What is an Energetic Ponzi Scheme?

Protect yourself from Energetic Ponzi Schemes
Protect yourself from Energetic Ponzi Schemes

Do I want to continue with our latest series about Enlightenment Coaching? You bet. Plus I’m drooling with anticipatory delight over doing more aura readings, face readings, and Skilled Empath Merges.

However, some questions and comments have been coming up lately about the various forms of Energetic Ponzi Schemes. These troubling energetic patterns that turn a regular cord of attachment into a kind of tunnel between a person, the cordee, and the astral beings with whom the cordee is strongly affiliated.

What is an Energetic Ponzi Scheme

Cords of attachment are an energetic fact of life. You have one to every person you have become interested in, since childhood.

Some cords of attachment have the added complication of being to people who work with astral entities and/or Extra-Terrestrial entities.

Energy healers and channellers, spiritual teachers, and others can become involved with these beings. In fact, I first discovered Energetic Ponzi Schemes when working with clients who had studied with John of God and hadn’t felt the same since.

Once the integrity of that person’s energy field has been compromised with this kind of astral involvement, cords of attachment play a different role. Each one becomes a kind of tunnel. Astral entities can walk through any cord of attachment between the human involved in the Energetic Ponzi Scheme (like John of God) and anybody who has a cord of attachment to him. Such as a client or a teacher he has trained. Or, eventually, people with cords of attachment to folks who have studied with John of God (or whoever is involved in an Energetic Ponzi Scheme.

How do Ponzi Schemes Work?

Any Ponzi Scheme, energetic or otherwise, offers “special” people a really good deal. A deal that is too good to be true. Literally and figuratively, both.

You can read descriptions of financial Ponzi Schemes here or elsewhere on the Internet.

The energetic kind of Ponzi Scheme offers something different from money: Healing, spiritual evolution, spiritual connection, etc.

For example, John of God (who sounds like a very sweet man), explains at his website how he goes into an unconscious state, working as a medium. “I do not cure anybody. God heals, and in his infinite goodness permits the Entities to heal and console my brothers.”

Who are these “Entities,” exactly?

John of God is evidently not too fussy. You might want to be.

The entities heal and console, yes. It’s like payment Bernie Madoff gave to his investors. In return for keeping most of their money.

Entities help people in return for gaining access to their auras, some of their astral-level energy. Plus there is the promise of ever-more business, travelling to the unsuspecting person’s cords of attachment to others.

Getting rid of an Energetic Ponzi Scheme

Go to a practitioner of Rosetree Energy Spirituality who has received training in removing an Energetic Ponzi Scheme. Or someone else who has equivalent skills and training… at a high level of energetic literacy and professionalism.

This is not the usual cord of attachment, and I don’t recommend your doing self-healing.

Definitely do not go to anyone who offers “Cord Cutting Sessions” or offers to cut 2 or 3 cords of attachment in your session, etc. Most likely, such an energy healer does not know enough to do a thorough job at removing all the astral debris involved in an Energetic Ponzi Scheme. (Click here to learn more about Secrets of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, Part One .)

Why have such good people become involved in something so icky?

From time to time I learn about people who fall into one of these Energetic Ponzi Schemes. Some have formerly been on my Enlightenment Life List. Once I knew that their integrity had been compromised, sadly, I removed them from there and merely keep them listed at Enlightenment Life List Nominees, not wishing to publicly attack them. Nor to make myself or any of you Blog-Buddies a target in any way.

For candidates nominated from August 2014 on, I will also say in my comment about that nominee something like, “I do not recommend this practitioner.”

How can someone, even an Enlightened someone, become involved in an Energetic Ponzi Scheme? I have done a lot of anguished soul searching about this topic, Blog-Buddies.  Also “Questioning.” Two things evidently make a person vulnerable to becoming part of an Energetic  Ponzi Scheme:

  • Either reading auras all day long, and otherwise displaying poor energy hygiene.
  • Or aiming to become a superior kind of person, better than “merely” human.

In the years following The Shift into this Age of Energy, this world has become fascinating to many Extra-Terrestrial Entities (ET Entities) from other learning academies (like Earth School, only lacking our great food) and also astral entities from other worlds (in contrast to stuck spirits, a.k.a. ghosts).

They are doing what they can get away with, playing around, having fun. Some are like members of human-based cults on earth, inspired by high-sounding ideas (that could also be considered crackpot ideas by somebody with human head squarely affixed to human shoulders).

How can you protect yourself?

  • Aim for human-based spirituality.
  • Limit your Technique Time to 20 Minutes Daily.
  • Avoid marijuana. Among other reasons, it can worsen your experience of an Energetic Ponzi Scheme. (See Article #8 in the list above.)
  • And especially avoid beautiful promises by people who offer you something for nothing, or a quick way to get involved in super-high energies that will create miracles, immediately solving human problems that “ordinary” people have to face.

