. Outsmart the system. Become financially protected or connected so that money will never be a problem again.

How human it is to seek a way out. Including scams that have been cheating some sweet and trusting New Agers.

A historical perspective can help you to understand the appeal of Law of Attraction teachings, made even more implausible in the form of Women’s Gifting Circles.

Nevertheless, I felt almost relieved when a client informed me about this kind. Women’s Gifting Circles are new to me. But, given my healing activities these days helping clients, like a kind of Ponzi scheme lite.

(Some of you Blog-Buddies may know that recently I have sounded the call about energetic — even Colonizing — Astral-Level Ponzi Schemes. The Colonizing variety includes E.T. entities forming their own sort of cult, including the takeover of a few susceptible humans.)

As for those less obvious kinds of energetic Ponzi scheme, we have featured plenty of articles about them here recently. Beware the energetic kind, astral-level Ponzi schemes. The social kind? They can be far more widespread and differently dangerous.

What explains the special appeal of Women’s Gifting Circles?

In Women’s Gifting Circles, the appeal could result from three factors that impact so many women today:

I was invited by Blog-Buddy GLADYS to write about Women’s Gifting Circles. Made sense to me. Could be a great opportunity to protect some of you readers, and help you to talk with your friends.

All of us want to be special. Who wouldn’t like to be exempted from the toil that others must do? (Admittedly I have never wished, personally, for such an exemption. I never plan to retire, not so long as I can do my work well. I love my work. I love my play and I also love my work!)

How do you feel about that “Cast out of Eden, must work for a living” fate of humanity, Blog-Buddies?

Do you mind earning money? Does it seem unfair to you that you are invited to play and work by the same rules as other mortals who weren’t born mega-rich?

For those who do crave money, now!, it is especially smart to become a wise consumer.

Evidently desperation can clog the nose

At least susceptible noses can clog long enough to prevent using the sniff test to discern honesty.

How much sense does it make, in objective reality, to join a club where you give another woman a large amount of money, $5,000 perhaps, in the hope that this will energetically bring you great success, or help you to become spiritually more able to attract your good.

Here is a sampling of what you can find online about this “gifting” craze for trying to find friends while getting amazingly wealthy, profiting from membership in a group that seems to be oh-so-special.

Like any Ponzi scheme, Women’s Gifting Circles are illegal in the U.S. Last August, two Connecticut women were sentenced to 54 months in prison for participating in Women’s Gifting circles . You can find many more examples online. (Not exactly recommended reading for a Women’s Gifting Circle.)

Seeking an alchemical change

Alchemists of yore aimed to transmute inexpensive metals into gold. Have today’s Women’s Gifting Circles found a way to create an alchemical change in women’s auric fields?

Apparently so, according to a supposedly balanced — but clearly pro-gifting circle– article by Alexis Neely:

“The giving of the gift begins an alchemical process that cannot be activated without the giving. It begins as soon as a woman commits to join and then sets out to find the money to gift. She explores resources she hasn’t been willing or able to tap into previously.

“As soon as she does, a portal opens that up until then was invisible to her. (note: this exact same portal opens when a women invests in herself via an investment in her own business creations that are focused on giving her gifts in the world.)”

Using a food analogy to explain the economics of Women’s Gifting Circles

What if your attitude is “Sounds awfully good to me”? You might wish to view the “Slideshare” created by Amber Bieg, a Californian analyst of Women’s Gifting Circles.

Or check out the newspaper article from California which bears this ominous headline, “Are gifting circles sending the New Age community into a downward spiral?” One of the headings in the articles reads:

“Many circle members may find their conference call from abundance has been billed as ‘collect.'”

The noive!

Where do you direct your dreams? Be smart.

An article from the Oregonian, discussing this type of pyramid scheme, is just so sad. The lead begins, “A half-dozen naturopaths came together within the past few years for what they considered an empowerment movement that supported fellow female entrepreneurs and the local economy.”

Naturopaths — among the sweetest people in the world are naturopaths I have known. They care so deeply about helping people. No naturopath I have known has made money hand over fist. They do this work because they believe in it. Scamming naturopaths is like hoodwinking nuns. Yes, very sad.

New Age consumer smarts can help

If you don’t yet know how a Ponzi scheme works, educate yourself. Women’s Gifting Circles do not call themselves Ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes or illegal schemes. But they are.

Sure, you can read auras for chakra databanks like verbal integrity, power integrity, financial integrity.

But energetic literacy is never a smart substitute for noticing objective reality. Use common sense first.

