DORIS Enlightenment Is Age of Awakening Enlightenment Style. Not Traditional Enlightenment

Doris Enlightenment, Age Awakening
Doris Enlightenment. Learn how her soul chose Age of Awakening Enlightenment, not Traditional Enlightenment

DORIS Enlightenment? Yes! Her soul chooses Age of Awakening Enlightenment. Note: In a later post I change the terminology you’ll see here, in the rest of this article.

Click here to learn why I changed names from “Householder Enlightenment” to Age of Awakening Enlightenment, and “The Surrender Model of Enlightenment” to Traditional Enlightenment.

The rest of this post uses my older terminology. Your update ends here… and the story of DORIS Enlightenment begins.

Announcing DORIS Enlightenment

Today it’s official that RES client DORIS has moved into Enlightenment. That’s Householder Enlightenment, not the Surrender Model of Enlightenment. Yes, living now, in The Age of Awakening, two different models of Enlightenment are available, plus loads of spiritual awakening.

As an enlightenment coach, it’s my job to know these differences. For DORIS it turned out to be a big deal, which type of Enlightenment she was going to move into.

With DORIS’s permission, here’s a bit of her story.

Although every bit of enlightenment coaching I’ve done has been unique so far, gorgeously and tenderly unique, guess what? I think that the future will bring many, many clients to me who are very much like DORIS.

Similar to her when it comes to whether the person is not interested in the Surrender Model of Enlightenment. Although she or he is very interested in Householder Enlightenment.

They’re both good, of course. Magnificent, actually. But very different.

DORIS Enlightenment is Age of Awakening Enlightenment

Not Traditional Enlightenment

We’ve only had three session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). But from the first time I researched DORIS’s aura, it was evident to me that she could easily move into the Surrender Model of Enlightenment.

Yet reading her aura, one chakra databank at a time, it became clear.

DORIS’s Soul Did Not Want Traditional Enlightenment

Beautiful though the Surrender Model of Enlightenment is, she wanted Householder Enlightenment.

The new kind of Enlightenment. The kind of Enlightenment that was not available much on earth before The Age of Awakening.

Now Householder Enlightenment is available.

One way to describe The Age of Awakening is:

This is a new time on earth when millions of people are able to move into Enlightenment. And to do it with Householder Enlightenment. Not the traditional model for Enlightenment previously.

For thousands of years, only the magnificent Surrender Model of Enlightenment was available. That’s the famous one.

But DORIS’s soul did not want that kind of Enlightenment. Her mind didn’t want it, either.

Soon as she read books in RES, and read this blog, DORIS knew what she had been waiting for. “The New  Strong” made all this clearer.

It Did Not Take Much for Doris to Shift into Enlightenment

Just because DORIS was so ready. And I just got off our session where the highlight was my favorite bit of Enlightenment Coaching: Validating Enlightenment.

Later today I aim to officially place her on my various lists about Enlightenment. Including my fave: Moving into Enlightenment, Helped by Rosetree Energy Spirituality

But before I go on to my next appointments of the day, how could I not write today’s post.

Big congratulations, dear DORIS.

And big encouragement, I hope, to all of you who have felt a yearning for the householder kind of Enlightenment.  Even if you have not known much about it so far.

Okay, one last thing about Householder Enlightenment. Also about The Surrender Model of Enlightenment… And not just for DORIS Enlightenment.

Spiritual Awakening Is NOT Enlightenment.

Although experiences of spiritual awakening are lovely, yet’s be clear. Spiritual awakening (as I define it) is NOT the same as Enlightenment.

Not according to this enlightenment coach, anyway.

Plenty of enlightenment coaches do other work, beautiful work. Like the impeccable, brilliant enlightenment coach DAVID BUCKLAND. He comments often at this blog. And I joyfully place his blog on my blogroll here. Davidya is THE blog to read regularly if you’re interested in The Surrender Model of Enlightenment.

However, I believe that great enlightenment coaches can do even better service by adding one thing. In the Age of Awakening, it could be a problem if they do not yet have Stage Three Energetic Literacy. Unfortunately, lacking that, they may not be able to discern differences between these consciousness lifestyles:

  • Householder Enlightenment
  • The Surrender Model of Enlightenment
  • Human-Based Spirituality
  • Human-Based Spirituality + an awakening experience
  • The New Strong
  • The New Strong + an awakening experience
  • Spiritual Addiction
  • Extreme Spiritual Addiction

Oops! Pretty important, seems to me, that discernment.

Back at DORIS, her soul had discernment. And her conscious mind, too. Welcome to that gentle, easy shift in consciousness lifestyle, DORIS. Welcome to Householder Enlightenment.

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