What I learn from helping real-life clients

Regular readers of this blog know that I am not just a theoretician about Energetic Ponzi Schemes, energetic literacy, or energy spirituality. Nearly every day of my life I am doing some sessions to help good people lead better lives. In their terms.

Encouraging them to use their self-authority, I co-create with the Divine, using the various skill sets in this work.

Yesterday I shared a healer’s joke about Energetic Ponzi Schemes . (Comments 95-97.) Fresh from a session with GLADYS, I shared some of the background she gave. GLADYS was introduced to Kyron’s work by a healer, JOE. How did JOE introduce GLADYS to Kryon?

He recommended that she start listening to talks by Kryon, calling him “The most soothing entity I know.”

Funny, but also not so funny, right?

Later I was sent an email with multiple links to the latest development in Kryon’s Takeover The Leader Energetic Ponzi Scheme. Evidently he is offering “Implants” to followers.

You can be pretty sure that “Implants” means “Even bigger access to astral entities who are now running Lee Carroll, Kryon’s channeler.” I published a comment with one of those links, and here it is for your convenience as someone interested in protecting yourself from Energetic Ponzi Schemes.

Beware special ways to evolve where it’s perfectly fine to fall asleep

Okay, that’s more advice for you. Blog-Buddies who aim to steer clear of Energetic Ponzi Schemes.

If someone tells you something like, “Your energies are being upgraded. This is for your own good. You may not understand it but trust it. You may fall asleep. But trust it.”

Puhleeze! Run away, don’t walk.

Below, ask your questions and share your experiences with Energetic Ponzi Schemes.

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34 thoughts on “What is an Energetic Ponzi Scheme?”

  1. You wrote: “Extra-Terrestrial Entities (ET Entities) from other learning academies (like Earth School, only lacking our great food) and also astral entities from other worlds (in contrast to stuck spirits, a.k.a. ghosts).”

    Is that three separate groups, then? With three separate healing techniques?

  2. Rose, I gave a lot of thought to how people become involved in these ponzi schemes. Especially enlightened people like Joe. It just really troubled me, because I worried that maybe the vulnerable point for Joe was interest in spiritual growth.

    You wrote about aiming to become a superior person, not ‘merely’ human. I do aim to continue to grow spiritually in this life, and while I don’t feel ‘superior’ I do often feel different, and often with relief that I am where I am, in myself, because life is easier for me to handle. Is it power rather than understanding or perception that they were chasing?

  3. JESSICA GATES, your astute question befits an Apprentice in the Mentoring Program in Energy Spirituality.And the conclusion you draw is correct.

    Healing of stuck spirits is done best with the technique that all you Blog-Buddies can learn from Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

    Healing of E.T. Entities will be taught as part of my upcoming workshop, the Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Workshop this November 1 and 2.

  4. Another way to receive the benefit of healing of all three types of entities, as appropriate, is to have a session of aura healing and transformation with any graduate or apprentice in the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

    Just bring a regular intention, for moving forward. One reason to have a session with someone trained in this field?

    The facilitator, whether JESSICA GATES or program graduates LINDA STONE or ISABELLA CATES or whichever other well-trained practitioner, always does an aura reading or skilled empath merge to select the Healing Centerpiece.

    As a client, every session you receive a sort of energy checkup for emotional and spiritual healing.
    Then the facilitator of your session chooses an appropriate Healing Centerpiece and away you go.

    Yet one more reason why no energy healer who has received proper training in the modality of Rosetree Energy Spirituality ever offers you a “Cord-Cutting Session,” like ordering cheese from a deli.

  5. Blog-Buddies, in case you’re curious, what skills are used by a Practitioner or Apprentice in the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality?

    If there is an Energetic Ponzi Scheme, that expert energy healer will facilitate a healing that moves out E.T. entities or astral entities along with the rest of the Energetic Ponzi Scheme.

    A specialized, dedicated procedure is used for efficiency.

  6. If it is just a matter of stuck spirits, or E.T. entities that impact your aura, as a client, the practitioner of Rosetree Energy Spirituality knows just how to help that way too.

    Bring on the healing centerpiece.

  7. Here is one further way that you can protect yourself from astral entities and E.T. entities.

    Don’t participate in channeling.

    Don’t watch or listen to channeling.

    If you have been using Law of Attraction Practices, you might want to consider the source: Abraham. And if you haven’t yet read my rather surprising aura readings of him, Esther Hicks, and Jerry Hicks, you might want to pick up a copy of Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy (There are plenty of other practical reasons to use that how-to book, including loads of ideas and workarounds for becoming more effective in human life.)

  8. At that blog post, one comment so far is especially poignant to me. In Comment 15, an old friend of mine wrote, “For me channelling is actually a strong and decent word that has been appropriated for very narrow use.”

