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Cutting cords of attachment can help to solve emotional, energetic, and spiritual problems. This is an important energy HEALING skill in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

A cord of attachment is not some random energy cord, and permanent healing requires real skill.

Rose Rosetree has developed the only trademarked method in the U.S. for cutting cords of attachment, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.

If you have concerns about psychic vampires, psychic attack, enabling narcissists, and other relationship problems, one of the very first things to do is to find out if you are an empath. Another priority can be to cut your cords of attachment to anyone from your present or past who has drained your energy.

Learn more about cords of attachment:

Do Not Cut Your Own Cords of Attachment to People Like Trump

people like trump
Take it from me, the Founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). Cutting cords of attachment to people like Trump is not a do-it-yourself skill of energy healing.

Do not cut your cord of attachment to Donald Trump. Or to or other people like Trump, people who are in extreme spiritual addiction. Please, consider yourself warned.

Either book a session with an RES expert or do nothing. That’s smarter.

Fortunately this topic came up today in some comments at 7 Tips to Stay Safe Energetically. CONTINUE READING

Learning When I Cut a Cord of Attachment. Guest Post by KRISTINE

Learning 12 down-to-earth steps to cut cords of attachment
Learning 12 down-to-earth steps to cut cords of attachment

Learning to cut cords of attachment? Go for it!

Today KRISTINE shares the wealth of information she received from doing one of her first sessions of self-healing. May her sparkling guest post encourage you.

Removing cords of attachment is not the only skill for energy HEALING in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).  Actually it’s the hardest one that I teach people. (At least before they apprentice with me to become RES practitioners.)

Learning to cut cords of attachment isn’t rocket science. But it does take a bit of practice to develop this skill. Which is why I recommend starting your power-packed journey of self-healing… how? With a different set of skills. CONTINUE READING

A Crystal Meth-Flavored Cord of Attachment

A cord of attachment can be like a tug of war within your own subconscious mind and aura
A cord of attachment flavored by crystal meth can cause a tug of war that distorts your subconscious mind and aura

RES has taught me a lot about drugs… the helping way. Today I’ll share what I learned from a crystal meth-flavored cord of attachment.

Many of you Blog-Buddies already know a lot about cutting cords of attachment. Some have even signed up for my Cut Cords of Attachment Level 1 Workshop on August 13-14, 2016. (Where nothing, nothing about the cords of attachment being cut in that workshop will be anywhere near this intense! Cutting even a minor cord of attachment can bring big results.)

If the topic is new to you, here’s a link to my Cut Cords of Attachment, Top 10 List. However, you won’t find a thing there about crystal meth because this is my second blog post ever on crystal meth. CONTINUE READING

Cut a Cord of Attachment. Then Done.

What does it mean to cut a cord of attachment? Now hear this!
What does it mean to cut a cord of attachment? Now hear this!

“I know you cut a cord of attachment to my ex-wife, but would you check to see if I have one now?”

Thus spake Joe. In that session, I reminded him that the RES skill set for cutting a cord of attachment produces permanent results. Every time. Afterwards you will never, ever have a cord  of attachment to that person. Which is why I’ve even described that when you cut a major cord of attachment, it’s like a kind of energetic life insurance.

You see, you only get one cord of attachment per person, per lifetime. Consequently, if the person who cuts that cord of attachment really has skills? That’s that.

No more cord of attachment to that person. In a week. Nor a year. Not ever. Cut means cut!

Answering Joe’s question today was fun. Because I had a recent story to tell him. This one. So… CONTINUE READING

Cutting an Abortion Cord of Attachment. Informative, as Always

May today's blog post bring peace to those who have struggled over abortion, adoption, or miscarriages
May today’s blog post bring peace to those who have struggled over abortion, adoption, or miscarriages

Caution: Read no further if you are staunchly anti-abortion. Because I won’t hide my equally strong, and different, values on this highly-charged issue.

I won’t even call anti-abortionists by their chosen label “Pro Life.” Because I believe that, if you really care about life, the life of a human woman must come first. Being alive, and having free will, she has the right to make decisions after the start of a pregnancy.

