Empath Skills Plus the Power of Face Reading, a Guest Post by Zelda

Rose Rosetree's first graduating class, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM)
Rose Rosetree’s first graduating class, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM)

All the skills of Rosetree Energy Spirituality work together. I didn’t think of it when bringing forth one of the skill sets after another. Maybe that’s a bit like having one child after another. One day you wake up and think, “There’s family.”

This fitting together is very present to me today as I graduate the first-ever group of hypnotists taking the specialized training in Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM).

As happy coincidence would have it, Zelda has created a beautiful guest post about two seemingly disparate parts of Rosetree Energy Spirituality working together for her, the skills of Empath Empowerment(R) and Face Reading Secrets(R). She also referred to the skill set of Spiritual Cleansing and Protection  (the “Psychic Coercion Cleanse”.) And the separate skill set of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R).

So, actually, she describes solving a problem in life with help from FOUR different components of  Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

The wisdom and wit are Zelda’s. I just added headings, links, minor edits. Zelda, I wasn’t just fascinated to read this guest post. As your teacher, I was touched, and felt so honored at how you are using these skills of Deeper Perception.

Introverts, from the perspective  of Rosetree Energy Spirituality

I had an interesting experience this week that had introversion and helpful information I learned in the in-person face reading session you did for me and thought I’d write about it. CONTINUE READING

Tom Cavanagh, a Skilled Empath Merge and Charm Wiki Guest Post by JULIE


Skilled Empath Merge starring Tom  Cavanagh
Skilled Empath Merge starring Tom Cavanagh

Let the Charm-Wiki agglutinate. Or whatever one does with a new wiki. 😉

Yum! Our Charm Wiki is based on using skills of energetic literacy, such as Skilled Empath Merge and aura reading chakra databanks with Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

Today’s guest post comes from Blog-Buddy JULIE.

She helps our online community to explore what charm really is. Charm, accept no substitute! CONTINUE READING

The Charm Wiki, with Energetic Literacy. Announcing a New Contest, Too.

Charm blooms. In celebration, announcing another Charm Contest.
Charm blooms. In celebration, announcing another Charm Contest.

Blog-Buddy LARA won first prize in our Charm Contest. She made a great suggestion, commenting when I rewarded her with the Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston with The Charm Collection of Chakra Databanks. In Comment #3 she wrote:

“Rose do you off the top of your head know any good people to find and research charm in?”

I don’t, and for a good reason. All this charm collecting is new to me. 🙂

The Charm Collection of Chakra Databanks is a fresh gift from life in the summer of 2014. Fresh as the pink lilies now blooming in the front yard part of my garden, moved up from the back-of-house garden. And so refreshing right up front.

This dewy, darling creation… checking out charm with a set of 10 petals. I mean, chakra databanks. Hooray! It’s a new specialty within Rosetree Energy Spirituality. And useful for protecting yourself, as well as great motivation to move forward, reading auras one chakra databank at a time.

Let’s start collecting those examples of people with charm right now. Let’s call it our Charm Wiki. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston with The Charm Collection of Chakra Databanks


Aura reading for charm, starring Tom Hiddleston
Aura reading for charm, starring Tom Hiddleston

Reading the aura of “The Sexiest Man”? Sure, easy!

Tom Hiddleston, often voted “Sexiest Man” in contests, was chosen by Blog-Buddy LARA for an aura reading. You can read her entry in The Charm Contest and peer here to check out the energetic literacy specialty that I call ” The Charm Collection of Chakra Databanks.” What else, befor

e I start researching charming Tom Hiddleston? CONTINUE READING

Quirky Inspiration for Empaths

Empathic experience without torment -- that's Empath Empowerment(R), agony strictly optional
Empathic experience without torment — that’s Empath Empowerment(R), agony strictly optional

Straight from today’s Washington Post, Outlook Section, come two quirky kinds of inspiration for us empaths.

Because sometimes you don’t appreciate how far you have come in Empath Empowerment until you read such things.

Congratulations if you are a Highly, Highly Sensitive Person

All empaths are HSPs, after all. However, it doesn’t work in the opposite direction. Every Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP, is not necessarily an empath: Just 1 out of 4 HSPS is a Highly, Highly Sensitive Person and, one way or another, possesses lifelong empath circuitry.

Mainstream society in America (and many other lands) still is learning that sensitivity of any kind can be a good thing.

Witness a front-page story in the editorial section of the Sunday paper, describing apologies that are really non-apologies. CONTINUE READING

Hypnotism Training with Rose Rosetree. Guest post by An Advocate for Excellence

Training to become a professional hypnotist can take many forms. Personally, I favor clean and pristine.
Training to become a professional hypnotist can take many forms. Personally, I favor clean and pristine.

Sometimes I do feel like one of the elves in Santa’s Workshop, busily making gifts for good boys and girls. A week from today, I will offer for the first time a training in Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(R), a form of past-life regression that emphasizes removing STUFF (especially large-intensity frozen blocks of stuck energy), then PUT-IN with what most expresses my client’s soul at the time of the session.