    She observed that “paintings and music flow from me daily.”

  9. Why didn’t I respond directly? The commenter is a dear friend who wasn’t really asking for a straight answer, seemed to me. She was asking as a friend, seeking validation for all the paintings and music that flowed from her since she began channeling.

    Now, it’s true that co-creation with the Divine can make a person way productive, even before Enlightenment. The late spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy was famously prolific, for instance.

    However, my friend C. was inquiring about channeling astral beings, I believe, having had a peek at her aura from a recent photo. Clearly channeling astral beings, with very intense astral involvement.

    Consider yourselves warned, Blog-Buddies.

  10. LARA, in response to this part of your Comment 2:

    “You wrote about aiming to become a superior person, not ‘merely’ human. I do aim to continue to grow spiritually in this life, and while I don’t feel ‘superior’ I do often feel different, and often with relief that I am where I am, in myself, because life is easier for me to handle. Is it power rather than understanding or perception that they were chasing?”

    That’s where it gets tricky, pursuing Enlightenment or experiencing Enlightenment, that isn’t normal. Yet it is the potential of any normal human being.

  11. It’s something else, LARA, to seek special work with otherworldly beings (not Divine Beings but Extra-Terrestrial entities).

    Following the work of Healer Joe as he shifted away from the balanced sort of spiritual teacher he had been for years. He moved into promoting his work as helping one to become an ultimate, super-special, human.

    He began giving attunements in workshops where participants were told, “You may not understand what happens or is said to you, but it will help you.”

  12. Never leave your common sense behind, Blog-Buddies, when you wish to grow spiritually.

    You might wish to avoid initiations and attunements and other spiritual practices that aim to make you super-evolved… at a minimum, demand to know what exactly you are being given. And by whom.

    Never assume that someone can use “Whatever” techniques on you for your own good, and you don’t even have to know this is being done.

    Never ask someone else, even a respected healer, “Tell me what I need.”

    Tossing away self-authority, you put yourself in harm’s way.

  13. How do I safeguard my work and the wellbeing of those I train, as well as anyone who is a client for a session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality?

    No techniques are done without your express consent. Period.

    Very little is done by way of “Initiations.” Really, the closest I get is the “Awaken All Seven Chambers of Your Throat Chakra,” which is offered in the Workshop to Magnetize Money with Energetic Prosperity, or as a 55-minute session of aura healing and transformation.

    If you have had that, you know that everything is explained in detail. There is no surrender to a “superior” spirit, nothing done without your knowledge and consent.

  14. And yes, a practitioner of Rosetree Energy Spirituality will do an aura reading or Skilled Empath Merge fairly early during a personal session.

    Before then, the client chooses an intention. Not the energy spirituality practitioner.

    Before then, energetics of the session are set up, so the energy spirituality practitioner is co-creating with the client’s choice of Divine Being. (Not some random appeal to “Spirit,” which can be like a dog whistle for any random ghosts in the neighborhood. Sorry, but that’s true.)

  15. Only then is energetic literacy used. Then the energy spirituality practitioner discerns which is the most important type of STUFF to remove, given the client’s intention.

    And then the energy spirituality practitioner explains and does the step-by-step bits of that particular technique to bring results.

    That’s a far cry from “The all-knowing OZ will tell you what you need.”

    Does all this explanation help, LARA and other Blog-Buddies?

  16. In Comment 27 at


    MORGAN asked numerous questions, expressing fears about a Takeover the Leader Energetic Ponzi Scheme.

    Answers follow in the next series of comments from me here. Overall, the answer is simple. Don’t be afraid. That’s ridiculous. Just like being a pedestrian with basic adult skills.

    You look both ways before you cross the street, protecting yourself. Then you simply enjoy crossing streets.

  17. MORGAN asked, “When I think of being a puppet for someone else, I think of total possession (thinking and personal will is absent). Can you clarify what puppet/meld means?”

    Really, I can’t clarify what it is like. Let’s stay on the surface here, as this is not a blog that glorifies paranormal or unusual states of consciousness or astral involvement.

    Lee Carroll got very involved in channeling Kryon. This entity was operating an Energetic Ponzi Scheme. Then the scope of the Energetic Ponzi Scheme grew. Evidently the channeler was invited to “merge” with the entity. He agreed.

    End of one story, beginning of another story. That simple.

    Carroll’s aura went way out of whack. His personal ideation and sentiments related to leaving behind his regular human experience? It’s none of our business, is it?

    I’m just warning you to not become involved in a similar story.

  18. Further, MORGAN commented:

    “This is the only way I can understand Colleen’s counter intuitive response of I say love all of them. Allow them their own path and honor it. Love Lee Carroll and his entourage even though you may not like them or agree with what is offered.”

