Spiritual Evolution for AMANDA

Amanda Flood, in Enlightenment
AMANDA FLOOD, now in the Surrender Model of Enlightenment

As an Enlightenment Coach, I keep learning. Today, on March 4, 2017, I’m adding a preface to this popular post. Just because I think it’s important to share my latest learning.

In months and years to come, I expect to do more writing and teaching about Householder Enlightenment, as well as how it differs from the more traditional form. In the post that follows, written so “Long ago” on April 2, 2016, I flagged AMANDA’s shift in consciousness, and dedicated a post to that. This post!

However, I’ve learned a lot in less than a year. Currently I believe that, when I wrote this post originally, her soul had chosen to move into the other form of Enlightenment, which I now call “The Surrender Model of Enlightenment.” As you read this article, you’ll find that then I was using a different term, “The Simplicity Model of Enlightenment.” I’m aiming to create a blog post soon to explain a bit more about this terminology.

It’s always a fascinating puzzle to me, whether to write a new guest post, to preface an existing guest post (as I’ve done today), and/or to add a series of comments at some ongoing blog post (which I’ve also done today).

Unless I’m writing in book form, or creating a workshop, I’ll use one or more of these three methods to update you on the latest in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). Blog-Buddies, I’m so glad you have inquiring minds. You really do want to know. Thank you for keeping up with me, as I do my best to stay current in the rapidly growing field of RES.

Especially important: AMANDA’s beautiful level of consciousness has not changed just because I’ve been doing my best to understand it conceptually, and because my understanding has changed. When I write about her here, it’s done with tremendous respect. As MY point of view only.

Householder Enlightenment Contrasting with

The Surrender Model of Enlightenment

Really, you can’t learn more up-to-date knowledge, from this Enlightenment Coach, than by reading this little series of comments.

Over at my Enlightenment Life List.

The action starts with Comment #2214 and builds up steam all the way through to Comment #2229.

Enough said, for now. So let’s start that article I wrote “So loooooooooong ago. What, 11 months back?”

Exploring the Mysteries of Evolution for those in Enlightenment

Can spiritual evolution continue once you have crossed the threshold into Enlightenment?

That depends.

  • What if acknowledging any ripening of consciousness would clash with your belief system? If a person doesn’t want further growth within self-realization, this is unlikely to happen.
  • Same thing if a person doesn’t know much about higher states of consciousness particularly. That person’s awareness might beautifully stay put. And even if other consciousness-related development happens, the person might not notice. The politicians and celebrities on my Enlightenment Life List may never have heard of the term, yet they’re living in Enlightenment. (Sweet!)
  • I’ve seen both of these stay-put experiences with some Buddhists and non-duality folks, for instance.

Otherwise, yes. For somebody in Enlightenment, there can definitely be further evolution. The human game isn’t “done,” not by a long shot.

Two Different Versions of Enlightenment, One of Them New on the Planet

Our Blog-Buddy DAVID B. devotes an entire blog to the nuances of consciousness, and I’d recommend it to any of you who are curious about that. Especially impressive to me is how he illuminates the more traditional ways of understanding Enlightenment.

These days I call it “The Simplicity Model of Enlightenment.” As in, “It’s all about consciousness. Ultimately that simple.”

As an Enlightenment Coach, I specialize in a different model, “Householder Enlightenment,” which is unfolding in the world now because we’re now in the Age of Awakening. As in, “The development of consciousness is lived in very human ways, with an emphasis on the human experiences.”

For today’s article, we have a lovely opportunity, to research how Enlightenment has been ripening for one of the members of our community, meditation teacher AMANDA FLOOD.

Amanda Flood, as enlightenment ripens
Amanda Flood as enlightenment ripens

Nuts and Bolts for this Aura Reading

See the end of today’s post for some resources for understanding Enlightenment and also aura reading. Now, here are the photos I’ll be using for today’s delightful exploration.

Amanda Flood in Enlightenment

This picture at the top of this post was taken after AMANDA had crossed the threshold into Householder Enlightenment.