For years I have been working on this. Meanwhile…

Big thanks to AN ADVOCATE FOR EXCELLENCE for sharing her perspective.

Whether or not you are interested in becoming a professional hypnotist or past-life regression therapist, you might find it interesting to read this guest post as a consumer of any kind of personal development workshop.


Hello, Objective Reality. You Hooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Yoo-hoo, objective reality. Hellllloooooooo.
Yoo-hoo, objective reality. Hellllloooooooo.

Position your consciousness the effortless way? Of course you can how learn to do this. That’s the point of today’s article.

Hint: For best results, no effort will be required. And, definitely, no willpower.

Hey, what does “Position your consciousness” mean, anyway? Why would it matter? To put it bluntly:

A shockingly large number of spiritual seekers are badly adjusted to being human.

That can change. One of the easiest ways to help yourself will be presented to you in today’s article.

If it’s any consolation, being a well-adjusted human got harder after The Shift into The Age of Energy. You know, that change which happened to all of us, a shift in collective consciousness, leading up to 12/21/12. All of humanity has to adjust, a process that might continue to be challenging until 2042 or later.

Whatever you, personally, call “The Shift” into “The Age of Energy” — including if you never noticed a thing — this vibrational shift is a big deal. It affects your life. Learning how to live in this  new Age of Energy causes problems because it is easier than ever to slip into positioning consciousness at the astral (and subconscious) levels of life. Leading to spiritual addiction and loads of other problems.

By contrast, when you develop the habit of positioning your consciousness at human frequencies, this will be a powerful way of protecting yourself.

Protecting yourself spiritually and energetically. Protecting yourself emotionally. Protecting yourself financially. Protecting yourself sexually. Protecting yourself mentally. CONTINUE READING

Introducing The Charm Collection of Chakra Databanks

Trying so hard to be charming? Such a waste of time! Aura readers can spot authentic charm... in detail.
Trying so hard to be charming? Such a waste of time! Aura readers can spot authentic charm… in detail.

Hope you’re having a delightful day, Blog-Buddies. It’s about to become even more charming and delightful, if possible. Not only am I announcing the winners of our Charm Contest.  I’m going to introduce you to a powerful new set of chakra databanks that you (and I) can use to thoroughly research anyone who seems charming.

What’s with him? What’s with her? Could this person be too good to be true?

It’s fun to use Stage Three Energetic Literacy to explore anyone you like in plenty of detail. And details are especially recommended when somebody makes a huge, positive impression on you. As noted in the “Charm” chapter of Read People Deeper:

Within the word “charm” lies “harm.”

Winner #1 is LARA, with her compelling Comment #59 nominating Tom Hiddleston, who is “always being voted sexiest man in those random polls.”

Winner #2 is ZELDA, who nominated Jimmy Fallon, now host of “The Tonight Show.” CONTINUE READING

In Praise of Charm. How to Use Energetic Literacy to Find Charm in Chakra Databanks

Chakra databanks, illustrated in "Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy"
Chakra databanks, illustrated in “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy”

Our Charm Contest is officially complete. Thanks so much to all you Blog-Buddies who entered.

Yes, I will be posting the two aura readings for the winning entries. Not today! Soon.

Meanwhile, you still might find it worth your time to think about charm. And not as in waiting for Prince Charming.

It can serve you well, using the concept of charm to help sort out people in your life. Charm considerations can help you make better choices now. Also help you to understand what has happened in your past relationships.

Isn’t it a fascinating topic, charm as a distinctive gift? Worth considering in your current and past relationships:

  • How charm is different from being likeable or loveable.
  • Why charm is different from charisma.
  • How charm can mask many kinds of ugliness.
  • When protecting yourself in life requires your developing charm radar.
  • How charm can be worn gracefully, even with humility. (Rob Lowe being a superb example.)
  • That charm, real charm, is a distinctive gift that is not common, not attainable, not worth trying to attain. (Ugh! Can’t you tell when folks are trying to “Be charming”?)


10 Ideas to Inspire You on this Father’s Day

This Father's Day, 10 reasons for you to celebrate
This Father’s Day, 10 reasons for you to celebrate

No matter what did — or didn’t — happen during your childhood, this Father’s Day can inspire you. Here are 10 reasons why.

Father’s Day Idea #1: YOU have been a father. Often.

You can be sure that YOU have been a father many times. A human father! So experience in this lifetime adds to your progressive learning about fatherhood here at Earth School.

Why do I think so? Right now, you’re not only human. You’re evolved enough to have gained Gutenberg literacy in this lifetime. You are even evolved enough to have an interest in energetic literacy. Maybe also empath skills. And even a strong desire to move toward Enlightenment?

Now I haven’t read your aura, personally. Probably. Most of you’all are lurkers here at Deeper Perception Made Practical. Even among you regular blog contributors, unless you have been in session with me, I have never done Skilled Empath Merge or aura reading on you.

Yes, spiritual evolution does show in an aura. So that would reveal a great deal. But merely being practical, of course you have been a father plenty of times by now. I have it on good authority that in order to rate an incarnation in human form on earth, each of us has had at least 10,000 lifetimes. CONTINUE READING