The term “Pro Life” is a mockery to me, since it disrespects the life (and free will) of a woman who happens to get pregnant.

That said, Blog-Buddies, if you are willing to read further, I think you’ll be educated and inspired. CONTINUE READING

Cutting a Cord of Attachment to a Lawyer. Paying the Hidden Price.

Trying to GET money through help from a lawyer. Will there be a price, even if you do win?
Trying to GET money through help from a lawyer. Will you pay a price, even if you do win?

Have you ever sued someone?

Had to file an insurance claim after a serious car crash or other big-deal problem that could be covered by insurance?

How about being so mad that you’re tempted to file a lawsuit, and going for an initial conversation with an attorney?

Of course sometimes that can be a smart move. (Except for when it isn’t such a smart move.) But what about paying a price for that lawsuit, or even that initial conversation to file an insurance claim?

Think that happens? Three words might serve as a hint: Cord of Attachment. CONTINUE READING

Stick with those RES Sessions. A Guest Post by Lilian

Solving the problem of happiness, on my own terms
Solving the problem of happiness, on my own terms

I’ve been doing sessions to dig out the STUFF related to my childhood. So hard-core childhood STUFF that you can overwhelm professional counsellors with.  And this post is directed to people who are coming to Rose for similar reasons and to encourage them to persevere.

I guess you’ve worked on yourself a lot already.  You’ve done counselling, or just various forms of self-help and and you don’t know how much to invest in RES sessions.  Are they worth it, or not?  You may be resistant to giving yet another therapy or healing modality a shot or trusting yet another self labelled healer.

I was sick and tired of managing the emotional side effects and I had a strong intuition that somewhere in energy healing land there was a healing modality that would just shovel it all out. CONTINUE READING

Cutting a Cord of Attachment to a Player

Not all sleazy lovers identify themselves with a sign.
Not all sleazy lovers identify themselves with a sign.

Sophie was a little bit in love. She had only known the guy for a week, but that Alexander was oh-so-charming.

Could her be her Prince Charming?

Sophie’s intention for our session was to trust her love life to be fulfilling. That mattered because all her previous love interests had disappointed her, to put it mildly.

By the end of her session, Sophie felt so much better.

And it occurred to me that you Blog-Buddies might be interested in reading about what happened, so I asked permission to share part of her story (changing details, of course, to protect confidentiality).

Have you ever been manipulated by a player (or other kind of big serial flirt)? Then you’ll want to read today’s article.


How RES Changed My Life, A Guest Post by HOWARD

Howard, moving forward joyfully now along his path
Howard, moving forward joyfully now along his path

The purpose of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) is to help people. When asked about my work, I say this:

“I help people to grow with energy READING skills and energy HEALING skills that are especially effective for living now.”

But that still can sound abstract. Even theoretical.

In today’s courageous guest post, HOWARD shares his very not-theoretical story.

A Very Hard Path, to Start

RES has changed my life in so many ways that I am amazed to think about how my life was before. When I had my first session of RES, I was an alcoholic in an unhappy marriage, in spiritual addiction, smoking pot, I had severe depression, and was addicted to painkillers.

I hated my job, where I lived, my life, and was in a rut so deep I didn’t know how I could ever get out.  I had tried everything.  It was not uncommon for me to daydream about suicide.  I knew I would never go through with it, but it gave me a strange relief to think about it. CONTINUE READING

Cut Cords of Attachment with a Clearer Understanding

What weird kind of energy dynamics can be found in a cord of attachment?
What weird kind of energy dynamics can be found in a cord of attachment?

Yesterday’s post, Messy Psychic Coercion and Woe in a Cord of Attachment to Marie Kondo, gave rise to this pair of questions about cutting cords of attachment:

“If most of the cord content came from Joe’s side, doesn’t it mean there was another source in him that was feeding the cord?

“Or was this all a result of psychic coercion?”

Such a great learning opportunity — let’s have at it!

Not just for random curiosity but because many of you Blog-Buddies are cutting cords of attachment for self-healing, maybe as often as one per week.

Earlier articles have helped you to understand how you can definitely gain this skill set for yourself, while you keep the self-healing manageable. CONTINUE READING