Amanda Flood, as Enlightenment Ripens

Below is a more recent photograph. When I saw it on Facebook, I went wow! Even with Stage One Energetic Literacy, and all my empath gifts habitually turned OFF, of course I went wow! Because I’m an Enlightenment Coach.

Since 1969, I’ve known about Enlightenment and have had the benefit of a great deal of education on this topic. Likewise, if I were a jewelry designer, I’d have an informed opinion of the cute necklace she’s wearing in this picture, and without using Technique Time to probe with the full skills of energetic literacy.

Okay, let’s begin this comparison aura reading, going into one aspect of life (or chakra databank) at a time:

Aura Reading the Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

Amanda Flood in Enlightenment

45 feet. Joyful. Great sense of humor. Alert and curious.

Interesting point — what don’t you find? Being hung up on understanding everything.

I note this only because Amanda is one of the most intelligent people you’ll ever meet, educated at one of the top universities in the U.K.

If anyone had the right to be a bit braggy about her intellect at this chakra databank, or elsewhere, it would be AMANDA. So why doesn’t she?

Because, as somebody in Enlightenment, all her chakra databanks are working just fine. And even the smartest people are more than one big, walking brain. In Enlightenment, aurically, there ain’t no bragging, either.

Amanda Flood, as Enlightenment Ripens

50 feet for now, but could easily fill any room. The Divine co-creation of AMANDA’s everyday life is in full swing.

Definitely herself, and never self-conscious about what’s happening spiritually, AMANDA brings a strong and concentrated presence of the Divine with her at all times.

Aura Reading the Root Chakra Databank for Connection to Physical Reality

Amanda Flood in Enlightenment

45 feet. At peace with all of nature. And one with it, without indulging herself (right now) in the sort of oneness experience she could easily have.

In Technique Time she could do this just fine. Not being done, though, now.

AMANDA is a householder, in Householder Enlightenment. And based on my experience of reading her aura in this photograph, to her, consciousness is not the point of her life. Human is the point of her life.

AMANDA still has a human identity. Even if her sense of self could go the other way, during Technique Time, this is not her usual sense of self.

Yes, very much Householder Enlightenment!

At this time, she is simply taking a walk… along with the somebody who is taking that photograph.

Amanda Flood, as Enlightenment Ripens

50 feet. The degree of joyfulness that AMANDA now takes for granted would knock her out/daze her/keep her from moving or speaking… had this happened a decade ago.

Only this is how she lives now. Householder business as usual.

People get used to things. If you’re a parent, perhaps you have started off carrying a baby quite easily. By the time your child weighs 50 pounds, you can carry him just as easily. The muscles grew along with your child, day by day.

That’s AMANDA’s tolerance for bliss.

This particular chakra databank, seems to me, is an especially important part of AMANDA’s current growth edge for spiritual evolution. An aspect that she might notice, if she stops occasionally to pay attention in a very easy, spontaneous way.

People and things, in physical reality, are becoming more glorious for her.

For the Simplicity Model of Enlightenment, this would be considered progress towards God-Consciousness.

Important for Householder Enlightenment, what matters to her (I suspect)? AMANDA’s spontaneous, joyful discoveries as she co-creates with the Divine to bring more and more joy into earth.

Aura Reading the Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Power Integrity

This chakra databank is about following through on the things you have said you will do.

Amanda Flood in Enlightenment

45 feet. Frictionless flow.

When AMANDA commits to doing something, even something difficult like raising a couple of teenagers, she will do it.

And, as a householder, she attends to human-type jobs.

If she were a renunciate, living with the Simplicity Model of Enlightenment, this chakra databank would show something altogether different.

Amanda Flood, as Enlightenment Ripens

50 feet. Neither male nor female in upholding honor through promises kept, AMANDA is simply a doer.

Unless there is conflict, AMANDA needs only the slightest trace of choice about shopping for groceries or taking out trash or giving a child consequences for behavior. There’s no oomph to it, no emotional charge, or stirring up.

What fascinates me most, as one who is learning about spiritual evolution within Householder Enlightenment? How Amanda’s co-creation with the Divine is more established now.

You could say that the Simplicity Model of Enlightenment is about surrender to the Divine, with individual personhood being joyfully surrendered.