    Look, I wouldn’t purposely hurt Blog-Buddy COLLEEN’s feelings, but I sure don’t agree with her recommendation.

    “Love” strangers who make bad choices, according to your values? Why, exactly?

    Plenty of belief systems advocate this. Personally, I find such an approach ridiculous.

    In my view, God is available to love everyone. As humans, we have plenty to do, and nearly not as many resources as God.

    Is it necessary for humans like us to love, adore, and worship other people we don’t even personally know? To rescue them, or redeem them? Will it bring us wisdom to explore someone else’s spiritual dysfunction or psychological confusions?

    I don’t think so. How about this advice instead? Choose your volunteer work wisely, Blog-Buddies.

  19. One last point, MORGAN concluded her comment with “Someone once told me that you would only be abducted by aliens if it was in your life contract. That gave me comfort because I’m certain I have contracted for that.”

    Let’s leave aside the idea that you know for “certain” all the details of your life contract.

    Every sane adult can choose to use free will. What is left over will be the meant-to-be.

    For example, you can consider my warnings about involvement in Energetic Ponzi Schemes. You can “Just say no.” Or you can increase your involvement, perhaps believing that this astral involvement will bring you closer to perfection.

    What you choose matters.

    And if you don’t believe in free will, you’ll get a life to match.

  20. I recommend using the huge power of your free will — both common sense and spiritual self-authority, discernment and New Age Consumer Skills.

    That is why I have posted the whole series of comments and posts on Energetic Ponzi Schemes. Not to alarm anyone. Not to insult other practitioners in mind-body-spirit, or those who benefit from their work.

    Choose what seems wise to you, Blog-Buddies. Use your discernment and free will. Then you won’t have to depend on foreknowledge of what will happen in the rest of your life.

  21. This “person” (?) QRAK has sent me four really weird emails in quick succession.

    Granted, I probably got on some pretty weird new age email lists at some point but I don’t remember a QRAK!

    The link says I am registered for “The Q-RAK Cultivation free attunement.”

    I didn’t look at the links because I don’t feel like being creeped out this early in the morning, but sounds like an Energetic Ponzi Scheme.

  22. You’re welcome, LARA.

    And, SALLY, thank you for your sensible, yet light-hearted, response to spam that was probably related to an Energetic Ponzi Scheme.

  23. Fear is not a necessary response to learning about any variations on Energetic Ponzi Schemes. Yes, there is a kind of warning that I have given through blog posts on the topic of these Energetic Ponzi Schemes.

    And if you have felt alarmed for a few moments, consider it like a vaccine against the flu or whatever.

    The principle of vaccination is simple, right? You get a very tiny, benign version of an illness. Then your immune system smartens up and that particular illness does not gain easy entry into your mind-body-spirit system.

    Keep your human wits about you, your New Age Consumer Smarts, and you will do just fine, Blog-Buddies.

  24. Have felt SO much clearer, SO much more like myself each time I have had a cord cut with a healer involved in one of these astral.ponzi schemes. Have also experienced an increase in clarity and effectiveness in getting a cord cut to a friend who was a follower of a channeler Rose wrote about. Just amazing how helpful it has been to my well being.

  25. I’ve had a couple of these kind of cords removed and had good results from it. It’s kind of like how, in the physical body, you can have a buildup of tension that feels normal to you, because you are used to it. Then you go to a massage therapist, and the tension is all of a sudden gone.

    I feel like the Ponzi cords can be similar, where there is an experience you accept as normal (maybe it’s heaviness, maybe it’s feeling oppressed by life, the trouble spots seem troublier) and then the cord is cut and the experience is totally different. Released.

  26. To put it in hearing terms, it’s like having a layer of noise in the background, that distorts thinking and decision-making. It makes the hard things harder.

    Here’s a perfect example. I had a dream last year during the time I had a certain Ponzi cord.

    In the dream, I was in a big house that was mine and there were these noisy, disorderly people who had wandered in uninvited. I was like “Who are these rabble-rousers?”

    “What are they doing in my house?” They were loud. They were misbehaved. And I did not appreciate the noise.

    I see entities in much the same light. I don’t need that!!

    Things are just right, when it’s just me, as much as possible.

  27. Kelly that is exactly what it was like for me when I had a cord cut to a healer involved in a ponzi scheme. How hilariously spot-on that dream was!

  28. Are unskiled empaths more at risk at being subject to a getting an unhealthy cord of attachment that is involved with a ponzi scheme due to accidental aura merges?

  29. Second point, what causes cords of attachment?

    It is a CONSCIOUS moment of first being interested in a person.

    Are unskilled empath merges conscious? Nope.

    And all unskilled empath merges are accidental.

    You know, N., it’s good that you are learning to think and talk in the language of these trademarked systems of knowledge. There is precision built in, and appreciation for that precision will grow along with your skill. So thank you for your question.

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