Aura Reading Online Workshop. Available Now.


Aura Reading Online Workshop
Aura Reading Online Workshop begins today, including a FREE introductory workshop

Yes, really! My Aura Reading Online Workshop — today it becomes available. Today’s also the first day for my FREE Introductory workshop “Aura Reading for YOU.”

Here’s a link to sign up for the FREE Intro. When you check out this new resource, you’ll find it on the left. Scroll down a bit.

Yes, really! That’s where to start aura reading, with the free introductory workshop. Five lessons. Much knowledge and zero obligation!

After finishing “Aura Reading for YOU” then you can decide if you’re ready to go on to the full workshop, “Aura Reading Online Workshop.” Today’s blog post answers seven Q&A’s about it.

Blog-Buddies, if you have more questions, feel free to add them below as comments. As well as your reaction to taking the Free Introductory Workshop and the full one. Yes, please check it out and spread the word.

Okay, on to our Q&A.

Aura Reading Online Workshop Question #1: Confidence

Q. How can aura reading help me build my confidence as a person… instantly?

A. In the Aura Reading Online Workshop, what do you learn? How to read auras. That includes, at will, being able to read a gift of your soul. Did you know? You have loads of these very individual gifts, all at the Higher Self-level within you.

Don’t you think it would be pretty confidence building, being able to read them whenever you like?

Aura Reading Online Workshop Question #2: The Other Kind of Confidence

Q. What if I’m not sure I can learn to read auras? What if I tried to see the colours and I failed?

A. There’s only one way to find out, isn’t there! It is reasonable, though, for you to expect success. Because real energetic literacy is, simply, literacy.

If you can read this screen, you have word literacy. The aura reading I teach is just a different kind of literacy, energetic literacy.

Granted, there are many popular misunderstandings about what it means to read an aura. To help you sort through this mess, I’m offering you the FREE Intro, Aura Reading for YOU. Take that and you’ll understand why people like you can expect to read auras just fine.

Aura Reading Online Workshop Question #3: Inside Info

Q. What can aura reading tell me that I don’t already know?

A. So much useful, accurate info. Understandably, the full Aura Reading Online Workshop contains 36 lessons. Just so you can delve into amazingly practical info. For instance, you’ll learn how you’re doing right now with:

  • Using Your Creativity
  • Sense of Humor
  • Sex Appeal
  • Soul Thrill (Expressing your soul)
  • Emotional Growth
  • Appreciating Animals
  • Spiritual Growth

Aura Reading Online Workshop Question #4: What Makes Your Friends Tick

Q. How much can you learn about people in your life? Like family members and friends.

A. You can learn so much. Moreover, this highly detailed knowledge can give a real advantage in relationships. Knowledge is power!

Aura Reading Online Workshop Question #5: What If I’m Scared at What I Might Find?

Q. Really, what if I don’t like what I learn about myself or other people?

A. Aura reading will show you the truth. But your subconscious mind already knows this information; it’s just your conscious mind that doesn’t know it yet clearly. No wonder, I’ve found that my aura reading students tend to feel more confident than before, enjoying their improved clarity about life.

Of course, it’s also easier to make good decisions based on knowing, rather than worrying.

Aura Reading Online Workshop Question #6: How Is This Different?

Q. I’m already energy sensitive. Why would it benefit me to learn more about reading energy?

A. Great question. Where you are now is good. However, it’s talent without much skill. Learn the easy skills of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®. Even if you are in Enlightenment, guess what? Until you develop specific skills for energetic literacy, when it comes to accurate info on demand, you’re like a toddler.

Especially if you’re energy sensitive or have a high state of consciousness, you owe it to yourself to get those simple, effortless skills.

Aura Reading Online Workshop Question #7: What You Get

Q. What do I get, exactly? Compared, for instance, to thumbing through your how-to book on reading auras.

A. Only the best, most comprehensive method for learning energetic literacy. Specifically, you’ll be learning the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®. Click here to learn more about what you’ll get.