You could say that Householder Enlightenment is about a human identity on earth that, more and more, embodies the Divine. A very different way for God to play. Honoring free will and supporting it as always, only now INSIDE the human identity in a way that is as different for God as it is new for humans.

Aura Reading the Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

Amanda Flood in Enlightenment

45 feet. Frictionless flow, speaking appropriately. Gentleness and tact support a service orientation.

Amanda Flood, as Enlightenment Ripens

50 feet. What a delight, how every word is teaching volumes about spiritual growth. Ultimately, that’s what verbal integrity is about.

Think of the traditional wisdom of a koan, now un-self-consciously brought into every conversation, every utterance.

Important, though: AMANDA isn’t trying for that. She’s just tawkin’.

Granted, I’m aware that there could be some chuckling now, reading this article, from people who live, or intellectually understand, the Simplicity Model of Enlightenment. (Or both.) As in — to put it less politely than they would, if speaking to me — “Duh, Rose. She is witnessing all her activity. There is no HER any more. She is just living the paradox of Enlightenment.”

To which hypothetical statement, I would respectfally say, “No. From what I perceive with energetic literacy, and understand, Householder Enlightenment is quite different. The emphasis is different. The sense of identity is different.”

How So?

  1. Witnessing is optional.
  2. What matters is the sense of identity. And there still is one.
  3. What about the degree of attachment of AMANDA (or someone else in Householder Enlightenment) to that human identity? Involvement in that human identity is different, compared to before Enlightenment.
  4. As Householder Enlightenment ripens, the shift to identity comes on gradually, also like learning to carry a growing child. Only this would be more like a shrinking child. 😉 AMANDA (or other person in Householder Enlightenment) is gently and un-self-consciously learning how to become co-creator with the Divine.
  5. Not that other kind of surrender, right? But caring about one’s identity and living it as a thrilled, and deeply curious co-creator.
  6. Householder Enlightenment means the joyous presence of the Divine supporting the human identity.
  7. As Householder Enlightenment ripens, the co-creative ability becomes greater. This is the key quality to the ripening!
  8. Yet where is the emphasis in the person’s life? It remains the human life, the relationships, the grocery shopping, etc.
  9. Remember, folks, I’m still learning. And, yes, I know that I’m learning. 🙂

Aura Reading the Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Integrity

Amanda Flood in Enlightenment

45 feet. Laser-like preceptiveness about what is the truth in any given situation, and supporting that truth appropriately.

The Divine underlies all, yet spiritual integrity for this householder involves upholding her human end of the deal.

It wouldn’t be enough to say, “My dog ate my homework. But my homework is made out of God and so am I and nothing changes so there really IS no homework.” 😉

A cosmic joke like that would be more like the fun experience of people together in a non-duality retreat, emphasizing consciousness rather than human — The Simplicity Model, right?

There might be great bliss, like consciousness tickling itself, as the people are opening their mouths to talk, with words coming out, and all of it is a moving field of consciousness.

Amanda Flood, as Enlightenment Ripens

50 feet. It is the biggest fun for God to look out through AMANDA’s third eye and notice human life in the very, very embodied way that this particular soul is designed to have.

For AMANDA, of course she keeps her promises in regular human ways, always learning about spiritual truth.

A learning that stays in the background unless she chooses to explore this during Technique Time. (Which she may have no particular interest in doing. It’s such fun to just explore life with this magnificent spiritual impact of bringing integrity into Earth.)

Aura Reading the Crown Chakra Databank for Sense of Self, Spiritually

Amanda Flood in Enlightenment

45 feet. Could easily expand all the way out into deep space.

Saturated with bliss, as if it were solid, pulsating, yet unmoving. Able to be any weight, any texture, anything at all… as long as that anything is something wonderful.

Amanda Flood, as Enlightenment Ripens

50 feet. Could easily expand all the way out into deep space.

The intensity of Divine presence and bliss — it’s stronger now, more humanly lived. Like a good pair of walking shoes, well  broken in, sturdy and comfortable.

Also lively now, for AMANDA, are “presences of Divine intelligence.”

