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    A personal session is a golden opportunity for help to move forward on your life path. Most of my sessions involve Energy Spirituality, meaning depth work on the level of your aura, but others are face readings. On a separate page you can also read about Regression Therapy.


    No photo is needed for me to access information about your aura in a personal session, by phone or in person. At that time, I can also read auras of anyone you have ever known personally, and at any age you knew this person, e.g., your spouse on your wedding day, your mother when you were eight years old. (The one exception is the session about “Your Soul’s Journey,” which combines face reading and aura reading.) What I mostly do is not only give information but facilitate healing.

    Here are the different types of aura reading session I offer:

    You can read about any of these session choices in depth by clicking on this link: // Not sure which kind of session to set up? You and I can decide at the start of your appointment. 

    About FACE READING SESSIONS, you can preview any one of the following topics at this link: // .

    (For your face reading session, some photos may be needed, depending on which kind of session you choose.)

    Of course, you might not want a twin’s consultation unless you happen to be an identical twin!  

    You can preview each of these session choices in depth by clicking on this link: //

    For clarification, or to make an appointment for any type of session with me, call Mitch, who schedules them all: 703-404-4357 or email him at

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