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    Get a Reading

    So, you’re interested in having me read your face or aura? Wonderful! I’ll give you my undivided attention and do my very best for you.

    First, let me clear up that, as a professional, I do not offer free readings over this blog. Please do not send comments on the blog with a request that I read you or your friends. There will be no exceptions. It is not about whether or not I like you. It is a matter of policy at this blog:

    I read public figures only, for sharing on this community forum. Even this, I do at my sole discretion.


    Of course, I would love to teach you how to use the very same techniques that I use, which is why I write all those books (// and offer workshops and personal mentoring sessions (// These mentoring hours work just fine over the phone, incidentally.

    Besides this, I can read you by doing either a report or a personal session. See related pages to learn more about these.

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