DAVID BUCKLAND, and maybe some of you others, would know the traditional name for them, surely some 10,000-year-old language out of Hinduism.

(It was DAVID, after all, who told me that chakra databanks have been called “The Nadis” traditionally. I was just reading them, and reading them with an emphasis on human life rather than consciousness; Householder Enlightenment Model in the making, contrasting with the Simplicity Model of Enlightenment.)

What would I call these Divine-level presences? Bubbling, joyful, tiny-tiny Divine presences.

Not altogether unlike “Snap, Crackle, and Pop” in the old Rice Krispies ads. Only the cereal cartoon-guys were more like astral-level beings, elementals or leprechauns perhaps.

Recently I’ve learned the term “Devata” from DAVID B, meaning impulses of creation. I think I’ve experienced them, as in reading the sutras of Jaimini. On the other hand… 😉

If I’m correct about that being the devatas, these “presences of Divine intelligence” are very different. For now, not spending a lot of time on it, I’d say that these are my first impressions of these magnificent presences:

  • New to me.
  • A higher vibrational form than Archangels.
  • Way smaller than cherubs.
  • Gleeful about working with impulses of life + knowledge of causation + the absolutely unpredictable nature of human free will…  and dedicated to expanding this into Earth School… in ways that will work here. On earth. In the Age of Awakening.

Conclusion, Very Provisionally. A Conclusion for Now.

Okay, maybe it’s fairer to call this a HUNCH than a CONCLUSION.

For years now, you regular readers of the blog, those who’ve been interested in Enlightenment, have read or listened to my Enlightenment Coaching like this . Repeatedly I have emphasized that it seems important to me: The LIFESTYLE of being a renunciate is altogether different from being a householder, and people will suffer when trying to do both.

Now I’m beginning to appreciate how, in this Age of Awakening, there may be a comparable choice about positioning of consciousness with implications for IDENTITY.

  • Will a person choose an identity that is at the one Divine vibrational frequency? The Simplicity Model of Enlightenment.
  • Or will a person prefer an identity that is at the human set of vibrational frequencies? And thereby, over time, Divine support can explore a new kind of co-creation — where the person’s qualities as a soul ring true.
  • The soul doesn’t merge with Divinity or disappear.
  • The soul is exalted rather than surrendered or lovingly sacrificed.

Householder Enlightenment. Still pretty new in the world.

Let’s keep tracking it.

For now, I sense just one potential concern. Although abstract-seeming this may prove important for evolution. Just as with LIFESTYLE, it seems to me that it is very important that the IDENTITY of being a renunciate in Enlightenment is different from the IDENTITY of a householder in Enlightenment.

Either let yourself disappear and be consciousness. Or don’t. Because, if my hunch is correct, in Enlightenment or not, people will suffer when trying to alternate these ways to position consciousness.

If any of you Blog-Buddies have experience of the latter, please share it  in comments below, or even a guest post. (Email me if it’s more convenient. To rose@rose-rosetree.com .)

Of course, any comments from anyone will be welcome. In my little human piece of the world, today is a red letter day. Thank you, AMANDA, for graciously making it possible.

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122 thoughts on “Spiritual Evolution for AMANDA”

  • 101
    Julie says:

    Re: comment 91

    It’s interesting how God supports our intent, either way. To surrender in the Simplicity Model, or to live in frictionless flow as a Householder.

    The frictionless flow directed toward making money, or building relationships, or any Householder goal.

    The frictionless flow also applied toward the ordinary moments (as Rachel was asking about in comment 43) of choosing groceries. Choosing clothing. Choosing anything.

  • 102
    Irene says:

    I don’t want to stop learning or stop living and I don’t want to stop having challenges, I just want to stop having them be so irritatingly stuck and sticky and familiar/repetitive and overwhelming.

    So it’s really great to hear from someone who’s living something like that 🙂

  • 103
    Emily T says:

    Thank you Rose and Amanda. It’s really helpful and inspiring knowing there is so much growing to do!

  • 104
    David B says:

    re: Comment 80
    Right, Sarah. Sometimes “mini” means a smaller opening but sometimes it just means more gentle. When the system is clearer, there are less obstacles to create friction and flash.

