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    For healing some problems, this is the method of choice. With regressions, you do have to come in person, unlike my other sessions. But I have had clients who found it worthwhile to come to this part of Virginia for multiple blocks of four sessions (and sometimes come from a great distance, too) just because of the results they achieved .


    This is the most interactive form of healing that I offer. Loads of information about this is one click away: //

    Here is the quick version. Your subconscious mind holds the answer to many lifelong problems.  In your Regression Therapy session, I can guide you into an altered state, then work directly with your subconscious wisdom to help you change and heal from the inside out. Here are some of the problems where this healing method can prove uniquely effective.  ·         Weight Loss·         Stop Smoking·         Success: Stop Self-Sabotage and Procrastination ·         More Money: Remove Blockages to Financial Prosperity·         Recovery from Sexual Abuse and Rape·         Healing Sexual Problems·         Recovery from Addiction·         Eating Disorders and Dysmorphic Personality Disorder: Release and Reprogram·         Perfectionism and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Changing Old Patterns·         Depression, Mood Swings or Bipolar Disorder: Healing the cause·         “I Haven’t Been the Same Since…”·         Solve Troubling Patterns·         Anxiety Reduction·         Better Grades: Learning to Live without Learning Problems·         Build Authentic Self-Confidence, High Self-Esteem·         Free up Your Psychic Abilities: Remove Blocks to Experience·         Healing Dysfunctional Patterns from Childhood·         Exiting Cults: How to Keep the Good, Release the Rest·         Accelerated Learning of a Foreign Language·         Regressions for Fun

    To read more about any of these, use this link: //  

    In 2006, I became certified in the method of Regression Therapy pioneered by Dr. Coletta Long which emphasizes the permanent removal of frozen blocks held in cellular memory. For this work, I am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Association for Regression Research & Therapies.  Although I had been facilitating regressions since 1986, the big shift in my work came when I had the privilege of studying with Coletta, whom I consider the foremost practitioner in the U.S. today. She isn’t the most famous because others like Dr. Brian Weiss have spent more of their time popularizing the profession, working with public presentations and books. Coletta simply has worked with a huge number of clients (for more than 60 years), occasionally taking time to train professionals in her method. Click here to learn more about the extraordinary method she has developed: //   Regression Therapy isn’t for everyone. Believing in past lives isn’t necessary. But you will have to work pretty actively for this kind of releasing, and the underlying emotion isn’t always going to be joy, the way it is for the other types of session that I facilitate. Still, this is a very powerful way to heal, and I have successfully helped clients who had tried many other modalities but hadn’t been helped significantly by psychotherapy, electric shock therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, etc. 

    As with any choice to have any type of session with any practitioner, use your inner wisdom. You can trust it.

    Of course, if you have a question about Regression Therapy not answered by all the links given here, post a comment at any post on the blog and I’ll answer it there!

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