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    "Reading Life Deeper" is Rose's free monthly newsletter, bringing you face readings and aura readings of people in the news. READ A SAMPLE.

    Get a Face Reading Report

    Here is a quick introduction.

    You send a mug shot of the person being read. You receive a detailed report, usually 3-5 pages, full of juicy details.

    Face Reading Reports are just $25. (Price subject to change without notice here.)

    Learn about what makes YOUR face a perfect reflection of your soul. Or ask me to do a Report on someone you’re thinking of dating, or a new boss.


    These Reports also make wonderful gifts, especially paired with a copy of my easiest how-to about face reading, The Power of Face Reading


    Finally, Face Reading Reports can be a great “Stealth Gift” if you should have a friend or relative who considers you just a bit crazy for your “weird” mind-body-spirit tendencies. Your significant other can think we are just talking about “personality.”

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