    But then occasionally, there can be a bang anyway. 🙂

  • 105
    David B says:

    I can recall laughing in church one time. The minister stopped her sermon to ask me what she said that was so funny… errr… everything?

    An acquaintance told the story of sitting in the front row of a large event when he got blasted. A rather public one that.

    Makes for great stories 🙂

  • 106
    David B says:

    Hi Rose
    I followed a consciousness-based approach because that was what I knew of and it unfolded naturally for me.

    But I fully agree that times have changed – a lot. No need to head to India or whatever for years now. A weekend will do what used to take months.

  • 107
    David B says:

    On “unpacking” – basically this is what happens when we wake up with lots of Stuff still.

    If we’re clearing and healing prior instead, then the shift will be quieter, smoother and clearer. Of course everyone comes to it as they are.

  • 108
    David B says:

    I think decent spiritual practices do help remove Stuff but they tend to do so in generalized ways. Most of us have harder “nuts”, poor energetic habits and possible unskilled empath issues that need more specific skills.

    Better skills means a better process. Greater quality of life.

  • 109
    David B says:

    Beautiful, Amanda.

    That aspect of things getting simpler was one of the more notable surprises.

    I’ve found this is partly due to no longer “assessing” everything, partly due to old dynamics (aka karma) being resolved, and partly because of the improved support we get from those extra devata. 🙂

  • 110
    Julie says:

    Also related to Rachel’s comment 43, there can be a divine blessing on conflict just as there is on happy times.

    It may be less obvious to those involved, if conflict is not their favorite use of time.

    But a divine blessing for both people to learn from the conflict.

    And in the case of giving a teen consequences, a divine blessing for the parent (in this case Amanda) to help and be of service to the teen.

  • 111
    Rachel says:

    Re comment 120

    Ah, yes Julie, that makes sense.
    Thanks 🙂

  • 112
    Irene says:

    What I find really fascinating about the comments here is how many enlightened ones are sharing about their experiences.

    It’s really interesting to hear the different perspectives and ideas. Thanks everyone 🙂

  • 113
    Amanda says:

    Irene, that’s great to hear. That’s what I wanted as well, to clear out the repetitive stuck stuff.

    I still have some, but am confident now that they will clear. As David says, partly it’s karma clearance and as they cleared I’ve always learnt something!


  • 114
    Amanda says:

    Julie, I love that point in your last comment!

    I’m sure it would cheer a lot of mums up!


  • 115
    Amanda says:

    David, thank you. I am so reassured by your knowledge and input and it makes a great deal of sense.

    I have really benefited from everything you’ve said.

  • 116
    Amanda says:

    And Rose! As ever, you are a perfect darling. Thank you.


  • 117
    Rachel says:

    One day I would like to be thought of as a “money maker,” rather than a “spiritual seeker” 😉

  • 118
    Isabella Cates says:

    I’ve just read this a second time and totally different things stood out to me.

    Perhaps, when I was reading it the first time, I was distracted by the roar in my ears (sort of like the ocean, but God) and glorification of everyone in the hair salon I was sitting in.

    Wow, they all looked so beautiful!

  • 119
    Isabella Cates says:

    The second time I read this, your last comments about identity stood out to me, Rose.

    I’ve done a very, very small fraction of the aura research you’ve done of people living in Enlightenment.

    But of that I’ve done, it’s been pretty obvious who is living the Simplicity Model of Enlightenment and who is living the Householder Model.

  • 120
    Isabella Cates says:

    It’s totally different, in my experience. And of course this is about identity, not lifestyle.

    Interestingly, I notice LESS difference between the two when I do Skilled Empath Merge than I do when I do aura reading. 🙂

  • 121

    What a fascinating observation, ISABELLA CATES!

    Yes, I envision a great deal of knowledge to come this year with Enlightenment Coaching. And so I’ll hold off on commenting further except to say that identity IS central to the distinction between these different models of Enlightenment.

    For now, I’ll just applaud your perceptiveness once again.

  • 122

    For you seekers of Enlightenment, this recent post may be of interest:

    10 True Signs of Spiritual Awakening

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