Deeper perception can be a brilliant supplement to fine-tuning your surface perceptions about objective reality. Let’s use it that way.



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14 thoughts on “Women’s Gifting Circles, a regular Ponzi scheme or a fine, post-LOA business opportunity?”

  1. The model you describe sounds exactly like the “Friends Helping Friends Network” of 30 years ago. Didn’t work then either.

  2. ROSANNA, how ironic you would have been approached for this, as I consider you a superb networker.

    Did the “Friends Helping Friends” Network cater to women? Were you asked to pay $5,000 to buy in?

  3. This reminds me of Avon cosmetics. I remember my mother trying her hand at being a saleswoman (because they are all women!), and struggling.

    It seemed to me at the time (early teens) that it was only a viable way of making money if you were the sort of person who could make other people feel guilty for not buying any makeup and “supporting you.”

    It also seemed like the women who were someone “to know” or keep in with, would be more successful. Way to capitalise on women’s insecurity’s in their relationships with other women!

  4. An astute comment, AMY.

    There can be beauty in sisterhood.

    There can be beauty in entrepreneurship.

    Living in the U.K., you may not have been exposed to a similar organization, Mary Kay cosmetics.

    Here is a typical expose of this organization, suggesting cult-like lying and multilevel marketing problems:


    And here is a link to a broadcast from Tom Ashbrook’s radio show. His is one of my favorites:


  5. Hadn’t heard of this myself but then, I’m a guy. I have seen similar things around though. Thanks for the link to Amber Bieg’s presentation.

    I wouldn’t entirely discount MLM though (Multilevel marketing). It can be a great way for someone to get started in a small business. But you have to do your research. Some of them are closer to pyramid schemes and some do indeed get into guilting friends and such. You have to have things people want.

    And you have to have the skills. I don’t but a friend of mine makes a decent living with several quality lines. He sells low key, just letting people who are interested know about availability. Brings in annual things too.

    But yeah, it has a bad reputation due to scams, the aggressive and the desperate.

  6. Ooh, “The Aggressive and The Desperate” sounds like a fine premise for a reality show. LOL.

    Also, I agree with you, DAVID, that it is important to consider each company on its own merits.

    Sometimes an entrepreneur will just seek to go the multi-level marketing route, and do it with integrity. One example is Young Living Essential Oils. Products I find so helpful and uplifting.

    Here is a useful article for consumer smarts, distinguishing red flags that separate multi-level marketing companies from Ponzi schemes:


  7. You all might be interested in listening to this beautiful, moving, funny story which was featured on the storytelling podcast “The Moth.” It’s called “Targeted,” by Jen Lee, and it starts off like this:

    “So, a lot of people are raised with a religion. And I’m one of those people that was raised with two. There was our official religion. My family is, and I was at the time, conservative Evangelical Christians. But then there was our unofficial faith and hope we had in Mary Kay cosmetics.”

    http://themoth.org/posts/stories/targeted (~12 min long)

  8. ISABELLA, here is a sad little question. I couldn’t get that audio to play. LISTEN didn’t do it for me.

    Even after I clicked it three different times.

    Any tech advice here? Because the story sounds wonderful.

  9. Your ‘Cast out of Eden, must work for a living’ quote has reminded me of an experience I had a few years ago.

    I was in a state of profound quietude and I realised the point of ‘Consider the lilies of the field. They toil not, nor do they sow. But they are provided for.’

    (Yes that is a paraphrase :) )

    It was a beautiful understanding of how we are supported by life and don’t have to struggle. It also helped me realise how little we actually need to be happy.

    I am now interested in making and spending money again!

    I couldn’t pay for the beauty of that realisation though.


  10. Thanks David!!! Yup Rose, it’s probably pop ups. But David’s link works perfectly. I hope you get a chance to listen!

  11. That was a very touching and very funny and also very Truth-filled story, Isabella. Thanks for sharing! (I love your new name too – congratulations!)

  12. AMANDA, JULIE, and ISABELLA — I second the note of praise in JULIE’s Comment 12. Applying that to each of you and your wonderful comments.

    And DAVID, thank you for the tech (and other) support, not for the first time. I do look forward to that recreational treat.

    Though the window of time for that recreational time has not opened yet.

  13. You’re welcome. I ended up doing a short post on the clip because I caught a quote about 8 min in while checking for a fix:

    “Whenever you have something, whether it’s a religion or a business, or anything else that you think is the right answer for everybody, through that lens you can’t hope but look at everyone in the world as if they’re broken and need to be fixed.”
    – Jen Lee

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