21 thoughts on “Aura Reading Online Workshop. Available Now.”

  • 1
    David B says:

    Congrats Rose!

    I like the new look of the course pages.

    And now that you have the site and process down, hopefully creating more workshops will be a bit easier.

  • 2
    Rose Rosetree says:

    DAVID B, you’re so right.

    The process of using this technology was an interesting learning process for me.

    We’re talking months of huge frustration. But I am getting better all the time and living with today’s technologies. Though I’ll never be a DAVID, that’s for sure! 😉

  • 3
    Rose Rosetree says:

    More intense was the pedagogical aspect. How to teach in this way? Not easy when the topic involves refined use of consciousness.

    Actually, one reason why I started with this workshop was that kind of challenge. In that technical way, teaching aura reading would be hardest.

  • 4
    Explorer says:


    I love this Rose, big congratulations!
    I imagine, in a way, its a new beginning for RES.. so exciting:)

  • 5
    Daisy says:

    This is very exciting! Well done, Rose.

  • 6
    Daisy says:

    Ooh, it’s also cheaper than I thought it was going to be…

  • 7
    Zofia says:

    Wonderful. Trust you to do the hardest workshop first!!! I never thought you d start with this one.

  • 8
    Jean says:

    This is great news. Thank you Rose.

  • 9
    AJ says:

    I’m so excited about these Online Workshops. You’ve done an amazing job, Rose!

  • 10
    Evgenia says:

    Rose, congratulations! I watched the introduction, liked that strong message.

    Let’s bring truth to the world!

  • 11
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Awe! Thanks so much, everyone.

  • 12
    Sandra says:

    Yay! You did it, Rose! This will help so many more people.

  • 13
    Fred says:

    Maybe this isn’t the right place, so move my comment if you need to. I have a friend who has been doing some practices taught by her mentor/teacher, Anna Holden.

    She said that Anna taught her “to heal and read auras.” From her website, , it appears that Anna specializes in helping empaths (she uses the term “sensitivity”), particularly women.

    What is appropriate to say?

  • 14
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Knowing what to say is a bit tricky, isn’t it? I took a look at this website and it’s like others I’ve seen.

    Imitation is evidently the sincerest form of flattery… from those out to capitalize via the Internet.

    You might tell your friend, “If you like Anna’s work for empaths, and with aura reading, you might be want to check out the website of somebody who has developed high-quality, trademarked systems for training empaths and also for aura readers. And also for energy HEALING (which she doesn’t assume comes automatically from reading somebody’s aura).”

  • 15
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Also, now, you could invite your friend to sign up for “Aura Reading for YOU.”

    Just one invite per person, though. As long as your friend enjoys her path studying with this “spiritual teacher,” it breaks a spiritual law to do more than give one gentle mention.

  • 16
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Speaking of reaching out, some of you have begun to share a link to this post on Facebook, which is great.

    Thanks for asking, FRED.

  • 17
    Greta says:

    Comment from my Quiz to Lesson 2, Aura Reading for YOU:

    I used to think aura reading was a ‘special talent’ for a selected few. After reading your book and taking several sessions with you, I’m humbly reminded that its actually a skill anyone can develop.

    That was very encouraging to start my quest of learning how to read auras and take this workshop.

  • 18
    Rose Rosetree says:

    GRETA, thank you for being the very first to take one of the quizzes in “Aura Reading for YOU.”

    All of you participants are invited to post your reactions here, as you take the first online workshop intro… and maybe even the full Aura Reading Online Workshop.

  • 19
    Cathy says:

    Soooo excited to dive into this Rose!

  • 20
    Jnana says:

    I used to think of aura reading as a gift one is born with. Never something one can learn or get skilled at.

    Now I know aura reading is a skill that anyone who is interested in can learn and become good at.

  • 21
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Thanks, JNANA.

    Blog-Buddies, JNANA was one of the first to take the free online workshop “Aura Reading for YOU.”

    She’s now gliding through the full “Aura Reading Online Workshop.”

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